Up for Sale?

After the crazy crematory ashes and ring episode from the last post, I thought I’d share something even odder.

I have in front of me papers to fill out to start to put mum’s house on the market. No, it isn’t very close empty yet. No, the Jukebox Kid did’t arrive yet. No, my sister’s stuff is still here (I did wrap some with plastic..I’ll share those photos later!). But, I do have papers. On FB, I found a silly share of houses realtors found. I’m so glad this one is just host to a screwy septic!

At least you can keep track of how the vacuum has run.
From Green to Pink and from bed to bath…and beyond?
You may have never been promised a rose garden..but can you find the loo?
Next, we have an upholstered bath. Or does it descend like an elevator?
And last, the Toilet Man. Perfect for training young children to never ever pee where they are supposed to.

I cannot even imagine some of the reasons for these. Once again, I’m glad for a simple, ordinary, if very old dwelling like the one I’m in!

Cha Cha, Ashes, and Gold!

Going backwards from Sunday’s frustrating news and communications to Saturday’s crazy day which culminated in ashes and a bit of a surprise!

My busy week. Not happening like I’d thought. Which is why I tentatively plan, don’t anticipate things will work out properly, and rarely look forward to things. (I really am a Negative Ninny!!) The Jukebox guy is having serious truck troubles. The people I was going to hire to haul my sister’s things Monday aren’t responding to my texts (I did call and they said they’d decide if it would be easier on Tuesday). My dinner with my friend and her family is changed to a lunch on a totally different day. We may not even meet, since she’s super busy. My sister wants to visit here one of the days my friend suggested. Hopefully, I still have my dentist appointment on Thursday! I was so annoyed, I baked cookies Sunday (the eggless ones) and will make muffins in magical unicorn wrappers. (those turned out to be Kris Rock Cakes..I didn’t hear the timer and kept waiting for it!) A good friend sent me a paper he’d been working on via email. It is 17 pages!!!!!!!! And he wants an opinion. I can’t add tags after WP decides I’m done.. I wonder if I should finish the mostly full bottle of bubbly and fall asleep with last week’s awesome memories. lol 

I miss getting ‘checking on you’ texts from TnT, but I need to manage on my own. (Besides, knowing he has someone nice, is a joy!) And I did get two texts from The Craftsman on Sunday. One was to say the church service in the park was nice. The second was to tell me there were redwing blackbirds in the sunflowers. (I do hope the kid took photos, if he was around.) He even called and I talked for 8 whole minutes before we hung up! (our longest calls this summer have been 37 min..twice. I think I’m fairly boring.)

Saturday, I was outside in the sun for a while. I opened my bottle of bubbly. I cleaned off the dresser my sister wants (it only had Diabetic-y stuff and a couple of other things on it.). I talked to one of my best friends in the world, RLS. (his birthday is Monday-the friend who sent the paper!) I packed up stuff I want for myself, in case my sister or niece wants them. Then, I heard the local stunt plane and dashed outside to watch it twirl and stall. I can tell the pilot has improved a great deal from the first times I watched years ago. I wish I could tell him/her!

I had noticed it might rain on Sunday, so decided to take the ashes on the kitchen counter to the shore. I think they were in mom’s bedroom. I can’t remember! I really wasn’t sure who they belonged to. I was fairly certain we had scattered the rest of dad’s last fall when we did the majority of mom’s. I didn’t know if they were the cat dad liked or a dog mom had taken care of for several years or if they were the man who asked to have his ashes mixed with dad’s because he liked dad. (note: that is just odd. I thought it at the time of initial mixing, too. I’m perfectly ok with same sex relationships in live people. I’m fine with mixing the ashes of relations or pets together. However, it was rather intriguing to learn some guy, only mom knew, wanted to combine ashes with dad!!!) Anyway, as I was dumping them out in the wind and high tide, I heard a metallic noise. I thought it was the little tag that usually accompanies ashes with the date or number or something like that. I stopped pouring and looked down. Nothing, at first, came to my wandering eye. Suddenly, I spied gold. Not the normal fool’s gold found in the rocks of Cook Inlet. I spied an entire RING of bright gold tumbling in the waves and stones. I wasn’t wanting to reenact The Lord of the Rings with the Inlet. Quickly, I jumped to the water’s edge and knelt, hoping to capture the band before it was swept further away. One of those lulls in the wave action came and I was able to snatch the item like a gal reaching for the dangling prize on a merry go round! It seems to be a man’s ring. I couldn’t see what was inside it. I noticed there were words, but they were tiny and worn. I realized the ring, being gold, was probably heavy enough to fall through the ashes. But, whose was it? Definitely not the cat or dog!

