Was thinking about how easily things are hidden in our world. How other things only exist in certain circumstances. How something may mean one thing, but does it really??? How only when we look for something can it be found..usually!!!

GH uses a lot of hilarious funnies on her blog with crazy photos that may not mean what they seem to. When I read, I find many phrases I need to stop and think (and I sometimes blink, because they are just too odd!). I recently ran into ‘Tender eyes.’ Seriously, this wasn’t a zombie story!! (although, I think zombies eat tender brains and eyes are probably more of a cannibal thing. Unless they are fish eyes, which anyone can eat!) Then, there were ‘tall foaming goblets‘. Those reminded me of an old-fashioned bar sign! This one just made me laugh out loud. (also eyes, but probably not copied exactly because I forgot which book it was in!) “His eyes were hard brown pebbles.” It made me want to put them in a garden! Seriously, eyes or hair can be like something, but even then, it is a tad dubious. Hair like a raven’s wing. Does this person not know that ravens can get fleas and ticks and mites? And how often wing feathers are broken? Yes, raven feathers are shiny and black and I get one needs to pump up descriptions, but sheesh!! And euphemisms in erotica. My land!!! A turgid member could be a congested person in parliament, but probably not. (adjective: swollen, distended or congested)

Then, you discover easy to plant seeds aren’t exactly. Radishes (which I don’t like, but the leaves look pretty) are ridiculous. In a children’s book by a favorite author, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle gave radish seeds to a mom who had a son with an aversion to cleanliness. She planted them and pulled them til the boy decided to do more than splash water on his skin. The radishes I planted up at the MiLs house grew, but not exactly. They can get too spicy if left in the ground too long, they can crack if they don’t get enough water, and they like cool weather with lots of sun. The radishes in my yard are huge leaves, which I like, but it is annoying. Mine are in an area with lots of water and sun, hers are in full hot sun and don’t get lots of water. Hers are super ball sized cracked globes that Little Bear said aren’t too bad. The peas in full sun are not a crop at all. I realised they need full sun and cool temps with a lot of water. Beans also need warmth, but not really warm. The cucumber are doing ok, but they are hidden inside the vines and I need to be careful when watering them. If I hit a little cuke, it will fall off and die! I’ve always admired the lovely flowering vines called a clematis. I’ve never gotten one to grow. Those, the roots need shade and cool, but the vines need a lot of sun. Then there is this thing called ph, which has to do with something in the soil. Gardens are science and most of mine is hit or miss. Perhaps I should be careful with cleaning chemicals in the house! Hit or miss works best when things don’t combust.

Then, there are the things in our world that are truly camouflaged. Not the odd shades of pink or purple that I adore, but are not exactly a camo pattern. Real ones. Little Bear has been keeping his rabbits cool with misters and fans, creating an ecosystem the frogs love. They have different designs and colors and are often super hard to find. Polyphemus moths are not exactly camouflaged, but they can blend in a bit. Many babies are hidden by the patterns on their fur. And then you have killdeer birds who put their nests any which where and freak out if you get too close with their wounded wing thing. (Although, one ridiculous nest was right on the edge of the driving path.) If you look, you can find them. But, you need to look!

Even my glucose is annoying. The Freestyle Libre sensor can be 5 or 10 or 50 different from a Contour Next blood test. Tomorrow night we are hoping to see the movie about Elvis. We’ll take the 56 Mercury because it screams Elvis (although, Elvis’ first movie was in ’56, it wasn’t when he first became famous). I’m not in teen age love, but I’m definitely ‘All Shook Up‘!

A Bug’s Life

The caterpillars have enclosed, or climbed out of their cocoons. All three survived, which was entirely gratifying. After pruning the volunteer maple to almost nothing to feed them, it was nice to have a 3 for 3 success rate! (and the maple looks splendid this year, so maybe the pruning wasn’t as bad as it might have been!) The black field cricket, Twain, seems to like John Phillips Sousa as much as ABBA (and Michael Crawford). He chirped in time to a few marches when we were watching ‘Stars and Stripes, Forever‘. Oddly, he’s not as fond of music from CATS! Maybe he knows cats like to chase crickets. On July 2, there was a very long impressive thunderstorm, the 3rd Charlie and Alpha enclosed, the 4th we released Alpha in the clear afternoon after a stunning amount of morning rain, the 5th Pee Wee showed up, and today, the 6th, Charlie and Pee Wee were set free. I did keep eggs, but am not entirely sure I want to feed nonstop for a couple of months again!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful images of raindrops and yard life!

Alpha, Pee Wee, and Charlie (photos are in order). The males have very large antenna, so they can find their mates. Oddly, incest isn’t that big of a deal with insects, so hoping the two eggs I got are fertile since Charlie was with each of the males at one time or another. (I think I’m hoping!) I didn’t release Charlie with Alpha because I wanted to see if there were more polyphemus moths flying around. She was alone in her mesh container yet, Charlie’s pheromones might not have worked as well as they should have when we put it outside on the 4th because the fireworks in town may have thrown the scent off. Alpha is also a different color than the other two, because colors can be different. These lovely creatures will live only a few days. Kind of gives a whole different meaning to a biological clock ticking. The poly female has just a couple of days to release a scent to attract males, mate, and lay hundreds of eggs!!!

What a Wonderful World:

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They’re really saying I love you.

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world.