What is a Woman?

Just finished an anthology of women’s literature called ‘A Jury of Her Peers’ by Elaine Showalter. The title is also a work by Susan Glaspell.  Am not going to give you reviews on the book or story, I’ll probably refer back to the anthology often. It has made me aware of so many facets of women’s literature I’d not known or even thought of. The last chapter shares how in the 90’s women authors were not constrained by the parameters of the past and could write freely. Yet, many of us women remain in bondage of many kinds.  

Was reading an article, before it annoyed me and made me wonder why I was reading it. It was about women’s fashion and what NOT to wear or do in fashion as an older woman. What to stay away from because it would peg you as ‘old’ or ‘living in the past’ or even (dare we suggest such a thing!) ‘unfashionable’!! From how to not wear makeup from plucking eyebrows (Will remove stray ones, but those odd shaped designs are seriously odd!) to powdery caked on layers. Hairstyles that are ‘too long’ and past your butt to bouffant ‘up scaled’ Farrah Fawcett designs. Then, there were accessories. Apparently the handbag is not cool. Although, the photo made me just wonder. What on earth would a person carry around a tiny hand sized bag for? It might hold your ID and perhaps a tampon, but not a whole lot more. My personal carryall is just that. It is a small backpack I’ve carted around for almost a decade and it is starting to fall apart. (searching online has made me aware that they are truly not in vogue anymore.) My bag can carry paper books, a tablet, spoons (at least two), a pair of socks, assorted coinage, supplies for diabetes, meds headaches, and tummy aches, at least one tiny notebook, assorted writing utensils from sharpies (in purple) to pens and pencils, it can hold a camera, my cell phone, an address book, a small zipper pouch with important stuff like med lists and emergency numbers, my wallet with all sorts of things, including my eldest son’s high school id (I know, completely useless, but fun), needles and thread and safety pins, assorted bandages for minor wounds, and rocks I’ve found that are dear to me. Am pretty positive this bag would be considered totally bad fashion.

Clothes were a huge topic in this list of fashion faux pas photos. Floral or animal prints are bad when you are older, baggy clothes are ok if you wear a tighter top or bottom half to offset the bag. Pastels were viewed as something older women need to steer far away from. They are for younger women, who aren’t washed out by them or look like they are grasping their youth. Capri or shortened pants are a very big no no, since they make one look very short and wide. (the author suggests skirts, and probably has no idea how horrid it is when your legs stick together when it is hot outside) Skirts are a good idea, but not jersey fabrics or dresses or long skirts or too short ones. The latter make you look legless or like you are grabbing for a youth you missed and the former tend to mold to the body and reveal lumps everywhere. Like jeggings and tights. Older women should stay away from those because they reveal way too much. Turtle necks and long sleeves are bad unless the weather warrants them because people wonder what might be hiding and a turtle neck can make you look neckless. Speaking of, big and loud accessories such as flamboyant necklaces or earrings or bracelets should be limited. Agreed, Coco Chanel suggested looking in the mirror and removing one item of jewelry and it makes sense. However, tossing brooches out with the garage sale stuff is sad (I love pins, don’t wear them, but I do adore them!). Finally, the author arrived at shiny tights (hose are a complete waste of time for a woman of any age). If an older lady needs tights, they should not be in a nude color. Dark colors or black. About this time, I exed out of the article and deleted the history!!

While I was reading the last of Elaine’s anthology, I realized, why do I need to follow some fashion guru on what I can or cannot wear? Why do I need to follow what someone else wants to be the person I am? So often today many of us are confronted with ‘don’t do this or wear this or act this way’ because someone will be upset. Often in the anthology, it seemed that an author from one period was ostracized in later years for what they were writing. Over and over women were tied to a way of life, writing, living that was stifling creativity and being. Many of those women committed suicide to escape.

Women still are being stifled. Some of us have been able to break free of conventions and restraint, and for those who have, they embrace the freedom they have earned in spite of cost. Family and friends look askance at that freedom. Well-meaning folks criticize our choices and yet, is it realistic to toss what others think out and only promote self and personal desires to achieve and be? The book, ‘The Feminine Mystique‘ talks about this for American women. I wonder if it is the same all over the world?

Is that what the phrase means, ‘It’s lonely at the top’?

A New Season

Spring is officially here. The crocus are done, mostly because after they were in their last bloom it commenced raining. Crocus in the rain become purple mush. (must remember next fall to purchase crocus of different colors!) The daffs are up and the first golden trumpets are shining out the glory of spring, the double daffs and the narcissus will follow with their own responses. There are buds of green on the lilac and the rose bushes and violets are springing up all over the yard with tiny golden buttons of dandelions. So do love these months! Even the rain is grand, you can imagine it soaking into the soil where waiting bulbs and perennials and seeds are able to soak in the nourishment of moisture and when the sunshine and warmth comes back. Oh! Spring is such a well-dressed, busy time of year!