At home, I could only see it said 14K. There is something else, but I’ll take it to a jeweler this next week and see if it is a person’s name or initials. Then, if it isn’t dad, maybe the crematorium in town can help me. In fact, I’ll call them first!

Ashes update: The crematorium said they had no record of rings with dad’s ashes. The ring may not be a man’s. And I’ll learn more at the jewelry store!

Meanwhile, there was an awesome sunset!!!

An Unusual Few Days

This last week was full of sunshine and crazy fun, new experiences. Unfortunately, my camera didn’t record dates properly and photos I know I took on Wednesday say they were taken on Thursday! (sunsets!) So, this will be a long post full of pictures and whatnot!

Moose. I was outside taking a break with a book (I realized the old leaky boat turned  upside-down makes a great place to recline and sun. Uncomfortable, but that means I won’t stay too long! It needs a mat.), when I heard crunching and munchings and stomping in the brush. I didn’t see anything, but eventually was able to find a cow and a calf. Except, there were two calves! I laughed when I caught her from behind. There are a lot of little bugs out and about and I’m really glad they were with the moose and not me! Later, I went out in the kayak and got wet. Getting wet is all a part of kayaks, but I really don’t like the paddle dripping on my books! I always put the bag I take out inside a plastic one. It is always nervousing, though. I took lots of photos, I’ll share most of those later. I need to get a few more reflections. I was fortunate the batteries in the camera were dying. The Craftsman called while I was out there and I told him I’d call back when I got to the house. (too many people around the lake now to chat from the water. You can hear EVERYTHING!) We chatted about 20 min or so. It was still light out, so I remembered I wanted to take a picture of this outrageous mushroom that I’ve seen in a lot of FB photos from Alaskans. Many turn red with the white blobs. This one was more orange. I also discovered it opens up, turns white, and looks awful as it ages! Not sure what it is, other than colorful!

Wednesday was….Well, good and crazy good and annoying!  TnT had texted he wanted me to meet with one of his female friends for drinks and perhaps visit his house. (I was excited about this. I knew his house was near the water and I had some items of his I needed to return—he’d loaned me a fire pit thing to burn papers) Before that, I had errands I wanted to do. I purchased a lovely new chain for an amethyst I was given. I got new panties because when I do wear them, I like them to be nice and most of mine are looking not so! And my sister called. She was outside Walmart with Pippi. I then told her I was planning on having some folks deliver the things she wanted to her house on Monday. She got a bit shirty with me. She was working on moving them, she had a line on a covered trailer, she’d come out on Monday herself. I reminded her that she was getting Princess Sunday. Princess would need to rest Monday. She told me I shouldn’t have to pay for delivery and finally agreed to the plan. I dashed to the library, got another text from TnT, and realized he and his friend were living together in his amazing house. I was a bit startled, but still had to get him the things in my rig.

We met and I liked her. (I was still disappointed I’d not been told about her. Being the other woman is ok, but it is nice to know you are!) The two of us went to their house in my rig, we decided we could have been friends for the last two months! He went to pick up pizza. She amended them with other ingredients and I was impressed. I’d not had artichokes on pizza before. She gave me one of her cookbooks. (you can purchase it on Amazon). Dinner was accompanied by a pink wine, laughter, music, filtered weed, eventually the sunset, and, much later, a giant bed. (Most of this was virgin ground. I enjoyed it all. I know there is a great deal of controversy about weed, I’ve used CBD oil, and was startled by a side effect of the harder version. My neuropathy, shoulder pain, and neck pain was almost nonexistent! I stopped taking a good portion of the prescribed Gabapentin for the neuropathy because it made me sleepy. A few breaths of the weed worked one hundred percent better.)

