It has been a while since my last post. I’m being irrational again. A person can be told and tell themselves over and over how they need to accept themselves. How they are the persons who can control who they are. That they are the ones who, if they like themselves, can be at peace with themselves. Yet, for me, I believe I need affirmation from outside. Real time. Online is lovely and what I’ve had more than anything else. Yet, I want more. The snips of time and care I get from The Craftsman are nice, I’m thankful for them, it is illogical to want more. I think that is why I have always liked to be in Alaska. I can be as liberal as I want (this place I’m in here in Oregon is incredibly conservative), I have had people who have come out of nowhere to help with things and become friends, I’m allowed to think and accomplish ‘boy’ tasks all by myself, and have had liaisons that were (for the most part) memorable and thoroughly enjoyable. (The latter will be curtailed, and not just cuz of Covid!) The last week has been frustrating, but there have been bright spots.

First, I’ll share the odd Diabetic things. The green insulin pen is what the pharmacy gave me, my physician said it is EXACTLY the same stuff inside and not to throw it out unless I wanted to. (She also said my thyroid was suppressed, whatever on earth that means. Google is little help!) I was also given a script for the funny clip safety syringes. I do not like them, they are harder to use and they generate a LOT of trash. When they are gone, I’m going to ask for the other kind again. I’m also not taking them to AK. I’m pretty sure I have some up there waiting for me!

Sunday, we took the Mercury out plant shopping. I was intrigued by the odd ‘tree’ hanging from the peg that turns the radio on. I’m not entirely sure if these ‘trees’ are used anywhere else, but they seem rather common in the US. Usually they are green and smell of pine. This one was black and called ‘Black Ice’. I expressed puzzlement for a company who would market a fragrance named after a thing that causes fear, if not abject terror. The Craftsman laughed and said the mice didn’t care for it. Which, in an old car, is very important. We purchased several plants for the succulent fountain contraption I had wanted to create (The Craftsman is going to create it, he rather liked the idea and he really likes succulents). Little Bear was completely confused as to why one pot was full of hens and chickens and why weren’t there roosters? I snagged a super unusual to me Aquileia (columbine). I love how this one has star shaped flowers. I planted it near the little sprout I keep finding from the yard next door!


The iris are all in bloom. The purple ones are about done, the yellow ones are looking scraggy, the gorgeous reddish ones are delightful, and there is (oddly) only a single white stalk. It has been years since I was here for iris season and it really has been lovely to see. Even if the beds are full of grass and need serious upkeep.

My poppies are also looking beautiful. The white one I asked The Craftsman to purchase isn’t actually white. It is called Royal Wedding and is pale pink!!! (I was hoping it was white like Princess Di’s dress. All billowy white and frothy.) I hope I get to see it bloom. I do love how flowers grow here. I also like this huge rosebush. The rain hasn’t been friendly to it, but just wow!

On Thursday night, I stayed up with Moses. Everyone else got up fairly fast when thunder rolled and lightening flashed right overhead! I was so worried for the robin in the lilac. She has babies and her flower hedge is gone, leaving icky branches with sparse leaves. Moses also dashed outside when I first opened the door. He stayed out for ages and finally returned from a different direction all wet. I am betting the thunder was scary. (Kind of like those darn fireworks). The neighbor’s dogs were barking and barking, the settled down when the skies let up…but not for long! I think the storm lasted about 5 hours and the power flickered three times, once turning on the printer!! The guys went back to bed before I did again. It was fun to watch, even if I was concerned.

Temps are starting to soar. I’m so not a person who likes 80 degrees F by noon! We’ve even had humidity. Something not a part of this area! I definitely need to get back north!

The Zeigarnik Effect

brown puzzle pieces

Photo by Dmitry Demidov on

I’d not heard of this before. It’s me. Not always, but often. Especially with Alaska. I need to get the house empty and sold. Having it empty in an out of the way place is like being abandoned. I have so many things I’ve brought back to work on, yet they aren’t grabbing me. It isn’t cuz they aren’t interesting, it is more cuz the first parts need done before I can focus on the latter. (Also cuz I’ve not felt good) The Zeigarnik effect is mentioned in a lot of places, I’ll link only one of them here. It is a rabbit tunnel and I’m already in Wonderland!