With the onset of March, illness has ran rampant in the household. Started with steroids, though. The doctor had me lined up for x-rays for my sore lower back and arm/shoulder and gave me a run of steroids to help keep me from all the ibuprofen I swallow. Well, the x-rays showed there really isn’t any reason for pain, but the steroids have absolutely helped. Not sure how long they stay in one’s system, but I’ve only had a smidge of pain now and then. So lovely! The taste, however, was beyond nasty. I wrapped them in bits of Jr. Mints to make them more palatable. (odd, shrank these photos a LOT and they look HUGE on my screen.)

While those were being taken, what seemed to be allergies were attacking. The Craftsman was so sick, he took two days off of work and the doctor gave him sinus infection meds. This gal was sicker than a dog, but had so many errands the first week of March, it was ridiculous. Most days I never leave the house and if I do, it is for one or two errands in a single day and then nothing for weeks. However, this month I had appointments and meds to pick up and discovered my ODL was expired (opted to get the Oregon Real ID and the card is so pretty and shiny. My photo looks like a mug shot, but the card makes up for it!). Since Friday the 12th have not gone or done much of anything til this weekend. Hae barely even been online. Did email my physician and she told me to get a covid test. Although, she told me that last Friday and this weekend has been a complete change from the last few weeks. Taste and scent have returned for the most part and I don’t have a serious tummy ache. What I do have is worse. Intense itching and a rash all over my body. Reminds me of chicken pox without the blisters. Wore socks on my hands to sleep to keep myself from itching at night. Appears it might be a reaction to an antidepressant I’m supposed to take twice a day and only take once. Did tell the physician, but information on the drug suggests it will go away in a few weeks when my body is used to taking it. The drug has some good side effects, though. Am not as tired and have lost weight!!! (although, that could also be from not eating many carbs while I was sick. Half cups of dry cheerios was my main nibble snack in a day.) Oddly, the drug also causes some of the same symptoms as covid, so there you go! Crazy. The kid was sick for a short while, too. He may have escaped most of what his parents had, hoping so!

Baked Sunday, for the first time this month. Making meals has been about all I could handle. Will need to pay better attention. The brownies had to be taken from the oven a bit after being popped in, had to add another 1/3 a cup of flour to the mixture.  (writing was small. Didn’t realise it was 1 2/3 a cup!) The end result looked unusual, but covered it all with homemade chocolate frosting and was told they are very good.

The animal kingdom here has been modified. Moses is enjoying spring, Mittens is annoyed she cannot go outside, and the rabbit kits have been culled. They were fighting and one of the males ended up in quarantine with the nickname ‘Scarface O’Harelip” because his face had been rearranged. Another had been mis sexed and gotten of the girls he was cohabitating with pregnant! At 14 weeks!!! No matter, Little Bear is hoping for two more litters from adult females. There is a squirrel family chasing around the trees and bushes, red wing blackbirds are visiting the feeder with the finches, sparrows, and juncos, and I’ve discovered a few lady bugs!!! Little Bear also brought me a chrysalis of what is probably an angle shade moth. (I’ll put it outside again!)

Turning my back on the lovely end of winter. Looking forward to what the new season has to offer!

On the Eve of March

February still exists here in the PNW for a few more hours so this post is still valid! The month of February is truly my favorite month, it will be sad to see it leave. Outside the wind is sending the poplar voices into a cacophony as the limbs are whipped to and fro. Was anticipating March was popping in like a lion, but the next few days show sunshine and warmer temps. Thus, Feb is the one leaving like a lion. Probably a snow leopard. Not much is left. Little Bear’s rabbit sculpture has about a mom sized foot print left in a tiny pile and there is a larger pile out on the street. Had about an inch dropped yesterday, Snow Moon. So, reckon it is apt!!

Passing on the loving of this month during the ensuing ones will be a bit more difficult since the holidays are different and there are no birthday’s or anniversaries (especially in March). Yet, it is still February and to celebrate the last day, PURPLE!!!!!!! In the photo of me (took one on my birthday at the start of Feb, so one at the end, too!!) , you can’t see the rocks dangling from my ears, Also have some rose quartz hearts I’ve not worn yet, but well, amethyst!! Also purchased some snowflakes. They are interesting. Definitely lower box store quality, a tad larger than my ears, but fun costume baubles with sparkles!

Also found a purple quote without a source. When the source was found, it made me sad and changed the entire tone of the quote. Or so I thought. The first quote was this, ‘you touched me and I became a lilac sky.’ The entire quote is this, “You were red, and you liked me because I was blue, but you touched me and I became a lilac sky, and you decided purple just wasn’t for you.” Those are by a musician poet, Halsey. Crediting sources is always important. So many get them wrong….