I liked the pink bubbles so much, I bought some of my own after I left the next morning. I also purchased a fun spritzer that was weight watchers! The coolest part of that beverage is it is made in a city near the one I have residence in. The maker is from New Zealand and his other wines are made there or in CA. Crazy fun! I even bought myself flowers to remind me of the magical few hours I spent with friends. I added a few groceries to my list and have a mostly full fridge, too! Or I did!

OK. I’ll need to write the next part in a different post. This is too long! It makes me laugh to think about the other, so it deserves its own, anyway!!!

Not My Responsibility.

These two quotes made me realise something. I almost felt like Phil from Groundhog Day (not plural, it is a singular word and title) when he said he wasn’t going to play by their rules any more. I am not responsible for my sister coming to get her things. Because I care about her getting what she wants, I will pay a couple of young men to take them to her house. Apparently, some moving companies only take things to the door. I think I’ll ask the kids take them inside, but not to help move them around inside. Just so they aren’t left on the dirt driveway outside the house. I’ll keep one box here cuz there are a few things Princess might want that are here and others that Jake might. I am not responsible for her actions when she gets mad at me for doing things without telling her (thinking about a sale this next weekend) or bringing her the things she is too busy to get. In order to be fair, she did just have her daughter (the younger one) prepare and sell a goat and Jake cannot let something that important be done without her being a helicopter parent (hovering, helping, doing, and saying Pippi did a great job all by herself). So, the last weeks have been pretty busy. Especially, the one where Pippi was gone. Perhaps Jake was planning on coming out next week, but I have a lot of things going on next week and tip toeing around my sister’s feelings is not what I want to do. (I know, I’m so darn mean!)

It was rather liberating when the suggestion was made to just take them to her house. Princess, my niece, is supposed to be here this weekend. Jake is going to ANC to get her. I was asked to go, but up and back in her rig would be wearing and I am NOT going to let her take mom’s.  (Jake calls it a turn and burn.)  I am responsible for my own world and not hers. We do have connections. For her, more than 50 years of them! She goes on and on about how important family is, yet I don’t hear from her unless she wants something or I call or text and I’ve seen her once since I’ve been in AK. She did send me a FB query about a ceramic container she was wondering if I still had. As Strider said, ‘Mom, she could just come out before or after work and look herself. She only works a few miles from Nana’s house.’ He is right.

As I was told while visiting the post office (and probably another time, but it didn’t stick then!!), ‘If it is important to you, you will remember.’ (does not refer to mislaid items such as glasses or car keys or papers or my checkbook) If this had been important to my sister, she’d do it and not put it off. I texted the Jukebox Kid and he called and talked to me for an hour and 57 min (and 3 seconds). He was worried because I was trying to figure out, via texts, how to get the boxes to him ASAP. He thinks probably Monday he’ll be down. We’ll see!!! The realtors who visited last week are mailing me papers. I might even get to see TnT, too (I have things to bring him and he’s incredibly busy)!! Plus, the Book Lady may be here to snap up some stories. Although, I might meet her in town and drop off my donations to the thrift store that was closed on Monday (they help support the local animal shelters). I also need to contact Jewel again. She didn’t come by when she said she would (she’s newly married and her husband’s son killed himself about a month ago, so I’m not upset at all she wasn’t here yet.). Another lady who is homeschooling stopped by and chose a lot of materials from mom’s school teaching helps. Packed up lighthouses. I have 6 more, but will wait and see if Princess wants any of them first. I find it rather amazing I’ve packed away or donated or sold almost every single light house mom had. (Except the jackets..I forgot those were in the closet! ARRG!)

 It will be another busy week in a different kind of way. A getting rid of stuff way with perhaps some shining pearl parts for me. (I did get out in the kayak finally. It was nice, but it really isn’t the same lake I grew up on. Lots of people and pets and a lack of privacy.) 