Thursday was a crazy day. I have had a hard time concentrating on things, remembering things, and it is NOT because of being home. (As most of you know, I’m always home by myself..except during dinner and a few other times!) Wednesday I’d made an appointment for Thursday afternoon and blithely drove off to the first one in the morning. OK, it wasn’t blithely. I have had headaches the last few days and was so tired and it was super windy and the Escape was difficult to keep on the road and I drove slower than the speed limit cuz I forgot where the 55mph was on my vehicle and went 52. (many people were mad and passed me going at least 65) The first appointment was physical therapy for my sore neck. It hurt worse after getting some electronic shocks and heat. I was given some small movements to practice and told I need to have my neck manually moved 3 times a week. (YIKES!) After discussion with The Craftsman, we realised we cannot afford this for 4 weeks or more. So, after next Tuesday, I’ll put it on hold indefinitely.

Then, I got home at 1130, took a 15 min nap, and left after lunch for the second appointment in the other direction. Except, when I arrived at 130, I was 2 hours late. They squished me in anyway. That was with my endocrinologist. She got me hooked up with a new primary doctor and had blood drawn (that was by appoint only, the appt was for 430) and told me my HA1C was (for me, here in the US) a good 7.2.

When I got back to the house, I had to rush to make dinner since I’d planned on being home earlier. The Craftsman called and I felt bad that I couldn’t chat with him, it was ok, though. Dinner was remarkably good (pork chops cooked in tomato juice and rice).

Then the Type 1 Science Experiment started again.


When I opened up my new insulin pen, it was totally different than the other ones. Today I learned the company makes two kinds of the same thing. Sort of like a 1 liter bottle and a 2 liter bottle of Diet Pepsi. However, the pharmacy said to toss the new pen away (I’d used it) and they’d replace it. THEN, I needed new syringes (I use both syringes and pens) and when The Craftsman brought them home, I had to go online to find out how to use them. They are not anything like the ones I’ve been using! All in all, I’m tired of Diabetes.

No one came home for dinner, so I had half a Luna bar and a fried egg. Little Bear went to McD’s and The Craftsman..I’m not sure where he ate. Today I did put the rest of my wrapped marbles in the fence (OK, I still have 3..mostly cuz the holes in the fence are larger and I need a different idea to make those shine…ohhhhhhh, maybe super glue holding together hanging mirrored bits!) and I picked iris and two of the BIG poppies that are blooming and some of the red whatever they are flowers for the kitchen window. I spoke to a fun lady who just moved from Juneau, AK and texted TnT. I will focus more on The Zeignarnik Effect later..maybe I’ll go and read a bit or make cookies again. Or more than likely, both!!!!!!  Photos by the kid AGES ago:

Mr. Postman-

I was thinking about all those songs from the past that many kids today can’t relate to. The term kicks is actually shoes (I had a song with this word in it on a favorite mixed tunes cassette), telephone booths, directories for those phones, and more recently, postal services. The bill passed the House, we’ll see if it gets through the Senate. I’d miss sending cards and letters. (In fact, I have one addressed and stamped on the table next to my mail in ballot that is due tomorrow. I’ve had the card ready since Friday! The ballot isn’t filled out yet.) However, the POTUS has determined an email is just as good. (insert scowl)

Little Bear got mom’s laptop back to the factory settings, eliminating most of the junk my BiL added to ‘help mom‘. It still has issues, the kid will work on it later today. I hadn’t used it yet for anything and was trying to explain why, when I decided it didn’t’ matter. It also turned out my glucose was 47 (that is fairly low for a US blood sugar). Needless to say, the rest of my evening was toast as I was dizzy and then sleeping and then my glucose went too high. As I’ve mentioned before, being a person with Diabetes is a balancing act.

