Sleep Yoga Cat Nips

Moses in the Classic rounded pike. A familiar feline resting position.
Moses in the Slide with Inclination Not to Hear. Position must cover at least one ear.
Moses displaying Paw Palm at rest. Cats excel at paw palms.
Maxwell Hiding in Plain Sight. The feline must hold this position for at least two hours.
Moses Tail Curling. This can be beautiful when done while awake.
Maxwell in the Tail curling with Extended Pike and Inclination Not to Hear. Difficultly is a 9 and depends on the flexibility of the cat.

Above is the rare Button on the Just Pulled From Dryer King Size Sheet Pouf. As you can see, both Moses and Maxwell enjoyed this particular position.

Last in this display of patterns, is Maxwell. Once more he is Hiding in Plain Sight, but he’s added Close to Completely Covered. Mittens excels in the Completely Covered. Often, she’s just a lump in Little Bear’s blankets.

It’s fascinating how flexible a feline is and their resting positions often defy physics. The longevity of the positions held is also crazy!


Techno burbling

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It appears I cannot access this blog via my ipad at the moment. So, I am not ignoring anyone or pretending only my own words are most important. I’ll need to post and comment with a desktop or my laptop til things are sorted again.

The problem is with too many addresses. I have a couple of blogs on WP, two use one email address and this one has a different one. I use the app for the other two blogs and always signed on and off to work with ATKblog. Unfortunately, the choice was taken from me and I”m annoyed. I did contact the ipad app spot, I can’t contact any of the Happiness Engineers for WP, every time I tried to send my queries, the site crashed!!!

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I have explained my dilemma, thusly. I have three skirts I wear. Two are everyday sorts of things, I keep them in a drawer and pull them out as needed. My third skirt needs a hanger, so it is kept in a closet. Unfortunately, I’m now told I need a new wardrobe, since my closet is locked. (yes, I was told to make another account!) It is seriously hampering my fashion sense!!!!!

At any rate, I had a great cat post, but it is all on my ipad! lol My camera has a battery that went dead (did you know there is a DATE battery for point and shoot cameras???? I was completely unimpressed.). So, I don’t have any cat photos on my laptop that are ‘new’. Little Bear is on the desktop where some new photos are (he’s been wrestling with taxes, I think it is a bit funny. He does not!). So, I’ll leave you with a cute one I did NOT take and link you to Garfield Hug’s Miffy Poses.

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Buttons and Bowknots

Awhile back I wondered how many recipes I could find to make with cinnamon. While sorting through a cookbook box I found some little booklets from ages back and the recipes were often bizarre! (this one is a Bisquick cookbook, I think, from 1958) There was one meal plan for a TV dinner. (Literally, a dinner to sit and watch TV while eating. It included a meat pie from this recipe book, a salad, and sherbet. Innovative!)

As I perused, I found this one for buttons and bowknots. I loved the name, so I decided to try it. (I keep calling them bow ties!!) I did use Bisquick, I often have the stuff in the house, but in retrospect, I’ll use my own biscuit recipe if I make it again. It was fun and tasty and super messy (which is why I’ll use my own recipe!). Soft dough is one thing, sticky is totally not cool. At any rate, Little Bear loved them and reheated some for breakfast in the microwave. I’m pretty sure it is a keeper recipe.

What I’ve wondered lately

One of the blogs I follow, Diabetes Stories, shared something a bit ago that surprised me. I thought I was the only one who wondered about ‘wasted’ insulin. As she writes, when persons with Diabetes use a pre filled pen, you need to ‘prime’ the pen prior to the poke. (ooooh, alliteration!!!) EVERY shot. Thus, insulin is not used in the way insurance companies think it should be. I shared this with my family and The Craftsman was visibly upset at my ‘throwing away’ insulin. He soon realised it was necessary, but 50$ for 3 pens is still frustrating when not all of it is used in body. Crazy, but true.

