This is sort of a middling sort of post. Lots of good things and some thoughtful and some uncomfortable. (Actually, those are the thoughtful ones!)

First, I’m excited to announce, Nicole is blooming!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the clusters is showing flowers and they are so sweet. It seems odd the plant has two long vines and the flowers only on the ends of the incredibly sprawling vine. But, it is a lovely plant and I’m thankful to see how much growth it has had in the months of my adopting it. I like how these don’t seem to be a typical geranium blossom. They are perky and look fragile, but they are not.

A few things have been done around the house. With the season taking a change towards winter, outside plants need moved in and the sunflowers are tall black stalks of dead summer. They are usually moved before a frost, but the frost was a bit faster than anticipated. (YIKES!!! for some reason the power just blinked and I forgot that even though the machine wasn’t plugged in…it was using the internet, which was! Power is so important in our world.) At any rate, The Craftsman made a cute little shelf for his succulents. Hoping they will survive this time. The grow light didn’t work as well as anticipated. Little Bear, while up in the woods, found a basilisk fang. OK, it is really a spike elk shed. But, it sure LOOKS like a basilisk fang. Now, he just needs to find a horcrux. (or not!) The most amusing thing from getting ready for winter was when a pot of petunias was moved inside. As it was put onto a hook, it fell, the pot broke to bits, and the flowers were discombobulated. They were purple flowers, too! (Oh, no! Not again!)

I also picked the absolute last of the few yard flowers. Was sad the sweet pea vines died on the mesh, but they should have gotten their act together and grew when they were supposed to!! Also bought some cool looking mums. They are called a football bronze mum..or was it bronze football? Anyway, they looked festive and fun. Not exactly bronze. More of a reddish brown. The large size was also a winning factor in buying them. They are still with me, more than a week after this photo. Granted, they are shedding a few petals and starting to look seedy! (note: why is something old called the negative phrase of ‘looking seedy’? seed heads are stunning!)

Was given two gifts recently. One was a rather unusual gadget that I’m not entirely sure is as handy as it looks. To boil an egg takes about 12 minutes. This gadget takes about the same amount of time or a smidge longer. Perhaps the handy part is that there is a musical timer to let you know when they are done and it is a really pretty color. My eggs were not totally hard, but I only cooked three in the machine. The directions say you can cook 1 or 6. One cracked down from the tiny hole you are supposed to make in the shell, but since they were getting peeled, it wasn’t an issue!

Lastly, if you have followed me for any time, you know I often become a doormat. I whine (in here) a lot. In real time worlds, I hide my feelings. I’ve left my heart home to move to a spot I’m not comfortable in, even after a decade. I’ve been a responsible person since about age 6 or younger and in spite of the fun kid moments, ‘I didn’t get to feel the world around me.’ This song (the gift), is a response to Adele’s fans about her divorce. She did not say what I heard.Yet, the beauty of music is it means something to anyone who hears it. Interpretation is often not what an artist wants to have done to his or her work (recall reading a synopsis of a story. In it was a psychological discussion on why the author made the curtains in a particular room blue. The author finally said, ‘I like blue!‘) However, with this one, I did. Am reading some books about boundaries and reading again ‘Gifts of Imperfections’. Am not entirely sure where these will take me, yet they are needed journeys. I need to learn to trust, to accept mankind in face to face life, and this will be hard. Adele’s song had her leaving a house and driving away. I left mum’s and it was horrid. (her loss of phone reception is also perfect. Not only do I now own a phone where I ‘don’t need to stand on the roof in a foil hat’ as Ms Monster referenced!! Losing reception shows being alone. Plus, I detest dropped texts. They are NOT fair!) The driving away and seeing happy all around is another spot on. Losing the music sheets is also what I see of me. My story or song has been scattered to the winds and some pages may be picked up and change a life or start a fire or make a person laugh. Yet, it will never been seen again (unless it is online…..there it will remain forever!). I was in tears as I listened to this haunting story song. Am hoping to find the courage Berne Brown shares in her book…courage to speak ones mind by telling all one’s heart. I can in here, and could to the real people I’ve come to love from knowing them here, but people in my neighborhood? I may have grown up with Sesame Street, but not on it!!! I need to ‘go easy on myself‘ as I learn to become open. That is super hard to do sometimes. Often.

