Buckle up, the ride’s not over…

I managed to get the seatbelt on mum’s car fixed after years of wanting to. It took a bit, though. I could NOT snap the darn bits together on my own, it didn’t work with the tool the kid got for me (I mentioned after my first summer north, how handy it would being having a multi tool sort of knife. So, Little Bear got me one. Have I mentioned how much I love my kids????), but it was suggested I use larger pliers and those worked! I have been entirely proud of myself every single time I buckle myself in. (Which is kind of frequent!)

Mum’s doctor is retiring. (And there was great cheering from the daughter and friends!) She’s been seeing him once a month for almost two years, maybe more. He is always cheerful and tells her she’s doing great and he intimidates me and makes me mad. This visit, mum wasn’t going to mention her abdomen hurts again and there may be a new spot. I did. He looked her over, touched her tummy in the painful area and mum responded, ‘Ouch!’ (Mum NEVER responds like that. She always says something like, ‘oh, that hurts’ or ‘right there is sore’. Ouch is a big deal.) There was another lump. Her tumor marker is rising again, from 507 the last days of November to 917 at the end of Dec. She got back in her chair and discussed seeing a new oncologist in the clinic in 2 months, beginning of March. If she got to feeling bad, she should call. He didn’t think another cat scan now would be necessary since she’s supposed to have a pet scan in April or thereabouts.


Mum waiting for the doctor in the room

I am still annoyed, (even tonight as I type!) and after the visit talked to the radiologist nurses and they will talk to the radiologist oncologist when he gets back from his vacation the first Tuesday in January. They, too, thought it was odd she is exhibiting new symptoms and to put off any treatment. Granted, the doctor also told mum what he has often said. He added a third, though. He said she would never have chemo again (the lungs will never recuperate fully from that crap), he was pretty sure the oncologist surgeon would not do surgery on her again, and he didn’t know how much more radiation mum could tolerate.

I know mum’s body is dying. I know she doesn’t believe this (shoot, I made her mad because I told her she was always tired from having stage 4 pancreatic cancer {since Feb 2012}. She said it was cuz she was 75.). I know there may not be anything we can do, but I would prefer to be told outright. And I have a plane ticket purchased to go back to Oregon. After that appointment on Wed, mum went shopping. She purchased half a regular punkin pie, a bag of chips, a large container of mini croissants, shrimp, pasta crab salad, watermelon (which always makes her fittings go wonky), milk for sugar free pudding (I had to open it for her. She mentioned to her dog, she wasn’t sure what would happen when I was gone. I told her I’d have people lined up to visit her every day. She was very annoyed and said she was perfectly fine all by herself.), and assorted other things. She asked me to get whipped topping while out this Friday, hers was gone. (The croissants are also gone, as is 95% of the pie and a good portion of the chips. She dropped one of the croissants and the dog got it, I had 3)

One of her friends said maybe mum realizes what is happening and is eating things she shouldn’t because she feels mortality. It is a nice idea, but she has been eating ‘not food’ since before she had diabetes, years before she had her pancreas cut into. She hurts often in both her tummy and her face (those missing teeth pain her.), she has been taking nausea pills more often, and she has let me change her fittings the last three. Two today. AND she’s getting a sore again near the stoma. I dripped some new skin goo on it, but I’m not sure this one is going to hold either.

I finally got to elf. The SSC was even home for a while. He helped me by sending off a fax to yet another company who won’t talk to me cuz I’m not mom and gave me a small glass of white wine before he left for a date. (I’m positive all house elves need this sort of gift instead of hats. Much nicer in the long run!) I appreciate this person very much for so many different reasons. I’ll add a photo to show you how adorable he is. It doesn’t really show how smart he is, you’ll just have to believe me!


I went out to watch the sunset the other night. I thought the batteries had died cuz it was so cold (10F). It was also cuz I took over 40 photos!!! (I also fell on the beach, slipping on icy rock. I hurt my wrist a bit.) I took a motrin before I went to sleep. BAD idea. I was truly out of it. Finally got up and had a horrible mom type blood sugar. (I’ve been keeping those down by testing and taking Humalog at 4 am. I think it is the type of insulin I’m on. I’ll get that addressed when I get back to Oregon) I tried something different tonight. My glucose was perfect, 112, so I had a glucerna and a spot of Humalog. Maybe THAT will help keep it down!

