Beds have been a topic for stories for ages. Sleeping Beauty (in one of the versions) was on a bed, she was caught sleeping in the little beds where the dwarf’s slept. Goldilocks was found sleeping in a bed that was ‘just right’ (in a favorite rendition of this fairy tale, the last sentence shares that Goldilocks is hauled off ‘as the vagrant she was’. That was in one of the colored fairy books. Green, perhaps?). There are numerous girls who end up sleeping on mattresses with a pea underneath (a true favorite parody I read over and over is called ‘The Princess and the Penis‘. She has a disembodied, enchanted penis invading her mattress! It always makes me laugh.) and mattresses are one of the more expensive purchases a person can add to their house.

Over time mattresses and beds have changed. And not a little. A mattress used to come paired with a box spring. The mattress wasn’t very thick and didn’t take up much room. They were fairly ordinary sized in Twin, Double, Queen, and rarely King. Today, a mattress is immense, even as a Twin! Favorite sheets from decades ago no longer fit properly. Favorite bed frames are often useless with modern mattresses. Not only are the things taller, they are found in a variety of sizes from Twin to Alaskan King. A size that just seems crazy. They are made from all kinds of materials and most are considered hybrid. (they are all verified to be non flammable.) Frames today can be as minimal as none to ones strung up like a hammock. Persons can choose mattresses to match sleep patterns and frames that move as you do at night. They can accommodate your body if it snores and mold to you as you rest.

The new bed in my room is annoying. It is so tall, a step stool is needed to get into it. The sheets are all wonky and I cannot find a blanket for it anywhere. Thankfully, I made a coverlet in 2008 and that does fit! The CA Queen we had since the Little Bear was in grade school was worn to the point, the springs on the edges were covered with duct tape. Twenty years is a long time for a mattress. Thus, had to purchase a King. Now, a King is as long as a Queen and wider. A CA Queen is as wide as a Queen, but longer. Longer was nice, even as short as I am! Also, as I said, it is really hard for me to find blankets for the thing. You’d imagine it was simple, but it is soooo tall, most ordinary King blankets and sheets are stretched past their limit. When I make a bed, I like to tuck in the sheets and blankets. I think I’m old fashioned!!! The Craftsman’s mom has a bed purchased in the early 70’s. She hates change and loves her bedstead. We can’t find a mattress for that thing anywhere! Bunk beds were always fun as kids (except for falling out of one.) and we got Captain’s beds when we moved the last time. I absolutely loved that bed!!! A bed with drawers underneath is nice.

There are definite pros and cons to the new bed. Thankfully, Moses is gone. He’d have a horrid time trying to get into it! Mittens jumps up easily, but she’s only a 14 year old cat (or so). It is too tall for me, getting in and out of bed at night is a bit dangerous!!! It is hard to make (it has an adjustable base that was probably not really necessary. It doesn’t seem to help anything when it is moved). My back constantly aches still. As stated, am not impressed with any of the linen needs/finds. And it was rather expensive. But, there are some good things. It is nice to not be sleeping on the extreme edge of the mattress anymore. It is lovely having the blankets on my side on the bed and not on the edge where they slipped off. (I have a LOT of blankets on my side. I freeze at night!) There is also a lot more room to fold clothes! The bed adequately holds a basket, the cat, and tidy stacks of 3 loads of laundry for myself and The Craftsman. (one lights, his darks, my darks) Mittens likes to sleep in one of the baskets when it is empty, think I shared that photo in one of the last posts.

Something else that is interesting about sleeping choices is the rooms. Watched a Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz movie in which two other characters had decided to sleep in separate rooms. Desi was appalled and Lucy realised it was a bit scary being alone in a room (of course, she was also being visited by an angel/ghost!). This pattern is becoming a norm today! The Craftsman often sleeps in a different room when he’s sick and I’ll get to bed a lot later to let him get to sleep first. But, we don’t have our dressers in different rooms. We may not be a good married couple, but I cannot imagine buying a house large enough for two rooms that hold queen beds when one isn’t a guest room. But, that is me.

What is your bed like? Is it tall, long, easy to make? Do you fold your laundry on your bed or your couch? Do your pets help?

A Thankful Day

Wrote a smidge of this in a Friday FB post, but there was so much more! So, figured I’d share it here. It made me laugh and hope it makes you smile, too.

Woke up late on Thursday. I turned off my alarm and leaned back for just a minute. It ended up 30. Annoyed, I scrambled up and realised it was pouring. My raincoat was in my closet. In the unheated addition. BUT, it was raining!!! (I do love rain!) I walked in the kitchen and noticed the sink that had been empty of dishes last night was rather full. So, loaded them in the dishwasher and turned it on. Thankfully, the dishwasher can be left running without supervision! Finally got out to the Escape, started it up, and the chorus of ‘Be Alright‘ was on the radio and I had to laugh. Because, as I looked down, I noticed the rig was almost out of gas. Thankfully, our town’s gas pumps were back working again after being replaced!

Got to my first stop, Walmart. (This is where I get my Freestyle Libre sensors) There wasn’t a line at the pharmacy, so stepped right up and was given a partial order. When I asked, they realised I was right and then they said I could pick it up on Friday afternoon. Well, didn’t really want to go back to town that soon and asked if I could get them on Tuesday. They said yes, so opted to get the rest of the shopping I was going to do there done next week. Now, this is two thankfuls. First, the FedEx guy had a ton of deliveries one day and couldn’t find the house after dark (strange, but true). But, he remembered Little Bear lived at that address and remembered where he worked, so he took the package (one with a replacement sensor I’d been expecting) to him and the kid brought it home. The sensor I was wearing on Thursday was going to expire on Saturday, so getting the prescription for them on Tuesday was not a problem!!! But the absolute best part? I gained that lost 30 minutes back!!!