“I like to write with a lot of emotion and a lot of power. Sometimes I overdo it; sometimes my prose is a little bit too purple, and I know that.” HG Bissinger. Rather adore purple prose!!!!!!!

From Jimi Hendrix’s song ‘Purple Haze’ are these words, “Purple haze all in my eyes, don’t know if it is day or night, You got me blowin’, blowin’ my mind. Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?” Not sure if it is the end of time, but I figure one should go for magic, no matter where you might be!!! And purple!

A love of carbs

From a note on my notifications, it seems I’ve had this blog for about 4 years. Which means it was around the time I realised I needed to stay with mom indefinitely. How much life has changed since then! Trite, but so true. Thannk you for being a part of my long journey with mom and staying with me as my world has gotten odder!

This is a post of carbs. Things I’ve cooked in Feb of this year. :o) Starting with the Po’Boys made for Little Bear’s birthday. The rolls were a mess (as mentioned in a previous post!), but the actual meal was well received. OK, the first one is my odd attempt to use pre frozen rolls to make hoagie buns. I should have shaped them before the point in the photo as they fell FLAT! The second is the chocolate frosting made for cupcakes not for the kid’s birthday. Those were peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate inside and then frosted with more chocolate. The last picture is the actual sandwich. It is supposed to have mayo on both halves with one side also having shredded beef, gravy, and battered shrimp. Little Bear opted to add cheese, both shredded and not. The other side has the mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. He added onion. The mayo is so the gravy won’t soak into the bread on the one side.

Also made yummy blackberry muffins. They turned out fairly well, but no one liked them except the one who needs to be careful with carbs! So glad they were ‘healthier!’ When I made these, also made an applesauce muffin with some red hots applesauce a friend gave us. Red hots, in case you don’t know, are tiny dots of cinnamon candy and they melt in the heat of a pocket or a car or a pan of cooking apples! Those muffins went over very well.

Below are The Craftsman’s and Little Bear’s very favorite roll now. They take a bit of time to make, are super high in carbs, and have a good deal of protein as well. They use Greek yogurt and cheese. A lot of cheese! The dough is supposed to be separated into two lots. Sent the photo to a friend who said I should have bused them! I did knead them…….

This next to last item is not for humans. Although, we could probably eat them! They were for the rabbits and came out tons better than the ones made previously. Only bad part was how long they take. They bake for about 30 min and sit in the oven for 3-4 hours while it cools. The other bad part, was my silicone baking pan (even after two washes) smells like alfalfa!!! The rabbits, however, love them. Used to make dog treats, too. The dogs adored those things!!! But, for each critter, those are treats and not food. The bunny bites have banana in them. This time I used baby food. Making pureed bananas is easy, but it is best to use good ones and The Craftsman eats those. (I am allergic as is Little Bear) and when they get ‘gucky’, those become bread.

The cookies were an experiment. Wanted to make heart cookies from drop cookie dough. The directions seemed easier than the result. They do have a heart shape, but even after spreading the back with chocolate candy, they were very crunchy. Not at all like the normal recipe. Had to laugh when Little Bear asked if they all needed to be hearts. He knew it was Feb, but couldn’t I make round ones? Anyway, you drop the dough on the pan, squish it with a glass bottom dusted in sugar, cut out a triangle on one side, pinch the bottom into a V and bake them. This was a molasses cookie, betting short bread or something less spready might work better.

There you have a month of baking. Next month is March. Dr. Seuss’s birthday and St Pat’s Day and mom’s birthday. We’ll see what pops up on the cookie sheet next!


Today is Feb 19, 2021, the snow is melting, and we have rain. Granted, it will take a bit to get the snow completely gone, but it at least there won’t be flooding. The ground wasn’t frozen before the snow fell and with this rain, it is slowly soaking into the what and pea fields. And the creeks and rivers! Best part is this area has finally gotten a ‘normal’ amount of snowfall for a winter. Last time we had snow like this it was more than a decade or two ago. Many (including myself) have posted snow pictures, so thought about sharing some of my favorite ones. It has been years since the snow was right for making things out of snow, so this year my imagination opted to create 3 snow people and 1 peep. Little Bear, in a fit of making also made a rabbit. (It was funny, while outside, realised how often my boys and Little Bear helped me play in the snow and missed it. Then, the kid came home from work and started in!!) Below are Mrs. Whatsit (Wrinkle in Time character, EXCELLANT read, not so great movie), and a snow lady and a snow man. The next day it was obvious melting had started and they weren’t looking as nice!! They are followed by two different views of the snow rabbit and the peep. Was asked why it was blue. Laughed and realised, not everyone is a peep connoisseur. They come in yellow, blue, purple, pink pastels for Easter and white and orange for Halloween. Peeps can also be chicks or bunnies or ghosts. There are probably some for Christmas, too! Today, my peep is faded and looks rather worse for wear. When the kid mentioned this to me, told him that sugar and marshmallow don’t hold up well in water. :o)