Plus, today is a Garfield Monday. I normally like a Monday. I like to wash laundry on Monday and clean is sooo lovely. Today, I even got a long call from TnT, which was super nice. Yet, most of today has been odd. There is a branch almost vertical on the lilac with the nest in it. I hope no one was after that mamma! I was trying to translate an old letter and am up against more than I thought. First, I need to iron it and then maybe I can scan it and darken the words so they can be read..or copied and pasted into google translate. I’m trying to decide if mom’s pearls are real or not (the letter was with a child sized pearl sort of necklace and is in Norwegian) and I’m pretty sure most of them are imitation. (the home tests are inconclusive!) She has a drawer full of coins from all over and a 1952 silver dollar that is pretty, but tarnished, in an envelope ‘from grandma‘. (the safety pin and lock are just more odd things mom saved) The tennis bracelet is also pretty, but probably fake.

I will leave you with a squirrel-it was on the porch railing Sunday.


Now that is a fun song, too!! Let me add it from youtube!

yuck with flowers

Today I feel yucky. I think it all started last night when I was reading a highly improbable romance set in 1817. The book starts in India and moves to England. I, myself, am still on the ship with the main white character and her best friend, and native to India, handmaiden. The girls are 22 and unmarried because they’ve had so much fun being young and carefree. They are traveling to England because 4 years earlier the main character’s dad died and recently his two brothers were killed and thus the girl has inherited the title and property. The mom of this carefree, playful girl stayed in India and remarried two years after the death of her spouse, who moved his family to India 22 years earlier. He was a British government official. The girls’ clothing is entirely native, they were unable to get clothing made for them in British styles before leaving since no one made it. The two speak both Hindi and English fluently and often are found twirling around together in complete joy. The best friend is with the heiress because she is alone in India, except for a bunch of cousins. At the moment, the heiress has discovered a document stating her mother and stepfather have not only found her a chaperon while she’s getting acclimated to England, but they’ve also betrothed her to the stepfather’s son. I stopped reading to pick up a fun mystery because the girl is furious at being treated like a child and is wondering how to get out of it. I love fiction, I can wrap my head around a lot of crazy things, yet, this seems so unrealistic it annoys me. Little Bear, when I shared it with him, said it was ‘rewriting history one fiction story at a time.’ Strider was annoyed, too. But, he’s a history buff.

Meanwhile, I found a mystery series I missed when I was a kid. Penny Parker mysteries. They were written by the author who wrote Nancy Drew and I’m totally enjoying myself in this world of teens (although, I was annoyed when Penny said she didn’t ever want to be fat, cuz fat girls never had fun and the boy who wanted to play tennis with her was given the brush off cuz he had pimples. This, however, was how women were shaped by literature and later cinema. THAT was a totally fascinating read called: America’s Women: 400 years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines.)

I also managed to get outside and take more yard photos. I accidentally took a video with my new camera, too. (The buttons on the back are teeny and my finger slid onto the record button!) So, without further ado, Kris’ Oregon Yard in mid May. (there isn’t a video since I didn’t realise I had taken it until AFTER I loaded photos on the desktop.)

From top to bottom: My first iris are blooming, it has been YEARS since I’ve seen iris in bloom; a fun plant I was told is cut and come again, but I can’t find it by that name online; a super pretty petunia purchased in a pot and planted; a giant orange poppy not yet blooming; sweet woodruff herb; and a fun ‘plant’ that showed up. It is really a catnip and a CA poppy, but it looks like it is a single plant. Last of all is a lovely picture of one of my favorite flowers, a fuchsia.  The Craftsman thought it was a bleeding heart, which I would have liked, but not sure where I’d have put it.


I think I’ll go read some more of Penny’s adventures or rest. Today my throat hurts like the dickens! Have a splendid weekend and share the colors you find!

