April’s About Done

It’s been a busy month. Little Bear took some super photos of critters the two weekends he was out camping. (the second weekend he was hunting) and I’ll try to add those in. This infernal machine is still driving me nuts, but I’ll have to manage. Must admit, when I was out shopping for plants, I went a tad mad since I was frustrated. They are all tucked into their garden beds to grow or not grow as they will and I’m still unimpressed with Chromebooks. 

The most annoying thing I learned, garden wise, was that lily of the valley are invasive in (as far as I understand) Eastern Oregon, thus many places don’t sell them. Out of the many bulbs..no, they are pips, I think…Anyway, many have been planted in the yard over the years and noticed this spring there are 6 pairs of green leaves and ONE stalk with three bells. Apparently they are invasive everywhere except where I put them. So, found many other plants to put my cash on. The planned list was a bit ignored, but all in all, it was a great deal of fun. There were at least three that should have been discounted, but weren’t. The little things were scrawny and had been frosted earlier. My rescuing heart took them in at the price asked anyway! I rarely buy spring ‘bagged’ bulbs or plants because they often are icky when you open the bags. 

So, the ones on the list that were purchased included a pink phlox that was super tiny (hope it survives!), two daisy plants that were not Alaska Shasta ones, but will do until the seeds eventually come up and bloom on their own (Mayhap the different types will mingle and make a stronger variety!), a bleeding heart (one of the puny plants, must have bled out!), and two parsley starts (rabbits love parsley and at 1.49 a bunch for treats, it seemed logical to try to grow some.). The other plants I found were a purple columbine, an herb called bee balm (wanted one that spread and trailed, this one gets tall, but after looking at it and putting it back more than once, figured I should buy it.), a creeping white and green leaved variegated plant called red Nancy (just because!), a super fun little thing that is considered a ‘steppable’ or a plant you can walk on called ‘lipstick strawberry’ (between you and me, stepping on a strawberry is not a good idea!), and one I saw and had to buy because it has always intrigued me. It is called a Lenten Rose and is often spendy. They were on sale (probably because Lent was over) and so, it is now in the yard. The plants have kind of an ivy looking leaf and thick stems and pale green full flowers. Also purchased cucumber and a spindly pink geranium (must have been in a pink mood…although, it was near the April full moon and that is called a pink moon…), those plants will need to wait a bit to go outside. The days have been super warm and yesterday was in the 80s, but not going to risk it yet. A week ago we were still dropping into the 30’s at night. 

Inside Kris. Well, she’s going to pay more attention to the beauty that is in front of her instead of wishing for the gorgeous moon. In fact, while watching the full moon clear the horizon, thought about exactly that. The black branches of a tree were obscuring the bright globe, but yet, those branches were also lovely and a heck of a lot closer. I still very much want the moon, can moon dream, but know that moon isn’t in my foreseeable future. (And now I want to cry! Silly.)

Annoying Tech

Well, am not sure about this. After a ton of research, I purchased a chromebook and by golly, it is NOT what I thought it was going to be like. About the best thing, so far, is being able to type easily! (which is one of the main reasons new technology was needed) However, at this time anything in photos will most likely need stored in a storage thingy. (VERY useful word. Not like a ding-a-ling, but handy! NOTE: that reminds me of a favorite song of my dad’s where a ding-a-ling is handy, but I digress…) Apparently google is removing any future storage features for pictures. Finally figured out how to work offline on documents (hopefully!), so that is also a good thing. Nose crinkle. This may not have spell checker and I will need to see if that is only online or is something I can download for free. Reckon a great many words will need fixed once I go back online! (Funny story from college. A friend was using one of those fancy spell checking typewriters and he was furious at how often the thing beeped at him. He knew he was spelling certain words correctly since he had carefully copied them down, but the machine didn’t like them. Finally had to tell him he was typing up a paper for a biology class and most of the words he wanted to use were not in the machine’s ‘vocabulary’.) 

One of the things that makes me so mad about this machine is how it is so different from my old laptop with chromebook tendencies. Differences I didn’t discover until getting it sorted. Oh well, change is a good thing. Or so we are often told!! This one also doesn’t have backlit keys, that feature was on the machine I was looking for that the man in the store insisted wasn’t available and that this one would do all of the same things.(stupid salesperson!! They also sold me a device I’m returning and ordering online. A kind of usb SD contraption.) Did learn the HP Chromebook x360 has several different models and the one I ended up with is NOT what I was looking for. Seriously wanted the other keyboard!  

