Eye Rolls and laughing

I visited the clinic yesterday. Town was full of people out and about, the only ones with masks on at the clinic were my provider and her tech and maybe one other. Our county now has 45 cases of Covid, less than 700  have been tested. I am not of the ‘get on with living or get on with dying‘ wagon. I have enough trouble with one chronic illness!!

Anyway, I shared the last two months with the person I spoke to. She first decided to focus on chest pains and then tummy pains and get me meds for being dizzy. She didn’t want to be concerned with the neck pain til she poked it and I dropped into dizzy. So, now she wants and EKG thing for me to wear for a day or so, the meds, and an xray. However, I am not supposed to drive and I need to be careful with walking and so forth. I didn’t go back to town today. I drove home yesterday about ready to toss cookies and in a lot of pain. I didn’t sleep well last night, my eyes are not focusing properly, and the person yesterday said she’d call me back. In my own research, cuz I think this will be up to me, I found different kinds of neuropathy that might cause most of the symptoms I’ve been having. (and why does spell check want to keep changing that to osteopathy??)  Unfortunately, most of the medical helps are drugs that cause sleepies. Which I refuse to take unless it is bedtime! Perhaps I should look into magnesium supplements?

I did find, through a Diabetes educator, a site I am in love with. (follow the link!)  I’d make memes using her t-shirt slogans, but alas…I need to find out just how to do that. I particularly like her MILF: Managing Insulin Levels Fiercely and this one: I’m so alpha, my beta cells have stopped working. So much fun. The creator has a blog and tells a story about her having Covid and how she felt being a person with T1Diabetes helped her.

Moses is feeling better, except for a lot of sneezing. He was outside in the sun and a sweet fluffy youngster came to visit. Moses wasn’t taking visitations and I ended up booting the grumpy feline back inside!! This young one had a harness on last week and today he scampered up one of the locust trees so fast! He ended up higher than any of our own cats have been and managed to jump down from the squirrel feeder! Oh to be that young and energetic! No wonder Moses was grumpy!!!


The starlings have finally emptied out the suet feeder. The woodpeckers were trying to get in, but as you can see from the sharp yellow beaks on the starlings, it is a dangerous game!!! (I could only get the back of one and the front of another in this photo) Now the suet feeder is empty and the starlings are not around, the little birds are back at the seed feeders again. I also had to take a photo of Meepette with her festive flowers. (Little Bear made me Meep and Meepette a few years back, they are roadrunner like metal birds made from farm implements)

Friday is May 1. I need more flowers than the dollar plants in the yard to give away. (I almost fell into them posing here and those things have stickers like nettles!) These are my last tulips, I think there are probably about a half dozen, and the chokecherry is thick with tiny flowers, scent, and a lot of stinging creatures..this one is a wasp.

You can’t choose your relatives

I’m annoyed with my sister. But, let me go back in time a bit..I woke up feeling a bit better. I have a sore throat, but not much dizziness. Definite confusion, still, otherwise ok. The bumps on Moses’s back were apparently pus filled goo balls and broke, he’s feeling more himself as well!!! (Trying to keep him off of blankets and away from laps and bedding is a chore!!) I decided to make chocolate chocolate chip cookies today and in the middle my sister calls.

photo of man siting on the ground

Photo by joeypistachio on Pexels.com

I don’t know where she was calling from, probably work. The pool is closed, but not for employees who are cleaning. Anyway, she called to tell me she sold mom’s new in box seam binding machine. She reminded me she had gotten it last fall before I left to sell on Ebay, but hadn’t done so. Now,  it is something everyone wanted. She sold it for $100 to a friend who will pay her when she gets paid. (which I can only hope happens) Then, she proceeds to tell me she needs to ask the guys in my family how to get the goat taste out of goat hamburger. I reminded her they’d never had anything to do with goat and deer wasn’t quite the same. (I guess since it was not from a store red meat, they were supposed to know what to do) I suggested going online and she said that wasn’t any help, apparently you are supposed to castrate male goats before butchering (the faith they follow doesn’t allow them to castrate anything.) Anyway, she then said wild goats that are killed aren’t castrated first. My imagination went wild with the picture of folks scrambling around in the hills in cammo trying to castrate goats months before culling them from the herds.