The birds have been veracious. When someone says a person is eating like a bird, they obviously haven’t had a feeder!!!! Learned that birds have to be a certain wait to fly and as they eat, they excrete. Which is why when you see a ‘fat’ bird sitting around, they are most unhealthy!! The squirrels have been hilarious. For several days the snow was fluffy and the rodents would leap onto railings, knowing there was a railing there, but it was covered in snow and poof! They’d fall into the soft snow and have to swim out. They are also burying seeds in the snow, which seems rather silly. But, well, squirrels! The one who knocked the lid off the feeder and didn’t realise it was even more laughable. Working like crazy for a few seeds, when he could have gone inside the feeder and had all he wanted. Although, not sure The Craftsman would have wanted to ’empty’ a squirrel from a feeder!

Really hope this post doesn’t end up too laden with photos to even peruse! Was going to add some kitchen creations, but will wait. Not all those photos are loaded on the laptop, anyway. Thus, more outside!!! Down the street, in the yard, and bulls during the short Valentine’s Day drive I was taken on. Stubborn, huge creatures. The only spots on their pelts that was snow free was on their foreheads. One would push the other for several feet, stop, then the other would push. Guess they were trying to keep warm!

As mentioned above, it is melting and the drips of rain and water is tons less stressful than hearing several feet of snow and ice slide off the roof. Most of the stuff on this one is gone. All around the neighborhood, though, there are heavy looking white festoons poised on roof edges. Probably waiting til someone is walking next to a house where they can become victims of snow fall. It may be funny in movies, but it is actually kinda dangerous. Like the sledding scene witnessed the other day. A 4 wheeler drove past pulling about 4 kids on a plastic sled. The next time it was seen, all the kids were on the motorized vehicle with the driver, shrieking away. On the sled was an adult. Who was rolled off as they rounded a corner on a street full of parked cars. The driver didn’t hear or notice for a bit. The tumbled adult was fortunate. Reminds me of a recent Tundra comic featuring three dogs, one wearing a plastic cone on his head. An older dog remarks, “It’s all fun and games til someone ends up in a cone.”

Thankful for heat and water and electricity and a gentle winter. Cannot even imagine what others states in the US are facing.

Sharing a you tube video on Peep Dioramas. So much fun a person can have with marshmallow!!

Favorite things-more or less!

As of Feb 10, 2021, this part of OR doesn’t have any snow. It is expected, but it was first expected on Tuesday and then Wednesday. We will see if it appears on Thursday afternoon late. There were a few flakes on Monday. They were a bit lazy and unaggressive, drifting to and fro singly or in wide apart pairs. They didn’t even look like they were interested in asking anyone else to come to their snow party!!! Silly snowflakes! Since this wasn’t published before Thursday night, will amend this paragraph with an update of SNOW! Granted, it isn’t much and it is super light. Could almost blow it off the porch, but used a broom and wore slippers (no, did NOT slip in the slippers!) and gloves and had on long sleeves. It is starting to blow now and the sidewalk that was easy to brush off has drifted in. You could sure see where the little plants were when the snow was starting to cover up the grass. The daffs stood up quite sprightly in the white. The guys say it is still snowing, am pretty sure the snow is minimal and the wind is what is moving some of it around. Wind here is ridiculous!!! Strong or light, it sucks the moisture out of anything and moves into the oddest places. Little Bear wrapped parts of the rabbit cages to keep the snow out!

Am reading several books right now. Anne MacCaffrey because she is my favorite Feb author and there are two of her series being read at the moment (one in ebook form and one in paper, because the ebook can be read in the dark). Am also reading Barak Obama’s first book of two ‘A Promised Land’. That book is giving me a great deal to think about. Also, will read again my absolute favorite Feb 14 book, ‘The Blue Castle’ by L.M. Montgomery. (Actually, had to put down the Obama book. Had a verbal altercation with the kid and made me realise how stark lines are, even in this household. The promise of a country undivided by culture or color or ideologies is farther away than hoped.) Also started one of my absolute favorite kid books by an author from Minnesota. Maude Hart Lovelace’s Betsy-Tacy stories. Betsy would have loved blogging-not sure if Maude would have! Especially when the format changes and it isn’t noticed til it does! Maude wrote these stories as fictional memories of her childhood. So much fun to read!!!!! Lois Lenski did the illustrations for the children’s books. When Betsy and Tacy and Tib got into High School, Mrs. Lenski didn’t want to illustrate for teens. Vera Neville was suggested and took the characters around the world and back to Deep Valley, MN. .

