‘It’s an easy fix.’

I should have seen it coming when the oven element caught fire.

After searching online for a replacement, I called GE direct.  (at least I thought I called GE!) The lovely lady who I spoke to (in a short while and not the hour they gave me for waiting), was incredibly helpful. She told me exactly what I would need, the cost, and that it was ‘an easy fix.’ So, I ordered it. (Of course, she was sitting in a chair somewhere on a phone line, but I’m sure her script did say it would be simple.)

The box finally arrived by FedEx. Mum kept saying she didn’t know the UPS driver, it wasn’t her favorite buddy. (I just let her talk.) A friend had offered to help, but she was unavailable and I wasn’t feeling confident enough to try anything at the time. (I’m very cautious around electricity, high places, and most gatherings of adult peoples.) Eventually, I girded up my lonely loins and decided to tackle the project tonight.

The box was addressed to Chris, the city was not spelled correctly, and the part inside looked exactly like one I saw in many places for much less than what I paid. But, when doing research, found it might not fit. I also discovered the place of origin was ‘Haier Appliance Parts’ in Walnut, CA. (It was a huge company online….) I was already dubious and now I was more so.

Dad used to restore juke boxes, so there are many kinds of devices used for removing all kinds of screws around the house. Thankfully, The Smart Cookie, showed me what I needed to use and I had a pretty good idea of what to look for. Once I got the screw driver (It really is odd calling it that, the end part is screw driver like, but the top of it is all odd…), I decided to empty the oven of the racks (had to carry them downstairs. Mum has stuff everywhere in the upstairs part.), and see if I could unplug the oven. Nope! (The second photo is on the range itself.)

I texted a couple of people, including The Smart Cookie, and he was the only one who responded. AFTER I used the odd tool on the ‘hex heads’. (I am not sure I used it correctly, but I managed to get the screw things out. One did stick a bit.) The next photos I sent showed the best bet might be to get further assistance. (the third photo has where I pulled it from where it was attached…it has fuzzy stuff on it. The Smart Cookie thought it might be insulation and that this seemed to be an unusual wiring set up.)

Nothing in mum’s world is easy. Maybe the person I can find will also help me with the washer. Did I tell you about that? It is running cold water constantly and the fix? Well, for this particular appliance it is pretty quick. You pick it up a bit, perch it on a sideways piece of 2×4, unscrew the trap in the bottom, empty it, put it all back together again, and set it back on the floor. Except, for one itty bitty thing. Mum’s washer is part of a stacked duo. (Somewhat like ‘Threes Company’, except not as enjoyable and with more Jack.) Meanwhile, I just turn off the cold water during the last spin. So far, it has worked.

And I just remembered, I forgot to finish mum’s laundry.


The super sarcastic post I  wrote, I deleted. I really am annoyed and tired and am hurting in various neuropathy spots (plus other assorted areas) and feeling unworthy and fat and alone and unwanted. (which reminds me of the ‘cake’ scene from ‘Groundhogs Day‘. Thank you Youtube!)

In other words, I’m incredibly ungrateful at the moment. It isn’t necessary to grate my feelings with sarcasm and spatter all my followers with the goo of hurtful words. (No matter how well written they might be.) On the other hand, I am clean. I did manage to finally get a shower. (Tuesday was a ‘pull back the hair into a high pony and call it good’ sort of day).

That was written last night. I did finally get rest. At least, I think I did. I woke at 5 and checked my glucose, it was 106, so I went back to sleep. I checked again when I woke at 10, it was 240ish. (I had a sip of water at 5Am with my thyroid tablet.) Being a person with Diabetes is sometimes rather frustrating. I’m now doing the wash (a rather nervous endeavor). Mum wanted me to wash a bunch of her stuff and I realized I needed to do mine, so I figured I should cross my fingers and beg for the best. (Drain watching, similar to staring at a mouse hole, only with more dubious results.)

