‘P’ is everywhere!

I hope this post doesn’t get lost inside the last post I shared 16 hours ago. Perhaps it will be plucked from the pair and bestow at least one giggle. One can only hope! (it is also a tad long…)

I’ve mentioned this character before. He was one of my favorite super heroes from the 70’s. Letterman from The Electric Company. He’d be proud of how often I found the letter ‘P’ on Saturday.

Mum has always been a collector. Often her collections could be categorized. Fabric, yarn, lighthouses, books, and so on. Sometimes, however, they defy description. I do have to point out, the final ‘P’s is not hers, but mine. It amused me, so, I’ll write it up while I’m perfecting my pancakes.

Ages ago, I read a book to a group of preschoolers. It was called, ‘If you give a pig a pancake’. Fun story by Laura ..(She also wrote, ‘If you give a moose a muffin). I read it to the kids on ‘P’ Day (in lower grades we’d often have a day to practice the use of certain letters and numbers). Many of the kids grew up on farms with cows, but they’d have loved this crazy keychain I found in mom’s lighthouse stash. I’m not sure why this little guy was hidden in the darkness behind the towering lighthouses, but he was still smiling. I have no idea where the pink piggy came from, he obviously was happy among the dust bunnies. I carefully pulled him out of his spot on the shelf and thought he was cute. He is. Oddly, there was a brownish greyish dusty blob off his butt. I gingerly picked away the fluff and discovered it was soft!!! Then, it dawned upon my unbelieving brain, the pig’s blob was supposed to be poo! I almost dropped him when I realized just what he had been doing for decades in the dirt.  I dusted the plastic of the pig and noted his huge smile, then I accidently squeezed the pint sized porcine pocket pet and he pooped more! The most disturbing part of the poop and the pig, is that when you release the tummy, the excrement exuded returns from whence it came!!

This second ‘P’ is also a ‘T’, but it baffled me for years and then when I discovered more, I was even more confused. Mum brought back from Minnesota, a piano. It isn’t a good piano, but it has been in the family for generations. (Probably why my sister wants it. I’m not sure where she’ll put it, but that is her call, not mine.) Anyway, the top, like most level surfaces in this house, has become a catch all. As I cleaned it off, I moved a glass gazebo sort of thing with a tiny priestess inside. All around it were angels (another of mom’s collections) and things depicting Norway and photos and whatnot. I realized the gazebo thing didn’t have a door, you lifted the top off. Like a cover on a dish. Yet, the robed priestress holding a manuscript within made no sense. I picked the resin ecclesiastical portrayer of the faith from where she’d been standing, pontificating to nothing since 2014 or earlier and placed her on the piano lid (she was probably glad to get out of there!). Gently I dusted off the container and when I turned the bottom over I read the thing was a terrarium! Why on earth would you put a priestess in a terrarium?? An empty terrarium? Is she attempting to recreate Genesis one? Lord knows there was enough dust outside the container. Is she actually a replication of a reincarnation of Dr. Who only with a terrarium instead of a booth? Maybe my sister put the priestress inside, she probably gave her the pig, too. Jake has an obscure sense of humor (remembering to when she bit off all the tops on the candy corn and put it back in the dish. Mum was convinced the candy corn was a different variety. Not triangular and the white was missing.). In retrospect, the tiny lady may have been from when mom portrayed a nun in ‘Sound of Music’, but that still doesn’t explain why she was in a terrarium!

This last ‘P’, as I mentioned, was really something of mine. I was looking in the empty cupboards and fridge (they aren’t exactly empty, only mostly empty. The fridge has some cheese and condiments. The freezer has a package of frozen veggies, aged burritos that I’d not eat if unless you paid me well, and a diet pepsi in a plastic bag.) Surprised, I removed the crystalized pop and placed it outside to thaw. I’m a fan of slushy beverages. Dairy Queen used to have this drink called a Mr. Misty, basically a slushy, and if you added vanilla ice cream to it, it was perfect. My youngest likes a frozen watermelon drink I’ve made on occasion and I now like a slushy diet cola. I’ve also wanted some bubbles since my return north and was pretty excited to find this treat. After a few hours, I noted it starting to melt and brought it inside. I had been cautious because frozen pop can distend bottles and make a mess if left unsupervised. After a bit longer, my impatience was at its limit. The bottle was mostly full of ice, yet there was a smidge of thawed Pepsi and my tongue was craving the flavor. It took a bit of force to crack open the lid that immediately exploded across the kitchen! Quickly, I sealed it back up and started to laugh as I surveyed the places the carbonated potion had landed. On me, on the counter, on the cupboards, and the walls. I managed to get it tidied and opted to perform the opening outside. Once again, Pompeii was recreated in fizz and foam in the palms of my hands. As you can see, I lost quite a bit of the Pepsi and now it is flatter than the pancakes I made and consumed for my brunch.

