Recently found a wordpress blog entitled, I Hate Houseguests. I’m not linking it here, in case the blogger doesn’t want it linked. There are some bloggers who don’t care for that. Anyway, it made me think about some experiences in my own world.

Houseguests can be great or absolutely annoying or just odd. A couple of times we’ve had calls from people that they are driving through and need a place to stay. Once, we lived on the coast, and that family (a very nice family) stopped and it was strange to be so thankful to have them gone a day or so later!

The absolute worst time was when the boys were young and we flew to Alaska. We’d left a young man in charge of the house and said he could drive one of the rigs while we were gone. OMG!!! Our neighbor called and said we needed to get back right now. The kids were having a perpetual party and our irritable mid-size dog was loose and we had only been north for a couple of days. The young man was in charge for a week! I called another friend, who had recommended this young man and eventually it was sorted. However, there was a dent in the car and you could tell from the debris how much ‘fun‘ they’d had. Was incredibly annoyed he’d been paid. (The Craftsman returned home before the rest of us, otherwise this mom would have been beyond angry! By the time of my return, things were calmer and put back at least another week or two!)

Then, there was the time the bad guest was me. Had a BF in CA and drove down to stay with his grandma and meet his family. For some ridiculous reason the two kittens I’d adopted went with me. And, they didn’t want to use the litterbox in the corner of the room I was in, they wanted to use the long carpet next to the litterbox. I was mortified and had no idea how to clean it up and did the best I could with minimal supplies (no way was I going to ask for help, the family didn’t care for me as much as the BF did!) and left as soon as possible. The relationship went downhill, but oh gods, was that a horrible moment in my mid-twenties!!! Kittens are cute, but traveling hundreds of miles to a stranger’s house with them in tow is not a good idea.

Was there ever a time when you had a horrible houseguest or were one???

Fossils 1

One of the most fascinating things in the world is finding fossils, digging the past, and finding old stuff. Much of mom’s house was that way. My sister called last night (insert eye roll) to thank me for texting me the landline house number, because she didn’t know if my Alaska number (the one I’d just texted her on) was any good since I wasn’t there. Then, she proceeded to tell me it was odd “we” had not found a key to a fancy wind up clock she ended up with. It is a clock deep in my memory, but her descriptions sort of made it wiggle to the top of my brain. However, when she told me it had hung in the basement, had to remind her NOTHING had been hung on the basement walls since the ’15 sewage flood when the basement walls were all replaced. Jake’s comment, “Oh.” Have no clue when she got the clock, she wasn’t there to find the odd key she remembered, and if she had, then perhaps things would have gotten completed faster. But, being annoyed with my sister isn’t why this post exists. (for real!)

Little Bear had been shopping and found a candy he wanted to share with me. He’d never heard of it before and when I’d mentioned it was English, but the maker appeared to be Spain and the US, he googled it. The candy was ‘All Sorts’. He really liked them, but in his search, he found an awesome blog that doesn’t look like it has been updated in a few years. A fossil that is hilarious and shares knowledge and opinion. More of these need shared once more, so off we go!

Candy is one of the most popular ways to celebrate holidays, commemorate events, and buy on impulse. One of my all time favorite Christmas songs talks about Christmas Candy. Chocolate seems to help keep the world on an even keel and dozens of degrees of sweetness. (my true favorite is white chocolate, which is the worst kind for health! On Easter, my basket would have a small solid white bunny and it would take a month to whittle the treat away!)

When Little Bear found this blog, it was made to share. I’ll link it and try to add the post on All Sorts. The author and taster appears to NOT like marshmallows. Which can sometimes resemble chewy sawdust. Marshmallow must be fresh to be enjoyed and someday I will make them from scratch. Maybe!!!! A bag here is less than $2 and the ingredients are much more!

Alas, it does not appear the blog is sharable other than via links. So, this is the link for All Sorts. Do check out the blog and enjoy the fun examples of sweet and the great responses of the tasters!!

Most of you know my favorite candy is probably original Kit Kats. My least favorite? Anything with coffee!!!! Although, the very odd marshmallow filled cocoa kisses took quite a while to get used to and they still would not be on my shopping list ( The Craftsman bought them to try!). What is YOUR favorite candy???? Least favorite?

For Better?

