One thing that drives me crazy is when people open Christmas gifts or birthday presents before the actual day. In this last week of Jan. one card has arrived for me and it is obvious it is a birthday card. My friend put in quotes between my first and last name, ‘Birthday Girl’. I laughed and set it aside to open on Monday. Had also planned on making one of my favorite dinners that night, roast beef. Prime rib would be even better, but that isn’t something easily done. However, a nice roast in the crock pot is a great idea! So, went out and spent almost $50 on a roast and two spritzers and some Valentine cards that need written and mailed and an ice cream treat that was supposed to be less expensive, but the discount was for a different store. (piffle) Sadly, the kid just told me he is going shopping on Monday night and didn’t understand how come my roast beef dinner couldn’t be moved. In retrospect, it can be. Will make it on Tuesday and they can have it before they leave for their study groups. No, will not tell him it is my birthday. It is just another day of doing chores. Wasn’t planning on leaving the house again (except to mail things) til Wednesday anyway. My celebration will be drinking one of the spritzers and opening up a package I ordered from Duluth Trading Co containing a top and two skirts and the Amazon package holding a book. Have had those packages for several weeks already and not reaading that book has been driving me nuts! lol

Wednesday will be picking up stuff to cook for Little Bear’s Thursday birthday. Saw a post by a southern friend for sandwiches called ‘Po’Boys’ (interesting story. Appears ages past, owners of delis decided to feed men who were on strike, calling them poor boys. The sandwiches were large and filling). So, will make buns out of frozen bread rolls and buy large slices of roast beef (not using my roast, will need much more!) and will add fried shrimp. Although, those may need hand cooked. Which is a tad more work than anticipated. They will be surf and turf Po’ Boys without the Cajun spices! Because my personal palate is boring as dust. Will give little bear a bottle of whatever he wants to spice his own up!! He also wants cheese cake for his birthday. Which means I’ll need to make something else since Grandma doesn’t care for cheesecake and she’ll be visiting for his birthday! (will make angel cake for mine, so Little Bear can reenact the stuffing cake in the mouth scene from ‘Ground Hog Day’!)

Will also see about getting him a digital thermometer to hang outside by the rabbits. The poor things are confused. We had super warm days followed by freezing cold with snow and wind that sucked the warm right out of the air and the critters are molting like it is spring. Yet, the winter season is just starting. His 7 babies gained almost 4 pounds in a week and the mom, when he takes a youngster out to look it over, just gives him that look that says, ‘you can keep it’. They like to hop over her or sit on top of her. Reminds me of that awesome Dr. Seuss book ‘Hop on Pop’. Although, this is ‘Hop on Mom’!!!

Speaking of books, have you read anything besides ‘Tom Sawyer’ or ‘Adventures of Huck Finn’ by Mark Twain? Just started ‘Roughing It’ and have been giggling out loud almost every other page. There was a paragraph where the main character described another and said in a long hilarious sentence, ‘she rained the nine parts of speech forty days and forty nights, metaphorically speaking, and buried us under a desolating deluge of trivial gossip that left not a crag or pinnacle of rejoinder projecting above the tossing waste of dislocated grammar and decomposed pronunciation!’ Those last four words had me giggling helplessly while waiting for my eyes to get back to normal in the parking lot of the eye doctor.

Yup, did that. Visited the eye doctor and she dilated my eyes and found that they are practically the same as they were when my glasses were renewed in the fall of ’18. Which is good news, but doesn’t seem to help the headaches. Wonder if they just need adjusting. The glasses, not the eyes! At this time, it appears this old gal is absolutely healthy. With problems walking or moving the right arm or seeing. Perhaps it is really all mostly imagined and just need to realise whatever it is in my brain that is keeping me physically handicapped isn’t as important as it might be.

So, what is your favorite birthday meal and or cake??? (had an angel cake like that last one- what a mess to cut!!)