I should have asked for a larger glass of wine! Or maybe the bottle..


Almost Over-Cat Nips

‘Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!’ C. C. Moore


When all the presents are gone and the tree is still decorated, it is a bit of a lonely place. We usually leave the train set out til we put the tree away around January 6th, but for the most part, the skirt is an empty, safe place for the cats to hang out on. We’ve never (thank goodness!) had mice in the house at Christmas or in our tree, just cats!

One of my favorite parts of the  tree are the lights. On the tree there is an ancient string of bubble lights (we always hope it keeps working and most of it still is!), basic blinking lights, and the ones inside the ornaments. They reflect themselves in the glass ball ornaments and window, tossing their colors around like a gentle disco hall. I’ve never been a fan of clear white ones on a tree. I much prefer lots of colors! Framing it are white snowflake ones in the giant window, so it does have some definition of contrast. There is also a sheer thin curtain across the window, so it shadows what is going on inside. Sometimes we open that to fully display the tree, sometimes we don’t! That generally depends on how large the tree is.

The year the guys brought home a tree taller than the inside of the unfinished addition (The Craftsman is 6’2″), I think we left the curtains open. That tree needed a great deal of trimming before we could even get it in the living room! When they brought it home, Little Bear made the comment, ‘It looked a lot smaller when it was with all the other trees and even when we got it in the truck….’

Gotta love those Christmas trees!

Christmas Horror Stories to Enjoy


1900’s German Christmas Card

One of my favorite authors also does editing. One of his pets is/are/oh, bother!….. Michael edits horror anthologies about Christmas. I know there are 3, with another in the works. I know Christmas is officially over, I wanted to pass these on anyway! Each anthology holds startling gems you cannot forget. Trees covered with beautiful parasitic killing spiders, trees that take over your entire house and gain their nutrition from other living things, people who end up becoming evil decorations, décor which kills or absorbs people into them (one of the more haunting stories is about a stone nativity and a little boy who wishes his parents had everything they wanted….he ends up a small shepherd boy. His father helps put him away after the season is over.). There are slashing horror pieces and ones that cause you to shiver in delightful fear. Krampus, of course, is a larger than life character in many of these. A Krampus who is a true Christmas terror and not the creepy dude created by Hollywood.

I don’t often read and rarely watch scary stuff. (I love old Hitchcock movies. ‘Rear Window’ is absolutely wonderfully great!) Grinning Skull Press is slowly changing my mind, though. (I had a bad experience with the book Amityville Horror as a teen…..) Hal Bodnerhas written one of the best vampire characters I’ve ever read (he writes in the Deathlehem books, but those are about other people..I’m sure he has a story in one of those, but I can’t find it!!). Michael also writes for the anthologies, he tries to disguise himself (and does a very good job!).  He explains his reasons for creating this series in the books. Christmas has become one of his least favorite holidays of the year. (I made him a zombie like angel to help him over the weeks from Halloween to the 25th of December) If you get a chance to purchase one of his books, it will help make him feel better! Below are the first and last ones I’ve read. Fun stuff!!! (SQUEEE, I just saw the last one is out!!! Cannot wait to get a gift card to purchase this next one.)

The funniest thing, I almost NEVER read these books at Christmas, I usually get them and save them for my birthday in February!

Christmas or Bust..

What a bizarre couple of days! Christmas Eve Day started early. Mum’s waste bag blew. (Literally!) She was sleeping on it and it was very full and…well, yeah. I have been letting her sleep a bit longer than 4 am. Partly cuz she thinks she can wake herself (sometimes she does) and partly cuz after she wakes up, she turns off her oxygen and sleeps on the couch. She breathes better with oxygen and doesn’t like to use it. (odd how one can breathe better with oxygen…..)