I almost think I should repost my last post. I don’t think anyone saw it. But, that is typical for this weekend. (although, I posted it on Thurs..) Oh, well. This one doesn’t have as many photos as Thursday’s, but it is in the same vein!

I’m starting to feel better. I hope this round of antibiotics keeps working. The last ones seemed to lose momentum, but at least this time if they do, the doctor said to contact them and let them know. I’m not sure if it is the rain (which I usually love) or the chill in the house or the lack of people or the job, but I’m starting to think this is never going to end.

I was texted a couple of times this weekend (five by The Craftsman!) and spent a while on messenger with someone who wanted attention (I didn’t get it, but they did! Lol), got a couple of emails, and read books. (I’m so glad to finally get to finish the book I’ve been waiting all winter for! It’s a story of a journey wrapped up in a search for an ancient book. The Bestiary by Nicholas Christopher). I’ve still not made the bed, I feel like a tramp cuz I’m in a sleeping bag on the mattress!! I hope I’ll feel well enough to do that on Monday. I’ve not seen anyone, have a lot of papers to haul to the dump, and am feeling a bit down in the pit of despair! I have seen on FB many people from my past are around, yet most of them don’t realise I’m here. I supposed posting photos of the area isn’t good enough! Lol I know, if I visited with them, they’d notice how boring I am. I’m definitely not a party person. I’m usually the quiet one in the corner who reads or watches. I do not fit most places. Silly, huh? However, it is just feelings. Things which really aren’t as important as what is really going on.

I am wondering if I should throw away the cards from my parent’s memorial services. I have a guest book for mom, we didn’t for dad, and mom’s cards are still in nice shape. Dad’s were in the garage in a chewed on box. I’m not looking forward to sorting the wishes. I did move them from the bad box, but they are still mousy. If I don’t keep dad’s, I don’t really want to keep mom’s! I did find more papers I need to take to a bank to make sure that account is closed. I don’t get mail up here, but they kept sending stuff on that account to me in OR. I’m not sure what mail I’ve gotten since I’ve been here. I take that back, The Craftsman told me the tax bill for this house came. I’ve not done near as much as I wanted to this weekend, I was so tired much of it. I did find some manuals and repair books for the juke boxes. The Craftsman was going to call and tell me which ones were in OR, so I could take those out and give the rest to Juke Box Kid. He texted he had the model numbers, but he’ll call maybe on Monday. I keep thinking my life is spinning in circles.  You know the funniest thing? I was reading in my journal through those months I was taking care of mom and consistently wrote I was tired and frustrated!!! I need an injection of pep vitamins and an attitude adjustment. (I probably wrote that a great deal in here, too.)

My power bill went up from last month almost 100$. I have not turned up the heat, I wear lots of warm clothing, and think it must be the dryer and the hot water heater. I take short showers, but I also use a space heater when I’m in the shower. (in to out and dry, it is about 15 minutes) I put my damp towels in the dryer and use the dryer after I wash at the laundromat. I boil water to wash dishes and that is another electric contrivance. The stove/oven and then the microwave. The fridge has a need of being replaced. I also use my laptop and now that it is finally getting darker by 10 pm, I use lights. I look at this house and can only see the horrible parts in it. My joy in being home has been stifled.

Thankfully, the lake is always there and I noticed the golden eye male has shown up (for some odd reason. I guess he prefers teens over ducklings). I love seeing their white feathers when they dive and shake themselves off. Such a pretty sight in the green rain dimpled water. The other day someone was target practicing across the way and the noise was so loud, the little golden eyes scampered across the water to hide in the weeds! They were cute, their wings are tiny, but they can still run on the skin of the lake.  Friday I also had fun with birds. The chickadees were being very brave. One landed on my shoulder and several times I had them feeding from my open hand. Also, I had a pine grosbeak land next to me. I was startled when the wings brushed me, chickadees are much smaller! (I guess I’ve had winged encounters quite a bit this week-the butterfly in the last post was the beginning). I think birds are for the better! The squirrel was fun to watch eating, too-

‘P’ is everywhere!

I hope this post doesn’t get lost inside the last post I shared 16 hours ago. Perhaps it will be plucked from the pair and bestow at least one giggle. One can only hope! (it is also a tad long…)

I’ve mentioned this character before. He was one of my favorite super heroes from the 70’s. Letterman from The Electric Company. He’d be proud of how often I found the letter ‘P’ on Saturday.

