On and on

So many songs refer back to the never-ending story (does anyone besides me remember this one???) or the circle of life or a life that survives against all odds. In the yard this week, found a couple of those things. A sunflower had been knocked over during a recent series of storms. It was popped in the tiny yard pond to keep the leaves fresh to feed the bunnies (they like sunflower leaves) and the thing bloomed!!!!!! Flat on the ground, rootless, and beautiful. And a cucumber plant. It looks dead with a single cucumber (it had another one that was very yummy) and some green up at the top. Then, the sphinx caterpillars are a voracious circle of life!! There are dozens and they eat and eat and eat and eat. Thinking I’ll release most of them next weekend because as they get larger, they’ll eat more and I’ll slowly lose my lead on their appetites!

I feel awful I don’t pop in here as often as I used to. I read posts by GH or Ms. Monster or Rhapsody or Gary (those are sooo tasty looking!), Becky, Peg, and poetry and military history, so I do keep up on your words. I just don’t add many of my own!!!

This last week there was a series of storms in this area. It was incredibly crazy. Some places less than a half mile away got pea sized hail, the town got poured on several times, a stunning sky appeared in between, a lot of lightening again, and fires. One was close to the property owned by the family. Thankfully, it was less than 3 acres, probably. But, that area got very little rain! The cows pastured up there were a bit annoyed. Fire rigs drove through their feeding areas at least 4 times. Once to put it out and then to make sure it was out! (Little Bear took most of these pictures)


Teasel is another one of those circles of life things. Stunning weed, depending on how you look at them!! The sun will always come up tomorrow (Annie!!) and, as we live, may we reflect light like the full moon and not a sliver, like a crescent one.

When lives do stop, they really don’t. Twain is, unfortunately, dying. Apparently, crickets can get serious viruses. I don’t want to put him down yet, because he is still moving around and chirping now and then. (it wasn’t anything from being in captivity, it was actually genetic from his mother! Google is so handy sometimes!) I’d rescued a tiny almost new squirrel that was seriously injured, but it was pretty hopeless. I also didn’t have the proper food and feeding apparatus for it (did learn that older squirrel and possum can be fed on strawberry and vanilla ensure!). We think the squirrel nest may have been attacked by a bird of prey. A number of caterpillars didn’t make it to their 12th day, but more would have been lost if they were outside in a tree! Yet, each one of these creatures were a part of my life and made me richer. No matter how long they were in my world, they changed it.

I’ve not gotten my hands on a book by this author to keep yet. But LOVE her work. And I agree with the thought at the end of this post. This month has one of the more brilliant meteor showers of the year. I’ve not seen many, but they are spectacular. Gifts from above.

“A star falls from the sky and into your hands. Then it seeps through your veins and swims inside your blood and becomes every part of you. And then you have to put it back into the sky. And it’s the most painful thing you’ll ever have to do and that you’ve ever done. But what’s yours is yours. Whether it’s up in the sky or here in your hands. And one day, it’ll fall from the sky and hit you in the head real hard and that time, you won’t have to put it back in the sky again.”
― C. JoyBell C.

To Judge, or not to Judge?

I grew up with Barbie dolls and babysitting where Playboy was a coffee table magazine next to Reader’s Digest and Good Housekeeping. My knowledge of a woman’s shape was that to be thin and busty was the only kind a male would be interested in. And that was the paramount reason for a female to exist. Mum would constantly tell us kids we were getting fat even as an adult. I was fortunate enough to be a thin teen and then young woman. Until I had babies. (no one really believes a baby will completely change your body as a woman, we always hope it will ‘get back to where it once was’ and am sure with a great deal of help, it can..maybe!) I like pretty clothes, I love lingerie (not that I’ve a reason to wear any!!lol), but I detest shopping for any body wear beyond earrings. I’ve always been incredibly self-conscious about my body because of those false beliefs I allowed to be built into myself. The Diabetic Belly, mom gut, thunder thighs, fun sized fluffy treat, winged arms or whatever you want to call the deficiencies in a body not quite like the world highlights. This is about me, a female, but this also exists in the male world. And it is just plain wrong. To see photos of myself and know I do not want to look at them or I shy from having any taken is as unhealthy as having twenty out of twenty-five selfies saved on a cell.

In books and movies women are seen as the not as important to the story characters. One of my very favorite book series is the Belgaraid. Super fun older books and I was appalled by a review of a leading character. She’s a female sorceress and absolutely beautiful, smart, loves to cook and sew, and the review suggested the authors (David and Leigh Eddings) were downplaying women. Seriously??? Did this reviewer not read the books???? Polgara is the ONE magical person no one likes to mess with. She can mend things with magic, but she prefers sewing. She loves cooking and so she does. This woman watched a kingdom she tried to save crumble and ended up creating another country, one I’d not mind one bit living in! She’s incredibly wealthy and doesn’t seem to care much. People are more important than status or wealth. Anyway, I waffled on to say how often the depiction of a woman in fantasy must be less than they could be. In the James Bond story below, which I understand is very different from the movie, the love lead character is wearing a bikini and carrying some kind of harpoon. (reminds me of a shark week eons back. The female diver was in a bikini and the males were in wetsuits!) The anthologies by Marion Zimmer Bradley (who had very icky sexual instances happen in her real world that almost make me not want to read her books anymore, almost.) often have women on the covers that don’t look at all practical for the tasks at hand. Have to agree with Scarlet Witch, this does NOT seem fair.

The other day I ran across a song on FB. There are three versions. A longer one for the artist’s album, a short one that shares exactly why the song was written, and a flash mob version of the song. I’ll share the last two here:

It is a bit hard to hear the youngster as she mumbles the reason the lady at the store didn’t think she belonged in a bikini. I so agree with Jax. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. This second video, I always cry. Because I was and still am that little tiny girl Jax greets at the end.

I know there are some changes out there, but they are slow. It amazes me how women were starting to gain ground as humans and citizens in the 1880 and quickly lost it, especially after WWII. Ladies Home Journal was a part of the rise and fall of women in America (I have notes on this phenomenon, but not sure where). Publications, social media, and dolls all contribute to the overall image of humanity. (Those don’t all concern women!) It is incredibly easy to judge someone by their shape or tats or clothing, it is easy to be torn down by those who judge, and it is wrong. I could meander off into a preaching mode, but I won’t. (aren’t you lucky!!!???!!!)

Bless you for who you are and enjoy each person around you. Because if we were all the same fruit, this world would be one heck of a dull salad!!!