The Craftsman told me this week that he doesn’t know how to celebrate holidays or occasions. He’s been getting little things every so often because no matter how frustrated this gal is, she truly is thankful for a lot. Anyway, took my life in my hands and said that was a cop out. Anyone can learn to be more of whatever they want and if he wanted to be the kind of person who remembered holidays or birthdays, he could be. It just isn’t something he’s interested in doing. He said he was interested, it just wasn’t easy to do. Just kept quiet and finished my dinner.

 As was planning on meals for the next week (including an anniversary one) also remembered that the 16th is Shrove Tuesday!! Pancake Day!  Am a bit annoyed about Saturday, though. Just learned at Wednesday’s dinner he’ll be gone that day, probably. While we were eating, Little Bear asked his dad if he was still going to be gone on Saturday. His dad said yes, if the weather was ok. Then, The Craftsman proceeded to tell me what he was planning on doing. Thus, Saturday’s dinner will be baked in the oven. Much prefer burgers grilled, but broiling will work just fine. That way, if he’s later than expected, they won’t need cooked on the grill outside. (yes, even in winter, outdoor cooking is a good thing!)

Had a crazy dream this week that haunts me, for some reason. Don’t recall much of it at all, except the end. Was with two other women and was in a full, but empty apartment or room. I was in front of a closet trying to get an ironing board out of it. The ironing board was collapsed horizontal and there was stuff on top and under it. Took quite a bit of work, but got it free and one of the other people in the room walked off with it. I turned from the closet to speak to the third person and looked up and screamed. There was a female figure stuck to a heating vent in the ceiling and when I screamed she fell and shattered at my feet. Well, most of her shattered. I kept screaming, but the woman who had taken the ironing board and the other lady were fairly blasé and commented that she was still pretty, even if she was dried up and broken. I woke up with screams in my throat! Opted to take a shower after that, but forgot to turn it on properly and, boy, was it cold!!! Haven’t had a shower that short since leaving mom and dad’s house up north. Had to get back in bed to get warmed up!

Thursday was supposed to be Friday, but after discovering it wasn’t, decided to bake. Made peanut butter cupcakes, cored out the centers, and then filled them again with chocolate frosting. After putting the ‘holes’ back, frosted the tops with more chocolate frosting and put some heart sprinkles on for fun. Used a nifty odd contraption mum bought me ages ago when cupcakes were made often. It is has a sharp edged plastic corer you twist into the baked item. When you feel it is far enough, you remove it and the corer is full of cupcake! You remove the cake with a tiny plunger and break off the top bit to use as a cupcake hole cover when the hole is filled. Would have taken photos, but it was entirely messy. Funniest part? Thought Little Bear was late for lunch because I’d looked at the clock wrong! Was an hour ahead all day. Also made blueberry muffins with chocolate chips and after dinner made peanut butter Valentine m&m’s cookies. Think baking is done for a few days!!! One substitute I often use now is yogurt in place of milk. Makes everything from biscuits to cake so much fluffier!!!

Can’t imagine much more joy than snow and favorite books! Hoping your holiday weekend is as nice as mine is looking to be.

Monday Birthdays…

Monday’s and birthdays shouldn’t be combined. OK, this gal is older now and it was a very odd sort of day. Let me splain! Not a sum up, this post is too long! (note: Garfield needs a party hat.)

Was hoping to have a new year with great glucose results. Nope. Woke up super low and it stayed there til quite a while after getting up, when it sky rocketed to a much higher number that used to be a normal for me. So annoying!!! I had taken a shot in my tummy last week that has turned into a lovely purple bruise the size of a thumbprint below my belly button. (Thankfully, purple is one of my favorite colors!!!) When I got into the shower with the low blood sugar, discovered that it was being shared with a spider. Now, showering with a friend is lovely. Showering with a spider is NOT!!!! After the shower, it was time to dress. So, opened up all the packages I’d purchased after Christmas. One of the skirts was an absolutely lovely discontinued piece. It was ordered before in the wrong size and it would not shrink. So ordered it again. That skirt was a 1X, the new one was XL. They were the EXACT same size. Which kind of sort of makes sense, but crushed me. The other skirt was a 14 and fits well and my t-shirts are always worn larger. Needless to say, the 14 was worn and the other put back into the bag to return.