Perhaps, as I empty the bell cabinet, I’ll find other letters to share! Although, I do love the letter ‘P’!!

Sad to glad

I love how little moments of joy can pop up in the less than happy times. I was convinced there were no babies left on the lake. The mom ducks have been fighting like crazy and I was certain it was cuz their maternal tasks had been cut short. Hours later, I see the golden eye has her three and one mallard looks to have a couple gold chips floating near, as well. I watched them last night and those golden eye ducklings are so darn cheerful! I’m incredibly thankful they have survived another day.  I even braved the mosquitoes to go out and try to photograph the sunset in the lake. (I’m not impressed with my new camera. I really really want another chip to go in my older one. I did find the directions for the new one, so I’ll see if I can figure it out.) The sunset at midnight, in the camera, was completely white, very little pink or amethyst in it anywhere. I’m hoping it is a setting I can’t find on my own. I also don’t like how this new camera isn’t able to get as close as I’d like. With certain creatures in nature, you really don’t want to get too near physically or socially!!!

I’ve mentioned the mosquitoes, I will probably continue to mention them. I was rather surprised when I opened up the kindle in the morning and found a squashed skeeter inside. It is definitely stuck to the cover. I’ve killed several inside with mum’s handy dandy bug zapper. I’m so glad the batteries still work, I went online to try and figure out how to open the racquet zapper, it was useless. When I was outside at midnight, they were landing everywhere. I was impressed the view finder on the camera didn’t show the shadows of them as they were zipping past!

TnT visited and fixed both the light and water heater. I’m glad he did, if I had tried to do the heater on my own, it may have taken a while! My favorite comment was when he got the cover back on (the temperature thing was underneath a cover and some insulation stuff), he read the cover and it said something about disconnecting everything before fiddling (my words) with the insides. TnT, “They don’t really mean that.” I laughed out loud and remembered back to some of my favorite Mythbuster shows featuring water heaters gone bad. I was, however, glad to have a shower and to wash my hair. Eons back, I read an article about how good it was for your hair to not wash it and how long it took for it to get to where it was nice. It always seemed a dubious undertaking to me. Mine was getting decidedly oily. Ewww. TnT also enjoyed the cookies (his helper wasn’t with him). I’m going to like making them for Little Bear to try.

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea. I decided that black and green teas are not ones I prefer at all. No matter how fancy they are! I much prefer basic fruit and herb teas. Tea is a soothing beverage when you look at the mess around you and want to cry. When you wake up and realise you feel sore and icky, in spite of how good you felt the last few days.  I need to get online and see if some more of this debris can sell. Except, I need to wait for my isolation period to be over. I’ve thrown away many things I thought I’d not. There is just too much and I honestly do not need it and it isn’t worth anything to anyone else, or my sister. I have taken photos of some of the odder things for a post!!

I’m also hungry! Gary at Yummy Lummy made pizza and as much as tea is comfort, so is pizza!! Actually, I’ve not had any meat protein since Monday and I think my body is confused!! (I kind of wish I had packed some packets or tins of chicken or fish!)

This summer is absolutely not what I’d envisioned. However, I will make my moments count and enjoy them. Like lost babies showing up when you don’t expect them.  

Northern World

I’m glad to be home. I do miss things like working septics and the wonderful kitchen in the Oregon house, but by and far, this really is where I belong. I will cherish the moments I have here with every beat of my heart. And the not so nice moments, well, those I will remember and shake my head over and eventually see the lessons in them.