While I was trying to continue to make cookies, travel came up. I told her I’d canceled my first ticket, but would most likely be up sometime in May. She postulates that I’d need to go into quarantine and others would have to bring me groceries and meals. I told her the rules for AK travel were in review and I was pretty sure by the end of May, rules for travel and quarantine would be changed. I did say that right now things were slowly opening up and while a week ago you couldn’t travel to ANC if you lived in Wasilla to get groceries, yesterday several restaurants were seating folks tables apart and she did take her teen to homeschooling PE riding lessons.  Jake, “my friend in Cordova has shopped at the ANC Costco all this time.” My response was she’d broken the rules. Jake didn’t like that a stateside person seemed to know rules. Then, she breezily stated, ‘well, we’ll figure something out.” Jake hasn’t gone out to the house but once since I left last fall and why on earth would I have her help me or bring me meals?? She had trouble bringing Mom and I meals or to wash laundry when we were staying 10 miles closer to her house than usual!!! Not to mention, last summer she came out rarely! Sheesh. She ended the conversation with laughter with people in the background and that she had to go.

However, I have an appointment in a little bit (I’ve not driven in several weeks!!) and the sun is shining and the starlings are stealing all the suet from the woodpecker’s snack bar!! (I’ll share my photos when I get back from my appointment)

black and green humming bird perched on wood branch

Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com


My tulips are about done. The fun fringed red ones in the container are still in bloom, but I reckon they will fade soon. (I have better pictures on my laptop, but am using the desktop for now) I love the fringed many petaled pink one. It looks so happy!!! (I only found a couple of these) The bent over one made me laugh. I have no idea why it grew straight til the last inch or so. Granted, it is in a place that needs weeded (..so much needs weeded, I am still too tired to do much more than a bit now and then.), but I reckon it had a different problem. I didn’t many tulips this year, but I was able to pick quite a few and share them. I love giving away flowers! I think next fall, I will send some of the red ones to my aunt in Minnesota. Except I need to remember when her winter starts!!! Here, we can pop stuff in the ground much later than they can in northern MN.

I have many bouquets inside, too. A few of those have a super tall narcissus flower that smells exquisite!!! I don’t have photos of those-I enjoy bringing flowers inside, they are sunshine when it rains!  The pale purple and white ones were in an abundance. I was VERY glad to see these exquisite gifts in my lasagna beds. Oddly, they don’t open flat like the yellow or orange ones (I don’t know where my white ones are, lots of leaves in the yard..not many flowers). They open a bit and then fade in a tight bunch, not petal by petal.

Moses isn’t well. He has a tender to the touch lump on his back (When Little Bear looked up cats and sores, he laughed. One article suggested if you touch an area of a cat and he is feisty, it could mean he is in pain. Touching Moses’s back has been ‘at your own risk’ for YEARS.). I would take him to the vet, but I haven’t left the house in weeks. He is still eating and drinking and sleeping as normally as usual. He has lost weight, though. He’s also 16 years of grumpy old cat! I think when he was in a spat last week, he was injured and we never caught it. (Because it was on his back) After my appointment this week, I’ll make one for him and see what can be done.


The yard is a cat hangout. Moses used to be the bully cat, but as he’s aged, he’s lost his edge. This super sleek black cat with a single star on his/her chest was watching squirrels in the locust tree. I stayed inside so I’d not scare anyone off!! (the one on the porch railing was captured earlier, the things are everywhere!)

Little Bear took some excellent photos this last week of white crowned sparrows. He has a gift for photography, even if he doesn’t think so!!! The last one is hilarious cuz it is giving ‘That Look’..except birds don’t look straight at a thing!!!