 The cookies made the other day were almost gone, so opted to make blondies. Except was wanting tunes and popped in Meatloaf’s ‘Bat Out of Hell’, which is one of my all-time very favorite albums. (it isn’t listened to often because The Craftsman doesn’t care for it and it is in the bottom of the stack of CDs) Unfortunately, my glucose was still high and getting higher, so dashed to the other side of the house to get some insulin. On my way back to the kitchen, there was a loud crackling noise and it confused me. Was certain the CD was mucked up because that odd sound wasn’t in any of the songs on the album. Then, realized what it was and ran into the kitchen to turn down the burner. The burner holding the pot containing butter, which had melted and was sputtering! Added the rest of the ingredients, after making sure all was ok and it wasn’t right. Thinking some of the butter had spattered away, added a smidge more. One of the reasons this recipe for blondies is a favorite is because it can be mixed and made in a single pan, which means less dishes! Unfortunately, while holding the pan and pouring the batter out, the handle I was gripping cracked! My favorite sauce pan and the handle broke!!!!!! (I’m still annoyed!)

Pretty much spent the rest of the day doing laundry and tidying up the kitchen. Since Little Bear wasn’t going to be home for dinner, planned on making breakfast. Even with not quite a dozen eggs, was pretty sure I could manage a meal with chicken strips and waffles. (another favorite) When the kid got home from work, he brought me a card from Alaska that made me smile. It was a Christmas card!! A college friend got them mailed a bit late, so thought it was perfect it arrived on my birthday. My MN friends sent me the one below. She said she saw it six months ago and bought it for my birthday!! Then, tried to take some birthday selfies to commemorate the day and deleted EVERY SINGLE one of them on accident!! Went back outside and took a couple more.

At this moment, put roast beast in the crock pot for dinner and hoping it is better than Monday’s! (Most of my cooking is done easy and a crock pot is easy!!) The Craftsman called at 523 to tell me he was on his way home. He did not arrive until 635. Little Bear (who did want dinner at home) called at 630 to say he was on his way home. He arrived just before 7. It takes close to 25 min for most drivers to get from town to the house. So very thankful there was an oven to keep the waffles warm and the scrambled eggs were kept on low with the 4 chicken strips found in the freezer. Cooked myself a plain egg and ate it with a waffle and a cup of applesauce about 625. Didn’t know the freezer at Grandma’s had more strips in it, so kept the chicken for the guys. If the roast had been cooked, we could have eaten together no matter how late everyone arrived! Oh well. The guys were fed and enjoyed their meal.

The Craftsman brought me a pot of purple primrose. Love those flowers! It is a bit too early to plant outside, so it is blooming inside. Used to plant them in Tillamook often, but this area is so very different! Actually, the seasons all over Oregon and Ak and even MN are different. What used to be the norm a decade ago, isn’t today. Find that a tad nervousing. Which is why one of the things I’m planning is to plant milkweed to encourage Monarch butterflies to visit and thrive. Will also get Painted Lady eggs. Those are such cheerful fliers!

Ended the day watching most of ‘A Fish Called Wanda’. (The Craftsman has tried to record it when it has been on and finally got all but the first five minutes.)  An absurd, full of crazy sex-capades, and absolutely 80’s movie. Logical end to a bizarre Monday!  

OH, one of my neighbors, who grew up in AK, hung a bag on the door! A bag holding an Alaskan story. Now, just need to read! Haven’t read more than a chapter in the last couple of days. Also, made an angel cake this afternoon-using the cool angel cake holder that is used to cool the cakes that The Craftsman made. (It only looks like a lamp!) Speaking of, dropped in The Craftsman’s lunch box an audio book called ‘Ghost Soldiers’ about WW2. Adore how this month is full of days to celebrate people in all kinds of ways.  

To each of you, LOVE on!!  

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com


One thing that drives me crazy is when people open Christmas gifts or birthday presents before the actual day. In this last week of Jan. one card has arrived for me and it is obvious it is a birthday card. My friend put in quotes between my first and last name, ‘Birthday Girl’. I laughed and set it aside to open on Monday. Had also planned on making one of my favorite dinners that night, roast beef. Prime rib would be even better, but that isn’t something easily done. However, a nice roast in the crock pot is a great idea! So, went out and spent almost $50 on a roast and two spritzers and some Valentine cards that need written and mailed and an ice cream treat that was supposed to be less expensive, but the discount was for a different store. (piffle) Sadly, the kid just told me he is going shopping on Monday night and didn’t understand how come my roast beef dinner couldn’t be moved. In retrospect, it can be. Will make it on Tuesday and they can have it before they leave for their study groups. No, will not tell him it is my birthday. It is just another day of doing chores. Wasn’t planning on leaving the house again (except to mail things) til Wednesday anyway. My celebration will be drinking one of the spritzers and opening up a package I ordered from Duluth Trading Co containing a top and two skirts and the Amazon package holding a book. Have had those packages for several weeks already and not reaading that book has been driving me nuts! lol