There are a few ducks in the lake. Since mom isn’t here to feed them, most of the adult mallards have moved to less stressful shores. (the neighbor’s insist the labs can do what they want on their lake and chasing and killing duckling is a favorite pastime for the younger lab.) There are other predators, too. It seems there is a raven nest quite close and raven (one of my favorite birds) are fond of nabbing anything they can find to eat or feed their young. I read they will even grab heron nestlings (which seems more like a dare kind of thing- heron have very long beaks!). When the mosquitoes are less aggressive, I’m going to see if I can find the nest. I’ve only glimpsed a very awkward cow moose and, once, heard her as she galloped across the drive Friday morning at 830.

We’ve had a lot of rain. In fact, I think it has rained every single day since I arrived on Monday. Thankfully, the showers on Thursday were light and happened after I finally got to do a spot of yard work. As you can tell, I didn’t manicure it. I love having wild around me, with borders! I miss that in the Lower 48. I tried to leave a few of the forget-me-nots, most of them were in the middle of places needing mown. Photos are a good way to keep them around longer!

I was reading one of the blogs I follow and realized how icky I was feeling from not having a shower since Monday morning. I’d wash outside, except the skeeters are really intense this year. All the rain may have brought up the water level on the lake, however, it has also brought out insects that bite! I like being clean, I’m not filthy yet, but still! (as you can tell from the photo, I was a bit worn after the yardwork!) So, I thought back, recalled the scene from ‘Witness’ where the young Amish mom is taking a sponge bath and thought, ‘I did that before, I can do it again!’ (sponge bathe inside, not be an semi-innocent for a voyeuristic Harrison Ford!)

I also have been frustrated with the lack of ingredients in the house. Being isolated, cleaning, looking for things I knew I had here and finally find, and reading in between, all make me want to cook. Thankfully, I discovered an eggless (eggs and milk were two things I didn’t pack in my suitcase to bring north!) cookie recipe. It needed tweaked, but I think it turned out ok. I’ll let TnT and his helper try them when they stop by today. They are going to turn on the water heater again and change the light that went out in the store room (it needs a ladder, which is scary. The Craftsman said it might be less terrifying for me if I can’t see how far I am off the ground, but that seems dubious!).

Since being back, I’ve slept a lot. I do feel a ton better than I did last week. Still tired, though. Not sure if it is the meds or a more comfortable bed or finally getting here to finish or being in the absolute peace of this place (I hate living in town, all the curtains are closed cuz the huge windows overlook streets and other people’s busy yards. You can hear everything anyone is doing and I do not like it!!). Or, it could be all of those reasons!!

I keep finding things mom bought and never used. I need a duffle, this one is purple, and so, I’m going to see if it will work for what I need it for. Mum joined Curves, bought bag, shoes, and went to a couple of meetings before giving it up. At least it was less expensive than her golf lessons, clubs, and assorted accessories!  Seriously, please please please, help your parents purge before you need to do it for them and do try to keep your own debris to a minimum. So often today, I look at things and imagine using them elsewhere. Then, I decide it isn’t worth it. I’ve enough junk to haul south to sort later!!

One of the coolest things I’ve found this year, I’ll have to take back in a photo. I’ve never noticed him before, perhaps he just showed up in the last few months. From where I sit next to the window in the dining room, he’s visible just by lifting my eyes. I call him Sage. Can you see him? I’ve not gone out in the kayak to find my other tree friend, it is a great deal of work to haul the craft up and down the bank. I think Sage moved in to keep an eye on me since I can’t visit the other. I do love trees in all their stages!

This is another bit of wisdom I found today. From Cauldrons and Cupcakes. “Don’t put off living–we must make every moment count, even if they are not the moments we had envisioned for ourselves.” I think this will be a theme for me for this summer.

Sit Com or reality show?

I’m not sure if Monday was a sit com or a reality show. It definitely wasn’t a survivor sort, although, I did survive!! Monday morning, Former Boss did take me to the airport. We got a bit turned around, but it all worked out. He dropped me off and we began to be processed. TSA was doing a training and guess who’s carry on was chosen? I was a bit put out when I asked what they were looking for via the xray and they said they’d tell me when it was found. The photo wasn’t that odd, I identified several things before they found and searched an old pill bottle filled with assorted coins!

