Bloom and Not

The Craftsman’s African Violet is finally showing beautiful blooms after a long dormancy. I, however, am not.

Saturday of this last week, The Craftsman said he wanted to spend as much time with me as possible since I was leaving in a few weeks (2, as of that particular date). I was skeptical, but agreed. Skeptical because this last week was the start of a tulip festival several hours away that I’ve always wanted to attend. (for at least a decade!) I had mentioned it, put information on the counter about it, and the time is passing. Little Bear even asked about it. This next Saturday night I could have gone to a musical with our former librarian, but opted out. In case The Craftsman should want to do something.

We’ve finally watched most of the Marvel movies (still need to see Ant Man and the Wasp, which I was told is more crucial to understanding End Game than the last very bad Marvel movie) and I suggested we should watch ‘Newsies‘ last weekend. It is a favorite, but we’ll get to it eventually. (it might be one I take north with me!!) Sunday night I was asked if I felt like going through boxes up at his mom’s from our move to EO in 2008. After about 30 minutes of sorting, a neighbor stopped by to ask a car question (they are both car buffs) and in the ensuing discussion the two discovered more mutual hobbies. This time of Hot Wheels and model railroading. (I laughed and left them to it) I eventually went home with the kid.

Monday, I baked and did chores all day. When The Craftsman called after work, he said he’d stop to pick up some things at the store, meds and what not. He also said he was going to help someone with their car that evening. (he did bring me home some delightful purple mini carnations. Although, I never buy flowers in the spring. I pick garden ones and have vases in several spots full of flowers! He got back from working on the car about 930 and after his shower went upstairs to do something.) Tuesday he has a weekly meeting to attend (Little Bear is going to try to see End Game. Neither will be home til after 9.). Wednesday, Little Bear is working after work for one of his bosses on her ranch and The Craftsman is maybe picking up some materials in a different town after work for a project he’s started. (about 40 minutes from here, so not too far away) Saturday is a city wide clean up and dump day (I got my pond and rocking yard chair different years from that particular day!). I’ve asked if we can got to End Game on Sunday afternoon, we’ll see.

As for me, one morning at the end of this week I get to have my blood drawn and then on the 7th I visit my endocrinologist. My glucoses have been ridiculous! I need to return to the north where I don’t cook or eat much but low sugar ice cream and chicken! Although, I did discover an excellent way to eat a yummy cheese spread I make frequently. It is cream cheese mixed with shredded cheese and a packet of dry ranch dressing. I started filling celery sticks with it and those are devoured like candy by all three of us! So, I think I’ll make that up there, too.

I missed Book and Flower day this year. It was on my calendar, but I decided not to give away either one and stayed inside. I also missed Earth Day..Since Naked Gardening Day is on Saturday, I’ll miss participating in that, too! I reckon I’ll go back in time and give you an army of frogs (that is what a LOT of frogs are called!) post Earth Day. These are from a few years back! (I love their little ‘hands’!)

Around the Yard

We are going to walk around the yard. This house in this small city is on a bit more than two lots. Whatever size that is!!! The fence around most of it is illegal (the city has an ordinance as to where the fence should be. Thankfully, the fence was put up before the ordinance, so it is ‘grandfathered’ in.) We’ll start in the front yard and wander out to the back.

In the front yard, most of my spring flowers are done. The purple pasque flowers are going to become adorable Dr. Seuss seed heads soon.

Also in one of the front beds are orange tulips. These are close to done, but I absolutely love how bright they are! The geranium are inside for the winter/late spring. I know you are supposed to put them in a dark place, cut down, and then repot them in the spring. I like to leave them in the laundry room. They often bring bright red blooms to white a winter day. They will go outside as soon as we are certain sure it won’t freeze.

Through the gate along the sidewalk are more pots of tulips. (I’m going to put in a few more this next weekend. I purchased several gone to pot pots of varied bulbs. I LOVE bulbs!) Near the gate is a giant pot of catmint. The cats prefer catnip, but Moses will sleep in the catmint. (there is catnip in one of the front beds) They only eat the mint if I break off some for them. The red tulips I call Audrey 2 tulips.

Along the inside of the fence are assorted flowers and bushes and tulips and iris. And a peach tree! They go on for quite a while. (I’m only sharing a bit of what is there) The mound of green between the giant cement leaf and the tulips in the first photo is rose geranium. It looks GREAT this year! It is under a purple lilac. The second picture shows sweet woodruff, it was crowded with grass! There are also bulbs and a flowering purple spikey thing I forget the name of at the moment. Also unknown is this pink flowering bush/tree. It showed up from somewhere and has leaves and flowers and that is it. The humming birds like it, so it stays!

