Back in the 70’s, again.

Back in the 70’s, again. No, not talking about television (‘Welcome back, Kotter’ or ‘Emergency!’ or the original animal show of ‘Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom’). Definitely not talking about clothing (hot pants and bell bottoms were nice, but no no no!). Not thinking about the politics (speaking of, what was so great about the past that we want to get America back there again?) or those most adorable Volkswagen beetles. This week, our temps went from freezing to the 70’s again!! So, since my debit card is still not in my possession, I opted to work outside instead of going shopping! (Alaska house is still pending, too)

A neighbor told me she ended up getting a dumpster to clean out her iris beds. I don’t want to throw them all away, but they are in serious need of work. However, the yellow flowers are finally cleaned up.  The bed needs smoothed and the best rhizomes need put back. Unfortunately, there is still the burgundy bed to dig up. The ground is so dry. I had assumed that the rain we had might loosen things some. Alas, there are too many grass roots and very little of the soil was moistened by the crazy rain and odd snow bits we had last week. I have an entire garbage can full of heavy roots and broken rhizomes. Sincerely hoping The Craftsman can help me this weekend. Not betting on it, we never did go for a ride anywhere together last weekend. No matter, I’ll do what I can. (I did get VERY dirty on Thursday, although you can’t really tell.)

The kid is going to avoid town on Saturday because of Halloween. He’ll go up to the mountains, but I reminded him if he comes back, he’ll need to be careful of wandering trick or treaters. On a usual year, kids are out and about all over town from about 4 til 9pm. With this Halloween on a Saturday and with a full moon, he may decide to stay all night up in the mountains and return on Sunday with Day Light Savings Time. (except he just remembered he has to work on Sunday afternoon!!) Covid hasn’t really done too much disruption in town. Truck or Treat is still happening and I think I just heard yells and cheering from the local HS football field this evening. I also saw advertisements for coaches when I was at the post office. Basketball, I think.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I so do love dressing up. I’ll be doing well if I find a silly shirt to wear this year! Since I’ll only be answering the door and passing out candy (and maybe glow sticks), basic attire is the fashion. Maybe I’ll make cookies and wear a skirt and apron! (late 50’s?)  I believe I have some glow stick charms that I’ve been thinking might make a good pair of earrings, too…..I’ll look into that. I did discover the tiny punkins The Craftsman purchased are pumpkin pie punkins, so as soon as this holiday is over, I’ll cook the three down for freezing and eating later. Fun fun fun!!!

If you were alive in the 70’s, what do you remember best? If you were still a twinkle in your parent’s eye, do you have a TV show from then that you watch in reruns?

Frosted Japanese Lanterns

Not Fun Friday

Thursday night two odd things happened, the 80’s were embraced, and one dinner became a new favorite. One odd thing was a comment I didn’t know how to interpret. I’d mentioned to The Craftsman an observation I had found in the online notes from my Diabetes doctor. It read something like this, “Obese. Pleasant appearance.” He replied, ‘Maybe this new machine will help that.” Odd?  Yes. The other odd thing that happened, though, was really bad.  I forgot my long acting insulin. My new CGM reminded me, my cell phone alarm reminded me, I took a bit of short acting insulin and blew off the longer one. Later, The Craftsman put in a cheesy movie I had to watch. A few scenes I didn’t watch (it is a very familiar movie), but I was with Michael J. Fox until the end of The Secret of My Success. (I did leave at the very end when the love interest does the funny hand thing in the air with her back to him)  NOTE: Thursday must have been cheesy movie night. Earlier, he was watching ‘Dante’s Peak’ when Little Bear and I stopped in the living room and stayed because neither of us had ever seen it. Good LORD is that movie hilarious!! Little Bear, “How can he kiss the girl with that much energy after being pinned inside a squashed truck for two days with an arm that was broken so badly a bone was sticking out? He should be medivaced and on fluid.” We then decided it was because the character was being played by one of the several James Bonds AND Remington Steele (80’s, I loved Remie!!!) Anyway, it was after 1 am when I remembered my shot.