She decided she wanted to attend church, I was skeptical, but she was determined. Mum and I have never sat near each other in church and this Sunday was no different. In fact, oddly, I sat in an entire pew by myself! (I was behind the SSC and a good friend I used to babysit. She is now a grown up very learned teacher! I love that girl and her twin.) Mum decided she wanted to go downstairs after church to socialize. I get this, but to get mom down there you have to drive around the block. (there are a lot of stairs in the church) Eventually, she got to the car and we drove to the basement. She didn’t get out right away. She tested her blood in the cold car (because it was too embarrassing), left her coat in the car (it was too much work to haul it inside), and did remember her cane. She had forgotten her insulin at the house (she didn’t forget it, she didn’t want to bring it. I was letting her make her own choices….) and took it when we got back a couple hours later. I opted to leave and attend another service that evening. It was identical to the morning service (same pastor, different church) and yet not the same at all. The theme was along the lines of the song by Mark Lowry ‘Mary, did you know?’ (thank you, Keith—I got to share some thoughts on that song with his listeners...) Afterwards, I put gas in mum’s car and it didn’t work right. The Craftsman told me what happened was normal, the SSC told me how to not make it happen again.


I also purchased a very delicious smelling and looking beverage that actually wasn’t. Not even with the addition of a fruit cup! (it was a club cocktail in a can, peach flavored) I should have gotten ice cream.

The day/night was completely not like any of the other Eve’s I’ve had in the last years. In fact, the 2016 Eve was probably one of my favorites. It was busy with friends and relations, I went to one service at mum’s church (it was packed as usual for Christmas Eve candlelight services), and then the SSC took me to another one later and I also think I tasted a yummy wine and….. Thinking about past Christmas times, I was encouraged to embrace the memories of ones with mum where she was well…mom-like. I honestly cannot remember many times when I sat on her lap or asked her for help or had her ‘fix’ me up pretty. Especially on holidays.

There was one Christmas Eve I remember. We were at my grandparents in MN. (my sister and I were the oldest grands and I’m not sure the others were old enough to even know what was going on). The tree was crowded underneath and all of us opened everything that night. It was so much fun!!! Then, the next morning, there were MORE presents!!! (I do recall wondering why Santa brought my grandpa a shoebox of cigarettes, but reckoned was a grown up thing!)

Mum got up early (thankfully, she was awake. My uncle called her before 730 in the morning!) and fiddled around. I made sure she had her presents and she was thrilled to have new Eeyore jammies. I washed clothes and hung out online. I even messaged one of my good friends, SFC.  I had to wake mum to go to my sister’s. Jake, I think, was at a party on Sunday night. She made us a breakfast for lunch and it was not up to her usual holiday fare. It was yummy, but sparse! ( I ate way too much of the cinnamon something or other she made. It was pretty, like a flower. Apparently, it is a Jewish bread..) After playing ‘Banangrams’, we wended our way back north. Mum was super tired (I took a 30 min nap), but called her sister and talked for HOURS. After my nap, I left to go and do something for someone else. Which was really rather funny.

I hadn’t been able to do any house elf things for my friend and was truly looking forward to it. I arrived at the house, turned down the TV, changed into my elfwear (shorts and a tank top), and found my phone had a new text. He was returning with the women he was supposed to be visiting!!! It was the Clash of the Christmas Chicks! (OK, not really. But the wording sounded good!) I quickly skimmed back into my real clothes, incredibly thankful I’d not hauled out any cleaning stuff, and flew out the door.(I hope I locked it, I was a very flustered elf!!! ) I’m lucky I put my shirt on properly! I drove back out north and stopped in a parking lot to look out at the inlet (I decided not to go to the beach, there was a ship in and I can go later.). I called The Craftsman and found out they have a lot of snow in Oregon (my friend, Cir, texted me a Christmas morning photo with snow in the San Juan Islands!), he got the pipes to the kitchen drain fixed (after several years—Hooray!), and was pleasantly relaxed from a friends and family Christmas dinner he and Little Bear attended. I also got a text which told me I could have stayed where I was going to elf. (the funny part!) I took some photos of Christmas lights on the way back to mum’s and got home barely after mum finished talking to her sister (Mum had taken 2 pain pills before calling…) and just before dinner. (Which was a tasty English muffin with jam on one half and an egg with pork on the other.)