Joy and Clutter

Joy and Clutter. Reminds me of an experience I had in college. I’m not sure if I have told it before, but it always makes me laugh, so I’ll share again. In college, I was (for some reason) one of those girls who guys talked to. I was outside when one of the cuter guys came up to me completely depressed. I put up my book and settled myself to listen. He was a part of a choral group that had toured over spring break at various churches to recruit for the college. He told me he met the most lovely girl who was going to attend in the fall and he blew any dating chances he’d ever had in one quippy moment. My ears perked up and my smile was firmly restrained as he dejectedly told me in depth about the meeting and her quick retreat in confusion after. The dainty young lady had introduced herself as Helen Payne and he grinned, responded with a hearty handshake and the words, ‘HI, I’m sin and suffering.’

man iand woman doing a handshake

Photo by Gustavo Fring on

I decided to think about making something joyful. Something that might (I do hope my above story made you smile!)  A while back, with the help of Little Bear, I’d put marbles in knotholes in the fence. This is not an easy job to do AFTER the fence is in place. Many people drill holes and put the marbles in first. Much less frustration as the marbles don’t land in the neighbor’s yards and out of reach. I wanted to add more marbles or shiny bits to the fence, but few holes are the proper size of marbles..and few marbles are of the same size as drilled holes! (I had no idea marbles were of different sizes when they come in a bag at a dollar store) Strider has baked marbles and wrapped them in wire to make jewelry. I have several pairs of his earrings and thought the method might be useful for dangling sparklies on the fence. Wire wrapping isn’t that hard, if you aren’t going for ‘wearable’ art. I managed to find some wire I’d used to make something in the past and wrapped a few marbles and those flat stones used in glass containers of flowers (I first was introduced to them as placers for the game Pente). I’d looked all over for something other than my ‘good’ wire. Then, I read a post by Nicole on Cauldrons and Cupcakes and realized, I should just use it! I have so much stuff (NOT as much as mom had, by any means!) and should not save it for later, for a rainy day (note: it is raining this week), or just in case. So, I used the coated wire, the copper jewelry wire is really thin and I’m not sure how well it would hold up outside in different weathers. (photos: old photos of fence and the ones I did this week.)


Clutter isn’t necessary in the drawer, in the craft cupboard, or in the mind. After mom’s, I came back and would go crazy with getting rid of things I do not need. The Craftsman would be so frustrated with me. Keepers are difficult to transform into unkeepers. Covid has hampered my tossing cuz I will not throw it away if it is brand new or almost new. I have a lot of bags and boxes waiting to leave the house in a few more weeks (the US and especially Oregon is opening up. Tickets north are getting very expensive fast and I’d like to have some space tidy before I go.). On the other hand, I did get into that box with the Christmas stuff to get a garland to use in the garden bed to keep the birds out……….but, NO. NO MORE STUFF!!! I do need to bring some more back, to go through here. It is too difficult to do up there surrounded by memories. If I can, I’ll do it here.

My own world is still wonky as heck, but I must sort mom’s before I can attempt to do mine. I guess that is the OCD part of me. Strider mentioned that the two of us need to do things in order, that people in our family prefer to have things done a certain way and we will redo it to get it done properly. I read from left to right, patterns are important, and I must get maternal clutter complete before I do my own. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying putting random sparklies on the fence! (I have 25 more to make)

Tedium or Contented?

Trying this post again, the previous one had pages worth of indents and as I had not saved it elsewhere, I needed to find the words and copy and paste into a document and THEN we’ll see if it works!!! 

A FB friend asked today what tedious task can we make joyful. I am not sure I’m entirely joyful when I fold socks or put away clean dishes (NOTE: I need to do that!) or cook dinners I know were similar to ones I just made. But, I do find contentment in seeing those piles of tidy laundry ready to be put away, the dishwasher empty for a brief few moments, and the feeling of accomplishment when a dinner turns out like similar to the recipe. I was reading parts of an old book, The Feminine Mystique. I am so akin to those women. I do like being a stay at home mom, I actually like some housework, but is that all there is?? (isn’t that a song?) Is contentment joy? I like rain, so maybe I need more of it?