Flying out of the first airport was interesting. I wasn’t the only one who had issues with Alaska Air. Even the airport hadn’t been told the flight was changed til hours before! I was pretty impressed with being above the clouds. I loved the fluffy balls beneath us. If I’d been on the other side of the plane, I’d have been able to see the mountains of WA better, but, I enjoyed the flight. Due to Covid, no wine was served, although it was 830 in the morning!

flying out of Seattle

Seattle was not as fun. I barely had time to use the bathroom before my flight. The station I needed to get to was down, so I had to leave the tram area and hoof it to my destination. (A lovely lady helped me out, although I smiled behind my mask when she was giving me directions. I didn’t laugh out loud, because that may have hurt her feelings. She said to turn right at the ‘coach’ store..she was sure I knew coach. I didn’t, but found it anyway!) I met more folks who had travel changed and on the plane the rows of three only had two passengers each. Behind me was a baby crying off and on. When we landed in ANC, I learned it was two infants, not one. (they probably cried in turn, twins probably do that!). Everyone had on masks, except those babies. (the parents said they were visiting for the summer) I was so cold on the flight and wished I’d worn something besides my jean jacket! I’m also glad I brought Luna power bars and more snacks, since it was lunchtime in the air. The cute Skybites snack was tasty, but it was definitely not a meal!

in front of a mural

In ANC, I learned the paperwork I’d printed out was already obsolete. They were now using an app. I was told by a nice girl who typed in my information onto her ipad, the first day the covid testing team ended up with boxes of paper and it was very hard to find one person’s papers in the midst of lots of pages of the same letter. I did get tested, it wasn’t near as horrid as the strep test! However, I didn’t leave yet. It turned out, the connecting flight was full. Putting me on standby for 7 hours. Thankfully, someone missed their flight and I got it. I was one flight from staying at the airport all night. Four of us were on standby that day! The planes are small, holding about 10 people, including the pilot. The girl I sat near was so much fun. I was an excited squealing bundle of Alaskan and she was visiting for 5 weeks. We had the same first name (and spelling) and her middle name was Elizabeth. (Which would have been Strider’s name, if he’d been a girl. Except it would have been spelled with an ‘s’.) The pilot’s job is to fly this trip all day. Or at least, as far as I know, it is all day. He was on his 4th trip when I got to go with him. Isn’t he young looking? The other K took several pictures with her phone, she was surprised cuz he was texting and flying. I reminded her there wasn’t much to run into while airborne. He did take care of a lot of the little things on his own, the staff did some, but he did most of the plane things.

TnT left the rig at the airport, so I got out north as soon as possible. I was glad not to stay in the airport, was thankful to not be on the road (there was a wreck with a person who was hurrying and a family. The dad was killed outright, a little girl died in the arms of a Samaritan, the mom was life flighted, and the 8 year old girl was confused and scared. DRIVE with sense and don’t be stupid!). I got to the house and had to call the State Troopers. When I got inside, I forgot how to turn off the house alarm and when I remembered the darn thing tripped so the police were called and would NOT stop. When I got thru to the company, he laughed, told me how to turn it off, and suggested I call asap. He even gave me the number.

I must admit, I was very glad to get to bed. It took ages before I dropped off, but I slept for HOURS!!! If you fly, what is your favorite part?? I think mine is the getting there.

A comedy in 24 hours?

Ages past there was a book by Ms. Bloomingdale called ‘I should have seen it coming when the rabbit died.’ This was referring to motherhood and all the fun things rolled up in it. If dad was alive, he’d have looked at today, tossed his hands in the air, and said, ‘phhft‘ or ‘Whoop de doo.’

Take this job and shove it- Dad and Gramps.

24 hours ago I ‘scribbled’ a note for WP and dashed off to finish up some things. The Craftsman brought me home a couple of chicken strips cuz I wasn’t hungry and I thought I could eat those (I saved one for lunch!). The kid bought a feeder for Granite, the bunny, and punned that he knew it was specifically for rabbits cuz it had a hopper. I got a text. I’d been texting a few people (I don’t get texts and then all at once, texts!) and figured it was a response or something maybe from Ms. Monster. Nope, it was Alaska Air telling me my flight had been changed. It looked the same, except now it was leaving this area at 830 am. I went online to read more information on it and realised it was changed. From Sunday to MONDAY!!!! I couldn’t get any information from the airlines except it had been changed. (I asked several times with different words and got the same answer!) The worst part is the flight from ANC. I had reservations for Sunday afternoon and can’t contact the company cuz they are closed all weekend!!! Oddly, as discombobulating as it is, it did give me a bit more time. I also now need a way to get to the airport on Monday morning. The Craftsman thinks he may be able to, Little Bear cannot, and we’ll have to see what happens.