Jake called to tell me she forgot to give mum her Christmas flowers (mum was put out when I mentioned the flowers were at their house. She felt like Jake had forgotten her and she gave Jake a pretty nice gift for Hanukah….eye roll!). Mum is trying to do a jig saw puzzle, she retired the one she was doing yesterday. It was too hard. This one she says is easier. I’d help her, but that would require conversation. Which is a difficult thing to engage in. We were driving to Jakes’ and I decided to tell mum that the guys had needed to shovel a lot of snow this morning. I mentioned I’d been sent a photo of the walk a couple of hours later and it didn’t look like they’d done anything. Mom replied, ‘Is it snowing there?’

I think I’m ready for the Christmas weekend to be over.


Christmas Cat Nips


As mentioned earlier, most of our presents are sans ribbons. Somehow, this bow ended up being a toy and the cats were very curious! The aftermath of opening up presents is often like being sated after a huge dinner. Christmas candy has been nibbled on, breakfast cinnamon rolls devoured, the debris is tidied, and it is almost always time for a nap!

Little Bear made this meme after he took the phot

Up the Down Staircase

(Which was actually a super fun play/book/movie, as well as being apt for my week!)

You gotta focus on the bright spots in life. The Christmas bulbs that are not working are to be overlooked because the darkness can overwhelm you easily. This said, I’m staying away from FB as a whole this weekend. I cannot be cheerful in the light of other’s joy. I’m too tired of pretending. I’m going to live in Christmas past this year, where the brightness is.


I was able to see part of ‘Wonder Woman’ on Friday with the SSC. Looking forward to seeing the rest someday! (I was annoyed it was accidentally set to the main menu while watching, but glad because I did have errands and it made us take a break.) I got home and the lovely lady visiting mum had brought ME flowers, too! (I love flowers. My basement has a lovely spot of Christmas color and I’m entirely grateful.) I saw the lady at the store after she visited mum and she didn’t tell me she brought me flowers. It was a complete surprise when I came home. (Well, not a complete surprise. I came home and mum told me there were flowers for me downstairs from her friend.) I was thankful the friend came over, mum had decided to go shopping with me and opted out with the advent of her friend. And that meant I could visit the SSC to hang out and watch a movie! (I also hope to watch the entirety of ‘Love Actually’ someday. Although, seeing Alan Rickman makes me want to burst into tears.) I even took a few lights photos.

Saturday dawned in a gorgeous display of clouds. I took several photos, thinking of Jack’s great shots. Looking up is such a grand way to live. (Except when you forget to pay attention to your feet and trip.) I had to go to the pharmacy. The one miles away. Mum, because she is taking care of herself, blew through 3 of her fittings in one day. That meant there were 5 left. She didn’t have any paste. I asked if I should go and she figured I probably should. I’ll pick up 20 more on Thursday next. (the pharmacy stop was almost as much as my plane ticket, minus the part from here to ANC) I met with a super good friend and ate a reindeer sausage bagel wrap. Very chewy and greasy and tasty. I thought it was a nice ironic snack with it the day before Christmas Eve. (I was also having a rather low glucose, I think I will take less insulin for my am shot. I seem to be going lower than I like even after a solid breakfast of an egg and an English muffin, one half with some sugar free jam)

Went from there to pick up ‘my’ Christmas present. Mum said I needed something for Christmas and so I picked up some essential oils. I am kind of cheap and only get the spendy stuff when necessary. So, I reckon I spent $15 on my present. Clove and frankincense are two of my favorites.  (I also saw VALENTINE candy out.)


Also stopped at a car place where I purchased a button set so I can fix the shoulder strap in mum’s car. The SSC (Sexy Smart Cookie) told me how to work the ‘simple’ button and I’m very glad there are two in the packet. (I reckon I might need two, in case part of one gets dropped, lost, or broken as I affix it to the strap!) Most cars have little stops or a clip to keep the seat belt snapping thing from sliding down the strap to the floor. Mum’s was plastic and broken eons ago. I’ve been meaning to fix it and have had a terrible time finding a piece for it. I reckon buttons will do as well as a whole sliding clip. (Unless the slit in the seat belt snapping thing is wider than the button on the strap….oh dear…..this could be bad. I’ll need to work on this tomorrow..) I snagged a chance to visit with another friend (I do have some of the very best friends!) after my brief learning stop. It was icy and I slid on the road a bit, but eventually reached home. Home, where I got all grumpy super-fast all over again.