Change the world, one note at a time

Not in the park, nor is it the 4th, but it IS Saturday. And Saturday is a great day to celebrate life and change the world. One tiny moment at a time. (Fun song from Chicago, YouTube, and MTV)

Was in bed this morning when Little Bear came to the door (he chose to work for a neighbor Saturday, so was  up way before his normal time of about 11 am) to tell us the clouds were stunning with the sunshine. After he left, his dad got up, dressed, kissed me good morning, and went off to start his day. Which made me realise that in spite of aches and pains, morning hair (worse than morning breath when one has longer locks and goes to sleep with them wet!!!), and an ample gut, getting up and moving appears to be a better choice than trying to stay in bed and moving!! Also thought about the mussy upstairs area full of scattered paperwork and what not and decided that would be my job today.

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and moms, and so on. Little Bear was right, the sunshine was amazing this morning and made every single dust bunny and smut stand out. Their basic camouflage was gone and good lord was it a mess! Thinking of bunnies made me decide to pop outside and visit the herd while it was nice. They are all so different feeling. Some are super soft, some love the spot between their eyes rubbed, others prefer behind their ears, and Slate is a crack up! She seems stand offish, but grab her long stick (she has a stick she sometimes loses because it fits through the holes in the cage, but it is a favorite to chew on and carry around) and ‘fence’ with her and she loves it! She growls and grabs the stick and pulls and if you rub her with it, she closes her eyes and rubs back. So very odd. Had no idea a rabbit could growl!!!!! They really are a lot like cats. Little Bear even said he understood exactly why the babies are called kits, ‘because they are kitten adorable.’ Yesterday, he commented that their fuzziness factor was increasing. His dad asked if they were becoming pets and Little Bear laughed. The kid said that they should lose their ‘too cuteness’ in a couple more months and become just 9 pound rabbits. The latter, while still kind of cute, are not near as cuddly as a handful of baby bunny. (The babies, during my visit, were piled up in the nest box, so my focus was on the adults.)

Once back in the house, The Craftsman got busy elsewhere (he had been watching me with the rabbits, later he cut up chunks of stick for them to play with-like toy blocks, but round.) and inside dust bunny removal began. There really were quite a few of the critters. Pretty sure they multiply as fast as the real rabbits, too! The craziest thing was finding thick dirt on the rungs of the dining room chairs. Had no idea dust would build up on those, which is probably why they appeared to have a grey overcast to their shine! Even managed to vacuum the funky looking cactus that was acquiring a multitude of cobwebs. Needless to say, when my glucose monitor buzzed at me to tell me it was falling fast, it made sense.

Was thinking about putting up more snow and winter décor, but the step ladder is too short to reach certain places. (the human is probably too short, but it makes it less personal to say the step ladder is!) Why on earth do their directions say don’t stand on the topmost step when the top step gets you closer to the place you need to be??? Although, to be fair, the shelf was still out of reach. The Craftsman often tells me he’ll help me if I ask, but asking more than three times is my problem. Except, will ask once more and then the boxes will be put aside til the kid can be asked. It is less stressful for me to ask the almost 27 year old than the guy over 55! Lol

The Craftsman just breezed in almost an hour ago to say he’d be back in a little bit.  The fog is also coming in, so it is a good thing the dust bunnies were cleaned up earlier!!! It is very odd out there, the sun is shining, but the fog is wrapping everything in shrouds of grayish white and there is water dripping on the living room window!!!!!! Not really photo worthy, but definitely interesting. And chilly. Moses wants a lap and is walking around meowing, hoping one might materialize. Silly cat! (he prefers The Craftsman, but will reluctantly take mine if he has no other choices. He’s seriously put out at the moment because my lap is hidden by the desk the laptop is on.) Ah, Little Bear came home and is thawing out shrimp and opening up a can of tuna. Now the meowing is at a different decibel and in a different room.

