Me. Misplaced Alaskan (I normally live in Eastern Oregon, often am on the Kenai Peninsula) who loves snow, being outside, books, cats, books, kids, books, kid lit, fantasy, erotica, words, water, writing, cooking, reading, and books.

I have a couple of different blogs for different reasons. This one  is going to take the place of one with a fun format, but a ridiculous to follow site. As suggested in the tag line, this blog will be a connection of randomly placed points making a pattern of some sort. I am a word person, math is not my forte. However, I love the words tessellate and osmosis. (the latter being more scientific!). Osmosis has a definition of an unconscious assimilation of ideas. Tessellate (being a mathematics term) is harder for me to explain easily, other than as a tiling of repeated patterns. They both make a great deal of sense. I see myself as a mosaic of people and places and things. All of them make up me and I am constantly changing as I grow. This blog will be where I share those different thoughts creating me in words and images. An exploration of  body, soul, and mind. What fun it will be!!


dragonflies mating on an Alaskan lake.