Mum has always been a collector. Often her collections could be categorized. Fabric, yarn, lighthouses, books, and so on. Sometimes, however, they defy description. I do have to point out, the final ‘P’s is not hers, but mine. It amused me, so, I’ll write it up while I’m perfecting my pancakes.

Ages ago, I read a book to a group of preschoolers. It was called, ‘If you give a pig a pancake’. Fun story by Laura ..(She also wrote, ‘If you give a moose a muffin). I read it to the kids on ‘P’ Day (in lower grades we’d often have a day to practice the use of certain letters and numbers). Many of the kids grew up on farms with cows, but they’d have loved this crazy keychain I found in mom’s lighthouse stash. I’m not sure why this little guy was hidden in the darkness behind the towering lighthouses, but he was still smiling. I have no idea where the pink piggy came from, he obviously was happy among the dust bunnies. I carefully pulled him out of his spot on the shelf and thought he was cute. He is. Oddly, there was a brownish greyish dusty blob off his butt. I gingerly picked away the fluff and discovered it was soft!!! Then, it dawned upon my unbelieving brain, the pig’s blob was supposed to be poo! I almost dropped him when I realized just what he had been doing for decades in the dirt.  I dusted the plastic of the pig and noted his huge smile, then I accidently squeezed the pint sized porcine pocket pet and he pooped more! The most disturbing part of the poop and the pig, is that when you release the tummy, the excrement exuded returns from whence it came!!

This second ‘P’ is also a ‘T’, but it baffled me for years and then when I discovered more, I was even more confused. Mum brought back from Minnesota, a piano. It isn’t a good piano, but it has been in the family for generations. (Probably why my sister wants it. I’m not sure where she’ll put it, but that is her call, not mine.) Anyway, the top, like most level surfaces in this house, has become a catch all. As I cleaned it off, I moved a glass gazebo sort of thing with a tiny priestess inside. All around it were angels (another of mom’s collections) and things depicting Norway and photos and whatnot. I realized the gazebo thing didn’t have a door, you lifted the top off. Like a cover on a dish. Yet, the robed priestress holding a manuscript within made no sense. I picked the resin ecclesiastical portrayer of the faith from where she’d been standing, pontificating to nothing since 2014 or earlier and placed her on the piano lid (she was probably glad to get out of there!). Gently I dusted off the container and when I turned the bottom over I read the thing was a terrarium! Why on earth would you put a priestess in a terrarium?? An empty terrarium? Is she attempting to recreate Genesis one? Lord knows there was enough dust outside the container. Is she actually a replication of a reincarnation of Dr. Who only with a terrarium instead of a booth? Maybe my sister put the priestress inside, she probably gave her the pig, too. Jake has an obscure sense of humor (remembering to when she bit off all the tops on the candy corn and put it back in the dish. Mum was convinced the candy corn was a different variety. Not triangular and the white was missing.). In retrospect, the tiny lady may have been from when mom portrayed a nun in ‘Sound of Music’, but that still doesn’t explain why she was in a terrarium!

This last ‘P’, as I mentioned, was really something of mine. I was looking in the empty cupboards and fridge (they aren’t exactly empty, only mostly empty. The fridge has some cheese and condiments. The freezer has a package of frozen veggies, aged burritos that I’d not eat if unless you paid me well, and a diet pepsi in a plastic bag.) Surprised, I removed the crystalized pop and placed it outside to thaw. I’m a fan of slushy beverages. Dairy Queen used to have this drink called a Mr. Misty, basically a slushy, and if you added vanilla ice cream to it, it was perfect. My youngest likes a frozen watermelon drink I’ve made on occasion and I now like a slushy diet cola. I’ve also wanted some bubbles since my return north and was pretty excited to find this treat. After a few hours, I noted it starting to melt and brought it inside. I had been cautious because frozen pop can distend bottles and make a mess if left unsupervised. After a bit longer, my impatience was at its limit. The bottle was mostly full of ice, yet there was a smidge of thawed Pepsi and my tongue was craving the flavor. It took a bit of force to crack open the lid that immediately exploded across the kitchen! Quickly, I sealed it back up and started to laugh as I surveyed the places the carbonated potion had landed. On me, on the counter, on the cupboards, and the walls. I managed to get it tidied and opted to perform the opening outside. Once again, Pompeii was recreated in fizz and foam in the palms of my hands. As you can see, I lost quite a bit of the Pepsi and now it is flatter than the pancakes I made and consumed for my brunch.