What gifts are in your neighborhood this week?

Whale carcasses and lessons from them on Earth Day 2020

The Oregon Coast is notorious for having things wash up on beaches. Recently, a 40 foot gray whale ended up on a normally busy section. This week, that whale was buried. (I was a bit surprised, anything buried on the shore, eventually comes back to light.) Disposing of whale carcasses on the coast has always been a chore. In November 1970, a 45 foot sperm whale body was gotten rid of in a most unusual way. I’ll share the original news video and links here, blessing Youtube! (You can’t see I’m wiping tears from my eys due to laughter!!)

This next video is from 25 years later. (this year, is the 50th anniversary, but we’ll wait til November to see what happens then!) The photos are clearer and several folks were interviewed.

The absolute BEST part of this particular incident is how it has grown, changed a bit, and gone global. In early April, the  Council of Doncaster – a town in Yorkshire, UK, used this crazy completely bizarre explosion to help explain Covid 19. It is well worth the read-

So, there you have it. Lessons from the dead. Happy Earth Day to you all! And a recipe from an Alaskan cookbook, just for fun!!



Still Monday, but at least the laundry is done!

It is Monday and I’m not in Alaska. This last weekend was difficult cuz I was supposed to land in ANC on Saturday afternoon. I was pretty sad. On the other hand, I’m glad to be able to do the laundry while I’m here in OR! I understand the snow is melting fast and I’ll see if I can get a ticket for mid-May. I’m also getting to see the gardens around this house in bloom, so that is a plus, too.

The US is determined to open up in a week or two or less. I hate going on FB. There is so much chatter about how stupid it is to hide from something that will eventually make everyone sick anyway. And besides, a person has a 98% chance of surviving it. Better odds than a normal run of the flu, so let’s just get on with living. I get angry when others claim it is all China’s fault and even though our POTUS claims to have good relations with their leader, it is still a foreign problem. People are tired of the government telling them what to do (note: our government is being rather careful with police response), they want to start doing and being in the sunshine. Others have noticed there are quite a few out and about in the parks. Many of the parking lots are packed with cars. Then, you hear how great it is people are leaving their technology and getting out and enjoying being with family in the outdoors. When folks cite the Spanish Flu and the dangers, responses are mixed and often volatile. The US is much better able to cope with diseases today, most of the known illnesses can be overcome with medicine and good medical care Besides, that particular one was a killer and it is gone and this soon will be also. (no one mentions how the Spanish Flu went underground for a few months and came back stronger than ever)

I know I want to get north and get mom’s sorted. (I was thankful my last power bill had dropped almost a hundred dollars.) I don’t want to do it at the risk of people’s health. Or mine. I felt better earlier today, but now it is close to 8 pm and I’m knackered. I keep thinking this must be from that sciatic nerve that I was diagnosed with in January. I’m not sure if it will make a chest ache, though. I do know that the first thing I’ll be asked is how are my blood sugars and since those aren’t spot on, that is the problem! (Gods, I hate having a chronic ailment)

In more happy news, a pair of Downy woodpeckers have been visiting the suet feeder I put up in February. I’m so excited to see them! Those and the Hairy (they look the exact same, except the Hairy is tons larger) are often up at mum’s. We’ve seen them here, but only on trees or light poles. I liked this first photo, you can see his tongue. (A woodpecker has a super long tongue that coils up in the head, it has a barbed end and they use it to snake out tidbits from the holes they drill.) You probably didn’t need all that information, but if you want more, here is a link to my very favorite birding site! The gold finches are almost completely dressed in their summer feathers, while robins are out nest building. Or I think they are! There was a surprise in the lilac tree the other day. The Craftsman always takes his bowl of cereal upstairs. His desk looks out on the yard and a GIANT lilac that is almost as tall as the house.  While he was eating breakfast the other day, he looked out the window above his desk to discover the neighbor’s Siamese cat almost at eye level! I had no idea those cats could climb such spindly branches and we wondered if it was chasing feathered friends. (or meals)