Tuesday was another Monday. The part to mum’s oven came and the person who was going to help me install it can’t til the weekend, so I’ll be looking for hex heads in the shop later today. I got mum to her blood draw 3 hours early and confused that appointment with her hair one. She got it all done and I was incredibly fortunate people adore mom so much and fit her in so quickly. The hair appointment was just long enough for me to walk to the library and get a book I’d been waiting for. (I reserved it when I first got my Alaskan library card and the book came from OK. It is an out of print Alaskan adventure romance. Our library has books one and three.) Mum wanted to eat lunch out, totally surprised me since she usually wants to get home as soon as possible (she’s not been feeling very good the last week, but of course, ‘she’s fine’). The place we ate was as expensive for lunch as their evening meals and the dessert mum wanted (it is very yummy and one of my favorites—) and we brought home made her glucose take off. (I took extra insulin. Mum didn’t have her pump and so couldn’t program it accordingly. Taking an extra bit of Humalog isn’t as easy as using her pump). When we got home, I started writing up Christmas notes and showed mum a card I was mailing out. I had put a photo of her on it and she was wishing she had made some up, too.  Mum was super surprised I could do it from the computer and that it was ready in minutes. (She has not turned on her laptop for almost a year, much less looked at the photos she’s taken or gone online. I still need to be careful with my online experiences, if she DOES go online, she won’t remember she can’t be there checking emails and surfing all day.) Anyway, she came to me this morning and asked if I’d make up 25 for her. (Now, I somehow need to figure out which single photo layout she prefers out of the hundreds available. Without spending a ton of time online!)

I managed to forget to address one of the cards I was going to send (thankfully, I had only written a few and knew who it was for!).  Mum’s waste bag blew last night. This morning one of her doctors called to remind us of her appointment on Thursday and I had no idea who the doctor was. (it was one I had known about, I was just confused.) I deleted a petty rant about something I’d asked The Craftsman to do and he didn’t. He’s really busy with so many things in his mom’s house and ours. (I really should have asked the kid to do what I needed, he has way more time.)

Yup, I’m still being ungrateful and there are so many good things in my world. Like being well enough to move snow from the path of the guy in the small car who delivers mum’s newspaper (hoping he’ll put it IN the box next time), or the invention of Kit Kats (I need to not get any more of those….til Friday), and getting a hug while dropping off garbage (not TrashMan, I exchanged pleasantries with a friend who cut up a tree and trimmed some brush for me a while back).


Where is the paper today???? 

Nostalgic Cat Nips


When they were both pretty small! (2004 Christmas card)

Our Kitten (written in 5th grade by Little Bear)

Our Kitten is annoying,

He wakes me up in bed,

He begs for food in the kitchen,

And falls asleep on my head.


Our kitten’s name is Moses,

It’s from “Singing in the Rain”,

He attacks the other cats,

He really is a pain.


Our kitten is a monster 

With 24 sharp claws,

He likes to massage the family

With his extra large, big paws.


Our kitten’s quite a problem,

When writing this here poem,

He walks along the paper,

He’s the pester of our home.


Our kitten’s very playful,

He makes toys of everything,

Like stuffed mice and paper balls,

But his favorite toy is string.


You really might be thinking

That our kitten’s not much fun,

Yet deep down in his heart,

He’s sweet and rather handsome. 



Why do invisible things hurt so damn much???

This morning mum wasn’t awake yet for her morning shot (What a surprise…I think I just bumped into my first morning sarcasm snark.…). Anyway, she decided to actually get up today and check her glucose (it was high, of course.) and I got out her humalog for her breakfast shot. She put it away badly last night and when I upended the box to ‘pour’ it into my hand (NOTE: we tend to reuse needle tips more than once, so obviously this is a mistake not normally made by many others.) and the plastic top was off. Yup, the needle jammed into my hand between my fingers. 15 min later, it is still a bit numb. It hurted!

Thinking about getting needle jabbed reminds me of that time I was getting an A1C and ended up also getting tested for AIDS. The nurse, when she was getting ready to cap the needle after removing it from my sore arm (I do not do blood draws very well), stabbed herself. There was the other time a nurse said my vein kept rolling, found it, and shoved the needle into a nerve. (That particular draw hurt for months!) So, inefficient.

People can jab without needles. Inadvertent painful pokes.

I read a blog forward by Antonio Westley (having trouble with links today) which suggested phones  work both ways. I often wait for The Craftsman to text me or contact me, but realised  that may not always be fair. So, I texted. More than once. I am not always as grateful as I should be for the ones I get in return. I know he is super busy and tired by 1030 pm or 11 or later. I’m sure he’s thinking of me, he likes when I send him texts, and says so. (I don’t call during the day often, people at work don’t need bothered unless it is important!) I know  3 lines is a great deal at the end of the day. It means I’m the last thing he thinks about before he gets ready for bed. From a different point of view, that is rather sweet.

In a book I need to purchase by Brene Brown, the line “I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.” isn’t always as believable as it might be.