Wednesday will be picking up stuff to cook for Little Bear’s Thursday birthday. Saw a post by a southern friend for sandwiches called ‘Po’Boys’ (interesting story. Appears ages past, owners of delis decided to feed men who were on strike, calling them poor boys. The sandwiches were large and filling). So, will make buns out of frozen bread rolls and buy large slices of roast beef (not using my roast, will need much more!) and will add fried shrimp. Although, those may need hand cooked. Which is a tad more work than anticipated. They will be surf and turf Po’ Boys without the Cajun spices! Because my personal palate is boring as dust. Will give little bear a bottle of whatever he wants to spice his own up!! He also wants cheese cake for his birthday. Which means I’ll need to make something else since Grandma doesn’t care for cheesecake and she’ll be visiting for his birthday! (will make angel cake for mine, so Little Bear can reenact the stuffing cake in the mouth scene from ‘Ground Hog Day’!)

Will also see about getting him a digital thermometer to hang outside by the rabbits. The poor things are confused. We had super warm days followed by freezing cold with snow and wind that sucked the warm right out of the air and the critters are molting like it is spring. Yet, the winter season is just starting. His 7 babies gained almost 4 pounds in a week and the mom, when he takes a youngster out to look it over, just gives him that look that says, ‘you can keep it’. They like to hop over her or sit on top of her. Reminds me of that awesome Dr. Seuss book ‘Hop on Pop’. Although, this is ‘Hop on Mom’!!!

Speaking of books, have you read anything besides ‘Tom Sawyer’ or ‘Adventures of Huck Finn’ by Mark Twain? Just started ‘Roughing It’ and have been giggling out loud almost every other page. There was a paragraph where the main character described another and said in a long hilarious sentence, ‘she rained the nine parts of speech forty days and forty nights, metaphorically speaking, and buried us under a desolating deluge of trivial gossip that left not a crag or pinnacle of rejoinder projecting above the tossing waste of dislocated grammar and decomposed pronunciation!’ Those last four words had me giggling helplessly while waiting for my eyes to get back to normal in the parking lot of the eye doctor.

Yup, did that. Visited the eye doctor and she dilated my eyes and found that they are practically the same as they were when my glasses were renewed in the fall of ’18. Which is good news, but doesn’t seem to help the headaches. Wonder if they just need adjusting. The glasses, not the eyes! At this time, it appears this old gal is absolutely healthy. With problems walking or moving the right arm or seeing. Perhaps it is really all mostly imagined and just need to realise whatever it is in my brain that is keeping me physically handicapped isn’t as important as it might be.

So, what is your favorite birthday meal and or cake??? (had an angel cake like that last one- what a mess to cut!!)

Fossils 1

One of the most fascinating things in the world is finding fossils, digging the past, and finding old stuff. Much of mom’s house was that way. My sister called last night (insert eye roll) to thank me for texting me the landline house number, because she didn’t know if my Alaska number (the one I’d just texted her on) was any good since I wasn’t there. Then, she proceeded to tell me it was odd “we” had not found a key to a fancy wind up clock she ended up with. It is a clock deep in my memory, but her descriptions sort of made it wiggle to the top of my brain. However, when she told me it had hung in the basement, had to remind her NOTHING had been hung on the basement walls since the ’15 sewage flood when the basement walls were all replaced. Jake’s comment, “Oh.” Have no clue when she got the clock, she wasn’t there to find the odd key she remembered, and if she had, then perhaps things would have gotten completed faster. But, being annoyed with my sister isn’t why this post exists. (for real!)

Little Bear had been shopping and found a candy he wanted to share with me. He’d never heard of it before and when I’d mentioned it was English, but the maker appeared to be Spain and the US, he googled it. The candy was ‘All Sorts’. He really liked them, but in his search, he found an awesome blog that doesn’t look like it has been updated in a few years. A fossil that is hilarious and shares knowledge and opinion. More of these need shared once more, so off we go!

Candy is one of the most popular ways to celebrate holidays, commemorate events, and buy on impulse. One of my all time favorite Christmas songs talks about Christmas Candy. Chocolate seems to help keep the world on an even keel and dozens of degrees of sweetness. (my true favorite is white chocolate, which is the worst kind for health! On Easter, my basket would have a small solid white bunny and it would take a month to whittle the treat away!)

When Little Bear found this blog, it was made to share. I’ll link it and try to add the post on All Sorts. The author and taster appears to NOT like marshmallows. Which can sometimes resemble chewy sawdust. Marshmallow must be fresh to be enjoyed and someday I will make them from scratch. Maybe!!!! A bag here is less than $2 and the ingredients are much more!

Alas, it does not appear the blog is sharable other than via links. So, this is the link for All Sorts. Do check out the blog and enjoy the fun examples of sweet and the great responses of the tasters!!

