Having grown up in Alaska with a mom who spent most of the working hours of my younger years on a fish line in a cannery, I grew to LOVE fishes. (ok, not a fan of octopus and that sentence I crafted appears to have as many legs as an octopus!!) While I prepared tonight’s king for cooking, my thoughts turned to Gary. It definitely wasn’t up to his amazing recipes, but it was pretty damn good!!!!!!!  I’ve never been able to eat fish skin–See Gary’s post I linked to– (I also don’t do sushi). I do have some pretty cool earrings made from salmon skin! The crunchy part on the outside was very good, the bones I found were not fun. Mom does not fish herself anymore, so her license goes to someone who does it for her. When they filleted this salmon, they missed some things. No matter, it was nostalgic removing bones from my meal! Kings are not my favorite fish, I much prefer a red (mum and I were pretty sure this was a King). Silvers are good, pinks are not very interesting. Yup, Salmon Snob!!!!!! 


Salmon leather earrings with porcupine quills–they are fragile and I rarely wear them as one of the quills bent. 


8 thoughts on “Yummy!

  1. I love fish. But I’m not a fan of salmon. Sorry Gary.
    I love sushi😍
    I had mussels tonight. Although I have a sneaky suspicion they were frozen not fresh, because they tasted like imitation crab meat,😂
    Yummy 😒

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