Oh dear, may not ask anyone for help. The Craftsman got one of the trucks stuck in the mud up at his mon’s place and is frustrated, Little Bear is trying to find reasons why the ground is muddy (the moisture could have come up from below after the deeper soil thawed. Which is fascinating, but doesn’t get the truck unstuck!), and think a couple of coconut chocolate snickerdoodles might be good right now. (made snickerdoodles with a bit of coconut flour. Very tasty and, surprisingly, not hard on my glucose).

Have a splendid day whatever day it is in your area and make that small change to make the world a better place!


After the last not so cheerful post, this one is full of thanks. Not because of the US Thanksgiving holiday, but because there really is a ton to be thankful for. Have so many friends from far and further who are held safe in my heart. Ones who are hurting badly, others who are managing grandkids, and more who are juggling living in a world of isolation. You are all thought of and prayed for as I go about my day and night. Bless you,, each and every one.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

Looking at the guys, as lonely as this girl is sometimes, The Craftsman really is very kind and Little Bear is a young man who vacillates between driving me nuts and being wonderful. The Craftsman has been busy putting up lights, he’s still quite a ways from finished, but at least the outside is and will be festive! Inside, well, tall things are difficult for me. One of the oddest ‘new’ health problems is looking up. Leaning my neck back to look up makes me incredibly dizzy!! (Very annoying when taking photos of critters in trees or trying to look at the moon or stars) So, not sure if the garlands will stay in the tote or get hung. (Little Bear did say I should decorate one and put the name Judy on it and see who ‘gets it’. I groaned.) Not even sure if they will even be ‘dug out’ of storage!! The Craftsman is still looking for the winter snowman dishes. Amazing how after a season or two, things are put away and end up in black hole!! Perhaps Kirk or Picard could find them…

One of the best things about being back in the states, besides the working water system, is the lovely kitchen. Some people have told me it is small. Personally, it is the largest private kitchen I’ve ever worked in and it is well used. (which just goes to show that even if the user doesn’t do much at all towards the creation of a space, it can be enjoyed!) In October, The Craftsman purchased me some small pumpkins for decorative purposes. They were a bit large for décor and finally decided to cook the medicine ball sized one down to make pie. After making the crusts and gathering all the ingredients in a bowl, I was ready to mix in the punkin. Except, I was short 5 ounces!!!! I was so disgusted!! I had everything ready to make two pies and didn’t have enough pumpkin because I forgot to measure it prior to mixing. Little Bear told me to just make one and use the second crust for something else, until I explained that the bowl already had enough sugar and spice and everything nice for two. Thankfully, during one of my shopping forays, a large can of pumpkin had been added to my cart. So, it saved the recipe. Although, it was a totally different color, it blended well!! Needless to say, it was a bit worrisome. I coerced Little Bear into tasting a sliver with me before Thanksgiving dinner and we were very impressed!! The Craftsman’s mom took home 3 pieces and The Craftsman had two for dessert the next night. (Little Bear filled all the ‘empty’ spaces of his pie with canned whipped topping. He’s pretty sure a pie shell full of topping is a great dessert!)

My dough for the rolls rose WAY above the pan, both in and out of the machine. (those photos are very odd and blurry) Thankfully, those were super tasty, too. The bird was almost too long for the pan (long legs), but also tasted rather good. The green beans were odd, no photo, but they did not look like anything on the can. (guys prefer canned green beans, nasty, but made sure they filled up on sliced veggies at lunch. Little Bear did say if you didn’t look at them, they did taste right! Most of them were flat, which I’ve seen, but they had not.) Did make an odd dessert from a Keto recipe. My ingredients weren’t Keto, but the bars were not very sweet, so that was a plus. (I’ll add more spices next time). Also found a recipe for pumpkin twists that I may try. I do have the remainder of that can of open punkin to use!!

After dinner, Moses hopped up on my chair and was definitely put out when he didn’t get a plate to himself.