Perhaps, as I empty the bell cabinet, I’ll find other letters to share! Although, I do love the letter ‘P’!!

Joy and Clutter

Joy and Clutter. Reminds me of an experience I had in college. I’m not sure if I have told it before, but it always makes me laugh, so I’ll share again. In college, I was (for some reason) one of those girls who guys talked to. I was outside when one of the cuter guys came up to me completely depressed. I put up my book and settled myself to listen. He was a part of a choral group that had toured over spring break at various churches to recruit for the college. He told me he met the most lovely girl who was going to attend in the fall and he blew any dating chances he’d ever had in one quippy moment. My ears perked up and my smile was firmly restrained as he dejectedly told me in depth about the meeting and her quick retreat in confusion after. The dainty young lady had introduced herself as Helen Payne and he grinned, responded with a hearty handshake and the words, ‘HI, I’m sin and suffering.’

man iand woman doing a handshake

Photo by Gustavo Fring on

I decided to think about making something joyful. Something that might (I do hope my above story made you smile!)  A while back, with the help of Little Bear, I’d put marbles in knotholes in the fence. This is not an easy job to do AFTER the fence is in place. Many people drill holes and put the marbles in first. Much less frustration as the marbles don’t land in the neighbor’s yards and out of reach. I wanted to add more marbles or shiny bits to the fence, but few holes are the proper size of marbles..and few marbles are of the same size as drilled holes! (I had no idea marbles were of different sizes when they come in a bag at a dollar store) Strider has baked marbles and wrapped them in wire to make jewelry. I have several pairs of his earrings and thought the method might be useful for dangling sparklies on the fence. Wire wrapping isn’t that hard, if you aren’t going for ‘wearable’ art. I managed to find some wire I’d used to make something in the past and wrapped a few marbles and those flat stones used in glass containers of flowers (I first was introduced to them as placers for the game Pente). I’d looked all over for something other than my ‘good’ wire. Then, I read a post by Nicole on Cauldrons and Cupcakes and realized, I should just use it! I have so much stuff (NOT as much as mom had, by any means!) and should not save it for later, for a rainy day (note: it is raining this week), or just in case. So, I used the coated wire, the copper jewelry wire is really thin and I’m not sure how well it would hold up outside in different weathers. (photos: old photos of fence and the ones I did this week.)


Clutter isn’t necessary in the drawer, in the craft cupboard, or in the mind. After mom’s, I came back and would go crazy with getting rid of things I do not need. The Craftsman would be so frustrated with me. Keepers are difficult to transform into unkeepers. Covid has hampered my tossing cuz I will not throw it away if it is brand new or almost new. I have a lot of bags and boxes waiting to leave the house in a few more weeks (the US and especially Oregon is opening up. Tickets north are getting very expensive fast and I’d like to have some space tidy before I go.). On the other hand, I did get into that box with the Christmas stuff to get a garland to use in the garden bed to keep the birds out……….but, NO. NO MORE STUFF!!! I do need to bring some more back, to go through here. It is too difficult to do up there surrounded by memories. If I can, I’ll do it here.

My own world is still wonky as heck, but I must sort mom’s before I can attempt to do mine. I guess that is the OCD part of me. Strider mentioned that the two of us need to do things in order, that people in our family prefer to have things done a certain way and we will redo it to get it done properly. I read from left to right, patterns are important, and I must get maternal clutter complete before I do my own. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying putting random sparklies on the fence! (I have 25 more to make)

Gifts from the Past

It seems logical that today is the birthday surrounding another favorite author (the artist, not the author). I can get completely lost in the words of Carroll as Alice wandered through Wonderland. This musing is one of those things I thought was ‘Curiouser and curiouser.’


