Halloween Cat Nips

All Hallows Eve is the night before November first. A time to offer protection to black cats everywhere.


Rusty Cat

We’ve had a few black cats in our feline history. There were the tiny kits the guys found at a rest stop on their way home from hunting (we didn’t keep any of those) and the ones we found at a Cub Scout day camp. Winwood was our first cat. He was a long hair giant pillow the boys could do most anything with. Strider would tuck Winwood into his coat and go for bike rides! The Scout kittens, Rusty, Nutsy, and Woody were fun. Nutsy was a bit of an idiot, Woody found the neighbor’s cat door and moved in, and Rusty was with us for quite a few years. (Rusty had reddish highlights in her black fur.)

All the cats learned to come to a whistle and I’d often have to add a shout to call Rusty home. In a true quirk of nature, Rusty liked to hang out under one of the neighbor’s houses. I’d whistle and shout, ‘Rusty! Come on girl, dinner time!’ and if the neighbor was out, he’d laugh and wave. His name was Rusty and he was gay.

Rusty was our hunter. It was always thought if we had to live off the land, Rusty would be one of the main providers. Although, she’d bring in the oddest things. One afternoon I went in the garage-the man door had a small covered door for the cats. The main door was open and I was rooting around for something. Suddenly, The Craftsman, who was outside, suddenly told me to look up to my right. Slowly. I did so and was confronted with a smallish blinking owl at my eye level. We have no idea how it got in the garage. We don’t know if Rusty brought it in or if it followed her in. She would catch bats, weasels, rodents, rabbits (are rabbits a rodent?), and any number of smallish creatures. She left our ducks alone.

Her wild side was tamed with catnip, canned cat food, or loving snuggles. She vanished one fall along with quite a few other neighborhood cats. We always wondered what had managed to take out our Rusty Cat. We still miss that crazy kitty.

dadgummit again


It is difficult when the parent becomes childish.

Monday, mum had the first of many appointments this week. We met with a gal who I have come to appreciate, but tends to believe mum more than myself. OK, that isn’t really true. She is a provider who absolutely holds the patient’s dignity foremost. She has been told mum lies about how she is feeling, I don’t know what the provider feels when the stories conflict, I tell it as it is now. Monday, she was asking mum questions and I re-answered them from the notes I have taken over the various visits with the health professionals she has. Mum was rather put out, the provider liked knowing the answers, but I sensed a desire to let mum’s responses be valid.

At any rate, we were visiting this provider because of the oxygen mum uses only at night. The company needed a test done for Medicare, to see if she actually needed it. The results were somewhat sobering. At rest, mum does quite well. When she moves around, mum’s oxygen levels drop to the 80’s. This is great for music, it isn’t as good for breathing. So, mum is now going to have her walking tanks reinstated.  She hasn’t used them since February, I think. She also has forgone the breathing treatments she has had to do every 6 hours. (she takes one every couple of weeks, maybe) I don’t push it, it was her choice. It will still be her choice to use the oxygen or not, I reckon she’ll not.

She was also given the option to drop a bedtime medication. So, for the first time in months, mum only took a single pain pill before she went to sleep. (She told me she was dropping off already, so didn’t need any sort of medication and she didn’t hurt.) When I woke her at 4, she told me she had finally gone to sleep and she didn’t want anything else. She almost always has at least one pill at 4 AM. I’m thinking the day forthcoming will not be easy (just heard her coffing on the monitor I have installed in her room).

I also asked her provider if mum could get her flu shot. I’m tired of mum waffling about getting one when she had been whining about not having it! A month ago, she was told her body had recovered from all the treatments she’d had and could get the shot. For the last month, any time we’ve been near a place where she might get one, she changes her mind. They took care of it. Topic closed!

Mum chose to have a snack while we were out, which made me very upset. Mum, because of her stoma, avoids eating certain foods. She won’t eat rice anymore. She doesn’t eat pastas of odd shapes. She doesn’t like a yummy sort of potato ball my sister makes (My sister’s family has changed their faith to one that follows Jewish beliefs and because of that, she now cooks different things –the change is a whole different irritation for mum). At any rate, mum also tends to avoid popcorn. I understand, I can imagine having certain foods get stuck in her collapsing internal pipes must be painful. Well, a certain store in the area always gives away bags of popped corn to their customers. I don’t get one, because it is just rude to eat popcorn in front of someone! I also have a sore tooth and it makes a mess in the car when popcorn is eating while driving. Mum decided she wanted one.  She snatched a bag like a kid grabbing a treat when they know they shouldn’t. I was incredulous and asked if it would be ok. She looked at me while munching and said, “It will be today.” Needless to say, I am waiting for an episode with that to happen soon.