Silly Poem

I didn’t write this. I found it in a box of mom’s stuff. It made me laugh and since this week might be just as crazy as the last, it fit!!! I hope you get a giggle, too. (The format was skewed, but I fixed it. The poetry is bad, not even prose. It is still giggleworthy.)

The Outhouse Poem (unknown)

The service station trade was slow The owner sat around, With sharpened knife and cedar stick Piled shavings on the ground

No modern facilities had they, The log across the rill Led to a shack, marked His and Hers, That sat against the hill.

Where is the ladies restroom, sir?” The owner leaning back, Said not a word, but whittled on, And nodded toward the shack.

With quickened step she entered there, But only stayed a minute, Until she screamed, just like a snake Or spider might be in it.

With startled look and beet red face, She bounded through the door, And headed quickly for the car, Just like three gals before.

She missed the foot log, jumped the stream, The owner gave a shout, As her silk stockings, down at her knees, Caught on a sassafras sprout.

She tripped and fell-got up, and then, In obvious disgust, Ran to the car, stepped on the gas, And faded in the dust.

Of course, we all desired to know, What made the gals all do The things they did, and then we found The whittling owner knew.

A speaking system he’d devised To make the thing complete. He’d tied a speaker on the wall, Beneath the toilet seat.

He’d wait until the gals got set, And then the devilish tyke, Would stop his whittling long enough, To speak into the mike.

And as she sat, a voice below, Struck terror, fright, and fear, “Will you please use the other hole, We’re painting under here!”

Difficult Thankfuls

I have two friends with the same name. One is a bit older than me and is one of the wisest, kindest, get her done kind of souls. The other is younger than me by a bit, also kind, will do things, but is definitely different! They were both here on the same day at different times this week. The first one has helped in this house from early 2017. The other worked in the hospital when we were there in fall of ’16. The former Jewel took photos of a couple of pieces of furniture (ones mom bought in late ’15 and barely used.). One is a lift top coffee table that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and if my sister saw it, she’d want it in a second. Mom kept things on it, but thankfully, never used the lift part or the inside drawers. She paid 695$ for it. It has worn edges and a mark on the top from something. The other item is a 1900$ queen hide a bed that is heather in color and pristine. It has been used probably 5 weeks as a bed. Maybe a bit more. Her dad is moving to a new house and he wanted newer furniture. I might be able to get a quarter of the cost, maybe. It will be tons more than if my sister took it, though!

The second Jewel came and talked to me for over an hour about ‘what are you going to do with this?’ “I can’t believe how much stuff your mom had.’ ‘Have you checked with the bookstores in town to get rid of these books?’ ‘Have you asked K if she can help you get rid of these?’ ‘What will you do with this stuff?’ And on and on, almost cyclic. We went out for dinner, got back to the house, and proceeded to move some stuff around. (“You know, your sister really needs to come and get the things she wants. If she does that and other people get things, you will start to see how much more room there is.”) Jewel 1 also said my sister needs to get her stuff, she also told me I need to stand up to her and stop being so giving. I laughed. Jewel 2 made me laugh, too. She kept looking in cupboards to see what was left, opening up containers of food on the counter (I need to put those in the fridge!), and suggesting how I could offload things.  Not many boundaries on Jewel 2.

Anyway, Jewel 2 is supposed to be here this afternoon to help me and I stayed awake quite a while last night tossing around. I think I have a better plan. We’ll see how it pans out. I want to do a lot of outside stuff and the sky right now is clear..on the left! Jewel 2 drove over 180 miles to help me, she has her own agenda, and is constantly telling me how she can help.

She was here. Her help was phenomenal. I did offer her usage of the shower -she’s staying in a dry cabin. No water at all, except it is on a lake. I did remind her it had to be a short shower, she thinks she’ll be ok. (she’ll be glad to get back to her condo!) We moved a ton of boxes to the shed where I can have people look through them. (I had a low glucose and had to stop, she muttered to herself the entire time she was working. I laughed. She seems like the kind who needs someone to talk to, even if it is herself!) We moved the free standing closet from my room and accidentally marked the beautiful linoleum when it slipped from our hands. We drove to town and back to deliver some stuff to donate. We packed up some dishes for her to get rid of in a larger city where more people might find a use for them. All in all, it was nice. Difficult, but nice. I finally had to start saying to her questions, ‘I don’t know.’ She kept telling me she did trash runs every day cuz there was so much she needed to get rid of in her dad’s house after he died. I do have a great deal of empty boxes and such, once I get those gone, it will make a lot more space.