Friday morning was not exactly sparkly. I had to laugh inside, I knew The Craftsman had a lot to do and reminded him if he wanted intimacy (it was mid-morning and he was falling asleep petting my arm. He is very much a person who responsibly gets his day started as soon as he wakes up), we should get started and he’d be able to leave in a little bit. He complained I was treating ‘making love’ like a job. I smiled as he was getting dressed and said if it had been a job, I’d not get paid!  At any rate, he brought me the fountain soda I’d asked for before he left the second time and I put a stew in the crockpot. When he was home for lunch, I did tell him about my two toys, Bluebird and Twig (not by name). He didn’t seem too upset and asked if they worked. I also wasn’t feeling good and ate a single chicken patty and drank the soda, finished the electrolyte water I’d started, and drank regular tap water.

Except, I am not sure the fountain soda was sugar free. My CGM and my blood glucose monitor were both reading very high and I felt nauseous and ended up sleeping most of the rest of the day until it dropped to a passably decent level. Unfortunately, it started to climb after I had a cup and a half of stew and two 1 inch biscuits. (maybe 1 and a half) Or it could have been the delayed shot.  As I’m typing, everyone is out and about again and it is almost 9 pm. I’m going to check blood and the CGM and maybe read after unloading the dishwasher. (Friday night is so exciting!! Lol)

Oh.  And the favorite dinner? Chicken and waffles. The guys were decidedly dubious about the idea of waffles being eaten with chicken sans ranch dressing, but they tried it and fell in love with it!! Hooray to the restaurant owner in Harlem who first paired the two! Next time I serve it, I’ll make it all from scratch instead of using premade frozen chicken strips. (which really were not strips and had only a few in the package, in spite of how good they were!!) Strider said it was his favorite meal to order at iHop. This is a fun 2 page link about the many origins of this delicious treat.  

Diabetes and Spiders

Odd title, but bear with me!! (not BARE, sheesh!)

Tuesday was a rather interesting day. I had a doctor appointment at 1030 and labs at 10. Thankfully, they were in the same building, but I wasn’t called for the labs until 1015. Now, I’m not a very good blood draw and since I was also scheduled for a pee test, I asked if I could do that part before the blood part. Thankfully, the phlebotomist said yes! I then was settled in what appeared to be the break room in a reclining chair. After looking over both arms, she proceeded to go into the left one at the elbow section. I was doing my best to not pay attention, but was a bit surprised to overhear a soft, ‘oh.’ (turned out my veins were not cooperating as well as she’d have liked, but she prevailed and it worked!)

I went to my next appointment and as I walked in, was called. This one was…I’m trying to think of a word to describe how I felt. Thankful. That is the best one. My Diabetes person jumped on my desire for a CGM or a continuous glucose monitor. This is a device that constantly monitors a person’s glucose without finger pokes, in a nutshell. The one she fitted me out with is called a Freestyle Libre 2. It is not covered by my insurance, but she said she was going to get my information sent to somewhere else where it would be less expensive for me to buy the things out of pocket. I hope so, the little parts that are stuck in the body are spendy buggers. They do last for 14 days and allow for unlimited testing during that time, has alarms if it goes too high or too low, can be worn in water, and has several other sorts of bells and whistles. It won’t tell me the reading, but all I need to do is move it over the sensor on my skin and see what it says. It can be connected to a phone, but I’m not going to use that feature. It does have an insensitive touch screen, but the most amazing part is how this reader and sensor are cutting edge technology already being replaced by the company! This was available in the US about June of this year. There is a new one hitting the markets overseas in a couple of months! (which is probably why my insurance doesn’t cover it yet. The insurance also requires extensive information on how often tests are taken, what amount of medication is used, and verification of this data by the physician and whether or not the patient actually needs it.) The video is long and informative.

I enjoy this guy. He makes me laugh and is helpful.