My sensor finally expired on Friday night, but waited til Saturday to replace it. It was nice to roll over and know it wasn’t going to pull off. It was also nice to change clothes without worrying, too. Showering and using my towel properly was absolutely wonderful! Am also looking forward to a Hitchcock movie The Craftsman recorded. (reckon it was a good thing he let the Dish account stay!!). When Little Bear was a toddler, we were loaned a movie that was so much fun, but I couldn’t remember the title, only that it was Hitchcock. There was a marathon on TCM of his work and ‘The Trouble with Harry’ showed up as The Craftsman scrolled through the movies. The little blurb about it made me realise that was the title and the movie!! So, hoping we can watch that one before the weekend is over. I do love those old Hitchcock movies, although was so glad Doris sang more than ‘Que Sera, Sera’ in the one called ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’.  Even if it is still one of my life mottos! Do you have a Hitchcock favorite? Pretty sure ‘Rear Window’ is mine. So darn creepy and realistic and Raymond Burr as the killer is stellar! He plays such a great villain.

NOTE: not impressed with the ads in the blog, I’ve never paid attention before and I’m sorry they are there!

A new week

I’m going to have to contact my phone server people. I am constantly running out of data. I went into the settings and under storage I find there are 3.15 GB of apps running and 1.12 GB in photos and vids. (I have one of the latter, an old couple dancing last fourth of July. It is cute.) I use my phone to text, to take photos, and to make calls. I am constantly deleting and caching in the apps that I don’t use and it doesn’t seem to change for long.

We lost a mallard duckling this weekend. There was a fierce battle of the moms and a little one paid the price. It happens in the human world and in the animal kingdom. I saw a very large mature bald eagle wing up and over the house, I think it was wanted to snag the carcass the next day. Eagles are beautiful scavengers! I also baked cinnamon rolls. When I shared the recipe with Strider, he was surprised. ‘Mom, I always make my cinnamon rolls using the biscuit recipe I got from you.’ That was exactly how I made these. Rolled out a biscuit recipe, adding cinnamon and vanilla extract to the dough, and made a brown sugar paste for inside. Sunday the rain changed to sun, but the sky was odd!!! (the brown trees are beetle killed)

The Craftsman’s birthday was Monday. I was pretty busy, but made muffins again. They aren’t quite as good as the first ones, but not too bad. Celebrated by visiting the beach for the first time with a good friend. (sunset photo was about 1045 pm) She lives in CA now, but as teens we were joined fairly close! I had to laugh. She and her grown family were here cuz her parents are ailing. She and her husband are selling his mom’s house so mom can move in with them, they just put an offer on a house in K Falls in Oregon and will end up with two mortgages for a few years til they move. And I thought I was juggling a mess!!! There were some fun birds out. Gulls strutting on the rocks and an unknown paddler staying just a few feet from shore! Thankfully, we didn’t see any eagle. She spent most of our walk carrying her pocket dog. (Eagles love little critters. They have been known to snag small dogs on leashes like bait on a line!!) I also watched Bohemian Rhapsody again..Live Aid was on July 13.

I have an angle on several places to get rid of things, we’ll see what happens. Wednesday a guy is supposed to visit for the jukeboxes. Jake still hasn’t come out to get her wants. My friend from ANC hasn’t been able to visit this week yet. My uncle’s email doesn’t appear to like mine and he’s not gotten any of the ones I’ve sent about dad’s reel to reels. I did find the ones that appear to be my dad’s Great Aunt Ginny (the one who was a WW2 war correspondent). The day ended with a visit from TnT. He brought me a burger and fries for dinner. Yes, my glucose didn’t like it, but ohhhhhh!! It sure was different from eggs and cheese and veggies.

From Youtube. It fits.

Happy Birthday to my Baby!

Ok, he’s not my baby. He’s 31 now..can I really be old enough to have a kid that age?? LOL I wrote up a post for my family blog and can’t remember the darn password. So, I share some of it here!