I also wonder why our bodies are so different! Swimsuit duos are sold in a set. Yet my bottom is nowhere near as small as my top! I finally ordered a ‘retro’ suit bottom. (I hate ordering clothes off line. I hope it fits!) I found several bikini type tops in a thrift store. I’ll model if it works out! I was also impressed by purchasing two skirts and two tops for just over 6$. The skirts were marked $3 each and the tops had no price, they were just hanging up neatly. (I didn’t mind, it was just interesting!) I also was going to wear one of the tops and could not find it!!! Since I’m not really supposed to wear such things in town, I need to put them away til I get to Alaska. However, I really really wanted to wear one of them cuz it was so warm out. (I eventually found it deep in one of my drawers!)

The most unusual thing I have thought about lately is body hair. One story (fiction) suggested we don’t need body hair at all. The stuff on our heads is just vanity. (I nose crinkled about that!!) THEN, one of my Alaskan friends posted she had gotten her nose hairs waxed!!!!! When I suggested there might be a reason for those, she responded ‘Halloween?’ I often divest myself of much of my pubic hair, I’ve trimmed the nose hairs and other assorted stray bits that seem to sprout, but holy heck in a hand basket!!! Waxing internal nose hairs seems a bit much. I’ll let you decide and follow the link on your own.

I found a leopard slug in the yard while weeding. Most people cannot stand slugs, but living on the Oregon Coast for almost two decades makes you see their beauty and worth. They are land sharks. I did toss it in the road, but I recall feeding a pair that hung around on our back porch. They make great mostly dry aquarium pets, too. I prefer the leopard ones, which are spotted. The yellow banana and boring black ones are just icky. (although, there was a team-not in our district- stuck with a banana slug mascot.) The boys never wanted me to make the slug coff syrup. A layer of slugs, a layer of sugar, and so on til you had a nice melted goo you added flavoring to. Kids!

A thunderstorm is expected. I love a good thunderstorm! One of the few good things about Eastern Oregon is being able to watch lightening in the hills and overhead. The kid took a super awesome photo of lightening a summer back. Thus, I’m going to attempt to schedule this and log off! Have a great weekend!

Lessons in the Dirt-more or less

Wishing I wasn’t here. Yet, at the same time, I’m glad to be in my yard and garden and house. (usually) The last couple of nights I’ve been sleeping in the living room with the cats. To keep them from bothering The Craftsman while he gets the dubious amount of sleep he can. (he did a home sleep study, but he’s not heard back from the clinic yet. He got an MRI the other day on his neck. Aging is hard on a body!) I leave for the north in a bit more than a month. They will miss me when I go, no one will be here to make dinner again. (speaking of, I need to get that started soon. Chicken soup) I had to cancel my appointment with my MS doctor. It was for the end of July and I cannot dash back to the states and then turn around and go back north. No one knows what tomorrow brings, even when it is planned for. My next appointment is in November. We’ll see. I am hoping my primary doctor can reinstate the Vitamin D dosage I was on. (I sincerely felt better taking so much, even if those numbers on the blood tests were significantly higher than they were supposed to be.) There is a great deal to do and I’m not eager to do any of it!

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I was driving back to the house yesterday, thinking about where I am. I am not sure if there is a romantic love in my marriage. I’m pretty sure it is a caring, duty, sort of love. I have serious diseases that are mostly taken care of. I have a house I enjoy here (not the place, the house!) I mostly get to do things I want to do (I have mentioned several times we should go driving in the Mercury. I was out working in the yard last Sunday and The Craftsman came down to say if I wanted, he could get the car out. Surprised, I mentioned it was close to dinner and did he have time. He said not really, but it would be a good thing to spend time with me. I gently reminded him I was dirty and would need to get tidy and perhaps we should go a different day. He agreed. He also was supposed to grill our dinner, but wasn’t home til almost a half hour after I usually eat. I made dinner in the new frying pan Little Bear bought me. It was delicious, The Craftsman was a bit annoyed and said he got home as soon as he could.). It is crazy. This guy habitually watches Hallmark movies, so he must have romance in his soul. He is a very good kisser (when they happen) and he’s always touching me if we are in the same area. Yet…there is something missing. If I was a betting sort, I’d bet it was enjoyment.