Gigglesnort!! I titled this laundry in my docs file. I laughed when I tapped the floppy icon (why does it still look like a floppy disk?) and was told ‘word is saving laundry again’.

gray and black metal frame

Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

The Day after Easter

woman working girl sitting

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Pexels.com

I’m so tired of being tired and confused. I’m tired of starting a day on the up and then after a couple of hours, feeling crappy. I’ve had others tell me they have confusion because they don’t know what day it is..or what they are doing. My days are pretty much exactly as they always have been. I live online, read, cook, clean, see my guys briefly in 24  hours (usually at dinner), and go outside now and again. But, I have been making mistakes in so many areas. Generally culinary, since I do a lot more of that than other things!

Saturday I made pies. Little Bear suggested punkin and Strider said that was sacrilegious to have punkin pie in spring. I made them anyway! I carefully measured ingredients for the crust and combined them and then thought…’that looks like one crust.’ Yup, I mixed ingredients for two crusts, except when adding flour. Instead of tossing out that ‘batch’, I added more flour after it was already mixed. BAD idea. Then, I didn’t realise that a can of punkin (I usually only make one pie at a time) that said it made two pies, makes them thin. So annoyed!!! The dinner I made was entertaining. I have made bacon turtles, but thought I would try lizards to eat in hoagie buns. Those worked, mostly. I’ll definitely do the process much differently next time!! The appendages were difficult to keep attached and cooked much faster than the rest. A friend told me it looked like a lot of work for a fancy hot dog. (I was not impressed, as I knew it was critical and not poking fun!) I was also going to make a cheese spread, but only after unwrapping the warmed cream cheese did I discover I didn’t have an important ingredient. All in all, I was tired and frustrated.


Sunday, I woke up late and the pancakes I made for the guys didn’t exactly turn out as intended. They tasted ok, probably the final test! I dipped strawberries in chocolate and learned those are a lot of work! (Little Bear said they need eaten over a plate!) The ham I attempted cooking took WAY longer than anticipated and had more fat and bone than meat. The muffins I made looked more like a drop biscuit in a muffin pan (those were VERY good). The taters were stellar (cut into pieces, mixed with olive oil, baked with Mrs. Dash).


Little Bear caught a rabbit that has been up at Grandma’s for the last year (we wonder if it was an Easter pet tossed out after it got too big). Jake identified it as a Chinchilla rabbit, useful for fur and meat. Little Bear is seriously thinking of raising some, although he needs more than one! We’ll see what happens.

My lasagna gardens have been blooming with daffs, tulips, hyacinth, and a tiny blue flower I have no idea yet what they are. Those ones have color, but in the yard, most of the blossoms now are in shades of white. In the ‘vase’  photo, the white fluffy looking daffs are called White Lion, the yellow are either Golden Ducat or Double Smiles. (I like the latter name!)

I’m making mistakes in typing, so am going to sign off for now. Have a splendid Tuesday and know you are brightening up at least one life here in Eastern Oregon!


It is Good Friday today and I ran across this tune posted on FB more than twice. I figured I should share it here, too. From Youtube, Disturbed-Sound of Silence.

Looking at the numbers, there really isn’t any idea when our world will be opened up again. I laughed at the US POTUS’ thoughts on the end of April and a journalist who said something akin to ‘the virus doesn’t matter what you wish, even if you are the president.’  There is hope all around us, focus on the blessings. Kamal wrote about bread and butter in a post today. I absolutely appreciate it.  Are we going to accept the blessings around us and let them soak into us or just allow them to sit on top of our lives? I think I’ll focus on the warm bread and melting butter blessings. (you really should look at the link to get the whole story!)