It is a stunning evening and I’ll make dinner and work in the basement. I sort of want to visit the beach, too. I probably should do the Inlet. Tomorrow is Friday and if it is nice, the shore will be packed! Some people are messy and I prefer not being around those sorts. (I did head to the water, no photos, though, these are from during the week.)

In other news, my cell phone has been very wonky, the internet is odd. I need to buy more sunflower seed. The rain earlier this week looked like glitter on the lake, but it didn’t photograph well! And the clouds tonight look like giant lavender scraps of cotton balls stretched out on the blue and pale pink sky.

Steps in August

So far, August has been (I just crinkled my nose and that sums it up!) not what I thought. If I had arrived in AK in April, I’d be done with this job by now. Well, I didn’t and I’m not. I did run away on Wednesday, but not like I did last fall when I took off for a mini vacation. Wednesday was busy, sunny, and so after I did chores, I played.

My chores involved the dump and visiting the post and scrubbing sinks and sorting through the mouse papers I had boxed last year. I did find some rather fun things, plus a donation to the American Heart Society or somewhere that hadn’t been sent in (as one of my older friends said, ‘That 90 days has come and gone.”). I also discovered I was the one who wrote dad’s obituary, created the slide show, wrote thank you cards, and realized mom spent a LOT of money on froo froo for dad’s service. I could have used the memorial guest book for mom, too. (Jan 2006 wasn’t that long ago, I should have remembered…)

Later, I sunbathed in a chair because the table wasn’t efficient (I did scrub the oils off Thursday, since the rain didn’t!). I took photos of critters. Moose showed up before I left and after, the birds were the most fun, and the adorable vole (like a wild hamster) that walked across my sandal was more startling than fun! After that, I went inside to finish making cookies (they were the very best cookies I’ve made in forever and I’m the only one here to eat them!!), make myself dinner, hang out online, and watch it start to rain. The sunny day clouded over FAST with short showers. I had planned on walking outside in the moonlight buff, but didn’t for long. Not because of the wandering moose or thoughts of bears or even mosquitoes. It was just too darn chilly to be outside with less than jeans and a sweatshirt! Not to mention no moonlight!

The best part of Wednesday was discovering it wasn’t Thursday. I had an entire whole extra day I hadn’t known about!!

I spent my Thursday emptying bookshelves and finding more odd things. Did you know there was (not sure if there still is) a genealogy site that has information on deceased persons which includes SSNs??? I’ve been destroying that sort of information and it can be just googled???? I also found another gorgeous scrapbook from 1945. It was my grandmother’s ‘wedding album’. Oddly, the wooden cover has a bird hunting scene motif which seems odd since Grandma was a nurse and Grandpa was a baker!

I did text my sister to see if she was going to come out and get the things she wanted. (one of my dear friends said I need to light a fire under her.) Alas, the kindling was probably wet. She called me back to tell me her youngest is not home at this time, plus Jake took away her technology. This confused me. Can’t she come out without her daughter and I thought the kid was out in the wilds with her best friend’s family having a great time? I think the lack of technology is harder on my sister than my youngest niece! Then, my sister said my eldest niece was visiting on the 23rd for 10 days because she needs some time away. I’d love to have been 31 and able to ‘go home’ when things were hard. (I’m trying to be charitable and not mean. I love my niece and I’m not very good with people fragile in health or soul). I was also told my sister lost her key to the house. Meanwhile, this has nothing to do with her coming out and getting stuff.

I seriously think I’m going to watch a movie tonight. I haven’t yet, I keep thinking I will, I really should!

Conversations with kids and more

I talked with Strider this week about shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings. (Although, I’m not sure he’d know what that refers to. I’ll have to ask him. I sure hope he didn’t get to the age of 31 and not know..although, PTSD has helped him lose quite a few memories.) We DID, however, cover a myriad of topics, some I thought others might find interesting.   