The little reader is about the size of an old fashioned flip phone and the sensor in my arm is about the size of a couple of stacked US quarters. Two things that made me laugh about this amazing technology were these. 1) The sensor is placed in and on the skin using an easy to place and use holder that essentially pushes the needle into the body and adheres the sensor to the skin. Mum had something similar for her insulin pump and we used it each time she needed it, until it was accidentally thrown away in a hospital setting as just an odd looking bit of plastic. This Freestyle piece about the size of a K cup is disposable. It cannot be reused again. 2) The reader of several hundred dollars has a life span of 3 years. I have had glucometers that use strips for many many years and they are still useful, outliving their expensive pricing. If there is one thing I have learned about Diabetes over the decades I’ve lived with it, it is never cheap and it is big on disposal. Syringes, strips, tubing, little electronic doohickeys, packaging, lancets, lancet devices, and what not. The other very odd thing I found, I need to verify. From my reading, it appears the reader won’t work if the temp is under 50 degrees F and above 115. (does this mean it is an inside only item and do I need to sleep with it next to me to keep it warm since there are some nights in winter here in EO where the house drops below the 60 degrees F of what the inside night temp is set at??—that was a bit of a run on!!)

The next part of my Tuesday was a life lesson. I think. I had gotten out to the car and opened an energy bar. While I was eating it, I noticed an intrepid spider scurrying up the antennae. I watched it for quite a while as it sat there. I even photographed it! I was incredibly curious why it had climbed to the top of this long antennae and what it was thinking. But, I did need to leave, and hoped the car vibrations would encourage it to climb back down. The parking lot was really bumpy, I noticed it carefully climbing down a few inches, then opted to pull over to let it get someplace safer. It stayed about half mast! I kept an eye on it as I drove to the first stop light. It was clinging valiantly to the vibrating antennae and moved a few inches lower at the first light. At the second light, it moved back UP an inch!! (it was a long light) Unfortunately, from there it had to hold on tight as I drove on the highway at 55 mph. There were a couple of more lights, but it didn’t seem inclined to move much further down the rod to a safer locale. About 25 minutes (or so) into the ride, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it lift up a few legs and it was gone. I was very sad. In just 7 more miles it would have been safe on a parked antennae. How often do we as humans cling desperately to something precarious, only to give up at the last second, when hope is around the corner? (I was going to say ‘the end is around the corner’, but there was a car behind me and I’m not sure if the little thing survived flying through the air at high speeds, so it may have been the end!)

I was then distracted by an orange gas light. Apparently, I’d been using the car and forgetting to fill it! As I got into town, I heard an alarm go off. Not ever having driven this rig to practically empty, I wasn’t sure if it was the vehicle. Thankfully, it was from my bag. The new CGM was alerting me it was ready to use and told me so for quite a while! (it needed to wait an hour to start.) I just went home and gave the kid money to put some gas it in it later! Technology!

On Sunday’s Eve

I’m pretty tired tonight. For the first time in ages, I was able to feel well enough to work i the yard. But, it was too much all at once. The iris bed of yellow and burgundy flowers needed to be thinned years ago. Not being in the area, I didn’t do it. This spring, they were already growing. Didn’t have the heart to hurt them by moving them. Anyway, I got most of the patch of yellows done. The ground is pretty solid underneath the grass and the grass is stuck hard in the rhizomes. (Life is often like that. Crowded roots hinder growth and aggressive weeding is needed to let in light and those things we need to survive.) The rhizome below has grass roots woven in with iris ones. Messy.

I also found a few surprises in the yard. Violets (not many, but a few!!) blooming, ladybirds, and bright dandelions!! Odd. That photo has 3 dandelions in it. I shrank it quite a bit, too!! Piffle.

The kid moved a pregnant mantis for me, I learned both sexes of mosquitoes buzz, and that it must be getting chilly because wasps are moving into the basement entryway to rest on the walls. (YIKES!!)

But, I’m tired. On another bright side, I may get to spend a couple of hours with The Craftsman by ourselves on Friday. We might go for a drive. He has the day off, but is helping a local farmer with an unexpected big project. That absolutely needs done before the weather deteriorates. However, there is a hope to spend some time together and that is pretty nice. I think the last time we did something alone (besides sleeping in the same bed) was probably Feb 2018. Or maybe in the fall of last year. You’d think I’d remember when they are so rare!! Silly, Kris. lol Thankfully, sunsets happen a lot more often and are always wonderful!