Went into the second store for groceries and realised I’d forgotten to take meat out of the freezer for dinner (simple Salisbury steak). Thankfully, frozen lasagna and garlic bread are a family favorite (I had salad). When I got back to the house, it had stopped raining. This was great because I could unload the groceries without getting soaked. Had a spot of lunch, unloaded the dishes.The weather had deteriorated again and it was not only raining, but it was really foggy. Thankfully, was able to get to a weekly meeting on time and arrived before anyone else except the leader!!!

The meeting was difficult, but learning about things like boundaries and what injures them is not easy. Thankfully, am not going to stop the class. The rest of the day went fairly well and discovered an Elvis Presley movie I’d not seen. Thankfully, it was recorded so it can be watched when it isn’t super late! (Early Elvis is just a lot of fun!)

Friday, walked in the basement and discovered a light for behind my chair in the living room. Not sure if it is a Christmas present, but thankfully, I can pretend I didn’t see it! (Although, it is visible as I walk to the maybe it is a surprise for some other reason!) All in all, being thankful is simple when you start paying attention!

Photos and stuff

October was still mostly warm around here. Loved the night of the full moon, it was really lovely outside. Taking photos of the sky was easier than trying to photograph anything else! You could hear frogs and the water in the little pond out back. Little Bear discovered a frog call when he was collecting black walnuts up at his grandma’s. He was rubbing two husked nuts in his palm and they sounded just like tree frogs! He wondered how the tone would change as the nut dried….

Little Bear’s kits are growing fast. The smallest ones are sooo cute. Seriously hoping he can sell those, although, he’s not sure if that is right. He is torn between selling a rabbit as a pet when he doesn’t support rabbits as pets and these rabbits, if they were larger would eventually be in the freezer. Poor kid. Moral dilemmas within the food chain! The first one is from October, the second is November.

Discovered, one night when I was baking frozen meatballs for dinner, that I’d made eyes! Served them with sketti and sauce, so it will be a perfect Halloween meal. (eyeballs and intestines in blood) Little Bear has been busy with a few things besides bunnies. He has been working on a Rubik’s cube and finished it!!! (it was mine when I was a kid and I did not have good luck doing this thing) He was also given a commission by a lady to make tack holders for her mom from horseshoes off a favorite horse that died. I was not sure of the plan he was given, since the luck was ‘running out’ of the shoe, but the end product isn’t bad!!! He did make two out of the four shoes.

The weather has turned to rain, finally, and with a couple of tremendous windstorms of up to 60 mph gusts, we’ve lost most of the leaves on the trees. Am impressed with the few still clinging. They remind me of someone who can’t stop grasping what was yesterday, to make way for tomorrows. The rain has left some rather pretty skies, though!

Leaving you with a squirrel with an amazing tail and Mittens.


Just a short post…and the layout looks different from my last one. GRRRR. Changes are grand, except in technology!!! Will soldier on.

The last month was a month of medical madness. My mammogram came through clear, so that was a plus. My eye doctor got me slated for cataract surgery (just before Christmas), so that will be an awesome Christmas gift (one I have to pay for, but still!). Visited an orthopedic doctor who, in the notes I could read online, said this about me: “an overweight, short statured, middle aged woman.” He also injected cortisone into my right knee, even though he didn’t see much distress on my part. That was horrid. My glucose has gone from a perfect A1C to not very good at all. (Wish he’d reminded me the shot would raise my blood sugars.) However, it has made me think more about my shape. Well, that and the class on boundaries I’m taking. One of the things I have little control of is my weight. Betting if that is lessened (although, 50 pounds seems like a lot), my aches will also be minimised. So, have decided to drop my insulin intake…thus making sure the little eaten won’t mean low blood sugars and putting more carbs into myself to raise it so being dizzy and out of sorts doesn’t happen. It is a vicious circle. When I came home after one of my visits this last month, wasn’t wearing a Freestyle sensor. It had died and since my appointment was early in the morning, opted to put it on later (It had been replaced not 12 hours before the reader told me to replace it because it wasn’t working. So, being mad, decided to wait.) BAD idea. Within less than an hour my glucose went from moderately ok to so low my driving was erratic and confused. Ok, the driving wasn’t confused, I was. Needless to say, that day, overtreated the low and was sicker than a dog with highs. Stupid.

Halloween happened (speaking of sugar!) and 56 kids came by. Two showed up in absolutely traditional costumes. Sheets with eyeholes! Some were teens, but they all took both a treat and a sweet. (Had stickers and small items like tiny bubbles and what not to go with the candy) Best part of the afternoon was attending the movie Dune part one. So freaking much fun!!!!! If you are unfamiliar with the book, you may be startled. It ends about where the two year break happens in the novel. Thankfully, it will be picked up again…in two years! I sat grinning under my mask and clapped like a crazy person when it was over. The only person in the few in attendance who seemed thrilled enough to express delight audibly. Thankfully, didn’t hear any negative responses, so that was grand. I’d might have tried to change people’s minds! (Ms. Monster was one who was upset, but she was in TX and so have only communicated online!)

Almost time to make dinner. Had a small dry salad with ham bits and 5 ritz crackers for lunch. Later had a graham cracker with a smear of wow butter for a snack. As much as food is fun and the holidays will suck if I curb eating, it may be the way it is to avoid ingesting it. At least the guys will enjoy the creations! (Thankfully, all the kit kats are gone!!!)

Next post will be more interesting with photos!