Not fun, Fun.

This last while has been horrible in spots and not so in many others. On Wednesday afternoon, I visited the doctor and he (after poking my face—why do they do that???), determined I had a sinus infection. He did say it could also be strep, but he didn’t want to swab me if he was giving me something for sinus. He also said if it didn’t do the trick, to contact back in 10 days and they’d give me another round. (in retrospect, I wonder if I should have gotten another round after I finished the first ones before I left Oregon?) My internet is super slow and I find it difficult to do much online. (it could be my laptop, too) My glucose has been terrible, probably cuz I’m sick, and I wish I had someone to take care of me. Although, if I was in Oregon, I’d be taking care of me, anyway! (photos from Monday, when I felt ok and the inlet on Sunday)

Monday I spied SSC (Sexy Smart Cookie) at the store and he said he could come out on Saturday to help with trash. My other friend hasn’t contacted me since he took the large haul of garbage out, so I was thankful for SSC (his hair is longer, country gentleman like!). While getting my meds on Wed., I met my friend E in the parking lot and we chatted for AGES! I really miss that woman.

One of the odder things I discovered was a book. I was finally able to check out library books again on Monday. (super thankful, especially since I don’t feel good) I checked out several and one of the Mercedes Lackey novels was a surprise (I wasn’t going to get read that particular series since she still have a couple left to write and I don’t like reading an unfinished set). Anyway, the book cover isn’t one of my favorite bits to read, but I do read them because they have words and they kind of hint what might happen. Except, as you can see, this dust jacket blurb was absolutely wrong! I went to a few sites and found a quote by M. Lackey to explain it:

Because they wrote the cover blurb referencing my pitch synopsis without checking with the actual book prose. They’re stripping all the ones in the warehouse to put on corrective jackets, which means the uncorrected ones are now Collectors’ Items.

While on FB, I shared how I’d love to own this collector’s edition, a friend from college suggested I ‘forget to return the book’ and then pay for it when they asked. (have you EVER heard of anything so horrible to say to a person who considers a library sacred???)

Tuesday, I took photos of a cow moose on the other side of the lake (remember, it is a tiny lake) and later was startled to see her swimming up to her neck to get to my side! It was starting to get darker and I looked out the window and saw a funny looking dog in the water. But, it was really odd looking. Then, I discovered it was the cow. (was she moose paddling since she wasn’t a dog?) She was moving fast and with her speed and the low light on the water, the only photo I got resembles a flat Nessie. I deleted it from my camera chip.

Wednesday had a some cheerful moments (the people in the doctor’s office, texts from TnT and even Digman, and messages from Kel). Juke Box kid also texted. The trailer he is going to use to haul the boxes has wasp nests in it. He was sharing what he was going to do for their removal and I had to laugh. I do hope he doesn’t end up burning it down, that wouldn’t be useful at all!  One of my favorite surprises was the butterfly that landed on me briefly as I stepped outside. Completely thrilled me to have it stop for even a millisecond.

The feeders I fill now and again have bullies. One is a small dark junco and the other is a teen age squirrel. The junco dashes at birds as he sits in the feeder munching away and the squirrel is just munching and deters them by presence! The golden eye are now teens and have tiny wings, but go all over the place by themselves. Rarely does the mom keep them near and I’m glad the lake isn’t larger cuz they’d for sure get lost or eaten or something. Tuesday night, the moose had gone and suddenly three fast little kid fowl skittered up to where the golden eye used to perch. They didn’t stay long, but it was like they wanted to ‘go home’ for a little while!!! Birds are out and about in EO, too.  I had to laugh when The Craftsman called on Wednesday. He said he got buzzed by a barn owl! I was surprised, barn owls are predators only if the prey is the right size and a 6’2” human is NOT barn owl prey. (to be fair, The Craftsman was really surprised, too!) They are cute little birds of prey and a great deal of fun to watch. I wasn’t all that impressed with the books using them as the main characters, though. I love watching them fly, I’m also glad this didn’t happen to The Craftsman! video from Youtube:


My last post was odd. So, I will share some of the experiences I’ve had this week and some of the cartoons I’ve found to make things lighter again. A lot has happened!!

