For Rebecca

15037090_10209662449749526_3728792535755868864_n Am pretty sure one of my friends took this photo–I’ll have to verify, but it did make me laugh. (am pretty sure it was a friend who lives in China, but I am not sure) 


I love books!!!!


I adore fiction. I devour fiction. Sometimes, though, a nice non-fiction is good to get your teeth into. I finally finished ‘The Kamasutra‘ by Vatsyayana. It was incredibly fascinating and not at all like the things you find when you google this topic. Parts of the last paragraphs by the translator were incredibly apt for the book. “The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, which might otherwise be called a treatise on men and women, their mutual relations and connection with each other.”  This book was written about eighteen hundred years ago and it seems ‘to prove that the human nature of today is much the same as the human nature of the long ago.”  

The ‘sex’ part does not take up much of the treatise and I can see where Europeans might have snagged this portion of the life lessons and ran with them. I’ll share off and on hilarious bits I found in my reading. Or at least, things I found rather funny. For instance. Chapter 28. ‘Of the means of getting money, of the signs of the change of a lover’s feelings, and of the way to get rid of him.”  And there are not 50, just 28. 


IMG_5858 Last night, about 11pm, the northern lights were out above the clouds. It was a bit fantastic watching the plays of pinks and purples and greens in cloud form and not sheets or spikes. I was outside on the lake side of mom’s house on the porch. And it was not warm!!! The trees were in the way and I remembered being on the lake in the kayak last summer. Not quite logical at this time of year! I also didn’t want to hike down to the lake, there is a lot of rotten snow (snow which is old and not sturdy for tromping thru) and I don’t have winter wear. I imagined being a squirrel high up in the tree top, watching the lights from a crotch in the tree, holding my tail over my nose to keep me warm. Then, I laughed. I am sure all the squirrels were sound asleep and the northern lights were the furthest thing from their tiny rodent like minds! But, maybe ONE small squirrel watched them dance above the clouds under the warmth of a furry tail. 


299e8c2adb84703c77fee91f7cac1d2ftwister I am reading a book (surprise!). It is an old book from the 1st to 6th century. It is a book many people have ‘read’ in different forms. This is a translation of the original and I’m finding it quite fascinating. It is, ‘The Kamasutra: by Vatsyayana’. In one of the first categories, ‘The Kama Shastra’, the author sets forth activities to be practiced by young maids with trusted female friends. Although they are highlighted for young women, these are pursuits everyone is encouraged to learn well. They are described as ‘arts and sciences’ . The activities are extensive and somewhat ordinary. They range from arranging food and flowers to games with words. “Study of sentences difficult to pronounce. It is played as a game chiefly by women and children, and consists of a difficult sentence being given, and when repeated quickly, the words are often transposed or badly pronounced.”  It appears tongue twisters have been a part of the world’s culture for a VERY long time. Pretty cool, huh?

Had to


I am so tired lately, I can’t concentrate on much at all. Last night, I looked at the glow of the northern lights in the clouds, thought for just a few minutes about popping online, and had to sleep instead. I did check the sky every two hours when I woke to see how mom was doing. (I think I am going to get a baby monitor to help me listen for her)  I’d like to cry, but sleep is probably better in the long run. Right now, I have things I need to do (calling places and doing a few car errands) and I am online, but there is a bed next to me and the siren call is very strong. Mom is actually napping, so I might sneak in a short rest. If the phone doesn’t ring! OK, am off to see who I can find in my napping moments! Day dreams, Mare Inbrium from Xanth! 

No Nap


Mom is fine (gods, I hate that word. It has many meanings when describing how a person is) and I called/texted many people to let them know she was well after her procedure. Later, after I did a few errands and wrote part of a letter, I decided I needed a nap. I had just settled down, when the phone rang. It was a friend from Oregon. She said she missed me during the memorial service for one of my favorite neighbors. I talked to her for ages, finished the letter, and decided to try again for a short nap before I made supper. Guess what? The phone needed answered. I ended up making us leftovers (her blood sugars were 451, but she wanted to eat). After dinner, there was another longer call, but it ended with me giving mom the phone at the end. So, I decided to try for an after dinner nap while she was talking. She had hung it up and was safely in her chair, when the phone rang.  This was really annoying. I had gotten into a barely awake dream sequence. (I had gone to a friend’s house and was curled  up on a twin sized folded out couch bed with his cats and he had just come home.) After I got mom sorted on that call, (left it off the hook on my end and went upstairs to give her the remote phone) I knew  I had 40 minutes til the alarm went off for mom’s night meds, maybe now? I tried one more time.  Yup, the phone rang. For me.

I am giving up on naps tonight and I will doze in the two hour breaks between checking on mom. I’ll wait til after 11 pm to try to take a shower, though! 

The years pass


Mum was given a bag of 75 pennies today in honor of her birthday. Age is only how you feel, but mum feels awful. This horrible prep for this test tomorrow is not fair. When you are missing an entire large intestine, it seems silly to prep for a complete colonoscopy. Thankfully, the nurse I called after hours concurred. It is kind of funny, one of my followers made a comment about taking things one day at a time and basically not ‘making up’ ideas of what might be. This evening isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Of course, it is just past midnight and for some unknown reason the worst things happen around 2 am! But, I am ready for the trip to the hospital and what will be, will be! Peace to us all. 


I am not the icon, the shirt is. I don’t know if you can SEE the words, but they read (on the top) “Alaska’s Udder Cola” and (on the bottom) “Matanuska Maid.” When I was a kid, the lady in skates was on every carton of milk. I never quite understood why she had on such a short costume and skates to sell milk, but I think visiting the creamery in Anchorage was one of the very best field trips I remember. I particularly love the shirt for more than the cozy soft worn warmth. I love the humor and that the cow is the maid. Cuz, really, she is!

Living on the Oregon coast in dairy country (Tillamook) for 17 years was educational. Milk is more than a skating chick on a carton. There is a great deal of work which goes into getting the milk from the field to the creamery. And barn boots do not come with blades! 

Nailed it!


Mum has a LOT of books. Boxes of books, shelves of books, and totes full of books. They are stacked and stuffed and layered everywhere. If this was a confectionery shop, I’d be living in a parfait. As it is, books ARE my candy. I just prefer them more organised. I should have been a librarian. I was looking for a book she wanted and didn’t find it. BUT, I did laugh when I spied the cover on the back of this one. You can almost read the words under the drawing, but I knew exactly which book it was from the languid lady. And I was right!!!! Absolutely FUN FUN FUN read. 

Dad gummit


Did something wander into wordpress while I was gone? It seems less user friendly than it has been. When I follow blogs, it used to be easier. I could comment and like in one window. Now, I need to go into the blog itself to comment. Gary’s is this way, but that was the only one with those quirks. Until now.