I often wonder what I can do to make things better. I see so many instances where I ask and nothing happens (like the driving). I was going to make an earring holder. I bought some items and found out The Craftsman was working on a plan. It is in the basement in bits. I have a cross puzzle decoration idea I’ve been wanting to create for YEARS and The Craftsman was given the shape sizes and he’s still working on it. I know I need to sort through my things and get rid of some..they are underneath debris belonging to The Craftsman or Little Bear!!! (Moving their stuff is akin to misaligning a rocket booster!)

I was sharing with TnT that I felt a bit like a plant in the kitchen. It isn’t a Boston Fern, but an African Violet. It is green and has a million leaves, is huge, and is taken care of each week. But, it hasn’t bloomed in years. I seem to bloom best in Alaska.

One of the things I did this week was pull a root. It reminded me a great deal of life. (I was also struck by a comment made by Jack about pulling them up instead of letting them stay in the ground) One of the things I don’t like about spring is pulling up baby trees and flowers. This particular locust was rather tall and I wanted it out of my flower garden. So, I decided to take it out. I eventually cut it off when I got to the fence. The darn thing went under the fence and sidewalk and I’d already managed to get almost on my belly to remove it! (The lighter bit near the shovel handle is the ‘tree’ part.)

I found out later it had been mostly dug up when the septic line had been put in last summer. Then, it had been reburied. (I wanted to cry, but I suppose it was good for me to get on my knees in the dirt!) When we find things that need sorted and rebury them, it isn’t as simple to pull them out again later. They make more rootlets and start to grow again. This was also a sucker broken off the main towering tree in the middle of the yard. Suckers are little bits of trees pulling life from the host. They can sometimes be dug up and moved, creating a new tree, and even more rarely, they can be left alone to grow uninhibited, but more often, they just need taken out. My marriage has those reburied bits where I’m supposed to sedately grow the way I should. Or maybe they are bits that need removed? That is the problem with analogies, they work in many situations!!!

Favorite things–From Becky

  1. Song: There are many great tunes out there. I think my very favorite one is the Sesame Street Theme song. I whistle that when I’m happy!
  2. Height – 5′2
  3. Pet peeve – Those people who don’t use blinker lights are probably my pettest peeve!
  4. Pet: Cats, of course!
  5. Favorite classic story : Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster. I think I’ve written about it twice in here!
  6. Favorite color: I someday want to be a fuchsia. Purple, green, and red.
  7. Dream: I did a spot of day dreaming for the first time in ages. Naughty ones.
  8. Thing I want – I’m going to have to agree with Becky on this one! She wants a nap. Chocolate. Food. Cuddle.
  9. Favorite youtuber: I used to watch Gaz once in a while.
  10. Ring size: It used to be tiny, now it is larger.
  11. shoe size: Smaller than everyone else in my family, which is annoying cuz mom has some very cool shoes! I wear wider ones since I’ve gotten older and learned something VERY cool. If I buy a size 6 in kid shoes, they are almost always wider and fit perfectly! They are generally less expensive, too.
  12. favorite bug – A Volkswagon Beetle
  13. Best chapstick: nose crinkle. If it stings, forget it!
  14. Best clothing item I own: I recently purchased a super cute skirt I wore several times a week with tights. I’ll wear it by itself when I am in AK. (I mean, it will have a shirt! Sheesh.)
  15. Creepy or Cute: I often think I’m creepy. I know I used to get the cute label way too much. I think I’m in the in between stage now. Too old and not old enough.
  16. Bedtime: I prefer nights and sleep away the morning if I can.
  17. Secret: Most of my secrets my blogging followers know.
  18. Favorite Movie: ‘My Man, Godfrey‘ is hilarious. I love musicals.
  19. A favorite TV show: I used to be an NCIS and NCIS LA fan. Then, I moved to Alaska for two years.. I watched STNG frequently and faithfully. I always enjoy M*A*S*H.