From my side, those short bits of communication hurt, and I feel more of the imperfections and less of the worthiness. (Silly, huh?)

November 26

A year ago today mum came back home on a little airplane from ANC. None of us had any idea mum would live til Christmas, much less through the next year. She has told people if it wasn’t for me, she’d be dead. (I have to say, this is accurate. If only she’d not pair this statement with a knife to her eldest daughter!) Now, however, she thinks the cancer is all gone and she’s ready to be independent again. I have people tell me over and over how much better she is than a year ago and I concur. I have people tell me over and over how good she sounds when they call. Again, I concur. I look at truly elderly ill persons and know mum is better in spots than most of those folks a good portion of the time. Unfortunately, sometimes cancer hides like Diabetes or one of those other quiet diseases.

(The above photos: FIRST one– JL, Mum, Jazz on Christmas 2016. SECOND one– Mum, Lee, JL, and Jake on Thanksgiving 2017. I’m rarely in photos!)

It is hard to protect her from herself and these well-meaning people. Sometimes, they call me and I can suggest they come visit later after asking mum. Today was not one of those days. I texted one of her good friends before she texted me and said mum wasn’t up to visitors. She didn’t get out of her jammies til noon, she had pain pills a couple of times today, her abdomen hurts, she was cold (it IS 9 degrees F outside!). Although, she did say the pain is from her coffing. (A coff that is a tiny, single, dry thing that shows up now and then.) Plus, her ileostomy area stinks (she says it doesn’t need changed. Maybe she is doing it herself and we’ll have to buy 10 more fittings this week. We got 10 last week.)

I remember as we flew home last November 26, how much in pain I was to watch her. How thankful I was we were heading back home. How grateful I was for friends who were helping us. (that latter still overwhelms me!) How damn scared I was! At the same time, I was also excited and incredibly glad to get to the place where my soul belongs. (Flying in and out of this particular airport either reduces me to tears or sends me to the utmost. Always.)

Today was a setback day. She has those. She thinks it is because she is a weenie or because she is coddled. I have been letting her do her own care and this morning was horrible. I woke her almost 20 min after time for her first dose of insulin. I woke her again almost an hour later to get her up to check her blood and eat. (it was a good glucose, too!) I wanted to make her breakfast because she had trouble putting the strip in the glucometer, she had trouble with the bread in the toaster, and she was just not feeling good. She ate and went back to sleep. At lunch, she let me make it for her.

I’m not sure what she did after she ate. I know the TV has been on, but sometimes she sleeps and sometimes she watches it. She is still ‘working’ on projects.(the upstairs is a fabric faire of colors and polar fleece and she wants MORE!) Then, she told me around dinner time that my niece is going to come and stay while my sister works 12 hour shifts at the pool. (OMG!)

I got mad. Mum was mad. I need to stop thinking she’s sick.

My niece is almost 13, barely independent (my sister does everything in the house from cleaning to cooking and JL has not been taught to do much.), and has to be entertained. I was never a kid who needed people. I had people, but I could easily spend my time on the mountain with Heidi, hanging out with Nancy Drew, or with Tin-Tin. Having JL here for 12 plus hours is gonna drive me NUTS! No area is sacred, she gets into everything, has an incredibly short attention span, and is a coltish dark parrot of my sister (poor kid, she’s a menagerie with the lights out). I’ll have to put together a day long activity plan in order to keep her occupied. (One positive thing, Annie Krit is NOT one who babies and everyone knows this very well!). Mum has no idea when these 12 hour shifts are, perhaps we can get her on one of the shorter shifts. Lord knows it would be best for everyone! Mum snips at her grandkid, too. JL then takes those pieces back to her mom who creates an entire quilt of gossips to her friends and it is not at all a comfort.

It has been an interesting year. It will be an interesting December.

And I am



The day celebrating our American Thanksgiving has come and gone. Mum opted to go to my sister’s for lunch, she was in the ‘pushing jello uphill’ mode, but was determined. (It is terribly hard it is to be around someone who doesn’t want to do something they feel they should)

While discussing going last night, Mum asked me what we were bringing. I blinked. Do we have to bring anything? Mum responded she always brings something. Usually olives and baby pickles. I asked her why she hadn’t told me this earlier and she said she forgot. So, when we left late, I wasn’t sure we’d have time to stop at a store. We did and mum was going to get out. She then changed her mind and said I would be faster and to also get a veggie tray. I hoped I’d remember everything! (I did forget the smart water which was on the list I did not look at, the one residing in my back pocket!)