The back of the fence is a bit of a mess, still. Little Bear and I dug up most of the hops and I planted bulbs and a honeysuckle in the pink tub. The dry creek on the far side of the pond has oriental lantern flowers and little iris. Near the bench are giant orange poppies, hosta, Bishop’s weed (also known as Snow on the Mountain), and many other flowers and bulbs. Hmmm, I don’t have a photo of the tub area! (after the bulbs in it go dormant, I’m hoping the petunia and zinnia take over.) I also have a gnome display on a large glass plate. (I’ll share that in a different post!)

I hope you enjoyed your brief glimpse of the place I hang out in Eastern Oregon. At least, until it gets too hot!!! Most of the summer I spend inside til it is night. Only then does it tend to cool off a smidge! I’m not fond of the over 70F daytime temps. I’m also not fond of the wasps who swarm around the pond. The yard needs a ton more done to it and until I leave on May 12, I’ll do as much as I can. I’ll share those soon.


As large as…

I went to the doctor today and discovered not eating anything (or much at all) from 730 pm to noon hasn’t done much at all for my physical appearance. It turns out I weigh a bit more than a Javan pig and a bit less than a Short beaked saddle back dolphin. So, in spite of the size of the images, I’m going to go with the dolphin!

However, I was sad. I’m pretty sure my MS is not helping. I may not consume as many carbs in the night or morning, but I probably ingest too many in the rest of the hours, not to mention it hurts so damn much to move. There are days I spend a couple of hours outside and end up almost in tears. When I am on the bed, I come close to crying. It hurts so very much to be flat. My legs from my waist down will go to sleep and lately even my arms are starting to tingle and go slightly numb. (I felt better with the memory foam mattress form, but since The Craftsman felt worse, it is up for sale.) I am also going to start taking the Vitamin D in the high doses again. I’ve been taking it since about 2011 and stopped just after Christmas. (when I started feeling 100% worse!)

It is funny, though. Monday I sent a box to Strider and the gal at the post mentioned how she and her sisters were discussing that Little Bear needs a girl. I later told The Craftsman and tried to tell him who the gal at the post was. He then said, ‘Oh, yes. She’s a sister to the two girls who run the Sugar Shack. She doesn’t look anything like them, though. She’s heavyset.’ I was stunned. She is NOT heavyset and said so. He amended his phrase with ‘Big boned.’ I was so mad. I’m bigger than she is and said so, he denied my observation. Yet, when was the last time he actually looked at me? It’s been years since he’s seen my unclothed. I’m not even sure he’s seen me in less than a tank top and panties. Ridiculous.

I reckon I’m just a dolphin in a singular pod! Or just a big girl hanging out in a garden!!!

Cat on the Prowl Cat Nips

“May you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter when you sleep. ” Erin Hunter

This is the neighbor’s cat. (We are pretty sure it lives next door.) Little Bear woke one night to noise on his bedroom roof and discovered it was this cat. It ran off to the house next door. At any rate, this beautiful Siamese feline is a hunter. Little Bear saw it in the locust tree and proceeded to snap a series of pictures for me. The cat is investigating a squirrel feeder The Craftsman put up. We are not sure if it has actually caught a squirrel, but it is very interested in the idea!!!!! We did see it haul off a wounded starling, which was incredibly brave. Starlings are not docile birds and have formidable beaks. But cats have teeth and four paws full of claws! (the starling did escape under the neighbor’s fenced in porch.) I love Siamese cats, but I’d not adopt another one. They are even more snooty and sweet than most ordinary cats! (music video from Youtube)

On the Range for the last Week..more or less!

The above was an interesting recipe I made a bit ago that I’ll not do again. The recipe was for pork loin, but had lemon wedges with the other veggies. The lemon’s had been zested, but they did make the components rather bitter after baking for a few hours. I also felt bad (kind of) when The Craftsman bit into what he thought was a potato. Little Bear suggested more garlic cloves and maybe a quarter of a lemon or no lemon.

Earlier in the Easter week, I made another bacon wrapped meat loaf. I had an idea and it worked! Usually, I just wrap the bacon around the loaf. This time I wove the bacon as it was inside a loaf pan and then put the meat into the bacon. It worked quite well. For more ease, next time I am going to weave the bacon on paper, put it into the pan, and than add the meat. It just makes the bacon weave neater.

Easter dinner. I made a few things ahead. Broccoli salad, which The Craftsman won’t touch and macaroni salad, which Little Bear might eat under duress, if there are no peas. I also made cheese straws (those are a splendid snack food!) in case my rolls failed. Oh, I made dessert. The cheesecake in a cupcake tin. On Easter, Little Bear headed for the mountains for the afternoon. The Craftsman did yard work and a few other things and got home in time to help me cut up taters. (OK, he cut up one to my peeling and cutting up two, but he did help with that part of dinner. He also finished setting the table for me.)