Mum descended into the basement this afternoon, saw her Christmas presents I’d gotten her (I hadn’t wrapped them yet, probably won’t now.), wandered around looking for things (fabric and a scissors), and I think I’m VERY glad I put my mini vibrator away the other day!!!!! I’m so annoyed with her. She commented she didn’t know what she was going to do with the drain in the basement. (SHE hasn’t done anything with it. When her drains were messed up 4 years ago and she was doing dishes in a bucket in her sink, I’m the one who called the company to start our life long relationship with them.) She has also said the reason her fittings keep going is cuz of the fats in the yogurt I bought her. (it is non fat) She said the Greek kind is a lot worse.

I got three texts from The Craftsman. One about the snow, another about the low temp (colder there in Oregon than here in AK!), and one saying good night. Strider (the older kid) sent me a couple of texts today, too. He bought a real Christmas tree for his new house and had to cut off the top of it. He couldn’t cut off the bottom because the trunk was a bit odd. Then, he sent photos. I laughed!

May you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve Day and there is only ‘one more sleep til Christmas’ here in the western parts of the world. (more Muppets!)


Solstice and Stuff

December 21 is probably one of my very favorite days of the year. The day when daylight starts to pile up again. I am a night owl, I love night time, and I love tramping outside in the darkness. I just prefer those hours to not stack up in such large blocks! (I guess I am a night person who likes light!) A solstice is a time of season’s change. I am embracing it as a time for me to change, too. (Well, not exactly change. More of a doing something a bit needed! Kind of like new tires, but not as round.)

Before I went to the post, I talked to my eldest. At 28, the kid has some pretty sound wisdom. (Not always a lot of it, but he has quite a few very strong moments!) Anyway, he told me what I was feeling I need to do. He thought I should return to Oregon for a while. After I went to the post, I stopped by the Inlet. I looked across at the mountains and decided, I was pretty sure I am going to return to Oregon for a time. (I really need to update my meds and get a tooth taken care of and assess my health…and make cookies!!!) I tramped down the road to the beach (it was VERY full of snow!), saw eagles pass overhead (they went off to chase ravens!), listened to the liquid call of those favorite fun birds (ravens), and about froze in the wind down by the water! I walked just a little while cuz it was so darn cold. I stood near the water and threw a rock in it (throwing rocks in the inlet is a way I get frustration and anger out of my system. Pointless and eventually the rocks end up back on shore, more polished and ready to be collected.). I yelled at God and my mum. I told Him I didn’t care anymore and I was tired and that I was going to go back to Oregon (He probably knew these things already, I was just reiterating.). I then yelled to mom, ‘So, THERE!’  One of the things I try to do each time I’m on a beach is look for heart shaped rocks. I didn’t find a rock, I found a heart shaped bit of frosty ice. (I’m sure there was probably symbolism in that redundant fragment, but I didn’t want to try to understand it in the wind.) I took a photo of it and hiked back up the hill to the car. Where I proceeded to thaw out.


On the way back, I stopped several times to take photos of the sunset’s orange glow. (it moved rather quick, but it will be back longer tomorrow!) I finally arrived at the house and gave mum her mail. She must be feeling better. She was a bit put out.

‘Oh, you went to the post office?’

I said I was going to.”

‘Well, you took so long, I wasn’t sure where you were.’

I did go down to the beach for a bit.”

‘Oh, I thought you’d do that, but it is so cold I didn’t think you would.’