Strider often finds moths or creatures I’ve never seen and passes photos on to me. We were talking about night birds (moths) and I shared how a friend in Ohio had posted a photo on FB of a crazy looking insect that resembled a giant light brownish white T. While ‘Letterman’ from ‘The Electric Company’ would have loved this bug, I was startled. I’ve never seen one, I’ve read about them, and they are called a plume moth. Strider then said the Luna moths in VA are starting to be found now, they only live a short time and their deaths herald the end of summer. He mused how odd it was that this large green moth was considered uncommon and that he felt the scientific phrasing for uncommon just meant ‘hard to find’ until they end up on the ground. He also wondered how they survived before cities, he always finds them clinging to cement walls, where they blend in at night. I asked him if they were a prey insect and that was where we skewed off into another thought.

Luna moths are not, but many toxic or dangerous insects and plants are brightly colored. Ladybirds, foxglove, night shade, monarch butterflies, and the like. Others animals who are venomous, are camouflaged. (Granted, some of the latter are bright, but not as many as you’d think) In Eastern Oregon there are rattle snakes. They have a ‘warning’ system and yet you have no clue they are around til you run across one. Most reptiles blend in, they might be bright and colorful if they were on a plain surface, but how odd! Plus, why did God (I do have a belief in a Creator, there is too much on this earth to have come about just because) make those toxic insects so colorful? Is it like males in the animal kingdom only with poison? “See me! I’m gorgeous and deadly to eat, so there! Go and eat that bug you can barely see and need to work for. Don’t mind me, I’ll just sit here and laugh at you as you look.”

During our chat, a large bird flew over. It startled me and we discussed what it might have been. It was NOT an eagle, but we surmised it may have been an osprey. It was large, didn’t even glance at this lake, and was gone in a moment. We discussed chickadees and Strider felt they were not exactly annoying, but impudent. I laughed. (speaking of which, I should go put seed in the open feeder since it stopped raining) He also said robins were the oddest bird in the yard. When I asked why, he said they are so darn fat! I look at them as they are busy digging up grubs and wonder, ‘How in the hell can you even fly?’

We discussed writing and how (I was surprised by this, too) authors don’t write in their ‘own’ voice. They write in the voices of the authors they have read until they end up creating their personal style. Yet, authors often write character or story, few can do both well. I asked him to explain himself and he mentioned one of our favorite books, ‘The Subtle Knife’ by Phillip Pullman. This made a terrible movie because there was too much character and film focuses on story. Also why another incredibly favorite book made such terrible movies, ‘Starship Troopers’ by Heinlein. Philosophy is almost impossible to visualize. (both of those books are heavy on philosophy) For the former, when Pullman made it into a play, it took two days of full length theatre sitting to watch it! The Marvel movies, those had authors who wrote character and lines first and the built the story after. It worked for them (except for the STUPID movie about Carol Danvers). The discussion veered into how he wants to see if he can animate one of his stories he started when he was in the Army. A fellow soldier read it and said he could ‘see’ it, so Strider wants to try. He’s not going to draw with a computer program, though, and he’s skeptical of his skills. The poor kid is convinced he’s too old to learn new things or open himself up to other jobs. (Oh, to infuse our children with confidence..I wasn’t a very good mom, I’d be much better at it now!) We bounced into talking about how there are companies who have employees who spend hours searching blogs or youtube videos for copyright infringements so they can nail others for using them, thereby making thousands of dollars from others. Capitalism at its worst.

At that point, his dad called with the information I asked for on Friday. So, he said he’d send me a Luna moth photo and talk to me later.

Earlier, the Book Lady had stopped by with more boxes for me and brought something to my attention an opinion I felt was silly. The Book Lady picks rhubarb for a church food bank. She had been picking near me, but had an opportunity to pick closer to town. She said she was picking back out north again because the other place had rhubarb of the wrong color. Apparently, people prefer red skinned stalks instead of green!! If you close your eyes and add enough sugar, it all tastes the same!!! (except the leaves, which are toxic…..) This is exactly what is wrong in our world.