Quotations on Sex

My last two posts were on forgiveness and love. For this one, I decided I’d veer off into someone else’s thoughts. I collect quotes. I have them on sticky notes (what a genius invention those were!!) and on index cards and in notebooks and on scraps of paper and on my defunct iPad and in published books of quotations on my shelves and I use them all. Ages past, I would create personalized books from empty journals for friends. It would take a while for me to get the plan organized and then compile the quotes and thoughts and stickers and what not to fill the pages with. I’d write as much of it as possible by hand. It was a work of love. I recently found these following quotes and thought I’d share them with you. In my ‘online journal’, also a work of love and frustration!

I’ll start off with recreation.

Good sex is like good bridge-if you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand.” Mae West

 ‘Flirting is a woman’s trade, one must keep in practice.” Charlotte Bronte

 Politics is a great place to find sex.

Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks his car or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.”  Barbara Bush

This next gem always cracks me up. The US so idolizes the forefathers of the country, they forget the men were once human. It is pretty long, so I hope I can get it to format without taking up a ton of room. I did send it to a few people.

In all your Amours you should prefer old Women to young ones. You call this a Paradox, and demand my Reasons. They are these:
1. Because as they have more Knowledge of the World and their Minds are better stor’d with Observations, their Conversation is more improving and more lastingly agreable.
2. Because when Women cease to be handsome, they study to be good. To maintain their Influence over Men, they supply the Diminution of Beauty by an Augmentation of Utility. They learn to do a 1000 Services small and great, and are the most tender and useful of all Friends when you are sick. Thus they continue amiable. And hence there is hardly such a thing to be found as an old Woman who is not a good Woman.
3. Because there is no hazard of Children, which irregularly produc’d may be attended with much Inconvenience.
4. Because thro’ more Experience, they are more prudent and discreet in conducting an Intrigue to prevent Suspicion. The Commerce with them is therefore safer with regard to your Reputation. And with regard to theirs, if the Affair should happen to be known, considerate People might be rather inclin’d to excuse an old Woman who would kindly take care of a young Man, form his Manners by her good Counsels, and prevent his ruining his Health and Fortune among mercenary Prostitutes.
5. Because in every Animal that walks upright, the Deficiency of the Fluids that fill the Muscles appears first in the highest Part: The Face first grows lank and wrinkled; then the Neck; then the Breast and Arms; the lower Parts continuing to the last as plump as ever: So that covering all above with a Basket, and regarding only what is below the Girdle, it is impossible of two Women to know an old from a young one. And as in the dark all Cats are grey, the Pleasure of corporal Enjoyment with an old Woman is at least equal, and frequently superior, every Knack being by Practice capable of Improvement.
6. Because the Sin is less. The debauching a Virgin may be her Ruin, and make her for Life unhappy.
7. Because the Compunction is less. The having made a young Girl miserable may give you frequent bitter Reflections; none of which can attend the making an old Woman happy.
8thly and Lastly They are so grateful
!!” Ben Franklin

I’ll close with two more:

If a man is highly sexed, he’s virile. If a woman is, she’s a nymphomaniac. With them, its power, but with us, a disease! Even the act of sex is called penetration. Why don’t they call it enclosure?” Gemma Hatchback.

Photo by Edward Eyer on

Make love when you can, it’s good for you.” Kurt Vonnegut

I am Dandelion-hear me roar!

I just finished an absolutely wonderful story. Amelia 1868 is a ghost story full of searching and betrayal and love and forgiveness. I have had it on my ‘to read’ list for several years and never managed to get to it. I was going to read it on the plane coming back from AK, but was sidetracked by my own longings for a place I didn’t want to leave. I finally started it and had a hard time putting it down. Oddly, there were some bits that didn’t mesh properly (like how the main character had this great dog that every so often vanished in the story line, when it had been rollicking along with the character page after page), but it was ok. The author once in a while uses the same words in subsequent paragraphs (‘While I no longer’ and then a bit later, ‘While I no longer.’), but it wasn’t horrible. I also had to read the last few pages a couple of times to make sure I was reading it properly. The two main characters suddenly became the main character ghosts, as well as themselves, and even if it was odd, it worked! Yet, the one thing that kept coming past me was love and forgiveness. In fact, in the last sentences, the author wrote this, “I’ve learned that forgiveness is the key to letting go and freeing oneself of the burdens of the past.” Which I happen to agree with myself.

good heavens, I feel OLD!