The 30th was the anniversary of the day mum was admitted to the hospital because she couldn’t breathe. The day I ditched Sunday school in Oregon and called home to see how she was and learned she was on the floor in her cluttered living room. She had tripped over her dog and was having trouble catching her breath. Instead of calling 911 (who is less than 10 minutes from the house), she called my sister to come and help her (Jake lives about 35 min away). Somehow the EMT’s did get a call, not sure exactly how, and it had been cancelled. However, since they knew mum, they came anyway. My sister was going to take her home, I convinced her to allow the medics to take Mum in. A few days later, I came back north and haven’t left.

Because parenting doesn’t always stop when the kids are adults who birthed you.

Amazing Fun

I wasn’t sure I’d have the chance to attend the RHPS even as late as 10 pm of the night. Mum was NOT well, but she didn’t have a fever and she seemed she’d be ok for a few hours, so I mentioned my plan. She told me she wasn’t my keeper, but was concerned about the roads, her car, my ability to drive with the possible chance of wandering animals, and who I was going to see/go with. I finally just left after assuring her I’d make sure her car was ok and that I’d be attending this alone.

I’d gotten on my costume and only needed to do the hair and face after I’d left the house and gotten a few more fixings. (is make up a face condiment????) While I drove into town, I was thinking about mum. Since I’ve been coming home each summer (barring the first one, when I think she was in before I got home), this one is the VERY first one she’s not needed hospitalized. Because I’m taking care of her.

Anyway, I stopped off at my friend’s to get my ticket, left some cash for said ticket, and my change of clothing for when I returned to shower. From there, I went to the store. Mum goes thru those containers of cheese balls rather quickly (she says she is craving them) and since I was in town, I might as well get those and a couple other things. (I forgot polish remover, I can’t seem to find any around here. I’m sure she has some. She has practically everything!)


Once at the theatre, I found the parking lot packed full. I managed to find a spot and was so thankful to have a ticket already! I didn’t get marked, I didn’t mind! It was really fairly busy inside. I found a place to sit on the edge of the theatre and realized I wanted a goody bag. I left to get one and fix one of my lashes (those really are a huge pain in the eye!). When I got back, my seat was taken. Which was absolutely fortuitous!

I sat down next to two nice younger people further down in the row I’d claimed and remarked, ‘I’ve waited over 30 years to see this and my feet still don’t touch the floor.’ They looked down at my dangling shoes and said almost in tandem, ‘That’s adorable!’ They were a bit sedate, but they were the only ones! Because I wasn’t marked, I didn’t go down with the other ‘Virgins’. I did recite the pledge, though! I also didn’t go down when they showed off costumes. If I had I may have been one of the oldest ones showing off, but I’m not entirely sure! There were ages of all kinds in the audience. Some were dressed up, some were not.

20171029_001119 (2)

The lady on my other side was great fun. We made all kinds of comments during the show. I was super glad she and her friends had taken my seat and the others in the row. The half of the theatre I was on was hopping. Literally. We got into the dance moves, sang, shouted, screamed (my voice is still a tad sore!), cheered, clapped, and had a blast. The very back row, behind where I was, had a group who were what my seat mate and I coined as the ‘planted audience’. I found out after the movie, they were reading script lines from their iphones. It was hilarious! I felt sorry for the other side, there were lots movers and shakers over there, but the half I was on was truly into it!


During the storm scene/song you are supposed to place a newspaper over your head like Janet. The song has lyrics about seeing a light and a few dingdongs held up lit lighters (I held up a glow bracelet)! The gal next to me and I were watching the flames with some trepidation. The lighters were next to people with newspapers! We speculated about the sprinklers going off and I scooted over to share my newspaper hat with her. (she didn’t have a bag of treats). Thankfully, the lighters were not in use long and we slid into The Time Warp.

Much later, when Eddie rolled in on his bike, our area went nuts. (It appears I was not the only Meatloaf fan.)  Which was an added in line during the birthday celebration. When Magenta announces dinner, someone behind us yelled out, ‘Hope you like meatloaf!’