For Better?

I almost think I should repost my last post. I don’t think anyone saw it. But, that is typical for this weekend. (although, I posted it on Thurs..) Oh, well. This one doesn’t have as many photos as Thursday’s, but it is in the same vein!

I’m starting to feel better. I hope this round of antibiotics keeps working. The last ones seemed to lose momentum, but at least this time if they do, the doctor said to contact them and let them know. I’m not sure if it is the rain (which I usually love) or the chill in the house or the lack of people or the job, but I’m starting to think this is never going to end.

I was texted a couple of times this weekend (five by The Craftsman!) and spent a while on messenger with someone who wanted attention (I didn’t get it, but they did! Lol), got a couple of emails, and read books. (I’m so glad to finally get to finish the book I’ve been waiting all winter for! It’s a story of a journey wrapped up in a search for an ancient book. The Bestiary by Nicholas Christopher). I’ve still not made the bed, I feel like a tramp cuz I’m in a sleeping bag on the mattress!! I hope I’ll feel well enough to do that on Monday. I’ve not seen anyone, have a lot of papers to haul to the dump, and am feeling a bit down in the pit of despair! I have seen on FB many people from my past are around, yet most of them don’t realise I’m here. I supposed posting photos of the area isn’t good enough! Lol I know, if I visited with them, they’d notice how boring I am. I’m definitely not a party person. I’m usually the quiet one in the corner who reads or watches. I do not fit most places. Silly, huh? However, it is just feelings. Things which really aren’t as important as what is really going on.

I am wondering if I should throw away the cards from my parent’s memorial services. I have a guest book for mom, we didn’t for dad, and mom’s cards are still in nice shape. Dad’s were in the garage in a chewed on box. I’m not looking forward to sorting the wishes. I did move them from the bad box, but they are still mousy. If I don’t keep dad’s, I don’t really want to keep mom’s! I did find more papers I need to take to a bank to make sure that account is closed. I don’t get mail up here, but they kept sending stuff on that account to me in OR. I’m not sure what mail I’ve gotten since I’ve been here. I take that back, The Craftsman told me the tax bill for this house came. I’ve not done near as much as I wanted to this weekend, I was so tired much of it. I did find some manuals and repair books for the juke boxes. The Craftsman was going to call and tell me which ones were in OR, so I could take those out and give the rest to Juke Box Kid. He texted he had the model numbers, but he’ll call maybe on Monday. I keep thinking my life is spinning in circles.  You know the funniest thing? I was reading in my journal through those months I was taking care of mom and consistently wrote I was tired and frustrated!!! I need an injection of pep vitamins and an attitude adjustment. (I probably wrote that a great deal in here, too.)

My power bill went up from last month almost 100$. I have not turned up the heat, I wear lots of warm clothing, and think it must be the dryer and the hot water heater. I take short showers, but I also use a space heater when I’m in the shower. (in to out and dry, it is about 15 minutes) I put my damp towels in the dryer and use the dryer after I wash at the laundromat. I boil water to wash dishes and that is another electric contrivance. The stove/oven and then the microwave. The fridge has a need of being replaced. I also use my laptop and now that it is finally getting darker by 10 pm, I use lights. I look at this house and can only see the horrible parts in it. My joy in being home has been stifled.

Thankfully, the lake is always there and I noticed the golden eye male has shown up (for some odd reason. I guess he prefers teens over ducklings). I love seeing their white feathers when they dive and shake themselves off. Such a pretty sight in the green rain dimpled water. The other day someone was target practicing across the way and the noise was so loud, the little golden eyes scampered across the water to hide in the weeds! They were cute, their wings are tiny, but they can still run on the skin of the lake.  Friday I also had fun with birds. The chickadees were being very brave. One landed on my shoulder and several times I had them feeding from my open hand. Also, I had a pine grosbeak land next to me. I was startled when the wings brushed me, chickadees are much smaller! (I guess I’ve had winged encounters quite a bit this week-the butterfly in the last post was the beginning). I think birds are for the better! The squirrel was fun to watch eating, too-