One of the things I try to do each day is write down blessings in a notebook. Ages ago I read a book by Ann Voskamp called 1000 Gifts, it spurred me to write down three blessings or gifts a day. I used to post them on my blessings blog frequently and put them in the notebook daily. I left the notebook in Oregon when I went north to care for mom and it has been hard to get back into doing either one!  Anyway, one of the prompts for this week was ‘gifts from the past that help you trust the future’. I was stumped this year, so I went back to see if I’d written anything down for that date before.  I had.  Something I love was scribed. Bulbs. I have so many flowers given to me by others and when they bloom, they remind me of that person. Yet, how is that trust for the future? Perhaps it reminds me that life goes on after death? Gardens are HUGE for showing the cycle of life. There is every stage in a garden from sex to embryo to death and coming back to life again. Especially with a bulb. I have tiny Tete-a-Tetes blooming at the moment.


Thinking further, I definitely have a problem with trust. (More than likely from deep seated bits of my childhood.) Most of the people I have trusted fade away, they are still trustworthy, but their mindset has moved from being close to me. That is part of that life cycle thing, yet it still presents a skewed outlook in my Kris world. I push people away, too. (I have a tendency to be rather naive, but that is totally different from trust!) I was trying to think of persons I trust at the time of this typing and there are several who hold parts of me, but I’m not sure if anyone has all of me completely. (Let me wax even more philosophical!) Does anyone know all of anyone??? I am reminded of that line in ‘Ground Hog Day’ where Phil says ‘Maybe the real God knows so much because He’s been around so long.” When you are around someone a lot, do they know you? I can honestly say The Craftsman doesn’t know all of me. Some of my readers know more of me than most and probably more than my family! (Blog babbling can be a bit much, I’m always humbled by people who read and respond to me!) However, this relates to trust in people. It isn’t where the prompt was going, I don’t think!

I reckon continuity is what I see Around the Korner of this mind wander. A noun to depend on.  Birds are migrating, plants are growing (albeit not when expected), my boys are level headed (for the most part!!), and when I mix certain ingredients together, I manage to get cookies. The different things may not be exactly like they are supposed to be, but they show seasons and growth and seasonings following a plan. And this Friday, when I looked out the window, I saw some of my purple crocus in bloom. Finally! (the catmint is showing and tiny violets are appearing in the yard..still too early to do any digging, the soil is incredibly chilly.)

So, what is something from the past that helps you to trust in the future? Do you have a crafted item that reminds you of this? A plant? Does your family? A pet? It has taken me more than two hours to come up with this post, I’m curious as to what others might hold as a promise for tomorrow or beyond.


ABC’s of Me

I am a huge fan of a certain Doctor. The Doctor known as Seuss. His birthday is in a few days and I will celebrate him once more for helping me learn how the ABCs made words and sentences and stories. A friend on FB posted this and I didn’t want to share there, so I will share it here. It is pretty long, but there ARE 26 letters in our English alphabet!

Age – 55 (how on earth did I get that old already!!!??!!!) Pic from second Easter with my aunt, just over a year old.

Bed Size – I have always liked a CA Queen. It isn’t an easy mattress to find for some reason. It is actually the size of a queen waterbed, longer than a king and yet as wide as a queen. Length is sometimes more important than width. (did you grin when you read that!?!)
Cat name – Which cat? Moses, who ‘supposes his toeses are roses’ or Mittens who has whiskers that are one of my favorite things? (not quite the right lyric, but I really do love the whiskers on Mittens!) Those are the two in residence at this time.
Dog name – Not being a dog person, I recall a few here and there. I much prefer cats.
Essential start of your day – Usually my alarm goes off and I am fortunate that I can reach over and stop it before going back to sleep. Yup, lazy lady!
Favorite color – Purple..and green and red. As I mentioned elsewhere, at least once, I hope to be reincarnated as a fuchsia.

Ghosts exist – I believe in the Holy Ghost and in regular ghosts. There is too much energy in our world for a person to just up and die, especially if their end wasn’t a restful one.
Height – I anticipate I’m still the U.S. height of 5’2”. When I get my angel wings I hope to fly about 2 inches higher than the street of gold or clouds, then I can be 5’4” for a century or so!
Instruments you played in school – I was a flautist. Not a good one, but I played for several years!