Later, the kid called. I think Little Bear was bursting to talk to someone! Cracked me up. He told me he needs to be moved out by the time he’s 24. I asked him why. (he’s really not much more trouble than a cat who hangs out online and doesn’t pick up after himself very well.) He said his dad moved out when he was 24. I then reminded him that his dad left home only because he got married. Little Bear was quiet and said the circumstances were different, but he still thinks she should move out this next year! (I didn’t think he found a girl while I was gone, it could happen, but I doubt it.) He then was asking me what book he should read next. He was almost done with his C S Lewis’ ‘Mere Christianity.’ I recommended an excellent philosophical science fiction YA book called “A Matter of Profit.” In his search for it, he found ‘The Screwtape Letters’ and opted to read that next.

Still later, his dad called!!!! He put me on speaker phone while they decorated the tree, which was interesting and not quite the same. They did not watch our traditional Christmas movie (Little Bear quoted lines from it anyway), Moses decided dad’s milk and cookies were up for grabs as I heard yelling voices of both guys shouting at the cat to get away from there (why do we yell at cats? It is about as pointless as throwing rocks in the water…wait, maybe we do to make us feel better?), and Little Bear only turned on a few of the animated ornaments on at a time. I told him of my decision and he said they’d leave the tree up til I arrived. Sort of reminded me of Shel’s poem about ‘no one liking a Christmas tree on March 25’


After my socializing, I celebrated solstice. I noticed how much harder it is to walk in the dark with a candle than it is to walk in the darkness without one. (no wonder a flashlight was invented!) It was very cold and outside and not much more was bared than my hands (had to, the darn candle blew out at least 3 times!!) and head. Inside, I bared a bit more, but it was a dubious Solstice experience. Candles are definitely not the same as a bonfire, even if I did choose one with a woodsy scent!!!! At one point while outside in the darkness, while the candle was out, I looked at the stars above. I thanked everyone for letting me be in Alaska, for letting me be able to do things that were hard, for giving me people who cared, and for helping me make decisions. (Talking to the SSC at the close of the day was also a good thing to do!)

Oh, I told mum of my decision. She seemed a bit resigned. A bit later, she also fell over her dog and landed on her hip, knee, and arm. Thankfully, it was in her chair. She apologized profusely to Obi.

A long week


If you have a painfully sore left shoulder, pain in your abdomen on the left side, a sore left jaw, are very tired, a bit light headed, and have trouble getting a solid breath, this might mean you have some form of indigestion. Which is a much happier diagnosis than anything else it might be.

After a terribly scary drive to the next town over (seriously, I started out in a snowstorm, ended up in snow, and then was in a city with the temp of 29 degrees and RAIN!), the NP saw me. The nurse and the receptionist both felt something might be off, but the NP asked some questions, looked me in the eye and said, “I’m not sure what I should be looking for, but why don’t you get up on the table.” She listened to my chest and probably my heart and pressed on my tummy and decided I had heartburn and if the pain didn’t subside, to come back. (kind of reminds me of when I lost all the vision in my right eye. It was seeing black and after test after test, there was no reason for it. The doctor told me that if it got worse to come back. I wondered if he wanted my eye to fall out! The vision eventually returned. A couple of years later, it was discovered I had MS and the loss of vision and some other things were probably clues that were missed.)

On the plus side, I’ve lost a couple of pounds (and since that is the only scale I’m ever weighed on, I’ll go with it!), even in winter wear!  (I reckon I’ll try to see my own doctors in the states, if I can manage to return.) I finished a book (see below), it snowed, mum has gotten lots of Christmas mail, and the neighbor will be here this evening to plow free of charge!

I’ll be here through the holidays. I don’t really care, they will be just another set of days in the week. I’ll go shopping on Friday and see if there is something I can do to make Christmas festive for mum. I’m really pretty tired and don’t want to do anything. She may or may not feel like church on Sunday, but her face is rather bruised from the tooth extraction. She’s graduated to eating almost everything. Her container of cheese balls is almost empty as is her container of animal crackers. (she sucks on them til they melt!) She’s made waffles and drinks her coffee with peppermint creamer. She’s complaining because her glucose has been running up to the 400’s for ‘no reason at all’.  (her lunch one just now was 502.) Taking her shopping is a bit hard on her bank balance. I am not sure if she’ll go with me on Friday or not. (she’s pretty sensitive about how she looks!)