At the end, during the swimming pool scene, my seatmate mentioned something about it being an orgy. I replied, ‘It is a really wet one, too.’ She choked on a laugh. (I was proud of myself!) After it was over, I scooted out quickly. I did tell a couple of the roller derby gals thank you. I so wanted to hug Dr. Frank, but she was on roller skates and literally towered over me and I was in a hurry! There were a few guys in the cast (you really could not have had Rocky played by a girl!) and they were very good.

I completely enjoyed myself, lost my RHPS virginity, left some more morals on the floor with the tossed popcorn, and discovered how much fun it is to dress somewhat sexily and play uninhibited for a while. I do admit, I would have not taken my infant or my under 12 year old to this, but I’m a bit old fashioned for all my naughtiness! (There were younglings of those ages in attendance. Call me a prig, it was just odd.)

Sharing a post-

Sharing posts isn’t something I normally do. This one…some of these phrases would turn me to mush in less than the time it would take to utter them!

Getting a girl horny isn’t complicated. Men just think that it is, since they are don’t say the right things at the right time. They need to mix some sentimentality in with their sexuality. God& Man I’m going to go down on you, and I won’t even let you think about returning the favor. I […]

via 1,001 Phrases That Would Turn Women On If Men Actually Said Them — ViralNews.blog


I did get to attend the viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Days before, when the idea was still a nebulous germ growing on the horizon, I planned my costume. The evolution of a costume can be a wondrous growth full of frustration and stagnancy. Such was my own.

I knew I wanted to dress like someone from the movie. My two favorite characters are Janet and Magenta. I tend to be more of Janet-clueless, not too bad to look at, and utterly thrilled by the discovery of sex! I also am very Magenta as a domestic. I even make an excellent meatloaf. (Sorry, horrible pun, but it goes with the show!) I knew black was the color of choice. If only I knew what I wanted to do with it!

I started with a pair of spangly black tights shot with silver, tiny shoes (I don’t do heels anymore!), and a black lace tank top. I thought I’d need a skirt and an apron. While shopping I also found a pair of short shorts in black for a $1. I picked them up, just in case. I didn’t find an apron, but managed to find an off white pillowcase. The skirt I wanted was a sequin mini, but I knew I’d never ever ever get a chance to wear it again and at $6, I opted for something else. I did find a super cute black mini I might wear again someday, so I got that. (OH LORD!) I wasn’t sure if I would wear a man’s white dress shirt over it all or a black sort of cardigan. I got a black long sleeve t, just in case.

Once at mum’s, I decided to put some of my choices together. The cute skirt was almost a disaster.  I have a rather bodacious booty and the darn thing would not slide over it! I chose to try to put the skirt on over my shoulders (the ideas of vain women who are a bit too large in certain areas!). It settled around my hips, badly. I realised it was not going to be a choice for at least a month or two and attempted to get it off. I was completely held by fabric and elastic and a sheer slip attached underneath. Remembering a scene from that great old TV show EMERGENCY!, I knew I could use a scissors. BUT, in that scene, the woman stuck inside the clothing Johnny extricated her from, was wearing a girdle. HA! I had one of those. Somewhere. I dug thru my luggage (Most of my clothing is still in a giant duffle bag.) and found it. I wiggled myself into it and was able to slide the skirt band down and further down. It worked!! Huzzah!!! Once the skirt was at my ankles, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was put away for a time when the booty on the bod is a bit less.

So, that meant I was going to use the shorts. (Good thing I purchased them!) I looked at the white men’s dress shirt and decided not to use it. Google found me a bazillion ideas and ways to cut up a t-shirt and so I made a cardigan. (I think I’ll add lace inserts later for a more conventional look) The lace top was a bit more see thru than I anticipated. I made sparkly black fabric pasties. (Google making those, FUN stuff!)


I made an apron from the pillowcase, added lace with a glue gun (my mum really does have a ton of stuff around this basement I’m living in!), and decided it wasn’t what I was looking for. I liked the Magenta make up, but decided on the look above as my base project. One of my bestest friends in the world texted me from NJ (I often forget where he is on the East Coast…it is all so far away, I’m really BAD with geography!) and helped me find something else to go underneath the lace.