While at Jake’s, I discovered something. My little sister is like me in many ways. (these are from 2014, the missing heads is my favorite, my niece took that one!)

We have always been told all three of us look exactly alike, I’ve heard it said my sister and I have a similar laugh, and she does two things I do all the time. (things I’m learning to NOT do anymore and am more aware of.) She apologizes for everything and feels all problems are her fault. I wanted to cry when I heard her act the same way I do. This is NOT RIGHT! (shouting to remind myself it is important) How did two girls end up with the same thought pattern? Ok, I know, we were in the same family. But, I raised my sister, not mom. I guess Jake imprinted on me….ouch!

Mum dropped off to sleep a couple of times, forgot how to play Apples to Apples half way thru (this was sad, mum has always had a fast mind), and mentioned how she didn’t need pain meds anymore, so she wasn’t taking them often. I had the meds with me, she refused them til we got home. At that point she took two oxytocin and one for nausea. She also took a long nap and has been working on a scarf/hood (I wear mine often) for a cousin. She’s messed it up and is not sure where. She had trouble with one she was working on last year. Any sort of project with a bit of complication befuddles her. But, she’s fine. (I do not like that four letter word at all.)

Yet, I am thankful. I’m thankful for the people I know via WP, the ones I know from other social medias, for the people who help me as I muddle through my days, for my sister (was that an earthquake?? Laughing out loud!), for my family both near and far, for friends who care for me in spite of myself and for myself, for knowledge and being able to recognize when I need to let go. For knowing I can become the person I was meant to be.


Also for flirtatious men who try to make a ‘pick up’ at the local sanitation drop (dump!). Yes, that really happened and Kris smiled. I was bundled up from top to toe, was doing nothing more than the dump run, and wasn’t even thinking of flirting at that moment (yeah, I must have been feeling sick, right!?! LOL). The poor guy must have been hard up for women. But, as I said, it did make me smile as I followed his truck out onto the highway. (our paths diverged and it was quite ok!)

Hold that thought!

Forgiveness. Not the word one associates with religions. A way of life. I’ve run across many blogs, memes, thoughts, and people which point (in some way) to forgiveness. Marie Brennan (an author I’ve been reading) said this in one of her chapters; “If we cannot ask or receive forgiveness, how can any society survive?” A blog I read suggested hard things around me are things to find thanks in (I do this often elsewhere. It is fun to find little things shining in a big way! This reading today, though, made me think of things a little differently. A view that terrifies me.).

I seem to be constantly wandering through a maze of confusion, low self-esteem, frustration, and more. I’m not depressed as often, I used to imagine I was looking through plastic covered windows at the world around me and I’d be so exhausted I’d fall to sleep in a second. (I still sleep, but now I am often actually tired!) In spite of my gentler outlook, it is obvious I’m not entirely at peace (Happy is a relative term—see movie ‘The Pursuit of Happy-ness’). If I was at peace, I’d be well, less of the negative things and more of the positive ones!

Rhapsody Boheme posted a while ago about forgiveness of self. Her thought has been simmering gently along with others I’ve read from my favorite people. Forgiving myself not for the things I’m not (not good enough, not pretty enough, not kind enough, not smart enough, not…well, those things!), forgiving myself for thinking those things about myself. It will be hard. My thoughts were trained into me at a very young age. It is worse for my sister who is told over and over how Kris should have been an only child and how Mum died the first time when Jake was born. (She takes things harder than I do, though)

Believing in myself was never really anything I did. I knew there were things I could do and did them. It was the way it was. Being mediocre was natural, a comfortable normal mode I was tipped into early on. I’ve never been one for thinking I was unique (oh, in the 80’s it was a catch phrase we wore on buttons and shirts—U neeked up on people!) or inherently special. Sure, everyone is different and wonderful in their way. However, some people are blessed with a different kind of brain, looks, body and they shine brighter. (If you are onstage, you rock. Backstage is rarely noticed—there was that one time when the fancy painted picture fell during a scene and left a rope and duct tape dangling over the wall in the up and coming doctor’s home….) The others are important to the world, but if everyone was a superhero there’d be no one to clean  up the streets after.

I’ve never wanted to be the superhero, I’ve wanted to be accepted for myself. Mum always tried to shove me into her shoes (they’ve always been too big). The Craftsman says he wants me to be happy and suggests I should be careful of my clothing (no tank tops without shirts over them or short shorts or leggings or super short skirts…so, it appears he does notice if I wear something ‘inappropriate’!) and what I read/write. I often feel inhibited by those around me and not good enough.