Driving today, I was thinking about the different kinds of love there are. I didn’t focus on the Greek words or even muskrats, but wandered into my own ideas. I wondered if I had been a zombie lover. The kind of person who walks around blindly, roughly grabbing love from any and every one and then tossing more love away like confetti hearts before blithely walking on. I don’t want to be one of those.

I then thought about my favorite yard flower, the true DYF (Damn Yellow Flower). So often our yards are infested with yellow flowers of dandelion like origin, but only a few thousand are actually the wonderful not-weeds-to-me I love. (there is that word again!) I started smiling as I was driving and decided I need to be more like a dandelion! A simple, bright coin of petals (not always wanted, but always there!) nestled and thriving almost anywhere possible. A plant that can be used for medicine or food or picked by little hands and given as a gift. Eventually, these golden buttons on a green waistcoat turn into magical fairy orbs that burst apart with a breath to land and make more! Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to love and be? To spread love with a breath, to be love that glows and gives in so many ways, to be ordinary and magical in different seasons, and to be there when needed.

This morning I was feeling a bit useless again. It is like I came back to Oregon to cook and clean and bake (a totally different kind of cooking!!) and I’m tired. I so wanted to sell the house and use a portion of it for me. It will and it won’t. When I said, a bit jokingly, that I could use the money I’ve been paying house bills in AK with for my meds, The Craftsman agreed and said it would help. The laptop I brought back from AK (mom’s) is being used for ‘important’ things since all the other technology is a bit aged and not compatible with tax or banking programs. I had wanted to use it to type mom’s dozens of journals into. I probably still can, it just will have other things on it. The house needs a new large freezer (Little Bear lost 7 containers of ice cream at one go. He was a bit upset! Photo is of the upstairs freezer one year, before I objected to having no room for venison. He now keeps the frozen sweets at his grandma’s. A few blocks away!) and I’ll probably need to buy that. At least, I am going to pay for the fixing of my watch. Not sure when I’ll get it back, but I can wait. It isn’t exactly a useful watch, but unlike the most wonderful K’ixie thigh highs I purchased before leaving AK, I can wear this most anytime!

I wasn’t chosen for the jury I thought I’d be chosen for. The labs I was supposed to get today will end up being done next week, I can’t just drop in. (the physician was very annoyed, ‘You may have a UTI and you have to wait until next week to pee in a cup???’) No one came home until very late for the very excellent dinner I made (Little Bear insists it needs sent to a lab to find out what proportion of spices I added, since I just added and didn’t measure). They left again to visit Grandma, it is her birthday. (I did suggest things they could get Grandma and I made her a cake. I didn’t want to go up. She’s never really forgiven me for marrying her beloved son. Although, she loves the grandsons!)

However, I imagine I am not entirely useless. I am a dandelion and I will glow and grow and infest your yard with forgiving bright joy. No matter how often you step on me or mow me or pull me up, I’ll be there!!! ! (NOTE: I’ve probably written this same post once before! Lol

Forgiveness, Compassion, Grace

I relaise the above are ‘church’ words. They are more than that, though. They are life words. I remember, ages ago, when Strider was in grade school and the kids were being taught ‘life skills’. Some of the things they were supposed to do included being kind, gentle, patient, and many more. He was surprised that they were learning ‘church’ things in public school. I told him it didn’t matter where he was or what he believed, being kind and compassionate and gentle and forgiving and patient and gracious were all things a person needed to exist as a human.

If you google (where would our world be today without google??) grade school life skill lessons, you find things like a kindness game where you smile at 10 people or tell someone something nice about them and games where you pass along a kindness. In Tillmook, during the month of February, you can participate in an Act in Kindness Day to honor a wonderful family. It truly doesn’t matter who you are to learn to act with generosity and compassion and to be pleasant. I’ve always been drawn to words said by Elwood P. Dowd in the wonderful movie, ‘Harvey’.