He said the black was ok, but the red would stand out more. And it looked good with the crystal bat. (It is one of those stick on tats. I had purchased it so long ago, I don’t even recall when, I have no clue why I brought it to AK, I didn’t realise it was a bat til I affixed it to hover over the cleavage!)  I added a black ‘patch’ with the word ‘Lucky’ on it for my back pocket, a whole fistful of glow bracelets (some for my hair, too!) and was set. I wasn’t Janet or Magenta, I was just having fun!!!

The make up was done behind the Safeway store in the back parking lot, almost under a truck trailer. I used the car map lights for illumination. It took about 12 minutes, give or take a few. Thank goodness make up for the RHPS is best a mess! Thankfully, it was not raining, either. I got out of the car to hairspray and add glitter spray-I got super dizzy, but managed to get it done! The fake lashes were a chore. I’ve not worn those in decades and never used glue before. (What an absolute mess!!!!!!!) I balanced my glasses on my nose and made it to the theatre about 10 minutes before the show started (I’ll write that up next!). Once there, I took off the glasses (it was almost impossible to wear them with the lashes, anyway!) and settled in to enjoy myself thoroughly! (these photos were taken AFTER the show before I showered myself back into Kris)


A new experience???

It is odd when one reaches more than a half century and only then gets to do things desired at 20.


My dad owned the movie ‘Barbarella’ on laser disc (think original dvd the size of a 33 record stacked 2 high….ok, I’ve just totally lost any of my followers under the age of 49, follow the link!). At any rate, I wasn’t allowed to watch it. I did manage to sneak about 45 minutes one day, subterfuge was not my forte (unless it involved boys!). I had to wait til the summer of my 50th year before I actually watched it. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!! I was alone in the theatre, quite possibly the youngest member in the audience, and fell completely in love with the psychedelic world of ‘Barbarella’.

Jump to October 2017. I was chatting with one of my favorite people one night when he mentioned he was thinking about taking his best friend to see a live production of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. She’d never seen it and if there is one thing this friend of mine does best, it is finding new things for people to do and think. I must admit, I turned lime with envy! I have wanted to see a live showing of this classic since I was in college in Portland, Or!!!


In moments, I realized some things: 1) limes are green lemons. 2) lemons are yellow and can mean a bad experience or a coward. 3) ALL RHPS renditions are basically bad, which is why they are so iconic and fun! 4) I should not need to be afraid to try new things. 5) limes are more apt to be found at a party, while lemons are often in company with tea. 6) Parties usually involve people and I’m generally alone, but TRHPS is a place you can be alone and it isn’t weird. 7) Mum will be perfectly fine, this showing will be at midnight and mum doesn’t usually need anything from 1015 until 4 am. I should be back by then, if I come directly home after getting rid of the glitter.

So, I decided I would go. I mean, really, I’ve waited more than 30 years. These sorts of experiences don’t just drop into your lap! I missed the 2016 Tustemena 200 (dog sled race near here…if I’m still in this area at the end of the next January and there is enough snow, I am going!!!) and as I mentioned the other day, the parade passes by and I want to be in it! (NOT the dog parade…I’ll watch those sweeties.)

There are less than 24 hours til something may keep me from going. Actually hoping for something…Hope I don’t jinx it!

Cat Nips-Meet the Cats!

                                   “There are no ordinary cats.” Colette


Maxwell T. Silverstone was born in a teacher’s barn (literally) and adopted by another teacher I babysat for. Their little girl ended up being allergic to cats, so ‘Rooster’ needed a new home. The Craftsman is a sucker for grey cats and so, we took him on. However, he needed a different name. Even though we were fond of John Wayne, none of us felt ‘Rooster’ fit. We finally ended up with Maxwell (for the M on his forehead and ‘Get Smart’) T. (he’s tough and sweet, like Mr. T) Silverstone (remember the Disney series about Jett Jackson? And for his camouflage coloring). Max is a tiny cat who has been known to bring home dead grown rats and longer garden snakes. Maxwell is talented and can open the cat door when it is secured. We are not entirely sure how he does this, it is a rather clever move. He is often hard to find since his coloring allows him to blend in anywhere. Hence, his ‘spy’ names! He is incredibly soft and is a light weight kitty. He also has a tendency to talk. A lot. We are pretty sure there is a life of Siamese in his background somewhere! He is our oldest cat at 17. Every year, we think it might be his last as he appears so frail sometimes. I always think of him as a fall kitten, but I believe he was born in the spring.