Those thoughts are changing, slowly. I mentioned it was going to be hard, but like an introduction of a clean freshet into a sluggish stream, I’ve been realizing I might just be ok. (At least today!)

This has been a really long week. Many good things have happened, a lot of mind numbing break down and bawl things have occurred. I cannot believe tomorrow is only Wednesday! Among those good things was a gift from someone who is mostly a stranger. Someone who thought of me when she saw something and bought it. For me. I’m still in a bit of awe. I went back in my thoughts and realized how often this has happened in the last years. It has humbled me and made me grateful.

If so many people like me, I should learn to see what they see instead of what I imagine. I know we can be our own worst critics, humans do that. In fact, I was called (for real!) today to pick up a book at the library. Unfortunately, while there, it turned out mum’s checkbook/wallet had been dropped in a parking lot in a different town. Mum was a bit annoyed with me, I was the last one who had it. So, after driving back to the previous town and returning to the library (Mum wanted to update her card and needed her ID), I opted to not get the book because I was angry and felt stupid and not good enough. Irony. It is called, “The Gifts of Imperfections: Let go of who you think and embrace who you are.” by Brene Brown.

I’ll get it tomorrow.

Thanksgiving Cat Nips


I truly enjoy holidays. I love cooking at any time, but holidays are fun. It amazes me how fast a dinner that takes hours to prepare can vanish into the mists of full bellies. I don’t do too much that is fancy. It isn’t really necessary and adds more steps to my already busy few days in the kitchen. Besides, if anyone desires fluff, there is always canned whipped topping to bring a note of festivity to the dessert! (Topping is good on ice cream, crusted pies, cake, puddings, custard pies, and I think Little Bear once put it on his raw carrots……)

I learned early to not put a table cloth out. No matter how careful the boys were, something would spill. The things are also very easy to pull off when getting up from the table! Place mats have always been my covering of choice. I can change them with seasons and wash them with the towels each week. I need new winter ones. Mum gave me some plastic covered snowman mats years back and I use them as long as I use my snowman dishes. From Thanksgiving until March (Snow is not something that vanishes with Christmas, I’ll probably post more on that later!). Unfortunately, many of the corners of those mats have tiny perforations. Because of Moses.

Moses loves turkey. He likes fish, venison he’ll eat raw, is ok with chicken, but he really likes cooked turkey. It is always a bit of a chore to remember at a holiday dinner in which this bird is the feature meat, to watch out for his mitts. He will lurk under the table, reach up, snag the placemat with his big ol paws, and pull! I’ve never ever fed a pet from the table before. Moses is an exception. In order to placate him, we drop bits of turkey on the floor til he’s sated and saunters off for a nap. Putting the pieces in a dish elsewhere does not work. He much prefers it ‘off the table’. It must fulfill the hunter instinct.

Starting at the beginning….

The longest of days starts at the beginning. It really did. Monday morning. I called GE about the range and thought it was going to be horrible. The automated person told me I had a wait of an hour and 45 minutes!! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but after 5 a wonderful woman answered the phone. I  discovered the aged bake element was replaceable, wouldn’t cost much, had a year guarantee, AND would arrive in 3-4 business days. (I was not entirely falling for that estimate, we are in the wilds of the north and it is a holiday week!)


I went into town and one of my favorite people told me what I’d need to unscrew the element from the back of the oven. I had no idea there was such thing as a ‘hex head’. (unless it is a cold sent to one by curse..) One of the most awesome things about learning to do something is getting to learn how to do it. The Craftsman takes his calling seriously. He almost NEVER lets me do things (or lets anyone help him much) and Little Bear often asks me when he ‘assists’ in projects if ‘dad knows I’m using tools’. One of my good friends let me make mistakes and twigged me just a bit after making mistakes. (I recall when…but, that was a different day and a story for later!)

I ate lunch at a local Arby’s. It was so nice to eat my sandwich and fries warm.


I drove to the next town, stopping at the hospital with the ginormous bill mum had gotten. I wanted to understand why it was so high with three insurances to help pay for things. Well, the first lady I spoke to was surprised. She called someone else who was surprised. Eventually, I was told the cost had been adjusted and it was $46 (with cents). I gladly paid it on the spot! I did the rest of my errands, only one was a bust. The place where I was to get oxygen for mum didn’t know what I was after. I left, they’ll call me later!