Jokester or serious – I have played jokes on persons, April first has always been a favorite day. I tend to focus on logic and practicality in most of my life, though.
Kind of day that’s your favorite – I am always thankful for days, even if they annoy me. I do like ones in which I get things done or days in which joy is seen and given.
Longest relationship – an interesting question to answer. I have known my sister my whole life, although I’m not sure we have a relationship beyond genetic. I’ve been married for awhile. Thirty-one years of what could be a relationship. There are many authors I’ve read over and over and over who continue to change me. (Yes, I commune with books.) I have been a follower of Christ for most of my life, it is a part of my name. I don’t follow exact biblical beliefs, that is between me and my God. In reflection, what is a relationship? A give and take between individuals that benefit each person? I surmise this is intriguing to muse on!
Most annoying job – Taking care of mom was often annoying, as you may be aware! As a paying job, I believe the most annoying ones are when I was told to do things and not given enough information. Or having the ability to do more than I was given.
Night Owl – I am a  night owl, I do not like mornings. They are beautiful, but happen way too early!
Overnight Hospital stay – I’ve stayed in hospitals overnight many times. The two worst were decades apart. The first was when I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I hadn’t really gotten sick, mom recognized the symptoms, took me in, and I was immediately put in a brand new room where the only thing working was the bed. The second was when I had my gall bladder out and was in the hospital for a week over Christmas. I couldn’t watch TV because it hurt- (OK, I am sure there was something else on besides Mrs. Doubtfire, but that was all I wanted to watch and laughing was incredibly painful!) I didn’t like staying in hospitals overnight with mom. Night seems to be a hard time for patients.
Pet peeve – people not using blinker fluid, because that must the be only reason those helpful lights are constantly dark. People stocking items in stores higher than I can reach is another, but that is usually taken care of by helpful tall people in the stores.
Quiet time hobby- I like to read. (I’m betting no one knows this about me!)
Right or Left handed – Unlike Wesley or Inigio Montoya, I am only right handed.
Siblings – Jake is my only sibling. She often drives me nuts.

TV shows you watch – I’m not a TV fan. I can be taken in by episodes of different series, but by and large, I can easily find anything else to do!
Underachiever or Overachiever? – I often don’t live up to my potential.
Voice of influence – I have been influenced by so many people. Not one in particular, but several. I often find myself doing things the way I was taught by friends in college or catch myself thinking differently because of Rhapsody or favorite bloggers (Gary helps me keep my kitchen tidier!). Authors I’ve read have helped me, as well.
Worst day of the week – Actually, Saturday annoys me. Everyone is home and yet, my day is pretty much the same as the other days. Except I work around them.
X-rays – I’ve had a few! I kind of wish I could have had ones of my feet when you got to measure for new shoes. Although, that was fairly dangerous!!! Can you imagine having an x-ray machine set up in the middle of a store????
Yummy food you like – I enjoy salty sweet, like kettle corn, plain fritos with milk chocolate chips, and chocolate covered pretzels.
Zoo favorites – I’ve not been to a zoo in eons, I do love watching birds of all kinds. Crows and ravens are among my favorites. However, I’d love to meet a Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz.


Ides of February

I got side tracked and didn’t write up the rest of the weekend! So, I’ll do it now and post accordingly.

Saturday was a busy day. I planned on cooking a ham for dinner that night and decided to add whole wheat homemade rolls. They had sage and thyme and a bit of shredded Parmesan as ingredients. However, I’ve not made whole wheat before and the rolls I made were cute little clover leaf almost weapons. Soft deep inside, but quite sturdy on the outside. (I had made a larger loaf so I’d have extra dough to wrap around hotdogs for dinner on Sunday and those were waiting in the addition overnight.) I was also going to make cookies for a church potluck, but needed sugar. The guys had planned on going out on Saturday afternoon, so I had asked them to pick me up some.

By the time dinner was on the table, I realized I needed to find a cookie with just the ingredients I had and not ones I was used to using since they had NOT left. Dinner was interesting, my tiny Yukon taters exploded in the pressure cooker (It has been a while since I’ve used the pressure cooker for tiny whole taters!) and made a bit of a mess and those paired with the rolls, well, aesthetics aside, it did taste good!

The Craftsman watched TV with Moses on Saturday, and did a lot in the basement. He finished an earring holder I’d planned on making. Mine was going to be much simpler and from recycled picture frames. You can see the one he made (also from recycled wood) is definitely not simple, but that is why he’s a craftsman and I’m more of a dabbler in crafting! It will be nice to have most of my earrings hanging where I can see them instead of in boxes. I’ll still need to keep some in boxes, but they won’t be all jumbled together with the earrings with hooks. (and yes, I do have that many!! I love earrings!!!) The hooks on the frame are for necklaces. He actually finished this on Sunday, was going to hang it on Monday, it is still in the basement with this other item on the lathe he said is for the kitchen and I’ll use it the most. (run on sentence!!) I’m not entirely sure what it is, besides pretty.