The Craftsman brought a tiny golden striped kitty home one fall Friday night in 2001 and left with the eldest kid for some weekend activity. Little Bear was in grade school and the two of us fell in love with this giant pawed nameless baby. (The Craftsman not only likes grey cats, he loves a polydactyl) Over the course of the weekend, Little Bear decided we needed to name the kitten Moses. Because ‘Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously.’ (video from YouTube-Singing in the Rain)

To this day, this cat will place an oversized paw on your face to wake you or to just make sure of you before he sleeps. Unfortunately, he also decides to extend his claws when he does this. Not fully, just enough to get the two leggers attention! He also has a habit of sitting on a chest and staring a person awake, which is most disconcerting. Moses chases and retrieves paper balls, he used to walk on a leash, he also has enjoyed car rides, and he will always go for walks off his leash. He has a terrific song (purr) which he turns on anytime a lap appears. He is a definite lap cat, working his way over the area with all 24 toes methodically until he collapses onto the kneaded surface (or is evicted by an uncomfortable two legger!). He is the one who tends to bring prey in the house to finish off and catches things in the air in his softball glove paws. Moses is the one who makes us laugh and annoys us constantly. He loves people and absolutely does not care for interloper cats. Especially, the last one we added.


Kilala. Kila, or Kilo as the guys call him, was inherited. When Strider got married and moved to the East Coast, there was a catch in the apartment clause. They could take Princess, the ferret. They could not take Kilala, the cat. We ended up with him. (When they divorced less than two years later, we were told we could keep the cat. Moses was not impressed!) Because Kila was raised with a ferret, food is always eaten as fast as possible whenever possible. Due to his rise in weight, we had to remove the ever present feeder bowl. (I am sure this is one reason Moses does not like Kila.) Kila is also an inside cat. He does get outside infrequently. It usually does not end well. Moses chases him into hiding. Kila retaliates by harassing Maxwell. Because of the discomfort between the cats, Kila tends to live in Little Bear’s room. It isn’t as bad as it might be. The room is quite large and one summer a giant cage was added to the large window. During the warm months, Kila is often found lounging or peering out at the world from wired safety. He does need to be kept safe. I recall one thunderstorm I was watching from the living room. Max and Moses were hovering around me, the dog we had at the time was also stressed (he was deaf, so you know it was a loud storm!). I had the door open for a bit and finally closed it for the comfort of the critters. I noticed a cat in the yard and peered thru the pouring rain between flashes of lightening. It was Kilala!! Somehow he’d gotten out and was blithely wandering around the front yard in the storm. The former DiL used to say Kila had an identity complex because Kilala is the name of a female anime dragon and Kila is a fixed male. The rest of us think he’s a chubby, pretty, dingbat!


Mittens is mum’s cat. I hope to take her back to Oregon eventually. Mittens has the distinction of being not only grey and long hair, but a fixed female. She’ll be accepted by everyone except Moses. Although, as a girl, she may end up ruling the roost! Mittens came to mum via my little sister. She found the tiny kitten hiding out in their carport the December mum had her breasts removed. It was decided Mittens was from dad (who had died a year or so earlier) and so mum adopted her. She will be fun to learn more about.

Not Now


One of the sweeter memories I have of being asked out for lunch was with a good friend of mine. We’d met for the first time in 23 years and had spent the whole morning talking. It was after the noon hour and I was starting to think I’d better mention I needed sustenance, when he said something about me needing to ‘eat regularly’ and he knew of a great place he’d like to take me. I melted! (Many friends forget I need to ‘eat regularly’, sometimes even my family does!)

Mum could take lessons from this man. Today was just another typical outing with her. For some stupid reason, many of her appointments are around noon. This mucks up her schedule and mine. She’s never cared for a schedule and doesn’t seem to be bothered. I am. I have learned how important it is to take meds and meals on time. I often bring snacks or something, today I didn’t. I had a small list of things I was going to do if given the chance and lunch was one of them.