I do think I’m not feeling entirely joyful at the moment. WP is going wonky..or is it the computer? At any rate, I’m going to post this and hope it does so!! Besides, Little Bear is due back soon and I need to ask him to get me some thumbtacks for a project I’m working on. I’ll share that in my next post!

I did have a surprisingly nice mom’s day. It was better than any ‘holiday’ since my return last fall. One of the most awesome things happened even before I got out of bed. The Craftsman, who is 6’2″, decided to finally clean the kitchen and laundry room windows both inside and out. WOW!!! What a difference! Little Bear has commented on it often since the cleaning and even The Craftsman wondered why it took him so long to do it. (He’s also decided he might clean the other windows, I’m not going to hold my breath! I wanted these done after I got back when Mum died. I’m a tad short to reach most of the inside windows and well, heights are a bit unnerving!) The rest of the day was nice, but wonky. I had planned on having the MiL come down for dinner, the son decided to have his mom come down for lunch. So, at noon, I rushed to get it ready and we were able to eat by 130pm. My glucose had been low and then jumped very high cuz I was busy and I’d crunched glucose tablets so I could do stuff. I’d also told Strider his grandma would be at the house for dinner (she won’t answer his calls, she doesn’t recognize the number!) and he wasn’t able to talk to her.

Little Bear purchased me a tiny point and shoot. I need another camera chip because the little one is good for some things, the older one is better for others. Moving the chip back and forth makes the ‘information’ on the chip difficult to decipher (I need to look carefully at the dates to open up the right files of photos). I took a LOT of photos to play with it, I need to take more. The allium in the window is rather good, although I’m not sure why the water in the glass turned brown!!! The older camera, by 9 years, did better with the bees and the kerria japonica.


Mother’s Day-again.


A year ago this minute, I was having lunch out with my guys. We were driving the ’56 Merc and visited a drive through restaurant that was almost as old as the car. The next day, I flew to Alaska. It is truly a different world today. My guys went off to a nearby town to scrounge through old stuff to purchase and bring some home. (I don’t exactly know what they are getting, they enjoy bargains that often don’t work well) I am hanging around thinking about cleaning the dining room table off. (why on EARTH does the dining room table always end up covered in debris??? Oddly, most of it belongs to the kid. The Craftsman actually tidied a lot the other night looking for a tax form!) We ae supposed to have the MIL down for dinner on Mom’s day. I figured it doesn’t matter. They go and see her every day and she’s been out and about herself. I’m the only one who was in the most isolation and I got some kind of flu the start of April. At any rate, in order to have more than the dad and the kid here, I need to make sure things are a bit cleaner. I hate mussy and this is a mess!

I have some things I want to do outside, but I need to wait til Monday. If I work outside today, I’ll be worn out tomorrow and will be unable to cook. (Why is it on certain days when the ‘dad’ cooks on a grill, the mom still needs to set the table, plan the menu, make dessert, the side dishes, and clean it all up when it is done? Yet, the dad gets all the credit???) OH, I don’t need to make dessert!!!! I asked The Craftsman to buy a coconut cream pie cuz Friday was coconut cream pie day. He purchased a chocolate cream pie, which he and Little Bear and the MIL very much like. Thus, the strawberries he also bought (I was going to make chocolate scones with whipped topping and berries) can be frozen, except for a couple I’ll eat, and they can have pie!