As I drove back out north, I pulled one of those finger edge bits. Not cool. I decided I’d get a band aid when I stopped to fill up with gas. (something ELSE I have learned to do since moving up here. In Oregon you aren’t allowed to fill your own car and when I was a kid at home, dad had a giant tank in the yard we used for gas) Except, after I got gas, I couldn’t find the band aids. I keep spares in my insulin wallet and I was missing the wallet!!!!


One of my good friends texted me the number of Arby’s, it was the last place I had it. Yup, it was on the floor. (what a thought, I dropped my life on the floor!!!)

When I finally got home, I learned mum had been downstairs and she was pleased as punch she could do that. I was so mad. She’s not supposed to go down our stairs, the cat likes to trip up people on the stairs, AND I had not tidied up the basement before I’d left. There were many things I’d not put away or picked up!

The night kind of deteriorated from there. The washer wasn’t shutting off again and water was leaking out of the machine and the drain in the laundry room floor is acting up again.  Mum wanted me to get her some things she’d found in the basement (her boots!) and forgot her dog outside (wait, that was today, he was out for almost 30 minutes!).


I did get out to watch the northern lights, mum was a catalyst in making me go out again. I had been out and they were not doing much. I had shoveled a path to the lake and gotten quite chilled. But, she told me they were better than she’d seen them in a long time and I really should go out (I was texting people in the basement as I tried to warm up a bit.) When I finally got dressed in warmer clothes, I went down to sit on the dock pallets for about 45 more minutes. It was cold, about 9 degrees F or thereabouts. (May have been colder.) They were lovely, I’m glad I watched them. (I was really cold when I got back to the house, I had been stumbling in the snow!!)

Tuesday was almost as bizarre. Mum’s CAT scan showed her tumor did change. It appears the radiation killed the cancer cells and they are liquefying. Eventually, her body will absorb it. (EWWW, huh?) I think it is called ‘cystic degeneration.’  Then the library and losing the wallet thing happened (see other post). At the post office, I was given a gift by one of the gals who works there. Those ladies really do take care of each person they see. I was entirely humbled. (as I have talked about more than once!) I even got to take a complete shower without any extra water issues.


OH HAPPY DAYs which were so very odd…

Pointless…not really!


Sunday it snowed. A lot. Fluffy soft white glittery snow pushed to and fro by wind. It snowed for most of the day, about 12 hours of snow and wind. It wasn’t a strong wind, just enough to make things drift completely. Sunday means a newspaper of a formidable size and mum was wanting it. I had swept off the walk once and less than an hour later, it looked as if I hadn’t done much at all. I went out later, when it was light, and shoveled my way to the end of the drive. I didn’t see a paper in the box or wheel tracks to mark where the driver may have gone. (I learned later, it might have been tossed in the snow and covered.) Wending my way back to the house, I opted to go out after chatting to the person who was coming to plow. (Or the boss of the person plowing!) I assumed the man would arrive in the latter part of the afternoon and so spent mine outside moving snow. Every time I checked my glucose, it read good numbers. Moving snow is good exercise! I made many paths and piled up mounds and had a great time. While I was out, our neighbors passed and offered to ‘punch a hole’ in the drive before the plow got there after he was done with his drive. (I was a bit nervous about mum today. She was coffing and didn’t sound very good when not on the phone. If I needed to get her help, I wanted the ambulance to be able to get to us. She was  ‘fine’.) I felt the punch was a great idea and we continued on our ways. (It didn’t happen at this time, but next snow!)  Strider called and I talked to him for a while, I moved more snow, and finally decided it was close to time for dinner.

Yup, just as I got my plate to take it to the basement (There isn’t room to eat upstairs anymore, mum has quite a bit of fabric and yarn and clothing she plans on getting rid of in various piles), he arrived. I stopped him and helped him see where the road was and where the new drain field and septic were (the yellow tires I painted and stuck on end were a very good idea!). After about an hour, the whole place was plowed clean as a whistle and all my work had been obliterated by the man with the plow.

I laughed to myself. It is so normal for me to do something and have someone else come thru and erase everything in a better way. Yet, it wasn’t entirely pointless. I got lots of exercise and my glucose was very good and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. OK, not the times when I slipped and fell (the last time kind of hurt!) or when the dog kept trying to grab the shovel in his teeth so he could run with it (playing is well and good, but not when it is time to work!). The rest of the time was grand, though. I do love snow!!!!