Mum had an appointment with a dental surgeon (she has no dental insurance and we are going to drop more than a hand of grands into removing her teeth. At least, my sister won’t get that money!). Since we were going to be out late, I figured she’d opt for lunch somewhere. The surgeon was wonderful! I might have fallen in love with him a little bit! He didn’t let her meander off into other topics that were not a part of what he was addressing. He was very concerned about making sure she could stand a surgery. He felt she looked good on paper, but sent a fax to the oncologist she had just seen  (not her regular one who, when asked to contact the dentist about having her teeth taken care of, seemed like the dentist was beneath him). At any rate, we left the office and I asked if she wanted to stop somewhere first. She said we had things at home. I told her I was going to take a blood test as I felt I needed to be more aware of my Diabetes. (yeah, I was rude. I was mad!) My glucose was good. 111 is a great number, but I wasn’t sure if it would drop or not. So, for my pre-lunch, I had 3 glucose tablets. When we got home, I got her settled with hers and I ate veggies and diced ham….and 2 bars of a Kit Kat. I do have a bit of a headache and I am going to take a short nap.

This Tuesday, is also a day set aside to vote (there was a run-off election thing) and she has decided opinions on the lady running. I sat in the car listening to her rant about this woman and asked when she wanted to make her choice. I was told she’d do it AFTER the memorial service later this afternoon. So, the service lasts til 6, she wants to vote, I reckon we won’t get home til late. IF she does those things. So, I’m taking a slice of bread with some meat folded inside. I’m not going to get stuck with just glucose tablets again today!

Watching and wanting….

(video from YouTube)

Streisand’s Dolly and I have a lot in common. OK, her pipes are incredible and my clothes are not nearly as awesome, but this song is very much where I feel I am now. The passing by part. I want so much to join in and be a part of life! Mum is so sick, I know she can’t do as much as she wants to or as much as she used to. I know my life in Oregon was preparing me for taking care of her by keeping me within my own four walls.

I don’t like it! It frustrates me!I want to go and taste Saturday’s high life..I want to get some life back into my life….I want to raise the roof and carry on, before the parade passes by!

I am so fortunate for the people I know who share their experiences with me. My youngest calls to tell me about movies he’s’ seen and sends me emails with pictures, my eldest calls me (wait, he hasn’t called in AGES!) he texts to tell me about his friend’s new baby and to send a photo of rocks and spiders he’s found, other friends tell me about movies and series they are watching, or work they are doing (one of my friends is an EMT, another goes on trips to sell pet accessories). I get messaged about plans to ‘seduce a bartender’ and emails about vacations overseas. I follow blogs and see what others are doing on Facebook. Dates or parties or hikes, things I can only imagine or plan for others. (I am a VERY good party planner!)

In Oregon, I can sometimes ask The Craftsman to take me out to dinner (often the kid goes with us and we end up at Dairy Queen or somewhere similar), I go for walks by myself at night (tiny town, totally safe!), I’ll sometimes go to movies alone, I exist and read and watch others. Here, in Alaska, I do have friends who take me away from where I am every so often and I am entirely grateful!  Plus, there is my library card and books. The written word has always been my escape, it is a haven.

I was given an idea about something I want to do something this weekend. I’m not going to think too much about it, hopes and dreams are pointless! I gave up on those sorts of things years ago. It seems as if those times when I want to do something, life gets in the way.

For example, tonight. I was sleeping and woke at 255 AM to noises over the monitor in mum’s room. I was going to let it slide. I couldn’t. I went upstairs and checked on her. She looked like she was going to change her fitting by herself. I’m not sure, though, she did have her bed set up for me to assist her. It didn’t take too long, I’m getting adept at tearing off depends and wiping feces away from flesh and sticking glue and mesh onto skin. I did the last one almost a week ago. It would make more sense to just change it once a week, instead of waiting for it to create a mess. Mum’s not ever done it that way before. Which ends up being my reality.


For anyone who is curious, let me walk you through a ‘clean’ change! First you need to get to the location by getting rid of the underwear or depends. Once you get to the body, you can take steps to remove the fitting. The mesh is often sticky and needs a solvent wipe to remove it. After it is off the skin, the area must be cleaned thoroughly. (I use wet wipes). It needs dried before an adhesive prep pad is used around the stoma (hole in  abdomen) where the fitting will go. The fitting is removed from the wrapper and the sturdy plastic backing is taken off. The backing covers the heavy plastic round part and the mesh, which also has a backing on it. That darker plastic part is pliable and is where a sticky paste is spread (you do NOT want that on your skin!). Carefully, the backing on the mesh webbing is peeled off, it is in two sections. I usually tear off the top half and place it on mum’s body and then peel off the bottom section. The mesh is incredibly sticky and once it is compromised, you need to start over. After making sure the goo on the heavy plastic part is pressed down and the mesh is tidy, I snap on the waste bag.  She then affixes a clip to the bottom. When I was emptying the bags for her, I preferred using the ones with Velcro. Mum doesn’t like those. Whatever she is more comfortable with is what she uses. I hope this sort of gives you an idea of what I do anywhere from several times a week to a 4 or 5 times a month in this new reality I exist in.