I often celebrate people with long distance celebrations. So, I made muffins today. I was kind of nervous. I don’t have certain ingredients, but I discovered you don’t actually need them!! I only used a smidge of baking soda cuz when I made biscuits last, I had to toss them away cuz they were too salty (I used a half a tsp). I also split the egg (yolk from white) and beat the white part and added it last. I used less sugar than the recipe called for and added chocolate and applesauce. I was very impressed! I also added lots of seasonings and a smidge of brown sugar to the white. (I hope that stays small. I get so mad when I shrink a photo and it ends up HUGE on the blog) I tried a small one to see how it was and then ate another one cuz it was so good!

I also had a problem with my cell phone and couldn’t get or send images. Strider said he found this while out at work in VA. As you can see, it was pretty badly injured. I was excited, though. I’ve never seen one of these in real life. Well, I still haven’t, but having my son find one is still closer than just seeing them in books or online! It is the largest moth in North America, a Cecropia moth and I’ve read about them in The Girl of The Limberlost. The caterpillars would probably stress me out, though. I’m not fond of lots of legs on tiny creatures!

Now I’ll add some forest observations. I hope you enjoy them!

Distantly, I hear sounds of man. The thrum of machines, maybe a chainsaw or an ATV, airplanes droning overheard, and wind chimes sounding out in varied silver tones. Man, however, is overpowered here by the delightful orchestra of nature. Woodwinds, made up of birds, trill and chirp alarms and boundaries as they flit from tree to ground and back. I have always loved the repetitive call of the chickadee. ‘Chicka dee dee dee!’ Staccato bass notes from a woodpecker pounding on a tree catch my ear and I try to find out where it is. I’m pretty sure it is a hairy woodpecker, it is very loud! So is the high pitched piccolo yelling of the squirrel! If I could only understand what is inside the cadence of that voice (or probably not!). Insects buzz as they dive around me, I’m most annoyed by the upper registers of the mosquito whine (That is often accompanied by the human sound of my hand slapping where it was or is!) and the irritating ‘zzz’s’ of horse flies. I can hear quiet liquid notes of splashing from different waterfowl in the lake and the adorable ‘ploop’ as the golden eye babies practice diving. Over, or perhaps, under everything, you can hear the breeze as it rushes along through the different foliage, spreading gossip in a building crescendo before leaving for a few more measures. A beautiful birthday song for my son-

Bits and Bobs

In light of the recent posts I’ve made, I have decided to share pictures of different things that have been done here and there. First, I am showing off a contraption I may use maybe once or twice a year..if at all. Earlier, in February, I shared some pictures of projects The Craftsman was making. This was a wooden piece on a lathe, later cut apart. It is now a holder for an angel food cake. When you bake one of these cakes, it is supposed to be cooled upside down and it is difficult to find a proper sized item to suspend it. So, one was made out of a section of black walnut. (Granted, it isn’t done yet, but it is almost finished!) I liked the shorter one since it fits in the cake pan to store.

The second project made was from recycled wood. It  holds all my hook earrings, not the ones with posts. (those are in a compartmentalized box) The black plastic mesh isn’t as helpful as I thought-it looks good, but it is difficult to see the earrings. I’m not going to change it, although I was told it would be easy. Removing all those earrings would be annoying!

As I mentioned previously, growing things are everywhere! I need to trim this kerria japoinica, it has been left alone for too many years and is literally out of control. It has lovely tiny rose like yellow flowers all over it in later spring. (I’ll be gone by then)


Speaking of out of control, Little Bear was given a tiny cacti while in High School. It has literally grown into something you might find on Loony Tunes!! (The Craftsman planted the odd looking little things at the base)

Along the walk, I’ve planted bulbs. Some are the most adorable daffs, they are known as Tete-a-Tete’s. They are a smaller flower, but some of them are VERY tiny!!! (yes, I once lived in Tillamook, where they make cheese and ice cream!)