So, Saturday night, I needed a sweets recipe without white sugar and found a different sour cream cookie one, once again it is one of Betty’s. It is also fiddly, but I might make it every so often anyway! Little Bear tried one when they were just out of the oven and decided they were a ‘cookie that was trying to be a cupcake and only made it halfway.’ After I frosted them, he enthusiastically decided, ‘these are like pancakes with syrup and butter!’ At church, one youngster said they were like little maple bars. I was intrigued by the change in the glaze color with a difference of a single ingredient. The recipe called for butter, melted until slightly browned. Also adding powdered sugar and maple extract. I did this with margarine (yes, I know there are evils in margarine, but all cookies are evil from the first pan pulled from the oven, so I tend to go cheaper instead of buttery) and it wasn’t that good. I ran out of glaze, (the recipe made around 60 cookies, so that was good) and made it again with butter. It was lighter in color and the taste was much better. (also didn’t take the time to let it cook to the darker hue) I’m not a fan of maple bars, but I do like maple. Once this extract is gone, I think I’ll make them again with real maple syrup in the glaze. I wonder what that glaze would be like on a cinnamon roll????


I didn’t get to bed til early Sunday morning, I had toyed with putting the glaze on in the morning, but realized it WAS morning and figured I’d just do it and get it out of the way! Which was good, Sunday morning brought its own chores and duties! After church, I did more things around the house and the guys left to go shopping (Grandma needed pellets for her woodstove). I got the wrapped dogs out of chilling and hoped for the best. Oddly, after rising for almost 3 and half hours, they were beautiful. I wouldn’t have done that if they had been something other than very good highly processed meat wieners. I hate leaving food in unsafe conditions! (I even bleach down my sink and cutting boards after working with fowl!) The taste of herbs inside the wheat was perfect! Little Bear didn’t care for them, but he prefers his wheat white and colored only by chocolate.

I finally finished the last Witcher book I had checked out. I’m done with those for now. (I’m shaking my head as I type!) In the first pages of the latest book I read, a main character (I’d not met before) was sighting in carefully with a bow on something and in between waiting for the object of her intent, reminisced a LOT, catching the reader up on things. For more than a chapter! The end of this book an old man was telling the story I was reading to a group of children and they were demanding more, so after choosing what character story to share, he did. Completely confused me! However, I did love the vampire. He was of a race of peoples who don’t drink blood to live, but for enjoyment, like a party beverage, and this particular vampire tended to get ‘drunk’ on it, so he didn’t drink it anymore. He pooh poohed vampire regeneration because anyone can regenerate fingernails and hair and skin, vampires just do it better. He scoffed at sunshine melting folks because most peoples fear the night and his own people had to adapt and mutated to live in it comfortably. He did believe sunshine is a killer anyway and in another thousand years, most people would be nocturnal anyway. This particular vampire was a sort of a doctor and very good at it. As stated, I liked him. But not enough to keep reading the rest of the series any time soon!!!

Which brings us to Feb 17 and Random Acts of Kindness Day. I hadn’t realized how hard it is to randomly act, most of my day has planned portions and random ones will need to wait til I leave the house! Actually, today is the 18th in Oregon and I should probably do some chores after posting this! May your week be filled with sunshine and laughter! (photo from Alaska in feb 2018)


Once again-

I’ve started this post a couple of times. Perhaps this one will actually get posted!! The first one managed to get sidelined by glitches in the WP program. (OK< to be fair, it was probably the outdated computer I was using!). I added a photo and lost where I was in the post and then the whole thing vanished once I’d fixed the italics that somehow didn’t transpose from the copy and paste. After several frustrated moments that stretched into many, I logged off! Then, I decided to write and I got sidelined and thought I had but I hadn’t! (It has been one of those weeks!)