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com

On Saturday, I knew I was going to see a friend from 30 some odd years back before they moved to TN. However, I was going to meet her and she and her spouse were not where they said they’d be. More texting. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Only trick or treaters and delivery people use the doorbell. It was The Craftsman’s old boss!! He was driving through and thought he’d stop for a few minutes cuz his family had just moved to TX (he was in OR getting a vehicle and sorting the house for those last things that needed done for the buyer). He left, I was ready to leave, The Craftsman decided to go with me (he NEVER goes with me when I do things and he’s busy). He said it would take 10 min, the kid said 15, we had 20 til we were supposed to meet them. Then, he rinsed off in the shower and yes, we were late. Thankfully, so were they! We talked outside, but it started to rain and we decided to visit the casino cuz it was open. None of us drink more than soda (or coffee) and we found the only spot open besides the casino and theatres was the bar. We ordered sodas and before we left, wanted to pay. We were shocked and embarrassed to learn sodas were all free. We made sure to tip!!

Well, we got back to the house and ate the very last of the halibut the guys caught a year ago. It wasn’t as good as it could have been, but it was good. Except it took me a very long time to prepare it. I decided to panko crumb small portions and fry it. Talk about a huge mess!! Thankfully, Little Bear is handy in the kitchen, when it is interesting!!

During dinner The Craftsman’s phone rang. It was his old boss who had broken down and was headed back to us in the morning so he could get his rig fixed! (there was some family chatter on asking the former boss to take me to the airport and he could bring the car back to the house. It would be odd, but hilarious.) The house phone rang, it was one of the guys from the church. Sunday will be a service in the church building. No singing since Covid travels best in song, masks for everyone, and people can only be in the sanctuary or bathrooms, which will be thoroughly cleansed after service. No Sunday School.

Photo by Tabitha Mort on Pexels.com

Little Bear is mowing, I need to get the dried sheets on the bed, and tidy the living room for visitors. Thankfully, we had the halibut tonight and Sunday was reserved for a giant butt pork roast I’m going to pop in the crock pot. If there is one thing Former Boss loves it is to eat!! (he’s thin as a stick and is incredible to watch talk and eat. He doesn’t garble a single syllable, even with his Canadian accent!)

We have watched one half of the last Harry Potter movie. I so often prefer books over movies!!! Disney is showing the first, of what may be two, Artemis Fowl movies. There are two camps. Those who read the books, memorized the books, and fell in love with the stories and then those who have not picked up the series and have only been introduced via Disney. Two completely different schools of thought and I’m not looking forward to watching this movie at all. Meanwhile, we’ll have time to watch that last bit of the Potter movie and maybe on Sunday we can watch a silly laughing sort of movie (why on earth did I choose to want to watch HP?? LOL).

Photo by Vinícius Vieira ft on Pexels.com

short note

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

I’m running out of time. This last week has been busy and crazy. I got a call from my doctor on Wednesday and found out that I have something called Strep B. She said it was in my blood. Anyway, I’m allergic to many of the antibiotics, she gave me one called ‘Z pack’. I do feel better, but we’ll see for how long! (I do hope this drug kills what has been making me so worn and icky in so many ways. It probably wasn’t covid like I thought!)

Anyway, I head north on Sunday morning. I’m not packed yet, but I’ve made 3 batches of cookies (about 5 dozen each) and small banana loaves and some cinnamon muffins for the freezer. I got 4 masks made, I asked a friend to make 3 for the guys..if they are able to fly north later in the summer. I am seriously not a geometric sort. I much prefer aiming at a target and not getting into a pother when I miss it by a half inch! (I’d probably not be a very good with missiles...)

Meanwhile, I have to do a few more things around here, but I have much of Saturday to do them. I had toyed with doing more Friday night, but found out The Craftsman ‘made time’ so we can watch a movie. Last night’s movie was interrupted by mowing grass and I’m pretty sure I was doing something, too.