My sister did get her piano. Gig man, her spouse, had an involved plan that wandered all over the place. He wanted to get the post WW2 piano out of the door, onto the stoop, down the steps, and down the side walk to a trailer..which they would need to ramp to get the piano onto. Thankfully, a wiser head said, ‘I’ll bring my trailer up to the edge of the stoop and go through the door, onto the cement and, in one push, onto the trailer.’ Perfect. The lady who was helping was great. She was tinkling the ivories as it was relocated to 10 min away. (she was in the trailer to make sure the winches were secure around the instrument.) It reminded me of a calliope in a parade! Mom won’t like my sister has the piano, she’d have liked Fingers (name for piano players!) playing it on the road. Now, if my sister would get the rest of her things! They brought a rig to do that, but they also brought their partial black lab. Who, apparently, ‘ate a bee’ while she was here and that was why she was so clingy and needy and wanting in the house after being in the lake. At any rate, since they had the dog, they didn’t have room to haul anything else. She did take a small bag of things, so that was good. Besides, Gig man hates her bringing mom’s stuff home and the bag wasn’t the hope chest or anything else. She told me they’d come early (they arrived after 6 pm) to help me move furniture. (I’d emptied all the shelves and the piano top completely and moved the things by myself before they arrived. We’d not have had time, if I’d waited. They took the screen door spring apart. So, I locked it. I don’t want to mess with fixing it when I didn’t take it apart. Besides, I had to put things back when they left.) They were here for about 2 hours, maybe a smidge more. I only took photos and I’m glad I napped before they arrived!!!

I don’t remember Tuesday, but the next day I did errands. (OH, there was an earthquake in the Aleutians and a tsunami warning. Nothing happened and all was peaceful. Except for the alerts. I did stay off of FB!!!) Took a box to the post and found a typical Alaskan scene. The mom left her kids in the vehicle she’d driven. But, as you can see from the photo, it wasn’t your typical rig! Then,  I discovered the book I’d wanted to check out when I returned to AK can’t be. Yet. It appears my library card expired in May and since I canceled mom’s post office box, I now don’t have a way to verify I have an address to get a card. Although, I was told they might accept general delivery. I was so annoyed. Owning property and paying taxes here isn’t enough. I need a mail box!  I couldn’t find that book in an online library and I couldn’t find it in an Oregon library. I could find that author, but not that book. I may need to just buy the darn thing. Nicholas Christopher ‘The Bestiary’.

At the bank, the dear banker (he’s helped me since 2016) had no idea why the Oregon branch of Wells Fargo wanted certain documents for me to cash a check. So, they just had me sign it ‘executor’ and called it good. Much less stressful. People were fretting about wearing masks in stores and insisting their rights were being violated. I was disgusted. A mask is hot and you can’t see smiles, but if one person wearing a mask stops at least one of the mutations of Covid, I’m good with the covering. We don’t know for sure if they will, but the illness is not something I want around me. I only hope I can get back to Oregon, the area I live in normally is a new hot spot.  Temps and Covid wise. I think they said it was almost 96 degrees F this week. Yuck!!! I’d melt.

I discovered the Celestial Seasonings teabags are smaller than they used to be. The bags are made of some other kind of material, too. The Vermont Maple Ginger is a good flavor, but it is irritating the bags have less product than they used to. There are still three ducklings on the lake. Or there were this morning, before the neighbors took to the lake in a canoe and paddle board and with dogs. The golden eye are still fluffy and not at all like the teenage mallards. When those were dipping their bills into the muck in the lake and bumped into each other, I admit I laughed out loud from where I was watching!

It rained quite a bit on my errand day, but by afternoon it cleared up nicely.

Still couldn’t see the sky. Well, I could, but it was light. I was awake til 340 am and saw some stars, faintly. The comet wasn’t visible, nor were any constellations. The guys in OR were more fortunate. They not only saw the comet, but the rings on Saturn, and moons around Jupiter. Plus, meteorites! The night is one of the few good things about the states. Being able to see stars when it is warm outside! You can tell from the photo how light it was at almost 4.  At the moment, it is 930 pm and the sun is shining through the birch trees. You can see the hidden fall gold in the fluttering green leaves. Bees are scurrying for pollen and huge black dragonflies are kiting on the breezes filling the sky with clouds. It is a beautiful world, in spite of what is going on around us!


