More Absurdity

Two years ago today, mom died. Two years ago today, I was angry. I’m still angry. I was screaming mad the morning of Sept 24. Now, I’m mostly numb and tired.

Started out by hearing from the thrift store woman who was supposed to pick up things last night. Her spouse, who had the truck and was driving with a broken arm, almost hit a moose and hurt the truck. (Thank goodness the spouse was Ok. Moose are not vehicle friendly!) I opted to try and find other places to take the stuff and learned that the local Salvation Army (I did not want to donate there, but am willing to do anything now) also has their truck down. The original lady (I really like her!) will come out on Sunday.  I have no idea what to do with the organ, the holiday stuff I will take to the SA when I can. The Jukebox Kid also texted, he wants some more things and to have his family take me out to dinner when I get north. (I’m not sure I’ll have time!) My plans are a bit of a mess, but whatever.  

I had a great deal of help today and I got a call from my sister. She offered Gigman’s help on Friday to haul stuff to the dump. I HAVE people who can take things to the dump, I need people who can drive all over to donation places!!!! (many are taking stuff, I just need to get it there.) I had just posted on FB that I thought all of mom’s holiday stuff was headed to the dump, so maybe that is where she got the idea I needed help with trash. She isn’t a fan of Easter or Christmas anymore, so it is all trash to her. I, thankfully, had all the holiday boxes marked as such. I thought it might be easier for the people in the stores. It will also be easier for me to find them!! The helpers got the entire basement cleaned out and tidy. I even had some return later to move a file cabinet. (it does need to be sent to the dump, but Gigman can’t do that. It is too heavy!)

So, after everyone left, I decided to run some items I had put in my car to the local rec center. I dropped them off and felt very sad for the two teens in lovely party dresses having photos taken in the cold drizzle. I headed to the post, but heard game pieces sliding around in a box when I started to park. Oops, I forgot to drop off the games and puzzles! So, back to the rec center I went (the poor girls were sitting on a blanket playing a hand game, still in the rain, amidst the fall colors). I opted this time to forgo the post and just go home. Good thing, on my way home I realized I’d forgotten to put a stamp on the letter!!!

Once at the house, I turned off the alarm, went into the living room and noticed the front door was open and the screen door unlocked. I’d forgotten to close and lock them last night! (there isn’t much in the house, most of it is in the garage and the alarm was on out there) I went online to learn my carry on for Alaska Air is too large by three inches. My second bag (a tote) is over 50 pounds and will cost $100, but it won’t fit the pink carry-on bag. It had been mom’s and it is a very nice short stay bag, if I can get it back to OR. The tote also needs secured with duct tape.

Then, my sister called back again. I told her a bit of what I’d been doing and she wanted to know if I wanted her to go with me to drop mom’s ashes off a favorite fishing bridge. No. I told her I didn’t, we had gone to Homer together to spread ashes and I would do this myself. Besides, she had just gotten home and didn’t need to come out again. She said it wasn’t that far and I thought, ‘then why haven’t you come out to help or get things you want???’ She also wanted to make sure I knew Gigman could help me on Friday. I said I didn’t have much trash, but would he be able to get the things she wanted, unless she didn’t want them anymore. She got a bit snippy and said ‘I suppose we can get those now.’ (Seriously?) I then mentioned I would be here because the realtor was coming. (I’d forgotten she didn’t know I was using a realtor)  Jake got more pissy. Because I didn’t ask for her help in choosing one and she hoped the company would ‘do well for me’. I’ve been scream swearing at mom and my sister the last minutes, in between typing. (Someday, I hope I’m finally good enough for someone without having them want to ‘fix’ me or ‘make me better’. ) I’m also waiting for someone who said they were going to be here this evening, it is after 630 pm. I was hoping to get pizza for dinner, but I reckon I’ll be ok with sandwich meat and a tortilla with some flavored water a neighbor brought me.

Honestly, my neighbors are better friends than my sister.

Speaking of friends, when I took mom out, I stopped to drop off the title to the car. A friend will handle the money part of the selling for me, so I don’t need to sell it for pennies. I also didn’t drop all of mom. It was super dark and I was a tad nervous being so far up above the water!  I’ll do the rest in daylight, when I can see where I’m spreading her! (I lightened up the photo a LOT)

A New W..eeeeek!