There are a few options I can look at to manage to finance a leave, perhaps in January. I also need to set up and make sure someone is going to check on mom and take her out and about. The cat can’t go with me til the middle of January (there is an embargo or something like that on pets for that last bit of flying) and I’m pretty sure the flight I had originally chosen would not be good for a pet. I’d be in the airport in ANC for at least 6 hours and then the one in Seattle for another 8 or 9. (I’m not sure it would be good for me, the way I feel!) The particular flight is gone now at the price I was looking at, so I need to look for a different one.

Anyway, I’m super tired and just wanted to update you all before taking another nap or two. (Maybe third naps are in order!)

I did finish the last book I was reading (mum says she has the whole series—except this one—on the shelves in the basement and I should read them. I can’t get to her shelves and before I leave will have to rearrange her basement so she can manage to find her stuff easily again.). It the one by Jan Karon called ‘Home to Holly Springs.’ I’m very thankful those sorts of crazy experiences don’t happen in real life when a person returns home after a long while. It was a thought provoking read. It generated thoughts about home and what that might mean to different people. Probably a post for a different time!

OH! And it appears, for the moment, most of my email might be actually working. So very grand, I do love reading what you post during the day!

One of my good friends suggested I need a massage and some other things which are NSFW. I laughed. He may be right, but I’d probably fall to sleep during the massage and miss everything else!

Festive Cat Nips

It is remarkable, in cats, that the outer life they reveal to their masters is one of perpetual boredom. ~Robley Wilson, Jr.


This last week before the 25th is always busy for two and four leggers alike. Granted, the four leggers tend to be a bit more laid back than the rest of us! Maxwell T. Silverstone is most definitely a cat of savoir faire and some of it may be street!  (I may have mentioned he was born in a barn, ended up with the name Rooster Cogburn, then was adopted out again to our family, where he fits in very well.) He has the absolute softest fur I’ve ever caressed and takes up a minimum of space when he sleeps with you. (Moses uses up most of the pillow and half the bed)

During these last days before Christmas (and actually after, just because I love to bake!), I do a ton of baking. I bake dozens and dozens of cookies to give to our neighbors, to send to people in care packages (many of those persons are authors!), and to send to work with the guys. (The guys also eat a hefty portion themselves. I’ve never understood how anyone can manage to keep 5 or 6 dozen cookies around longer than a week between lunches and snacks.) I remember when Little Bear was in his 12th year of High School, he was supposed to bring cookies to his English class. He wanted to make candy cane chocolate chip ones.  I had him put the blobs on parchment paper, cuz they are a very sticky cookie. However, I forgot something. My cookie sheets don’t have edges. When I popped the sheet in the oven, I angled the pan for sliding inside. And the paper slid off onto the racks. The whole thing burst into flame! Little Bear was already a volunteer fireman and quickly closed the door, then told me to wait. (I was incredibly nervous and kept looking at the fire extinguisher!) When we opened it a bit later, all the evidence was gone! We decided then that candy canes are one of the more flammable candies.

Maxwell would have had a complete catfit if we’d needed the fire extinguisher. He does NOT enjoy loud raucous noises. He also hides when the neighbors come by to sing Christmas carols while Moses does the meet and head butting on shins thing. Maxwell T. doesn’t mind festivity, as long as it is on his terms!

Enjoy this song by Billy Joel from a GREAT Disney movie. ‘Oliver and Company‘. (youtube)




Made an appointment for this afternoon to see a health person. I think it is silly cuz I might be leaving next week and can see my own. However, I feel like a bus is running me over–not that I’ve been run over by a bus, but still. (I anticipate all will be well, it almost always is when I visit a doctor) I will be drinking beverages with electrolytes in them this morning. If they want veins, I’ll need to do my part to  make sure they are available. (not that it matters much, my veins are rather annoying and I’m not good with needles. Even if I am an insulin dependent person with Diabetes!)

I’ll attempt to keep you posted. The uninstall didn’t work, so the laptop is my mode of communication. I am so frustrated I cannot get emails. (REALLY frustrated!) Anyway, mum’s free time is past and I need to get off line. Thinking of you all and wishing you a GREAT whatever day it happens to be day.