Without forgiveness and compassion and love, what is there left to hang on to? I know there is a lot of hate running amok today and in my own background. I had some damn scary dads when I was a kid. I forgave them in my adult years and I’m glad I did. They never knew me as an adult, but those months under their roofs shaped parts of me. A few lessons were a benefit, others not so much. But, I forgave those dads for terrifying the small girl made overly responsible by age 9. Mom was harder to forgive and I’m still angry with her, yet, I know why she was so awful and I can only forgive her and hope to never be like that. I know those dads that drank and beat up mom and whipped my bare bottom bright red were not lovable and perhaps some might think they were unforgivable. Time has softened those memories and I can forgive. I will never ever forget. I am human and humans don’t forget (ok, I have forgotten many things. Usually things like where I parked or put my glasses and what temperature to cook something at after looking at it seconds ago). But, with compassion and forgiveness, those awful things are in the past and I can move on. I am not going to keep those horrid memories alive to haunt me and hurt me even now. I’m glad those dads are not in my life anymore, I’m thankful I’m not a woman who grew up in households of such fear. But, I can see how alcohol made them the way they were. There is probably more, but drinking is what I recall most as a little.

Two dear friends helped me see how (and it is a long story, so this is just the gleanings from their care for me) not forgiving can be born of anger and hurt and of fear. A young friend of mine shared some of her thoughts on forgiveness that made little sense to me, so I asked two others for assistance. They were a lovely help. This post was born of their help. (thank you, Rhapsody and RLS!)

Like the word snow in Alaskan native tongues, there are many kinds of love. I tend to focus on a few Greek words Eros and Agape and Storge. Philia is one I know, but don’t talk about as often as sex, friends, and family. I went to a Bible college, so Greek is my natural point of view. I have grown beyond Greek and see many more now. However, those loves all harken back to life skills. Skills we should use and practice every day.

Forgiveness, compassion, kindness, gentleness, patience, graciousness, sharing, respecting, giving, responsibility, honesty, and friendship.


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It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I love to read. I read a lot of different kinds of books, I read them over and over and over, and I generally theme my reading. October is when I read Hal Bodner’s ‘Bite Club’ (a hilarious gay vampire story) and other supernatural or eerie stories. I had forgotten about a gem I’d stashed on one of my shelves and am glad I pulled it out again.

I like this book (Sirens and other Daemon Lovers) not just because it is full of fascinating short stories, or that it was edited by a favorite author, but because of the introduction. Terri spends almost 12 pages preparing the reader for a dip into the world of fantasy and eroticism. She talks about where many stories might have originated and how they evolved over time. She discusses authors and artists who dabbled in fairy where it was safe. Kind of like today where it is quite ok to show orc blood on a screen by the bucket full in a PG13, but not ok at all to show human blood. (Still not sure how Disney got away with that when Edmund was stabbed by the White Witch). Terri is educating her audience and I do hope many of those who purchased this book did read her intro. I always read everything, even the table of contents when there are words!

I think one of the best things about returning to the PNW is my library. The kitchen is in the top two, but I missed my favorite books so much! They are old friends waiting to be picked up and enjoyed once more. Friends who don’t care if my mindset isn’t of theirs. Friends who don’t say they want me to be myself while trying to mold me into their pattern. Friends I can pick up at a moment’s notice who are exactly where I left them. Friends who don’t judge or change. Friends I can escape into other worlds or countries or homes with. No wonder reading has always been so important as I grew! (yes, there are some on my ereader, but not all of my favorites!) I also can’t use my ereader in the bright sunshine, so in the picture above, I have another favorite author in my hands, Patricia Wrede.

Left Behind-long post!

I didn’t realise how I left any readers hanging. I’m sorry. The lady did eventually arrive from the thrift store..mostly. She came and was planning to come back and couldn’t. I had to leave the organ for someone else to take care of for me! I did get rid of the rest of mom’s ashes. (Strider said I should have captioned them, ‘So long, and thanks for all the fish!’ They are the cloud in the middle photo) And then we reached the rest of the weekend.