The last post I tried to write was too long by more than a page. It was an attempt at trying to condense the previous week. It didn’t work well. I sent a letter to a friend and decided to try to put it in an outline form. That was also several pages. The week before was definitely something from a journal of the absurd. I actually own a volume by that name. It has some crazy stories in it, the week just experienced would rival many of them! I’ve not read emails this last week, I’m behind and running out of time. (good book by Margaret P. Haddix) so, EEEEK!

So, I’ll start with this week and add a few photos now and then. I have next to me a large coffee cup half full of pink bubbly. It isn’t as tasty as I remember, but it will be the last one I drink. There are a great many lasts in these middle days of September. Today, in particular, I signed off on papers to start the sale of the house. I sold the lawn furniture (picnic table and chairs and what not). I also sold the kayak. It about broke my heart, but it was necessary. I visited the bank with a great deal of cash I needed to put in my account. About $450. I’d already taken out the third for my sister and the money for a paving stone in a memorial park. (With winter coming, they won’t set it in place until spring. It doesn’t matter, it is done). I realized, again, just how awful math is as I added and subtracted and finally got the same answer more than once and chose it. (note: saw a GREAT license plate today. Ksirah. I’d love that plate myself, especially if it had a ‘2’ after the word to square sirah. It is still my favorite motto!) I took a bird feeder and shepherd’s hook to a lady who expressed an interest in one. (she was so surprised I saved one out for her!) I also took the expensive urn, smashed it, and tossed it deep into the muck of the inlet. (Little Bear was appalled. He said cleaned, it would make a nice small cookie jar. I cannot imagine it, myself.)

When the guys were here last week, they were crazy busy. On Friday, the Jukebox Kid visited and paid us most of what he owed. Saturday morning, early, my sister texted asking if I’d found a couple of toys. Later, the person watching the animals texted to say the kitties were fine. (my phone works up north. Little Bear’s works some. The Craftsman’s doesn’t work at all) About an hour and a half later, I had a thought, and texted her, ‘How is the bunny?’ She replied, “What bunny?” She thought the rabbit was at Grandma’s and would be ok. She dashed to the house and found an alive, but very hungry rabbit. Jake then discovered the guys were leaving around noon and opted to visit. (they were also given the grand made from the sale of their jukebox) She mentioned to The Craftsman that she was a slacker. He doesn’t see her very often and rarely talks to her, he half jokingly responded, ‘Yes, you are.’ Which is why I think she wants to visit this week sometime to help me. (She is also looking for some things I didn’t sell that she wants) When they left after their short visit on Saturday, the teen daughter asked me as she carted off an armload of stuff, “Auntie Krit, do we need to pay for the stuff we are taking?” I laughed and said no.

I must admit, in the four weeks the guys have been here over the last 6 years, they have gotten more done than any 8 people. I wish I could have given them a day of ‘fun’, but there wasn’t time. Little Bear did drag a boat around with the kayak and a pole and later anchored it on the lake. (Father Goose, maybe. Cary Grant, not at all!!!) One day was super nice and when we walked on the one almost sandy beach, I was barefoot. We did visit the sunset a few different nights. So, there were some good moments in the midst of the ridiculous experiences of the week! Now, it is raining and overcast. I wore light blue and sparkles on Tuesday because I knew it would be a rough kind of day. I’m going to miss this place so much! Especially, the kayak…but EO water is quite a journey from the house I live in. it wasn’t conducive to bringing it back. It is super smoky in EO at the moment, so not looking forward to getting a flight south. I’ll have to do that soon.  I’m now over long again. I’ll post more when I get a chance!

Mail it!

I love mailing things. I owe Ms. Monster a postcard or a note since she moved and finally got me her address. I should send Chirp get well card, too. Podman texted me to say she’s having surgery again. I enjoy being able to mail notes and packages and fun things to people. I like email, but sheesh, there is so much sometimes! (note: I need to check mine and delete a ton of things) Couriers and postal sorts have been around for..well, probably since people learned to communicate. I’m sure some cave mom sent care packages to her son the next cave over!

I’m so tired of being on some social media. The hoopla with the election is beyond ridiculous. How can a person defend an official who tells people to ‘vote twice’ to make sure it works? Oregon has had mail in ballots for several years. It is not as fraught with as many problems as some insist. The ballots are dropped in boxes or mailed in. The envelopes are checked to verify the name is there or correct. If it isn’t, it is thrown away. As in discarded and destroyed. Tampering with mail is a federal offense. Anyone messing around with ballots faces a federal offense of fines and jail time. Yes, some people who have died voted. But this is because life happens and we get our ballots weeks before the date to count them. So, naturally, there is a chance some folks might die between the time the ballot is filled in and mailed to the time they are counted. I think this gorilla must work for the current POTUS!

