IMG_4090 (2)

I took this picture last summer when walking in the woods. Crazy mushrooms! It fits today. Things are really odd. Today, I gave mom the wrong dosage of a medicine (it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good), I forgot to give her insulin after she ate, I have errands to run and am afraid to leave her alone, WP looks like they changed their layout (on my laptop, the post settings and stuff is on the right now and not the left), and when I subscribed to one of Gary’s blogs, I laughed. I was asked to ‘confirm humanity.’ The WP thing will drive me nuts for a bit. Kind of like walking into furniture when you rearrange it. Thankfully, Gary left me laughing, so all is not as bad as it seems. It almost never is. Like I learned from Laurel and Hardy, black humor does exist and it is often very funny. Kind of like when I cheered and cried when Han Solo was killed by his son. Not everyone accepted my cheers. Probably a good reason I don’t go out to movies much. No matter, oddities aside, life will go on. 


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