Like last night. I was so tired at dinner. Worn out and aching and just plumb tired. My chest and throat were hurting again and I didn’t want to do anything. Dinner was late, The Craftsman was out shopping and everything was ready, but we were waiting. Then, the doorbell rang. It was a friend of mine who had stopped earlier and discussed cookies. She had in her hands a portion scoop (cookie scoop) and she gave it to me. I was humbled and startled and almost cried. Little Bear was very impressed, “It looks just like the one you had, but the gears aren’t stripped and it isn’t broken!” He was right, it was exactly like the one that scooped its last scoop several weeks ago. Blessing!!!!!

Another find on FB today was this gem I’m going to use. And number 4 will be with a book. Oddly, the Easter orders I made almost last are here and the one I made first a while ago is still wandering its way across the country. On the other hand, one of the items here is a companion book to the one I just finished and can’t get at the library!! Hooray!! MORE blessings!



Love Day


Maundy Thursday, Passover, or just another day of the week? I have always enjoyed the days between Palm Sunday and Easter. I like today because in my faith, it is a time of love. Jesus took his last supper with his disciples and talked quite a bit about love. Since I’m not about to serve my family a meal of herbs, we’ll focus on our hearts and have halibut, fish. From the place I love the most in the entire world. (It will be an easy dinner, cuz today isn’t a ‘good’ day.) I also thought I’d share some fun things with my readers, because I love you all, too!!! (by the by, the free photos on WP are wonderful to use!)

My neighbor just came home from the hospital and I dropped off a bouquet of daffs and tulips this afternoon. She had a double mastectomy earlier this week. To help calm any fears she might have had, her autistic teen grandson talked with her. “Grandma, I had my appendix out, so I know about surgery. They put you to sleep and it doesn’t hurt. And boobs are like an appendix. It’s not like they do anything.”

A lady on FB, Vicki, shared photos of UPS drivers and animals who greet them. I particularly liked this one:


A raccoon on the shoulders is a bit like sunshine, only a lot cuter!

Last, but not least, fishing, but not for consumption!!! (Alaskan Chad Carpenter, who creates Tundra, is one of my favorite cartoonists)

Enjoy the last days of this holy week and bless you, each and every one!!




Beautiful Tuesday

Still not well. I wake up feeling mostly ok, attempt to get upright (that isn’t easy, I hate feeling dizzy!), and manage til I get back down. I’m finally eating more, I’m constantly tired, my throat hurts off and on, but it is ok. The worst part is forgetting things. I do something, walk away, and have forgotten I’ve done it. I left dinner not put away for a couple of hours last night (I NEVER do that, I’m a food saver and know germs can develop in uncovered food). I often find myself bursting into tears or just dripping like an over full watering pot. Those drops don’t even sparkle when the sun hits them!

I still can’t find the Easter note cards I bought early in March. I reckon they will be post Easter cards. I did call a nursery on the East Coast near Strider. I wanted to get him something for Easter and plants are a good choice! So, I was able to give the gal (she had the CUTEST accent!!) my info and now the eldest can choose plants for his yard. Win, win!!! Since I’ve not left the house, I’ve had to resort to Amazon for a couple of gifts for The Craftsman and Little Bear (who is attempting to catch a domestic bunny gone feral with a trap and dandelions. The rabbit eats the offerings through the trap walls instead of going in and being caught. He just wants to catch it for a while. It is HUGE, fuzzy, dark, and definitely a runaway). I ordered books for me, they won’t arrive til next week.

I went outside for a bit today and picked two hyacinth that were falling over in a lasagna garden. Such pretty fragrant flowers, although, to be quite honest, I prefer the scattering of violets in the grass. Those smell like wild candy!! I truly do not care they are considered weeds, I love the white and purple dots tucked into spots in the green yard. I have some tulips ready to pick for Resurrection Sunday and a whole lot of daffs in various colors. If I ever get back north, mum had a hyacinth near the house I’ll dig up to bring back to Oregon. No matter what happens, it will survive better down here. Besides, I want the TSA to find plants in my bags!!