Meanwhile, I will mail what I can when possible. I also found another old friend. Here is a sweet gorilla I remember from my youth.

Get rid of it!

I reckon tossing things out is the name of the game. I hope I’m not losing too many brain cells, though!!!

I’ve got to straighten up my ‘table’. It has notes and scraps of paper for me to not forget and there are so many I cannot keep track of them, so I forget!!!! Which reminds me, as I moved a few things, I realized I need to call the realtor for help with some questions.

I did throw away about 6 grand. Probably more. Literally. Mom’s false teeth. She had them less than 7 months and wore them rarely. But, they are not things that can be reused or donated like glasses. I’ve held onto them because the idea of just throwing that much money in the garbage hurts, but I honestly do not want to keep them!!!

I’m struck by how useless what we think isn’t, actually is. I was reading a book that had the line memories over material. I liked that, but wondered how much material I’m keeping and should just donate. Like those (swear words) dolls mom purchased at 80 or 90 dollars a pop and are now mostly worthless. (the same book had a sentence that annoyed, me as well. One of the characters had a foot injury and he said it felt like he’d kicked a porcupine in the balls. Except the character and story were set in Scotland and I’m pretty sure they don’t have porcupine over there!)

One thing I was told to keep is a gods awful dove statue. I was trying to decide what to do with it and sent a photo to my eldest. Strider loved it and said it was imperative for me to save it. He called it our own version of the Leg Lamp. (A Christmas Story) It is an at least two feet tall very heavy statue that my Gramps purchased on tv before QVC. It is from Italy, I think, but not incredibly pretty. Mom detested it, it made dad laugh and so, I’ll figure out how to pack it. He gave it to dad because Mom and Dad were like two doves billing and cooing. (I sort of think he might have been drinking when he purchased it)

I have saved things by taking pictures. Especially the nasty musty stuff. A few I’ve stuck in zip plastic bags with cut cedar balls inside. I’m not sure if adding baking soda in tiny fabric bags will hinder or help! I particularly liked the silhouettes of us kids. (what a VERY strange word!) Much easier to keep as a picture on a chip. No dates. I’m first and Jake is the second one.

Rock on!

I was able to snag a moment of magic this week. We had that full moon and the same night we were supposed to have active northerns. So, since rain was expected, I went out on the lake for almost an hour from 1130 pm to 1220 am. (I honestly thought it was longer than an hour, so much wonder made it seem longer!) It was so beautiful. The water was incredibly still, but above, the clouds were moving fast. They obscured the moon, so I didn’t see it. Yet, it shone through the clouds. Up here, and I thought I had a picture of some and don’t, we have a rock. I think it is a form of granite, but it is fairly fragile. It is full of shiny obsidian specks, sparkles, white, and what we call fool’s gold. When you break it, it can shatter and looks splendid all over the dark sand of the beach. That was what the sky looked like. In between the fluffy white clouds you could spy stars. I waited til Venus was obscured and turned to paddle back to the house, but my eyes caught a ripple. Like moving silk. Like the edge of a silk sheet under the coverlet of cloud. Yup, it was a glimpse of the northerns as they traveled under the clouds and on the horizon. I grinned the entire time I was out. I’d also gone out earlier, when it was daylight and then visited the inlet as well. I was pretty tired when I finally went to sleep!!!

I found some odd things in boxes. (I’m also sneezing a lot and my eyes are really runny, I might just toss most of the last box. So much must!) There was an envelope of coins from all over the world. I am going to assume some are from France and Denmark because the wording on them suggests it. The others, though, are beyond me. They date from the 50’s to the 60’s. I also found an extremely tarnished half dollar dated 1964 from my uncle when I was born in 65. He wasn’t very old when I was born, so it is pretty special.

I found some papers I’d been looking for, too. Although, I didn’t know I’d not typed them into the computer. It appears my uncle was going to marry Petula Clark. He’d also sit on the floor and cry while Ray Peterson’s song ‘Tell Laura I love Her’ was playing. (thank you YouTube!)