I did pick some regular sized daffodils. They were facing the house and annoyed me. I much prefer flowers facing the public!!! The crocus are looking incredible, finally. I might need to pick some because it is supposed to snow and rain this weekend. Which will turn the poor flowers to mush. (I mentioned this elsewhere, but mushing is what is going to happen this next weekend. Go, Iditarod!!!)

Last, but  not least, it was warm enough to read outside. Unfortunately, I forgot that an Ereader isn’t as easy to read in bright sunshine! No matter, I had a hard back book, with me as well. Also, thankfully, there is only one sick person in town. The other two were released after intensive checking. The casino is open again and, hopefully, the cycle won’t continue…hopefully.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my world of cooking, bling, gardens, and books!


Ides of February

I got side tracked and didn’t write up the rest of the weekend! So, I’ll do it now and post accordingly.

Saturday was a busy day. I planned on cooking a ham for dinner that night and decided to add whole wheat homemade rolls. They had sage and thyme and a bit of shredded Parmesan as ingredients. However, I’ve not made whole wheat before and the rolls I made were cute little clover leaf almost weapons. Soft deep inside, but quite sturdy on the outside. (I had made a larger loaf so I’d have extra dough to wrap around hotdogs for dinner on Sunday and those were waiting in the addition overnight.) I was also going to make cookies for a church potluck, but needed sugar. The guys had planned on going out on Saturday afternoon, so I had asked them to pick me up some.

By the time dinner was on the table, I realized I needed to find a cookie with just the ingredients I had and not ones I was used to using since they had NOT left. Dinner was interesting, my tiny Yukon taters exploded in the pressure cooker (It has been a while since I’ve used the pressure cooker for tiny whole taters!) and made a bit of a mess and those paired with the rolls, well, aesthetics aside, it did taste good!

The Craftsman watched TV with Moses on Saturday, and did a lot in the basement. He finished an earring holder I’d planned on making. Mine was going to be much simpler and from recycled picture frames. You can see the one he made (also from recycled wood) is definitely not simple, but that is why he’s a craftsman and I’m more of a dabbler in crafting! It will be nice to have most of my earrings hanging where I can see them instead of in boxes. I’ll still need to keep some in boxes, but they won’t be all jumbled together with the earrings with hooks. (and yes, I do have that many!! I love earrings!!!) The hooks on the frame are for necklaces. He actually finished this on Sunday, was going to hang it on Monday, it is still in the basement with this other item on the lathe he said is for the kitchen and I’ll use it the most. (run on sentence!!) I’m not entirely sure what it is, besides pretty.

So, Saturday night, I needed a sweets recipe without white sugar and found a different sour cream cookie one, once again it is one of Betty’s. It is also fiddly, but I might make it every so often anyway! Little Bear tried one when they were just out of the oven and decided they were a ‘cookie that was trying to be a cupcake and only made it halfway.’ After I frosted them, he enthusiastically decided, ‘these are like pancakes with syrup and butter!’ At church, one youngster said they were like little maple bars. I was intrigued by the change in the glaze color with a difference of a single ingredient. The recipe called for butter, melted until slightly browned. Also adding powdered sugar and maple extract. I did this with margarine (yes, I know there are evils in margarine, but all cookies are evil from the first pan pulled from the oven, so I tend to go cheaper instead of buttery) and it wasn’t that good. I ran out of glaze, (the recipe made around 60 cookies, so that was good) and made it again with butter. It was lighter in color and the taste was much better. (also didn’t take the time to let it cook to the darker hue) I’m not a fan of maple bars, but I do like maple. Once this extract is gone, I think I’ll make them again with real maple syrup in the glaze. I wonder what that glaze would be like on a cinnamon roll????