I need to reboot the router up north and then call to get the account turned back on. The company had a covid glitch and deleted all the passwords in March. I can’t update it because the router isn’t working. Natcherally!!! (someone made a covid app and anyone who got the app also got a virus..go figure! Anyway, to make sure it was gone, the company just deleted everything. Overkill??)

So, raindrops on yard flowers to cheer your weekend and I’ll see you on the northern side!!!

Masks and Mayhem

I made a FB apology, but I will reiterate it here. There is a meme making the rounds with a ‘trash panda’ as the mascot for 2020. I objected strongly to this meme because I assumed the word ‘raccoon’ was spelled incorrectly. It wasn’t. There are actually three ways to spell that animal’s name. ‘Rackoon’ (found in a 1775 dictionary), raccoon, and racoon. (the latter is not used often and the spell check on my laptop objects to it.) This meme has many words used that are not spelled properly, I most objected to the one mentioned. So, there you have it. I’m sorry for being a Spelling Nazi when it wasn’t necessary.

Phew, just gingerly ran down the stairs to answer the phone. The kid is at work, there is a momma and a puppy spaniel pair running amok and the kid asked me to post it on the town’s facebook page. Which cracks me up. NO ONE where he works belongs to this page, he’s the only one who actually lives in the area. FB is good at connecting. Once, the kid left his bari sax in a city park after a practice. I was able to FB to someone who picked it up and kept it while he went back. It is a lovely way to meet people, reconnect, share, and it can be a good thing. It can also be utterly awful and ruin relationships.

An acquaintance I have deleted her account because as the town librarian, the young wife of a young elder in a very conservative church, and a staunch Democrat in a heavily Republican town, she couldn’t read or argue with people she had to maintain a relationship with, in spite of their politics. I’m finding it frustrating myself. One of my favorite people lives outside the CHAZ area in Seattle, it is NOT as horrible as certain news parties makes it look. Yet, when I try to tell people it isn’t what they see on the news, I get dinged. You cannot make people think when their minds are strongly made up from what they believe is true.  

My Seattle friend shared a hilarious story about a mom who was walking with her children and were swept out of the way of the crowds. A Seattle news team responded when they saw the tags and wanted to interview the mom. The photo accompanying the story and frequently in the story, the mom’s species was prominent and was later unavailable for interviews. Mallard moms have more to do than quack with reporters. LOL  

In news here in Oregon. I do have a ticket north, I do have a reservation from ANC to the small town I need to go. Now, I need to get from that town to the house, just a few miles. So, I’m thankful. The state requiring covid tests is sort of frustrating. My health insurance only pays for a test if it is medically necessary. (I wonder if sorting mom’s is medically necessary for my peace of mind???) I keep realizing how things will work out, just let them and do what I can on my end to help. I even talked to a jeweler up north who will look at the stuff via an email and I can take them by when I get to AK. So, I need to figure out where to carry the baubles. As carry on, I don’t want to get dinged for the ivory. But, I don’t want to put it in my suitcase where it might be ‘lost’. I’ve been waiting for it to get sunny again and I’ll photograph the pretties in natural light. (One of them is filthy and I cannot find my cleaning kit. Since it is nugget gold and diamonds, I’ll let a professional tidy it.)

I’m also sewing masks. Or working on it. It has been slightly uphill. The ones I’m making have nose things (strands of thin copper beading wire that can be washed) and a place for filters. I much prefer cooking. A bit more of an ingredient usually doesn’t make the entire creation unpalatable. A miscalculation of a quarter inch can boggle the whole project when sewing! And people wonder why I don’t quilt. The first one I made works, but it looks quite a bit different from the ones the seamstress created in her video! I’ve also decided fabric softener is another bad idea. Somehow, when I washed the fabric, a few pieces got a lot more of the stuff than the rest and they make ME sneeze!!!

Speaking of sneezing, I have had a couple of more tests because of my tiredness and now sore throat. I had a strep test (my throat aches now!!) and a mono test. Both were negative. When I get back from the north, I’ll visit the doctor again and we’ll go from there.