Easy on Me, via YouTube.


In my previous post I mentioned the bunnies were old enough to not be checked super constantly. Well, I was wrong. When I went out close to noon on Monday, one had gotten out (they often hang on to the mama’s teats when she jumps out of the box..OUCH!) and ended up stuck in the cage’s wire mesh. So, it didn’t survive. I was crushed. Left with the responsibility of littles and I blew it! I’m normally VERY responsible with small creatures from kids to animals. Today, I’m going out every couple of hours to check on them. Mom is a bit stressed, well, all the rabbits are. The city is laying asphalt today and, good lord, is it a nasty odor!!! No one likes it and even the few things hung outside will most likely need tumbled with a dryer sheet to cut the scent. UPDATE: Little Bear just told me he wasn’t sure how maternal that particular doe would be. She’s the one that growls at anyone who passes her cage and bites and lunges with her front paws if you change out her water dish. She’s not the nicest bunny in the bunch!

Then, while washing laundry, I managed to lose two socks. One of mine and one belonging to The Craftsman. How ridiculous! Often I put the ‘found’ sock back into the basket to see if eventually the mate is discovered. It usually works! But I’ve never lost two mates before. (OK, that just sounds odd!!)

Thankfully, my chocolate chocolate chip zucchini bars with chocolate glaze turned out perfect. I had no idea zucchini came in two colors. This one is yellow and was told the yellow ones are a bit sweeter than the green. They do look prettier and it isn’t as daunting in the bars to see yellow bits.

A New Month

The last one ended with one of Little Bear’s bunnies having kits. Our estimate was 5 or 6, she had 7. And since I’m staying home for deer season, guess who gets to mind the babies? They are not cute yet, but in the vulnerable stage (at this writing, they are just past it). Those first hours it is crucial to make sure the mom is feeding them and they haven’t been pushed out or aside and it is important to count them to verify they are all ok. (Between  you and me, the squirming bundles reminded me of tiny loud spawning fish. Squawking and leaping in an uncoordinated fashion back to the preferred section of the nest.) I also found a fun snack to give the kid in congratulations and dropped it in his rig at work (being a mom is so much fun sometimes!). He was properly mortified because I took it in to show the office staff. We were both slightly annoyed the punnish s’mores bunny shaped cookies didn’t have a marshmallow flavor. However, chocolate and honey graham is good! He was also a tad concerned I had named my plant in the sunny window. We are all familiar with the cult classic musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and Little Bear felt naming a plant was just a bad idea. I told him it was Nicole, not Audrey II, but he did decide it might be ok since there weren’t any solar eclipses coming up (not ones visible in N America, anyway!). I think it is just fine. Nicole is a vining geranium and NOT a hybrid of a Venus Flytrap and a butterwort..or avocado. Plus, I purchased her at Walmart and not from an exotic plant dealer!  Then (continuing on breeding), the guys got their deer the first day out and it was an interesting looking animal. The two deer species in this area are white tail and mule. This buck looked like a cross between the two! Which is odd and unlikely, but completely plausible. 

The deer was on the first day of the new month and Mittens seemed a bit unimpressed when told. Or is she just being undignified? Probably the latter! Fall colors are starting to grace the yard in leaf and flower. This month also marks being in OR a full year since leaving home. My Alaskan number was one locked by the Alaskan phone business, so I have to have a new one. Trying to change numbers is horrid and I wish I could hide in a cocoon like Pee Wee finally did. The guys went back up to their camp on Sunday to rest and relax before collecting everything they’d hauled up. I realise resting and relaxing at home is not a logical endeavor and taking me with isn’t very restful. Besides, as stated above, someone has to mind the babies. The babies and Mittens, who gets very put out if her 1015 pm snack is moved to a different time! It would still be nice to be somewhere else. Although, to be fair, I was somewhere else for years and should not want more! Such a silly Kris!! Plus, reading by campfire light is bad for my not so good eyes and Dick King Smith’s ‘The Foxbusters’ is a perfectly perfect read on an October evening while eating an omelette filled with ham and the last of my garden beans and mini croissants. (Chickens taking down mean old foxes is fanciful and funny as heck. Juvenile fiction at its best.) 

Also hung a few crystals up. Rainbows and sparkles always encourage smiles! Especially the chubby cupid, with horn, wings, and dangling crystal!