I didn’t get to bed til early Sunday morning, I had toyed with putting the glaze on in the morning, but realized it WAS morning and figured I’d just do it and get it out of the way! Which was good, Sunday morning brought its own chores and duties! After church, I did more things around the house and the guys left to go shopping (Grandma needed pellets for her woodstove). I got the wrapped dogs out of chilling and hoped for the best. Oddly, after rising for almost 3 and half hours, they were beautiful. I wouldn’t have done that if they had been something other than very good highly processed meat wieners. I hate leaving food in unsafe conditions! (I even bleach down my sink and cutting boards after working with fowl!) The taste of herbs inside the wheat was perfect! Little Bear didn’t care for them, but he prefers his wheat white and colored only by chocolate.

I finally finished the last Witcher book I had checked out. I’m done with those for now. (I’m shaking my head as I type!) In the first pages of the latest book I read, a main character (I’d not met before) was sighting in carefully with a bow on something and in between waiting for the object of her intent, reminisced a LOT, catching the reader up on things. For more than a chapter! The end of this book an old man was telling the story I was reading to a group of children and they were demanding more, so after choosing what character story to share, he did. Completely confused me! However, I did love the vampire. He was of a race of peoples who don’t drink blood to live, but for enjoyment, like a party beverage, and this particular vampire tended to get ‘drunk’ on it, so he didn’t drink it anymore. He pooh poohed vampire regeneration because anyone can regenerate fingernails and hair and skin, vampires just do it better. He scoffed at sunshine melting folks because most peoples fear the night and his own people had to adapt and mutated to live in it comfortably. He did believe sunshine is a killer anyway and in another thousand years, most people would be nocturnal anyway. This particular vampire was a sort of a doctor and very good at it. As stated, I liked him. But not enough to keep reading the rest of the series any time soon!!!

Which brings us to Feb 17 and Random Acts of Kindness Day. I hadn’t realized how hard it is to randomly act, most of my day has planned portions and random ones will need to wait til I leave the house! Actually, today is the 18th in Oregon and I should probably do some chores after posting this! May your week be filled with sunshine and laughter! (photo from Alaska in feb 2018)


One more sleep til…

Happy almost Thanksgiving from the Pacific Northwest, the Eastern Oregon side. It has been an week full of odd things. Some have been good. I can finally actually walk and move. After a day of busy, I am beyond tired, but am managing quite well. (so far!) At least in the physical realm. Spiritually and in actually getting things done….not as well.

I’ve been absolutely angry at my family. Every year I am here, I start my holiday decorating around Thanksgiving. The holiday dishes are on the table, everything is spick and span, and there are just a few things left to put up. This year? Granted, I haven’t been feeling good, but I decided to try and do a speck of decorating and discovered it was going to be impossible. The Craftsman is not done with lights yet. (he goes all out in the lighting department and takes up the majority of the unfinished addition to empty his several totes of lights) I managed to put up a couple of things, Little Bear helped me when he heard a crash. After a bit, I stopped being angry. It just isn’t worth it. Perhaps it will get done on Saturday after Thanksgiving. (The Craftsman did find some holiday décor from Norway and Sweden that I’d taken from mom’s stash. I’m thankful to have those! I also have a mini nativity and a Russian doll nesting set from mom’s—I made her the nativity). It’s been horrible to clean, too- The funniest thing? Little Bear drives me to frustration and then does amazing helpful things. Two of the photos he’s shared with me:

I want another nativity in the shape of a cross (I collect nativities). I’ve wanted this since spring 2014 and it’s been thought about. I was hoping for help and was told ‘he had some ideas’. It is still not done. Nor is a giant earring holder I had started and The Craftsman took over last spring. He’s been busy with other things. (I think) Yet, in the larger scheme of things, I’m sure they will get done eventually and there are many other things much more important.  Like walking without limping, being able to purchase groceries, water (even if ours here has been doused with a percentage of bleach because a new well was opened), gas heating, inexpensive electricity, cats (usually), and so much more.