Used mom’s kindle to find information on how to use this new tech and discovered an article that made me laugh. Basically, the author didn’t like how technology often makes you ‘play in their garden with their toys’. Apple, Kindle, Google, and more do exactly that. You need their apps and their storage and each of those things usually cost. As Little Bear once said, ‘Why would I pay for storage when I can put what I want in a device of my own and use it from there? It is like paying for a mini storage unit downtown that I only need a couple of things from a few boxes.’ Then, I remembered something the kid said about how the US pays for more storage units in a year than they spend at Mc Donald’s and Starbucks combined!!! My Samsung cell phone that doesn’t always work has the storage full because it has a stupid google storage for photos and then the Samsung photos as well. If you delete the ones in the google app, you also end up losing the ones in the other app. Their garden, their toys. Piffle. 

Also have tried finding videos to assist me and the first one I chose was obviously from a person who works for Chromebook. He gave 10 tips on how to use your new Chromebook that basically boiled down to each tip being, ‘it is super simple, just try it and see if it works’ for anything from usb devices to navigation inside the device. He did make sure to reiterate how important it was to have a gmail address. Not sure what term he called it, but he implied the address was like it was a passport to anything you will do or need on a chromebook. So, in light of just trying it, the single usb port does work with my aged mouse and the photos on thumb drives. (the chromebook I’d thought I wanted had more ports, too.

Will close this rant out with the song that used to make my dad laugh. YouTube to the rescue, again. (Chuck Berry has a lot of fun with this song during this ’72 show.)


Good news? Recently had a mammogram and it was determined an ultrasound was needed. The testing was done and the information was immediately sent to the radiologist, who said it looked good and to come back in 6 months. Well, when the report got to me via the mail, it read, and this is a final quote from the bits of diagnostic info sent on, “Impression: Probably benign. Recommend unilateral right mammogram in 6 months.” Probably. Seriously, after ages of schooling, one might anticipate a more decisive response!! So, for the next few months I will dance through the days, hoping the probability is really negative! 

The lasagna gardens were a success. So was the rabbit litter under the cages! You can see one of the gardens has a lot of grass. (of the two, only one had litter added to it) It is, probably, barley, and elsewhere is a cut green for the bunnies. Except, since this is in a garden with daffodils, which are toxic, we are not taking any from this area. Just in case a stem is sliced and the juices end up on the cutters or in the rest of the greens. They like the tulips, but we don’t want to risk the buns getting something that might probably poison them. 

March is often the month of chills and shine, but this year it appears April is more apt for that weather. No April showers, just night temps of 19 degrees F and cool windy days of mostly sunshine. The first night it dropped, leaving many flowers sprawled in the beds. A bit like tipped over well dressed drunks. Usually, the daffodils have a lot of juice in their stems. A thick clear liquid that drips from the hollow stalks when cut. After the freeze, it almost seemed like the daffodil stems were hollow. A few perked up when the sun came out, thankfully. The rest, well, they were picked up gently and removed from the gardens. My kitchen is now full of vases filled with April gold and a smidge of reds. Should have picked the hyacinth, too. Those resemble  something that could probably be found in the extreme back of the crisper bin of the fridge after several months. EWWWWW! Not looking forward to culling those from the garden. Slimy stalks are not fun, but they will return to the earth and add to the soil as mulch. Turns out the juice in the stems evaporates when they get super cold (science stuff) and the heavier stems can’t lift up as easily when they warm during the day, so they look ‘tired‘.

Haven’t gotten my new laptop/chromebook up and running yet. It isn’t looking as easy to use as this older technology. Older technology that is probably about ready to give up the ghost! This post is being written up in google docs, which I have never used before. It is definitely different. Have been trying to transfer documents from word to google docs and sheesh! Not only do people have trouble getting along in our world, but technology is just as snooty. The one thing I’m looking forward to with the new laptop is checking emails. This machine often skips and deletes something other than the one slated to be deleted or opens other messages than desired or freezes, so haven’t been there in a while. 

Managed to squeeze in a haircut Monday last. It was not done quite like I wanted, but it will probably be ok. Thankfully, hair usually grows. My CGM is being wonky. The company is sending me a new sensor, but even the tech help thinks the problem might be in the monitor. Haven’t heard from Strider in a few days, but he’s got chicks and a GF and both of those take up a lot of time. (plus his house that almost caught fire last month and was torn up by the inspector and now needs repairs) Moses isn’t looking good. He’s a frail, deaf, unkempt aged kitty cat who sleeps a lot. Am taking a lot of photos of the orange kitty…

However, I found a western swallowtail chrysalis that is now inside waiting to emerge. (hopefully!) Planted the common milkweed seeds in hopes of growth and western monarchs and am in the midst of getting the laundry completed for this extra long week in the middle of April. PHEW!