The ham was not entirely warm when we got ready to eat, but it had been out of the oven for more than 20 min. Everything else was piping hot, though! Besides, Little Bear said the gravy would make everything the same temps! (the gravy was a packet mix. Ham juices are just too salty to make gravy from.)

The rolls, well, I was glad I made my normal clover leaf ones as well as the bunny buns. (the clover leaf rolls are three balls dropped into the same depression in a muffin tin.) Bunny buns are super cute, but often a pinterest fail. Typically, you mold the bunny bits before the rolls raise, then you reshape them before baking. I ran out of time and did it AFTER they rose a bit. (nose crinkle) As one of our dinner guests said, ‘I’m not fond of mice, but these taste good.’ Little Bear and I decided they looked more like hamsters.

The cheesecakes were interesting. Mine did not look like the ones on the particular recipe site I was following. Little Bear liked them anyway. So, did I! I also had purchased a store bought frozen pie thing that the others enjoyed, so all in all, it worked out! (although, I’m still washing dishes. Even using the wash as you go plan of Gaz’s!) The whipped topping was messy and fun! The band aid was not. I cut myself sterilizing the scissors I used on the rabbit ears. 🙄

NOTE: there are blocks I cannot delete, so I hope this works. I am also hoping it is all saved, so I can post it later! It was saved, but still has quirks and somehow did not get posted when I thought it had. 😤

Peace, love, and jellybeans

Some of my tulips! (See my peeps earrings? I love them!)

Just a short note to wish you all a perfectly hopping great Easter. I’m busy with cooking and cleaning. Yeah, it’s the same notes, just a different song! Little Bear suggested I make cheese cake, so I attempted the experiment. They didn’t then out like the picture and video, but we’ll see how they taste at Sunday’s dinner. I also made more cheese straws, mostly cuz the bunny buns I’m going to try before our Easter dinner might prove more difficult than they appear. I’ll share that on Monday!

I purchased the guys small solid Dove rabbits, with a couple of other things to go with them. We don’t do baskets anymore, they’ve been packed in boxes since 2012! I put their gifts on the table where they sit for meals. I also had The Craftsman get something for his mom. She’s also coming over for dinner. I didn’t get Strider’s box ready on Friday before the post left town. I’ll send it on Monday!

Thursday and Friday were super hot. I almost melted! About 70F. However, the fire department did their annual egg hunt on Saturday and it rained all night and morning. It tapered off about the time the hunt was over. The department boils and hides real eggs for several different age groups. I’m pretty sure Little Bear said they boil 120 dozen. I was floored, but they hide them all. Including 36 ugly eggs that are dropped into every color and are penned with the word ugly. Plus a spray painted silver and a spray painted gold one for each age group. The kids are babes to about 12. The hiding is pretty much put the egg in the grass, but the field for the older kids isn’t mowed. We used to hide eggs for the boys and when I was in school, my sister and I would take turns hiding and finding them. The poor eggs were pretty beat up by the time we were bored!

Did you hide eggs and were they real or plastic?


In The Garden

Thirty minutes in my garden on the cusp of Good Friday. It was warm outside, I wore my long jacket anyway. The dew was already thick on the grass, soaking my socks through my garden shoes. The moonlight illuminated the yard, I only used the flash I was carrying to scout for Moses. (He found me and later took up most of the bench with his back to me cuz I didn’t want him on my lap!

I sat down and stared into the sky. Wispy clouds were moving quickly across the moon. It was odd, the earth, where I was, was calm. Not a speck of wind. In the heavens it looked busy. Almost like the moon couldn’t decide which gauze would look best this night.

I started to think about friends and mom and what I was going to do. I prayed for my friends. I talked to God. I’m often tired and my body is not the one I had two years ago. (It definitely needs something!) I cried to Him about how all the decisions were in my hands. He overcame the world, but my worn fraying thread of life is still made up of my own choices. The moon bathed me in gentle light as tears flowed down my cheeks. I felt so alone. I’m always alone. 

I listened to the water constantly filling the pond from itself and felt it was me. I listened to the frogs nearby and the busy night on the city roads (it was just after midnight ). I looked at the moon perfectly framed in darkened branches with new leaves on the chokecherry tree (I hope The Craftsman doesn’t clip those branches!) and grew thankful. I remembered a poem I taught the boys eons ago, quietly repeating it aloud once again. “I see the moon, the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me.’ 