Meanwhile, there are daylilies blooming and a tiny rosebush I haven’t seen bloom in person in years and itty bitty gold flowers on the trailing into the water stuff I don’t remember what it is called. I also discovered a musician I’d not heard of before. Which is crazy since my dad was a fan of blues and jazz. The movie on his life was partly fictional, but the guy ghosted the horn playing for Danny Kaye. Phenomenal artist!! “Red” Nichols. Enjoy and dance on, my friend!!! (he was also known as Miff Mole)

Rockin’ Robin and more

Little Bear took these photos. I like how he captured the adult ‘showing off’ how to fly. In reality, the bird is probably getting ready to forage for more food. One site I found said a single parent can make up to 100 trips to the nest in a day. (And I thought keeping two boys fed was a lot of work!)

I have a lot of things on my ‘to do‘ list before I head north. AK is wanting visitors to test pre and post, but I’ll have to do the post and the isolation period. Oregon will not test anyone unless they are very ill, which is probably one of the reasons the numbers here are so very low. (it is also one of the many topics I cannot discuss with my youngest or spouse.) I did get my taters planted today. That WAS on the list. (they were purchased in March, but The Craftsman has been busy with other projects and a garden is out for this year..mostly!) Anyway, I used the lasagna method to plant the taters and will do the same for peas and beans. He did create a cool succulent planter (he made the round base from old boards). He enjoys succulents. I added the fairy and he’ll add more polished rocks to the container later. (his dad used to collect and polish rocks, no information on them, just a lot of rocks!) The tater spot took an hour. Most of that was clearing out a space for them. I got out the major weeds, removed or cut the grass and then put down the newsprint. (I had to wet it completely since the wind is so strong today!!) After getting my area ready, I dropped cut seed taters on it. They were not looking as good as they could have, but even a few taters is more than none! On top of that, I put layers of hay. This hay is one of the projects The Craftsman has been doing. Unfortunately, it was damp when baled and can’t be sold. He was angry with himself, but I reminded him he’s a mechanic and not a farmer. He felt since he was around farming his entire life, he should have picked up how. (I’m not entirely sure farming is like that…) However, it makes for lovely expensive cover for the taters!

Meanwhile, there are snack dragons blooming and I had a simple fun lunch of a leftover waffle with Tillamook cheddar cheese, sliced meat, and lettuce. My yummy smelling soup I was making for supper is probably just for me. The Craftsman called and is out shopping (I appreciate this, I just thought he’d be home for dinner) and so is Little Bear (he told me he’d not be home). So, the two will probably eat out. I really shouldn’t eat out, one of the things I need to do for traveling north is write down where I’ve been the last two weeks before my leave date. It is easier if I stay home!!

Hoping your Monday and week are shaping up less crazy than mine is so far. When I made my list, I should have planned lists for each day, too. I have done Monday chores today and very few of the other stuff! My lovely mock orange and Moses being silly with myself!

I also had to laugh when Little Bear brought home a puzzle from his grandma’s the other day. He did most of the work on a Loon one (I did the words and The Craftsman did a great deal of the inside and most of the border) and wanted another one. The one he chose is ‘card table sized’ and has pieces with slightly wavy edges and is 1000 pieces. I hope the tables haven’t changed sizes since the 70’s!! Do you like puzzles?

Honey, honey-

I was outside this afternoon pulling morning glory from one of the garden beds. (I detest morning glory. I used to think it was so pretty, but then I realised what an invasive plant it was!) I enjoy twining plants, but morning glory twines and drives me bonkers! Anyway, the morning glory was around my CA poppies, so I was trying to be careful of the ferny stems and not break any. While out, I noticed the honeybees. It was so darn CUTE!

Now, cute is the order of business in a garden when it comes to little finds. (Except baby earwigs, those are NOT cute!) Recently, I discovered tadpoles in the pond Little Bear put in years ago. What amazing creations those are. I also found a couple of swallowtail chrysalises and carefully put those back in a protected area away from where I was weeding. (it amazes me how a large butterfly can emerge from the goo inside one of those tiny shells) However, back to the poppies. A poppy has a single ‘eye’ in the middle of the flower surrounded by lashes. This is more prominent in a larger poppy, in the more delicate California ones, the eye and lashes are less obvious. Well, the honey bees were crawling under the lashes and twining around the eye to collect the pollen!!! (After looking at the photos on the computer, I think the first one is a wasp!)

All I could think of was that great tune by ABBA, ‘Honey, Honey‘. Although, to be fair, the bees were NOT dressed like this, nor did they sing with more than a contented buzz.

Enjoy the music and the beauty of the blooms and the bees.