I was working on something from a few years back. Prose in the prosiest sense. Then, this stanza showed up. Ridiculously trite and full of imagery. I’m tossing it out, it doesn’t belong, but I like it! It sort of epitomizes my primary relationship the last decade or so. However, in this particular bit I am working on, it doesn’t belong. Sometimes words do that. Characters do that, too. So, I will share these words and find different ones for the prose in progress. (although, I just discovered the layout was totally skewed when I copied and pasted. EWWWW! Will do it one word at a time!)

Frustrated, I watch memories of yesterday                                                                                                     Build up behind tomorrow’s dam.                                                                                                                        Filling today’s reservoir until

They spill from a stagnated soul,                                                                                                                A shimmer  on cemented soil.

And I remember. Do you?  




Claude Monet


An impressionist painting is how I see my mum. She is without definition and muted. The colors are still there, yet she is fading into the picture of herself. She was just talking to a friend, her vibrancy was on stage for the moment, and learned an older woman in her church had died. Mom hoped they’d stop for a while (there have been a few in the last months. ) and I wanted to cry. Her oncologist says she will be well by the end of of summer. He had said by summer, but has moved things back a bit. She is breathing a lot better, which is his goal. Her body is weak and she has lost a great deal of weight. Others in the medical profession also see her as fading. Only time will tell. 



Yeah. Shaking head and laughing at myself.

Just mere hours after my housekeeping rant, I told our housekeeper we’d most likely be leaving this week. She then told me to let her  know so she could help me clean!!!!!! Damn it, I could have been cleaning all along! So, I will start. Cupboards, in and out (they are not very clean); drawers (same reasons); bathroom (everywhere); microwave; walls (which have gick on them in places); and a thorough sweeping everywhere. I will not vacuum (the machine is in her area and I can’t get to it). I will not strip the far bed with the mouse droppings in it, we did not use that bed. However, I will remind her it should be stripped and the linen washed. I will not mop the floor. I will also not clean the oven–I MAY take the top off to clean underneath. Depends on how brave I feel and how much time I have in this week. I was hoping to do some things today, but mom wasn’t feeling well enough for me to feel comfortable enough with leaving her alone. I’ll have to once, we leave where we are. We are in a town and mom’s house is out in the middle of nowhere. I will cross that bridge later. 

Things you think about…


While I was in my shower not shaving my various body parts, I was reminded of this pic by PAN. First, it was fun to see Harry and Ginny ‘grown’, but there were so many other things I wondered about. Like does Harry’s Horntail dragon tat move? I reckon at a witch’s tattoo parlor for a few extra galleons, you could get a moving tattoo. Inking gone to a whole new level! Then, I looked at Ginny’s legs. Really??? You are a witch, for crying out loud. There has got to be a spell to remove body hair. Although, to be fair, you may prefer fuzzy legs. If I was a witch, I’d be so into paying for a spell to do a full body Brazilian from my eyebrows down!!! OK, maybe not that much. I wonder what that would feel like? A doll??? But, I definitely would invest in something. I wonder if there are witch boutiques?  Tonks had hair which changed color, at least I think it did! Are witch hair bits magical? So many questions from one short shower!!! 




Things you do over and over take time. Dishes, sweeping, washing clothes, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, brushing teeth, washing hair, dressing and undressing, is incredible how much of our life is spent doing things that need repetition. Thankfully, most of them don’t really take very long at all. I need a shower. Again. Mom is napping, do I wash dishes or shower? One is where I can answer the door and one is not (although, there IS a window looking out onto the porch next to the bathtub!!!). I reckon I’ll just take a fast one and not do all the extra showery things! Cya!!! 

Things not to say


While reading a how to book on sex, I came across a paragraph discussing something that made me roll my eyes.

Oddly, I cannot find the book on Amazon anymore. I recently downloaded it and it shows up on my order list, but does not exist anywhere else. However, the book is by a James Ryan. (maybe he stole it? There is another book with the same name by a different author available…) Thus, I cannot accurately give this book credit. 

ANYWAY, the comment was to ask what turns your partner on. Ask. Yup, I rolled my eyes. Almost every time I have asked a male what they like, I get this response: ‘Whatever you like, I like.’ Thankfully, this is almost every time, not every time. However, it is NOT what a lover wants to hear when you try to communicate. 

Craving Krypton

Being a person with Diabetes sucks. Yeah, it isn’t necessarily life threatening, but you must take care of yourself. Being a person with Diabetes and caregiving is worse. Some days, I crave one of these things. Actually, the Diet Pepsi (as horrid as it is for you) is something I get the most. The Golden Oreos…I had no idea how darn tasty those are!!! Apple fritters are sooo good, thankfully they rarely come with a maple glaze or I’d buy more!! The ice cream? Sex in a carton. Haagen Daz Chocolate Caramel Cone. I ration this, usually. Junior Mints are my companion candy. I will slide 4 or  5 into the palm of my hand and savor them while my soul relaxes. The best thing about the mints? My cell phone fits into the empty box perfectly. Which makes my phone smell delicious! 



I have shared this in other places. It is GOOD stuff. People come and go so quickly in the world of social media, be sure to encourage them when you can. Thinking about a friend I met on via blogging. A man who is having a birthday the end of this month who has vanished. A person who gave me new things to think about. Wishing I could pass on a virtual birthday hug and let him know the good things I gained from our meeting. Since I can’t, thanking my readers for supporting me by reading and commenting. You are also good stuff!!!! 

Iron abs-NOT


I really hate it when this happens. I inject my insulin and the needle bends. (this syringe is empty, it is shown in this way so you can see it. Maybe!) It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it bruises or some other ridiculous thing. I’ve had this happen several times on  mom, but her skin is tough. I don’t think mine is. And my abs are more gelatinous than iron!!