I smiled and asked for blessings and peace and rest and healing for different friends across my lifeline. A college friend is dying on hospice, Becky is in chemo, another Canadian friend is also battling a carcinoma. My roommate from Canada posted the church her dad pastored in for decades had lost an elder in a church shooting. Other friends have lost family members and are hurting. More friends just hurt, both physically and in their souls. I prayed for them and for you. I sat there crying and remembered songs. Random tunes from church and the radio. The song ‘I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses….He walks with me and He talks with me..’ was followed by ‘Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Let it be.’ I breathed deeply and closed my weeping eyes. ‘Let it be.’ Not, ‘what will be, will be’. But, simply, ‘Let. It. Be.’ 

I scrubbed my cheeks with a soggy tissue. Nothing was really resolved. I was still like the pond that needs a thorough cleaning, but the pump had been. So, the water was now moving freely. It was still recycling from itself, but it was doing what needed to be done for now. I went and stood on the bridge over the pond. I looked at the moon from this different perspective, wondering. Moses joined me, waiting. Eventually, we walked across the wet yard to go back inside.

Thirty minutes in my garden in moonlight during the first minutes of Good Friday. Not a long time, but it was enough. It’s time to let go of ‘Que Sera, Sera’ and ‘Let it be.’

  (Although, I will always adore Doris Day!

Sleep Yoga Cat Nips

Moses in the Classic rounded pike. A familiar feline resting position.
Moses in the Slide with Inclination Not to Hear. Position must cover at least one ear.
Moses displaying Paw Palm at rest. Cats excel at paw palms.
Maxwell Hiding in Plain Sight. The feline must hold this position for at least two hours.
Moses Tail Curling. This can be beautiful when done while awake.
Maxwell in the Tail curling with Extended Pike and Inclination Not to Hear. Difficultly is a 9 and depends on the flexibility of the cat.

Above is the rare Button on the Just Pulled From Dryer King Size Sheet Pouf. As you can see, both Moses and Maxwell enjoyed this particular position.

Last in this display of patterns, is Maxwell. Once more he is Hiding in Plain Sight, but he’s added Close to Completely Covered. Mittens excels in the Completely Covered. Often, she’s just a lump in Little Bear’s blankets.

It’s fascinating how flexible a feline is and their resting positions often defy physics. The longevity of the positions held is also crazy!

Techno burbling

Photo by Pixabay on

It appears I cannot access this blog via my ipad at the moment. So, I am not ignoring anyone or pretending only my own words are most important. I’ll need to post and comment with a desktop or my laptop til things are sorted again.

The problem is with too many addresses. I have a couple of blogs on WP, two use one email address and this one has a different one. I use the app for the other two blogs and always signed on and off to work with ATKblog. Unfortunately, the choice was taken from me and I”m annoyed. I did contact the ipad app spot, I can’t contact any of the Happiness Engineers for WP, every time I tried to send my queries, the site crashed!!!

Photo by EVG photos on

I have explained my dilemma, thusly. I have three skirts I wear. Two are everyday sorts of things, I keep them in a drawer and pull them out as needed. My third skirt needs a hanger, so it is kept in a closet. Unfortunately, I’m now told I need a new wardrobe, since my closet is locked. (yes, I was told to make another account!) It is seriously hampering my fashion sense!!!!!

At any rate, I had a great cat post, but it is all on my ipad! lol My camera has a battery that went dead (did you know there is a DATE battery for point and shoot cameras???? I was completely unimpressed.). So, I don’t have any cat photos on my laptop that are ‘new’. Little Bear is on the desktop where some new photos are (he’s been wrestling with taxes, I think it is a bit funny. He does not!). So, I’ll leave you with a cute one I did NOT take and link you to Garfield Hug’s Miffy Poses.

Photo by Cong H on

Buttons and Bowknots

Awhile back I wondered how many recipes I could find to make with cinnamon. While sorting through a cookbook box I found some little booklets from ages back and the recipes were often bizarre! (this one is a Bisquick cookbook, I think, from 1958) There was one meal plan for a TV dinner. (Literally, a dinner to sit and watch TV while eating. It included a meat pie from this recipe book, a salad, and sherbet. Innovative!)

As I perused, I found this one for buttons and bowknots. I loved the name, so I decided to try it. (I keep calling them bow ties!!) I did use Bisquick, I often have the stuff in the house, but in retrospect, I’ll use my own biscuit recipe if I make it again. It was fun and tasty and super messy (which is why I’ll use my own recipe!). Soft dough is one thing, sticky is totally not cool. At any rate, Little Bear loved them and reheated some for breakfast in the microwave. I’m pretty sure it is a keeper recipe.