I do hope they remember to buy some petunias today. There is a container..well, it is not exactly a container, I’m told it originally was a very old street lamp. At any rate, it is super cool and is a good sized white bell shape that cries out to hold something. I have often tried to keep plants in it, but the one area I wanted it was a bad area. The yard is squareish and in one of the corners there was a sort of empty spot. Last spring I buried the end of the bell in that corner (the shape has a bit on the end that sticks out, probably where the actual light was), popped a flower pot in it, added flowers, and left for the north. Unfortunately, the corner is in sunshine close to the entire day and Eastern Oregon summer sunshine can get up to 80 degrees a couple times a week. I thought white reflected heat, but it is a metal shape and the poor flowers frequently fried, even with underground sprinklers every other night. So, I am moving it. At the back of the square yard I have a pink metal bathtub (The bathroom in this house was all pink before renovation. Seriously. Pink tub, toilet, sink, and walls. The junior high boy’s budding man card was disturbed. Actually, so was the mom!!! Thus, we removed the pink and the tub was mine to use as I wished. It has finally graduated to having flowers planted in it, most of the bulbs didn’t bloom this year, but it was a bad year for bulbs anyway!). So, next to the tub, I had a hops plant that after several years, it was determined was too much for the neighbor on the other side of the fence and us. (The darn thing would clamber into the filbert tree nearby and removing hops from a tall tree is ridiculous!) The empty space needed something. I did purchase a white poppy, but then I remember the light case. I am going to put that there with petunias again and add climbing flowers like nasturtiums. That area is cooler and gets water from the neighbor’s yard as well as the UGS. After weeding past the ‘tree’ (it grew out of the container!), I realised I will put the poppy where the closer plants are (see photo) and leave around the tree….or maybe I’ll put the container there….Oh, the ideas one can have in a garden!


I also have discovered this week, critters. The honeysuckle in the bath has aphids and holy heck in a handbasket!!! Do you know how many ‘tried and true’ ways there are to eliminating aphids??? Granted, you can use ladybugs. But keeping the ladybugs in the area you want..well, they don’t make leashes for ladies. (OK, they DO, but that is totally different!) I visited a Farmer’s Almanac webpage and learned you can also use these methods to deter aphids: brake fluid (you need to be careful with this…insert eye roll!), nasturtiums because the aphids love those and will leave the other plants alone (I also love nasties!), catnip (which is already growing nearby), and one that Little Bear was startled by (How would you collect that, mom???) a ratio of 1:5 cow urine and water. Soapy water is supposed to be good, but the day after my application of that, I went out, flicked a leaf and watched tiny bugs fly off. Blasting the plant with water is not entirely useful either, because the bugs land elsewhere!

There was one ladybird on the honeysuckle the other day, no spots, but I do hope it reproduces fast!! And in one of the white lilac trees, robins are building a nest. Not much cover, but the fragrance must be divine! Imagine being a mom living in a lilac!! Speaking of lilac, check out the itty bitty tiny bit of purple. Flowering in spite of being just a stem. What a world this is!

May the Fourth Glitter

I am not a huge fan of glitter. I like it, but it gets everywhere!!! I have worn it, it is a lot of fun and now if I wear it, I’ll remember Carrie Fisher. Apparently, Carrie Fisher liked to decorate her fans with glitter. She wore it as well. (I‘ll copy and paste a quote from an article I’ll also link.)

Another user responded to that Tumblr post with a story Fisher told in one of her books, of how “her therapist … always knew she was having an ‘off’ time in her head depending on how much glitter she’d show up wearing to appointments. It was her way of making the world sparkle and shine even when it felt dark. It made her feel better. Evidently, she wanted to share that with others.” 

My Monday wasn’t glittery, but it was busy. I worked myself into several episodes of low glucoses. Not cool, but I got a lot done. I washed and dried and folded laundry. Several loads. Hung some outside, stripped, washed and remade the bed with clean linen. Weeded a lot of garden spaces (Japanese Lanterns go EVERYWHERE!) and took out grasses. (I’m not fond of a grass that is like wire) Finished my trellis and made dinner. I was so tired after, I needed to sit with a tiny hot pack under my right breast cuz that muscle ached!! Then, I stripped and washed me. I needed it. Didn’t shrink, but it felt good!

I only hope I can get the lawn mowed tomorrow. Little Bear showed me how to use the mower and The Craftsman did most of the yard, just not the part I was weeding in. (darn lanterns were in the grasses and he’d mow over them!)

Hoping you had a splendid fun Monday!!