Let it Go…..

(I woke up sore today. My legs and hips were aching. I don’t think it is Diabetes, I am pretty sure it is MS. Mum always blames everything on the weather. It was nice out. Overcast with a hint of something in the air. The entire lake is iced over now. I’m very glad I got the kayak put away the other day. (Sad and glad!) I also discovered half of my right eye is red. (What the heck is up with that???) It doesn’t hurt, it just looks a tad creepy!

On the way to town this morning, in the early morning light, I needed to wait for a lovely lady dressed in brown to cross the road-She was stately and homely and in complete control of the tarmac!  (Moose are so fascinating!) I continued my journey and discovered the closer I got to town, the more white there was on the side of the road! I was so happy! I do love snow! It was all over the parking lot at the store.


I did several errands. I went to the library to return a book and was able to check out three. I had thought it was a longer ‘series’, but will need to go online to the Mercedes Lackey website to verify. There was a book fair going on. I walked in, perused the tables, and left with a single tome. I was incredibly proud of myself!!! I also suggested to a young mom one of my favorite read aloud authors. (Robert Newton Peck)  I love passing on books to people. I should have been a children’s librarian.


Later, I visited a good friend for a bit and ended up making a bit of a mess. I decided to try to open and sip my frozen diet pepsi. YIKES!!!! I don’t understand physics, but the carbonation was not frozen and foamy stuff ended up all over my jeans and the steering wheel!!! Thankfully, I was on a low speed road and not the highway.


My last stop was at the post office out north. The Craftsman sent me my new debit card. I designed it with my own photo (The things you can do today! I used a forget me not picture, it isn’t as precise on the card, but still looks very nice!). I was sad, though. I opened up this envelope addressed to me and found only information from the bank and my card inside. No note or scribble of a greeting or anything other than what I asked for. I suppose I should have asked for him to send me a comment like, ‘Have a nice day!’  I’d say it doesn’t matter, but it does. If you ever send something to someone, make sure to include a friendly touch. (Unless, of course, you are wanting to be impersonal!! He did call finally. We spoke for 35 minutes and exhausted and skirted topics. LOL.) One of the fun things I found at the post was the dad of a gal I went to HS with. It is always fun to meet parents of days gone by. There were quite a few kids in my class, I’m always surprised to see how many have parents still in Ak.


Once home, I discovered mum had gone thru some of her inside the house totes. (I did not know she had MORE totes of clothes in her room!)  She actually said she had too many clothes. She tried to pawn off some on me. I did take a brand new slightly large Christmas top, but told her if I went back to Oregon, I’d donate it, since I had lots of Christmas clothes in the states. She, off the cuff, remarked how she never got to wear it because she lost so much weight (which has been in the last year, no telling how long she’s had this top!). I responded it must be nice to have a fat daughter to give things to. She added, ‘I’ve got two.’ (I really need to stop giving her a line to pull. I know she believes I am quite overweight. She is always disturbed by anyone who is ‘fat’. I’ll never be thin enough, even when I was 98 pounds I had to watch my weight. I’m lucky I didn’t make myself sick like my cousin did.)

A bit before dusk, snow began falling out north at mum’s. Not fluffy soft stuff, but glittery lovely hard flakes. I was going to make pork chops for dinner. Just minutes before it would be done, mum decided she needed help finding the hockey games. She had them for a bit, but they seemed to be gone. So, I called Dish. And waited and waited and finally spoke with a young person with an accent I had trouble with. It appears mum did not have NHL Center Ice. So, after quite a while, I managed to purchase it for her. A good friend of hers called on the heels of trying to get the Minnesota Wild and I left her to the phone while I got dinner. It was really good. I cut up mum’s pork (she can’t chew very well) and eventually she got the rest of her meal. She said it was ok, except, I cooked it too dry for her. (She likes to eat pork and tends to make snide comments about how my sister can’t anymore because of her religion.)

Elsa and I have a lot in common. I reckon I should just ‘Let it Go’. Thank goodness for snow!!! (video from youtube)