I went to a physical therapy place today, I was very thankful I’d left early. I forgot the road was being worked on, had to detour, got back to the one I thought I should be on too early, ended up in the wrong lane, followed the parking lot directions to the location and found myself on the far side of the building! Inside, I handed over the debit card to make the payment and learned their machines were down (a new one should be in by next week). I was asked if I had an alternative (I’ve not carried checks since shopping with mom, I’ve not used them since paying most of her bills off. The Oregon account I’ve not seen the checkbook in at least a year!).  Thankfully, she said they’d just bill the address and let it go. I imagine they’ve had to do that a lot lately!!

photo of person handing card

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The doctor who looked me over didn’t realise there were two offices referring me to PT. He also didn’t know I had MS. (I didn’t fill out a health form, not sure why. I’ve not been in a place for PT in over 10 years, so I don’t know the protocol for such spots.) Anyway, he suggested walking for my sore back (although, when he saw me walk, he wasn’t impressed with my agility!) and shoulder stretches for the painful arm/shoulder (I have a pulley, it just hasn’t been put up anywhere. I’m too short to mount it on the ceiling and The Craftsman needs reminded about jobs I want done..which I won’t do more than twice!). He also said to use heat to relax the muscles. I was thankful this doctor didn’t suggest cold. I am a lover of winter and snow, not one of chilled skin! I visit them twice next week and hope I’ll be moving well enough by then to not visit any longer.

IMG_9287 star-trek-picard-wesley-crusher-wil-wheaton-

Cooked Canadian moose in the crock pot (it wasn’t bad!) for dinner, ordered an audio book for Strider for Valentine’s Day (an absurd one called ‘What If?’,  narrated by Wil Wheaton), and tried to be quiet cuz The Craftsman has a horrid headache. I did notice dozens more little spears of green thrusting through the grasses this morning and it was warm enough to wear capris and a t-shirt (I did take a long rain coat to my appointment, but didn’t need it). Our temps were in the mid-fifties of Fahrenheit. (I just asked Little Bear why the words Fahrenheit and Celsius are capitalized.  He hemmed and hawed about them being last names originally—he could sell a bridge in a desert—and then finally decided it was a science thing!) We did get more rain to wash away more of the moderate snow left over from a while ago, it is supposed to keep raining.

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I’ve been thinking about something that might be controversial. I am not sure, but I’ll share it anyway! I wonder if the climate/warming change is because of prayer. People pray for it to stop raining or to start raining or to get warmer and those prayers are all over the globe. Very few people pray for snow and long cold winters and storms or winds. So, when God answers, He’s got prayers all over and around the same time, while the real weather is supposed to be happening and perhaps they get mixed up in delivery. (Personally, I miss long, frosty, snowy winters, but not the icy roads!) As Alice said, ‘Curiouser and Curiouser.’


Crazy Wonder

While out and about this Tuesday, I was reminded of Brigadoon. Lots of rain and intermittent fog and stark landscape. No Gene Kelly, though. I was thankful it wasn’t freezing, was wishing for snow, and wanting to be somewhere Alaska. I’ve had dreams about home and getting rid of the house. It was awful and I woke up sad. It needs to be done, though. I realised how much money I’ve dropped into that place and while money isn’t all that important, it does help smooth paths and I’d love to fix that particular leak in my finances. (I detest wasting money and it seems more and more like a waste.) Then, I think I’d like a Continuous Glucose Monitor,  I want to send my iPad to Apple, or buy more books. (although, those last two wants are not entirely important!)

Once online, I was introduced to this author and poem while reading one of my favorite blogs ‘Cauldrons and Cupcakes‘. Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese. (I hope you can read it!)

wild geese

I was thinking about wonderful things in my world (cue Louis Armstrong!) and decided to photograph some African violets in the kitchen. Technically, they were a birthday gift to me. Although, as Little Bear said when I received them, “Dad! Look, mom got a plantfor you to take care of!” Needless to say, he has and they are beautiful. I particularly like how the blooms glitter. Not being knowledgeable with this plant, I don’t know if they all have sparkling flowers, but I really appreciate them. I then discovered how different they looked, depending on where I put the flash to illuminate them. FUN FUN FUN!!

After reading Nicole’s notes,  I chanced upon another favorite author blogger of an entirely different sort. Kent Wayne and his latest musing struck me. ‘Problems are a…skill expanding puzzle.’ I love that idea. I’m not fond of problems, they keep me awake, make me cry, and frustrate me into kitchen frenzies (stress baking). However, I have learned from many of those problems. I have grown and left most of them more than half baked.

Glittery blooms and life lessons. Crazy wonder!