May Day 2020

What a year! So far, here in this part of EO, there have been floods, bad water from flooding, Covid, Little Bear found a black widow spider ‘ready to pop’, and now we have a new insect landing. Asian Murder Wasps that can reach 2 inches in length with stingers of a quarter inch. They prey on honey bees, ripping their heads off to pulp thoraxes for a delicious carry out. They can sting multiple times and aren’t afraid of humans. Washington State U is getting the word to people so the insects can be removed safely. (Now, I really don’t want to go outside!!!)

My May Day was pretty low key. I’d forgotten The Craftsman wouldn’t be home. We did get to watch an older movie later that night, ‘Willow’. Fun fantasy starring one of my favorite Little Person Actor (Warwick Davis) and a favorite taller actor (Val Kilmer).

Saturday was ridiculous. It was pretty nice out, so I decided to put up a trellis for sweet peas and nasturtiums. Eons ago, in Tillamook, I asked for a shower curtain to be cut in half and holes put in the sides to make a nonrusting support for a trellis. I still have those, but over the years I’ve used different middles for the actual trellis. This year, I decided I’d try bird nettings. (I detest that stuff, but it is a good way to hang things. Like climbing plants) It was incredibly frustrating. I was outside hammering the posts carefully (I didn’t want to ruin the hollow rods) into the soil and as I muttered my way back to the house for another idea, The Craftsman spoke to me from where he was sitting in a garden swing. (I had no idea he was around, he just came down to get something he needed for a job up at his mom’s.) He asked if I needed a larger hammer. I said no and eventually he left again. I opted to use zip ties to secure the netting to the rod, in the past I’ve used string, but most string is limp and very hard to thread through holes in a hollow inch wide rod. I used several ties before I realized I hadn’t cut the fabric carefully enough. It was almost as long as I needed, not as long. A difference of about 3 inches in one section of the netting. I was doing this during a dry thunderstorm, it didn’t stay dry long! About the time I realized I needed to do something else, the sky opened up! Little Bear came home from his grandma’s (the metal roofed shop was super loud from being hit with giant rain drops!) and found me a tool I thought was a funny sort of clippy pliers. Apparently, it is really called a side cutter. (the first photo is rain a ways off, the second is a dust storm that also showed up~)

After the rain stopped, I took the cutter thing outside and removed all the ties and turned the fabric around. Although, now it was WAY too long in a different direction, so I cut it… Eventually, I was starting to lose my sense of ‘I can do this’. My glucose was dropping, I needed to finish, I needed to make dinner, and I was so tired. I also needed to find a way to keep the fabric from blowing around at the bottom of the trellis, the top was pulling the sides together (The Craftsman today reminded me he’d put in a pole other times) and I found some plastic thingys that worked. I’d have preferred clothes pegs without metal springs, but I cannot find those. At any rate, I let it alone in the wind and the rain. (you can barely see the netting in the photo!)


Weather has a tendency to move garden projects, so I thought I’d wait to work more on it on Sunday. Sunday arrived and I hurt. My back was aching with pains shooting into my legs from my ample booty. I wanted to cry!! My neck hurt and my glucose was higher than I wanted. I did wander back outside and realized as much as I liked that lovely almost invisible black netting, it was a bad idea. Birds could get caught in it while they fed from any flowers that might grow on it. So, rather than take it down, I found a bright gold Christmas garland of beads. I started to string it back and forth accordion fashion and decided it was very good. It still needs secured, but I do like it.

At the moment, it is 5 pm and I need to make dinner again (easy, biscuits and burger stew). For some reason the guys like to be fed. They are out and about I’m not sure where, the garden at grandma’s isn’t planted, Little Bear’s rabbit tractor isn’t finished, and that storm yesterday knocked the temps down almost 10 degree! Last week, mum’s Obi crossed the rainbow bridge. It is another tie to mom that is gone. He was incredibly annoying, but he was so well loved by the gal who adopted him and by mom and one of my favorite older ladies also died from cancer complications. Now, she’s with her beloved, too. In the midst of sorrow, there is so much joy. I am eternally grateful for those golden moments surrounding us with laughter, learning, and love.