Now you can sleep because you know more little odd crazy bits about me you might not have been aware of!

Outside Cat Nips

If the pull of the outside world is strong, there is also a pull towards the human. The cat may disappear on its own errands, but sooner or later, it returns once again for a little while, to greet us with its own type of love. ~Lloyd Alexander

Being outside is lovely in spring. The air is mostly warm and there are so many things rushing to put on their festive dress. The daffodils open golden trumpets to announce the season and there is so much to do!!!

For cats, it seems sleeping and hanging around in sunshine is their favorite thing. Although, I have discovered some cat antics I could do without!!! Maxwell T. Silverstone does not like a litter box. (Granted, Kila used to ambush him when he was in it and that must have been disconcerting! But, he didn’t like them before. Maybe because he was born in a barn?) At any rate, he prefers to go outside. On grass, in dirt, it doesn’t matter. EWWWW. One of my forays outside left me with a less than favorable feeling toward this aging feline! Weeding and digging in dirt is not fun with pet waste around.

Then, on Tuesday morning, EARLY, I was confronted with another annoying response to warmer weather. It had sprinkled outside, but Moses left the house to wander the neighborhood. He arrived back in with a meowouthful. (Literally!) Whenever he finds prey, he announces it by talking with his mouth full. I tossed that damn, thankfully dead, rodent outside no less than 5 times before finally getting the pet door locked properly. He eventually devoured it in front of the door. He was going to commence his crunching and munchings on the mat in front of the door upstairs. I was happier it was outside the back door on the cement. (Much easier to clean than a rug!) I was so darn glad I was still awake. CATS!

Then, the critters do something sweet and are lovable all over again! Are not Mitten’s whiskers beautiful in this photo??? (She’s outside in the window box that was made for Kila.)


Just some thoughts. (Edited because I realized after I saw Gaz’s comment, I got mixed up! It’s a good thing I wasn’t going anywhere. I’m truly directionally challenged!)

It stopped raining (it’s spring break or holidays, so of course it rained!) and I decided to go outside and move some tulip bulbs that just showed up in the yard. When you have city lots that were originally built upon in the early 1900s, you find all kinds of odd things when digging. The older tulips in the yard are stunning and scented. Many modern tulips don’t have a fragrance. So, armed with my small shovel, I went to work. 

I ended up on my hands and knees. I have worn a spot in the tip of one of the fingers on my best garden gloves. By the time I got most of the hole excavated, Little Bear found me a clam digging shovel. Which, it turns out in Eastern Oregon it is a shovel used to put in baby trees. It was very helpful, nonetheless.

I felt like I was digging to China! I found several bits of broken old glass and eventually, the bulbs. They won’t bloom this year. I ruined their chance. However, I’ll put them only 4 or 5 inches in the ground and next year they won’t spend months reaching the surface. I almost wish I’d let them bloom, I wonder if they were pink or yellow or white or red or? Usually, if tulips are next to each other, they almost always revert to red. (these are some of the old ones in the yard, they used to be one color.)

I also learned that I could not have dug a hole to China. Apparently, that’s an erroneous myth. Little Bear looked it up on google earth for me. Technically, I could have, but if I’d gone straight through, I’d have ended up off the coast of southern Australia. Which, as the kid said, just does not have the same ring to it. Not to mention, it would be rather wet and cold.

