Was in a class and during the discussion of the chapter we were on, (Boundaries) the leader carefully suggested I may benefit from counseling. Yeah, right. Much prefer the listening done via WP!!! Real time persons may not only be expensive, but the only one I ever visited was not a good experience. Granted, one shouldn’t judge all persons in a job by a single encounter, but sheesh!!! That guy met me by saying he didn’t know why I thought I might feel more comfortable talking to a male (didn’t have the guts to say women made me feel inadequate and childish) and the only time I saw any real interest was when I discussed a black and white movie I’d seen in a local theatre featuring old films.

As soon as I manage to get photos off the camera and onto the hard drive, I’ll share some of the cooking I’ve done. Today, wiener wraps in comforters were made. Usually I make them out of cheesy biscuit dough. The last dogs purchased were immense beef ones and Little Bear thought they’d be great in blankets. Got the dough started a bit later than usual and it was super sticky (dough hasn’t been as easy as usual, but it worked!). Eventually, the things were wrapped and popped into a warmed oven. OH MY!! Looked at them a bit ago and they look like they are hiding inside down comforters!! Wrapping up foods in bread is hard on the low carb diet, but so good on the taste buds!!! Gary, from Yummy Lummy, wrapped a bit of beef in puff pastry and did that look decidedly delickity. In a book, The Red Cross Orphans, the main character’s aunt made her a pastry out of suet. That seems like a bit too many carbs, but it looked fun when I googled it and the character was a red cross nurse in England. Purchased some refrigerated crescent rolls to make Wellingtons or maybe something else with burger. Bread is comforting and the scent of baking breads is even more so. I do need to preheat the oven for the rising wraps..but, reckon I need to first remove the wraps and the towel covering them!!!! That would NOT be a nice scent!!!

Have a great rest of the week wherever you are and blessings to you!

Wolf Moon post

It seems this particular time is for productivity in persons born between Jan 20 and Feb 18. So, I reckon it is good to get something written. A great deal has happened since Christmas. As there is ‘too much’, I’ll ‘sum up.’ (Princess Bride)

Last week of December the weather was rather messy and I had the second cataract removed. That was a great surgery!! The surgeon and anesthesia tech were different (the lady doctor also prayed for my eye, so comforting.) and the notes from that first included a suggestion for more doping. So, they did. I am not entirely fond of drugs, but oh my!! They can seriously change the outlook of an experience. Granted, I did get a bit of a bruise under the eye, but oh my was it worth it!! The tiny under the tongue pill was incredibly nasty-like biting into a grapefruit pip you couldn’t spit out! But, it did help me in not feeling the numbing shots I was given. The combination made me not feel a thing! I ended up with a wheelchair for the 20 feet from the curtained off anesthesiology area to the operating room because they needed to anchor me to something other than my floating feet. While being prepped, I saw the most beautiful images. The eye is propped open and when drops fell into the open area, I could SEE the color and shape of the circles as they grew from where they landed on my eye. They were clear and blue at the same time. Stunning. Even the breaking up of the cataract was fascinating. It was like ice. Not the cold part, but like when you see ice on a puddle shatter and move. All in all, the second surgery was much more memorable.

The weather dropped a LOT of lovely Hollywood snow on the area. Unfortunately, snow and the bits of sunshine made seeing incredibly difficult!! Thus, I didn’t go outside and play. Not that there is much one can do with deep fluffy snow. It was followed by wind. The squirrels were hilarious. At one point, a squirrel fell off the tube feeder into the deep snow. Little Bear’s comment: “It landed, POOF! and then bounded up and out covered in white to get to a nearby tree!” The suet feeder was also filled and created another point of entertainment. The poor birds didn’t get much, but those squirrel!! They got all greasy after they grasped pawsfulls of the sunflower seed mix from between the wires and had a heck of a time hanging on!!

Eventually, the deep snow blew into rock hard drifts. The Craftsman’s 88 year old mom was isolated and since she’s about a block outside of town, it isn’t the town’s responsibility to plow. The county had a lot of other places to do. A couple of days later, they finally reached her! The snow was blowing so much it closed every exit from this tiny town (there are at least five!). I had an appointment after the inundation of fluff and on my way back, noticed 3 bright orange traffic cones sitting on top of a drift by the side of the highway. It was curious, but as I passed the cones, I saw why they were there. The cones were placed ON TOP of a silver suv that was almost completely buried!!! One family had gone to a movie that blustery Sunday and the mom was on FB Monday asking if things were clear yet. Thankfully, the movie they went to was in a casino resort complex, so there was food and a place to stay. She did say it was the most expensive movie she’d ever gone to!

All the Christmas décor has been put away. The Christmas lights are still on the house, The Craftsman got as many as he could down as soon as the snow receded a bit! (In that last pic with the lights, you can see the white snow splotches in the photo!) Many of the winter decorations are up. Still need to do the ones too high for me to reach. I’d do it, except the vision is still a bit wonky and ladders are never very friendly normally!! Was told it will take a bit for the vision to settle. I did get some close up cheaters. The first day I attempted walking in them, I almost fell over!! It is easier to not wear them instead of trying to remember to take them on and off. Hopefully, new specs will be in my near future. At the moment, one eye is slightly infected. Was told to use dry eye drops and it would improve. (am waiting!) Driving is ok with dark glasses, and staring too long at a screen or book with bright pages is difficult. I did get the crocus bulbs tucked into sopping wet cold beds as soon as the snow melted enough. Hoping they have enough time to actually bloom this year!

Remembering my blogging community (and GH, who is going through some crazy issues of her own!) and leaving you with a quote from one of my very favorite books (yeah, I know, I say that all the time!). In this scene, a skull is talking to people in the castle about a messed up clock.  “The clock will never strike the right… the important thing is for you to understand that it doesn’t matter whether the clock strikes ten next, or seven, or fifteen o’clock. You can strike your own time, and start the count anywhere. Then you understand that — then any time at all will be the right time for you.” ~Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn, 1968