This Wednesday, I did manage to get out and about. I went shopping for last things I forgot (and completely didn’t realize I needed nasty white sugar!). I bought myself flowers (it is a friend’s birthday tomorrow, so I decided they were for both of us. She’s hundreds of miles away and so she won’t mind me keeping them in the window!). I went to a movie all by myself (as usual). For $5 I saw ‘The Holy Grail’ on a big screen and completely loved it. (the guys are at the movies tonight. The Ford vs Ferrari one. I could not watch that. I get vertigo with Wii golf! Cars racing on hills is a bad idea.) I stayed home to bake a pie.

baked chef cook dough

Photo by Malidate Van on Pexels.com

I’m rolling my eyes. I panicked because I noted I didn’t have the sugar AFTER I got everything measured and ready to mix. (I used brown, we’ll see how it goes) I made a whole lot of extra crust for decorations on the pie, too. I checked it and they looked almost done. The next time I checked, not more than two minutes later, they were overdone and on the extreme dark side of brown. So annoying! I did get most of the downstairs vacuumed and the dishes done, regular activities, but still they are done.  I’m going to post this also. Because I am on the desktop and Little Bear uses this to watch videos. (he’s been watching animal ones lately. Hilarious!)

For those in the US, may your plates be empty and your tummies full. For those in other places, have a splendid rest of the week!!!! (and be careful with those deals on Amazon!)

Wondrous and Weird.

I tried to log into WP on the desktop and ended up on an obscure site–it didn’t like my name and password, so I hope it didn’t ding me for some scam!!! However, that is not what I wanted to share today. There are a lot of odd things in this world. Some of them are fascinating and others are just absolutely crazy!! Be amused and enlightened. (note: there are a LOT of links!)

First is one of my heroes. I’d love to have been her or like her (except for the way she died!) Lou Graham was a woman who changed Seattle or at least she helped shape it. Yet, she has been ignored. I think I’ll add this author’s book about her to my want list! Madam Lou definitely wasn’t weird, but the way she was lost in history is.

Now I’m going to move on to something I thought was only found in another favorite book series. Glasses and birds. Dr. Doolittle often prescribes glasses for animals. I had no idea it was a real thing, though!! Yes, there really are and were spectacles for chickens!! The wiki link has a bit about them, but the video from YouTube and television…I’ll be jiggered!!!

Rolled sandwiches. I have read about them in old books, in our modern day tortillas are used. I found the original version, but gracious! It definitely looks like way too much work!! Actually, most of the sandwiches made before the 60’s appear time consuming. I’m a fan of easy and delicious. I have also learned from Yummy Lummy to clean up as I go. (I didn’t do this as much, but do now..and I think of Gary as I do it!) As I get ready for the holidays, recipes fascinate and intrigue me. Especially when I read about something I’ve not heard of before.

There was something else that struck my funny bone, but I cannot recall what it was. No matter, I’ll probably remember when I post this! I’ll leave you with a couple of rather barbed comebacks from history.




Sweet Drink

One of my favorite drinks to make is messy. For some reason, the people who make them in videos never seem to have the problems I have!! Yet, it is totally worth it. The very first time I made this frozen treat, a younger Little Bear almost refused to try it. ‘Mom, it’s pink!’ After his first sip (I told him to close his eyes!), he was hooked. It is also super simple. The concoction I make is basic. Frozen watermelon (about 2 cups) and about a 1/2 a cup of diet lemon lime soda. It is like drinking summer! (Below is a video from Fifteen spatulas. Super fun gal to watch.) There are many recipes out there, I like this one.

I pretty much do what she does, but I make more of a mess. I am also a bit picky about seeds. I get how the white seeds are ok to eat, but the gum up the straw, so I try to pick them out.

I only use the soda for extra sweetness and flavoring. A good watermelon has more than enough of both!

The cubed melon melts rather quickly (or it can!). The author of Fifteen Spatulas has a lot more fun drinks to try, I might just do that sometime!