I wonder where that phrase came from anyway? 🤔🤔

Life goes on

This last week my Gramps died. Gramps was my 4th dad’s step dad and a huge (even though I hadn’t seen him in more than 10 years) part of my life. I always knew he was around. I mentioned elsewhere that mum was immortal, Gramps and Dad were constant. I’ll totally take consistency over immortality. I decided to NOT wear my amethyst today and instead donned forget me not earrings with opal/diamond ones Gramps bought Grams. (Grams died when I was in college and I was given an opal set she loved.) I always think of Grams when I wear it, now I will remember Gramps, as well.

Spring is really truly on the way. My crocus (I looked at my plant photo calendar–I write and photograph when things appear/bloom so I have a record–and one year they didn’t bloom til mid March, so this week isn’t that far off!) are looking spectacular! I will need to pick dozens of them before it rains this weekend. Rain turns fragile dark purple crocus blooms into mashed up goo. I weeded one of the garden areas and accidentally pulled up my old fashioned peony. It is such a pretty, fun flower and I plumb forgot the ‘root’ is a carrot shaped thing. It takes three years for it to get going and last summer it had 3 blooms on it. (I think I just set it into cha cha mode….) The first photo is one I shared before. The second two are after. The peony is under the chair, the pot in the chair has petunias that appear to come back each year. Since The Craftsman likes petunias, I’ll put a bunch of those in the brick edged bed before I head north. He removed the netting I’d put up for sweet peas and nasturtiums. (The bed was full of grass). I’ll put another peony next to the green pot, it used to have hosts. The white ring has orange oriental poppies. The ‘fence’ holds them upright.

I’m glad to be in ‘my’ garden. That was something I wanted to do at mom’s and she resented it. It isn’t really mine, though. I plan and plant and dig and weed and then The Craftsman decides to cut something down or dig up something and recreate the UGS system. Oh well. I did discover a couple of interesting things. Honeysuckle will replace the hops plant in the yard. (Hops tend to go bonkers and a single plant will grow literally anywhere!) Strider suggested honeysuckle. I also inadvertently found an easy way to keep my hands clean. I am one of those who wears gloves just long enough to be driven nuts. Then, I dig in with bare hands. The other day I had rubbed almond oil on them and, later, washing off the dirt was easy peasy!!! Then, I learned from google that lily of the valley is probably more toxic than a daffodil. 😳😳😳(although, dead is dead. I guess it is just how much you ingest at a time. NOTE: Do not eat flowers unless you are darn sure they are edible!)

This, above, is entirely edible. I try different low fat sorts of ice creams and most of them are nasty. When I need to use a fork to eat ice cream just to pry it out of the container, that is silly. This product above has, as Gaz would say, an excellent mouth feel. (creamy, soft, smooth, decadent.) It also loks like it is made in the PNW, Portland. I laughed after I ate the whole pint, though. I thought the carb amount was for the pint instead of a serving. Really. Servings belong in larger containers. Pints are most assuredly a single serving!!! This company makes other flavors, but this is my favorite. I rarely buy it cuz it is freaking spendy. Usually, I end up with some other stuff that is ok, but not stellar. I generally need to ‘wash’ off my taste buds with something else after eating those. Like this sweet made with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. (I think that company uses a special ingredient to make their treats so tempting!) You cut up canned cinnamon rolls, shake them in cinnamon sugar, put them in a greased pan, drizzle butter and brown sugar on top, bake, and eat and eat and eat and eat!!!!! Oh, I did put the ‘frosting’ on top, too. (But, not all of it!!) EVERYONE likes it.

I may see how many ways there are to make cinnamon sweets! Are any of you Americans old enough to remember Jolly Rancher Fire Stix?

Springtime Cat Nips

Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day.” W. Earl Hall

On the last day of winter Moses was moving from sun spot to sun spot. He has a favorite flowerpot he snoozed in for a little while, then he moved to my garden bench, under the bench, on the ground next to the flower pot, in my yard rocking chair, and under a tree. I finally caught up with him slumbering among the dead Japanese lanterns at the edge of the dry creek in my garden. The first day of spring, it was cloudy and chill. (Of course!) I went shopping and the cats slept inside!