Most of you know my favorite candy is probably original Kit Kats. My least favorite? Anything with coffee!!!! Although, the very odd marshmallow filled cocoa kisses took quite a while to get used to and they still would not be on my shopping list ( The Craftsman bought them to try!). What is YOUR favorite candy???? Least favorite?

Change the world, one note at a time

Not in the park, nor is it the 4th, but it IS Saturday. And Saturday is a great day to celebrate life and change the world. One tiny moment at a time. (Fun song from Chicago, YouTube, and MTV)

Was in bed this morning when Little Bear came to the door (he chose to work for a neighbor Saturday, so was  up way before his normal time of about 11 am) to tell us the clouds were stunning with the sunshine. After he left, his dad got up, dressed, kissed me good morning, and went off to start his day. Which made me realise that in spite of aches and pains, morning hair (worse than morning breath when one has longer locks and goes to sleep with them wet!!!), and an ample gut, getting up and moving appears to be a better choice than trying to stay in bed and moving!! Also thought about the mussy upstairs area full of scattered paperwork and what not and decided that would be my job today.

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and moms, and so on. Little Bear was right, the sunshine was amazing this morning and made every single dust bunny and smut stand out. Their basic camouflage was gone and good lord was it a mess! Thinking of bunnies made me decide to pop outside and visit the herd while it was nice. They are all so different feeling. Some are super soft, some love the spot between their eyes rubbed, others prefer behind their ears, and Slate is a crack up! She seems stand offish, but grab her long stick (she has a stick she sometimes loses because it fits through the holes in the cage, but it is a favorite to chew on and carry around) and ‘fence’ with her and she loves it! She growls and grabs the stick and pulls and if you rub her with it, she closes her eyes and rubs back. So very odd. Had no idea a rabbit could growl!!!!! They really are a lot like cats. Little Bear even said he understood exactly why the babies are called kits, ‘because they are kitten adorable.’ Yesterday, he commented that their fuzziness factor was increasing. His dad asked if they were becoming pets and Little Bear laughed. The kid said that they should lose their ‘too cuteness’ in a couple more months and become just 9 pound rabbits. The latter, while still kind of cute, are not near as cuddly as a handful of baby bunny. (The babies, during my visit, were piled up in the nest box, so my focus was on the adults.)

Once back in the house, The Craftsman got busy elsewhere (he had been watching me with the rabbits, later he cut up chunks of stick for them to play with-like toy blocks, but round.) and inside dust bunny removal began. There really were quite a few of the critters. Pretty sure they multiply as fast as the real rabbits, too! The craziest thing was finding thick dirt on the rungs of the dining room chairs. Had no idea dust would build up on those, which is probably why they appeared to have a grey overcast to their shine! Even managed to vacuum the funky looking cactus that was acquiring a multitude of cobwebs. Needless to say, when my glucose monitor buzzed at me to tell me it was falling fast, it made sense.

Was thinking about putting up more snow and winter décor, but the step ladder is too short to reach certain places. (the human is probably too short, but it makes it less personal to say the step ladder is!) Why on earth do their directions say don’t stand on the topmost step when the top step gets you closer to the place you need to be??? Although, to be fair, the shelf was still out of reach. The Craftsman often tells me he’ll help me if I ask, but asking more than three times is my problem. Except, will ask once more and then the boxes will be put aside til the kid can be asked. It is less stressful for me to ask the almost 27 year old than the guy over 55! Lol

The Craftsman just breezed in almost an hour ago to say he’d be back in a little bit.  The fog is also coming in, so it is a good thing the dust bunnies were cleaned up earlier!!! It is very odd out there, the sun is shining, but the fog is wrapping everything in shrouds of grayish white and there is water dripping on the living room window!!!!!! Not really photo worthy, but definitely interesting. And chilly. Moses wants a lap and is walking around meowing, hoping one might materialize. Silly cat! (he prefers The Craftsman, but will reluctantly take mine if he has no other choices. He’s seriously put out at the moment because my lap is hidden by the desk the laptop is on.) Ah, Little Bear came home and is thawing out shrimp and opening up a can of tuna. Now the meowing is at a different decibel and in a different room.

Oh dear, may not ask anyone for help. The Craftsman got one of the trucks stuck in the mud up at his mon’s place and is frustrated, Little Bear is trying to find reasons why the ground is muddy (the moisture could have come up from below after the deeper soil thawed. Which is fascinating, but doesn’t get the truck unstuck!), and think a couple of coconut chocolate snickerdoodles might be good right now. (made snickerdoodles with a bit of coconut flour. Very tasty and, surprisingly, not hard on my glucose).

Have a splendid day whatever day it is in your area and make that small change to make the world a better place!