I did learn that while Alaska is curtailing flights, the lower 48 is not. I can leave this area and Seattle, I cannot leave ANC once I land. The planes to mum’s place won’t let me fly without being in isolation for a couple of weeks and traveling to ANC to get me is considered non essential. I have still not cancelled my flight for week after next. It is probably the right thing to do, though. I laugh when I see people in this area whining about their ‘quarantine’ time. People don’t get how relaxed it is here in the US and that it is more just a good idea than an actual restriction.

Stay safe out there, my friends!!! (photo by Little Bear last month)




First Friday in April

I’m still under the weather, but I was online for a few minutes and felt maybe I could write up some thoughts for ATK.  I was actually online cuz of the bank. I have a bill due in a few days and wanted to see the balance of my account. Once I logged in I was greeted with an odd screen.  A note read that to keep online and mail information, I needed to scroll down and click cancel. But, when I got to the bottom of the page where I was supposed to click cancel, this statement came to mine eye. “Deposit accounts require you to stop receiving statements by mail before you can view their online version.” Since it was odd, I thought I’d call. I hung out on hold for over 30 minutes (they said it would be 10) and then I accidentally hung up the phone when it started to beep to tell me the battery was dying!!! I managed to log off and log back in and almost looked like a different site and was much more familiar! I seriously hope I didn’t muck up anything. It was from an email and looked right, except for the redundant odd information which I cannot find now when I use the same email to ‘log’ on.  I just called back and the phone person is what I am used to and not like the last one. I hope I didn’t tell the call automation anything I should not have. I just can’t remember!! I honestly cannot remember what I did just hours ago, I really need to go back to bed, but now I’m worried!! I did manage to get a portion of the bill paid, it showed the last time I logged into the bank and I tried calling their phishing line (I had to wait 30 min again, I had to do something else). I’ll call back in a bit.

As you can tell, I’m really not myself. I have been making simple meals for the guys, but I am nervous about anything very complicated! Like the fun pasties, I marked mine with a ‘K’. (Did any of you play patty cake with your kids or when you were little?? Before the baker puts it in the oven, you marked it with a ‘B’ for Baby and Me.)  The Craftsman didn’t want to eat the tiny pickle cuz it looked like a slug, so I ate it with my dinner a while back!  Little Bear just ordered take out, thankfully. I don’t need to make their dinner tonight. I’m too tired. It is wearing to make food for others when you don’t want to eat it.  I was going to make them a cake for snacking, but maybe later. I need to get some oomph to fold my laundry. (I sneezed all over two of my always wear shirts and decided to wash my jammies, too.) The best thing I’ve found this last week is the growth in my lasagna gardens!! (I wonder if Garfield would like a lasagna garden flower bed???) Little Bear says the hyacinth are odd plants. When the first appear they look like pine cones on a stick. (That young man doesn’t mince words when sharing his thoughts!!!) Moses was also incredibly interested in a lobster Little Bear purchased. The kid determined it was just a bigger, expensive crawdad. He’s now interested in rivers in the area that might happen to hold crawdads. (He used to catch and eat them on the coast. My boys are of the survivor kind!)

I’m getting chilled and my throat is starting to hurt again. Yuck. I don’t think I’m liking this at all. I almost always feel better in the morning than in the afternoon and evening. At least I think I’ve lost a few pounds. I’m not positive, though. I was naked when I weighed myself and I’m never naked in the doctor’s office when I get weighed there! Saltine crackers and dry toast and tea with jelly beans when my glucose drops (The tablets I usually eat taste terrible right now.). I fell yesterday, thankfully the couch caught me. It was sort of odd. I’ve often had dizzy spells when I get blood drawn, but those are slow whirling experiences. This one was FAST and black. Like being inside an invisible tornado. Scary. I also had a glucose that was 37 after midnight. (not sure what the numbers are for non US meters). That was also scary and I wasn’t that dizzy, but with jelly beans and spice drops, I pulled out of it. (I LOVE the orange spice drops.) This is depressing, so something fun again! A squirrel up in the tree that was watching me inside the window.


Virtual hugs to all!