When I was born my parents had a Studebaker Hawk. It didn’t start and they had to walk several blocks in a snowstorm to get to the bus stop so they could reach the hospital. No wonder I love winter so much!!! The funniest story was of one of my ‘Aunts’. She’s my real dad’s step sister, I think. Anyway, she had a hairdo called a beehive and her younger brother got sick and threw up in it. Mom had to help wash Sandee’s hair!

Mom also learned to party when she was 18 or 19. She learned she couldn’t dance in heels, she danced so much she actually lost her shoes! It was a Polish Polka party that lasted two nights and she attended both. She said she ‘was drug around the floor at 98 ponds like a piece of popcorn.’ I also learned she and her college mates would sit on a ledge, I’m assuming over a road, and distract the driver’s with their legs. (And I thought I was a moderate rebel!!)

I’ve set online a sale date for Monday. The guys will be here and they can help me organize the heavy stuff in the garage this weekend. (The Craftsman’s Covid test came back negative, so that is good. Still haven’t heard from Little Bear.) I’m making little ‘You Rock’ thank you and gifts for people who have done so much for me and for fun. I’m hoping the hot glue stays together for at least a week! Lol The one I found in the basement that I’m keeping is absolutely my favorite dust catcher. It has painted eyes and a large group of similar sized rocks. Mine are more varied and some will have the googly eyes and the others will be painted. I should give every single one of my followers one!!! (the glue annoys me.)

Again, I play Catch up

I think about how much has happened in the last days and I’ll just have to cliff notes it.  First, a realtor photo I missed sharing.

Because a kitchen bath is so handy when eating pears.

The ring is still unknown. So, I claimed it for the story. I did learn that it wasn’t dad or mom or the cat, only because it couldn’t be. The jeweler said it is a ladies ring and the markings were 14K and the star and letters are probably that of a maker. So, I took the rest of the ashes down to the inlet and let the wind take them hither and yon. I said aloud, “I’m not sure who you are, but this a great beach to belong to. Super awesome sunsets and fishing. You’ll like it here.”   

Sometime last week, I discovered how difficult it is to wrap items in plastic wrap. I’ve done millions of cookies for mailing (do remember, putting cookies in those sealed up plastic packages makes crumbs. Soldiers will add milk and eat them like cereal. So, if you ‘seal a meal’ cookies, add spoons!), but large items of furniture are totally different!!! Squares and rectangles aren’t too bad, chairs are awful!!! The kids I paid (I should have paid them more than 60$) wrapped the hope chests in record time by working together and they took the first lots to my sister late afternoon and the chests while I was gone the next day. My sister did visit with her family twice. Both times they took things, so I was thankful.

The dentist said my teeth have something I can’t pronounce, he said to schedule an appointment for Friday. So, I did. It is the day before The Craftsman and Little Bear arrive for a week. I had no idea they were coming up. I will get a lot more finished, but am pretty sure I won’t have everything done around here by the time they want to leave.

I’ll do a ‘$5 more or less’ estate sale this Sat and next and call it good. I was hoping to have a few more things gone before I did a sale, but oh well (Jukeboxes and totes and..).  I also need to get the septic checked again. The latter annoys me, I’ve used water for not every day showers, the toilet, and to nominally wash hands and brush teeth. But, something isn’t as right as it was in June.  It’s been almost a year since the last work was done. It probably thinks I’m ignoring it!

And I should not be upset over little things. It was late, so I sent The Craftsman short note about the wind we’ve had here this Monday and how it knocked down a tree at the neighbors and I heard sounds of ones falling on this side. I said I was sure he was busy and to pack warm clothes. Then I sent a photo of the down tree (it is pretty obvious if you see photos of the place often, or if you were here a week last summer and looked across the lake everyday..that wasn’t nice. I need to stop being sarcastic.). I then said love you, sent xoxo’s and texted a goodnight. He responded with ‘Nice picture dear, thanks. Goodnight, my love.’ I’m such a bitch. Little things should NOT frustrate me! I’m a bigger person than the septic needing attention or abrupt texts or having the house so cold because heat costs or or frustrating WP changes or places like FB who flagged my selling post about this adorable moose cookie jar. About 12 inches from hoof to antlers and 7 from hip to hip. Hoof to tail, about another 7 inches. He’s only 20$ and FB doesn’t like selling animals. (livestock like chickens are called breakfast makers..)

Kris will smile (instead of spitting into the wind) and she will prevail!!