Since my last post, I’ve returned to the Lower 48 and left my soul behind. I have been constantly busy to tears, absolutely confused, and frustrated. However, there have been a few amusing incidents here and there!

Those last days up north, I spent doing errands and cleaning. I managed to visit one set of friends and completely missed out on another since I didn’t do laundry (the last two times I had, this friend was busy). I packed dirty clothes in plastic bags to bring back! I took an old computer in to be taken apart and destroyed, I purchased a new set of shoes (since I couldn’t get a tattoo or anything that took time, I got Alaskan footwear! These are deck shoes or cuff boots), unloaded a ton of stuff from the shop at the hazardous waste day at the landfill, and saw this moose. Sunday was busy, but I did make sure to do visiting.

My last day out north was horrid. I am so glad I did my Sunday evening visit, but it made Monday both harder and easier. I also finally realized why my sister didn’t help me like the neighbors. My sister ‘wasn’t going to get anything out of it’, so it wasn’t her responsibility to help me do something she’d not have a gain from. I do give her a portion of the cash I make from selling things, but legally, the house is in my name.

At any rate, Monday I was in tears most of the day because I had so much to do, I cleaned the shop and the garage and the upstairs, and was absolutely aching with pain in my body and in my soul. I left the house mostly done, but not done like it should have been. That night I stayed with a friend and cried the whole way into my teddy bear. Until I spied the moose off the side of the road on a certain bend in the road. Then, I was less bawling and more just tears. The lady was a blessed friend who had driven me north last fall. I used her shower and a most amazing bed that was right next to a giant window without curtains overlooking trees and the inlet. Granted, it was pitch black out, but I could hear the wind and the water and see stars above me when I looked up! There was also an interesting piece of décor. I was decidedly startled when I turned off the lights! The lady is fairly religious, so I had no clue why a glowing creepy thing was in the room. Once I turned on the light again, I laughed and had to take photos! I also got a recipe for a cookie she calls ‘Princess cookies’. (cookies based on a recipe from Disneyland) They are quite good!

The next day I was driven to ANC. Driven is right! Get in the rig and go. I could barely move when we finally stopped at the place I was being dropped off at! I spent the day with another friend and we went to jewelry stores. I learned a great deal, didn’t make much cash, but the education was priceless. The lovely watch I asked mom for before she died was worth a great deal more than I was told by the person who wanted to buy it from me for 250-300$. (like a couple of thousand dollars more!) The disturbing necklace and earrings were amazing. The painted puffins are on fossilized walrus teeth about 300 years old!!!

We walked near a manmade lake and saw ducks and folks fishing. Later, I went to stay with an old friend. One I’ve had since my parents moved up the Peninsula. I had eggplant lasagna, bread dipped in vinegar and oil, and did my best to ignore the ridiculous arguments between the POTUS and his running mate. I also stayed in a huge bed I wasn’t sure I could get into adjacent to an interesting bathroom!

The next day we went to the airport and one of the persons boarding had kids and all kinds of animals, including a snake! The poor thing was in one of those plastic shoeboxes. I’m not sure where it went. I didn’t care, I was too upset about leaving Alaska.

I had a great seatmate. He absolutely understood my distress. He said he doesn’t understand how his family doesn’t want to move back, he does and will as soon as he can! I cried and cried and was so glad for a mask. No one could see my face, just the tears caught by the edge of the fabric on the mask, and I was turned to the window.

In Seattle, I discovered one of the dearest young persons ever sitting across from me in the waiting area. To be fair, she’s now an adult, but I’ll never forget the tiny three year old elegantly sitting down in a circle during preschool, swinging her blonde hair around, and insisting she was having a ‘bad hair day’. She texted her mom to say ‘You’ll never guess who is on my flight!’ Her mom texted back, ‘Russell Wilson?’ and the little lady went dark! So funny!! Her mom was very surprised, we’ve not seen each other in years and we live just miles apart! Little Bear picked me up and then we went shopping for meals for the rest of the week. I wasn’t thrilled with leftover pizza again (that was what I’d been eating in AK!). I washed my clothes and made cookies and am pretty much back in the normal ordinary swing of things, hanging out alone for the most part!

So, next post will be all Oregon.