The last couple of days I’ve had a chance to talk to Strider. The first conversation was listening to a story he’d written. He calls me his editor. After that section was over, I was confused and it took a while, but  he finally got what confused me. And is going to fix it. It is a great story in a D&D world. I know a smidge about D&D and gaming, but the story is fascinating and I am loving the characters and their activities. The second conversation was more serious. He’s in a facility where he listens to world news constantly and, quite frankly, today’s surmises were terrifying. And made me sad.

It is not even August yet and I see this Princess Bride meme as a potent, laughable truth.

Covid-19 is not going away, the POTUS is finally deciding it exists. So, because he’s a bully, he’s going to find another pot (or several) to stir up. Strider sees this writing on the wall. There is political posturing going on between the US and China. When you have a bully around, you don’t ignore them, but you don’t give in. When Strider was in lower grades thru high school, he was bullied. He had to take classes to learn to understand and allow bullies their place. If he’d learned to stand up to a bully, then he’d have eventually been left alone. To give in was more acceptable. In a nutshell, the US has a bully in office right now. He likes to stir pots and backing him into a corner will make him break out with more stupid ass decisions (quote from The Avengers). Strider hopes China will not do more than poke the president, yet, if, at the end of October, the man sees he may not get re-elected, things could get very bad. He could easily send missiles over and blow up a single item. Like perhaps a dam. Killing billions, crippling China, and becoming a hero to the R-US voters for stopping a potential war in one stroke. Covid is being heralded as real and is making him look bad. The dictator actions to ‘take control’ with federal troops of American cities is making him look bad. At this moment, bills are being passed to help curb the powers of the president. Checks and balances seem fruitless. Yet, with Fox and social media, he has much of the US wrapped around his pinkie. Even his ability to fire off transcripts with no actual complete sentences or viable thoughts, doesn’t seem to bother anyone. (although, even some at Fox are starting to wonder. They will probably be replaced soon.) Strider called it ‘What about-ism’, where you deflect an issue with a similar one. ‘I’ may have done (a), but what about when that person did (b)? It is the same thing and you didn’t punish him, so I can do what I want. The only thing that matters is the person wanting to be proved right.

I don’t like being political. I was just thinking about some of the things we were discussing and wanted to share them. Perhaps my 31 year old is interpreting things poorly. Perhaps looking at the situation on the border between India and China isn’t that big a deal. Looking at the US and how The POTUS plays might be moot. I do know, when you focus on one spot, fires break out and grow in others. Yet, Trump loves being the main party in town and hates it when he’s not.

I’d prefer following A Rose is a Rose’s agenda politically, but I’m betting that isn’t going to happen for a while.

Dumpy Day

I’m just tired and achy and wanting to cry. My right arm and elbow ache and burn. My left breast is sore (It has had something odd for several months, but I’ll get a mammogram when I return to Oregon). I work and then sleep for 10 hours and wake tired. My eye is still goopy and red. I hate doing this all alone. (and that isn’t even true! This week I’ve had at least half a dozen people who have visited and helped get things done.) I need to do laundry and go shopping and it is so difficult to decide to do those things when I have to be here. I’m just so darn tired for anything!

Photo by u00darsula Madariaga on

Being kind to others is much easier than to myself. Ok, being kind to most people is easier than myself. I do hope when my sister does eventually arrive someday, I’m considerate and gentle. (I keep bitch typing about what I know she’ll do, then I delete it! Writing it out isn’t going to change her actions and it isn’t necessary or nice of me) I do take time for Kris. I like to sit in the sun now and then. I do take time to play mindless games on the kindle (two, wordscapes and a lovely jewel game that must be a prototype cuz it is entirely not at all like any jewel game I’ve played. It is like an embryo version of many of them. I don’t even remember the name! lol). I was slightly annoyed. The kindle version of Wordscapes is different than the ipad one and the last few weeks, I could actually play words that I could on the ipad. Unfortunately, one of the powers that be must have realized people were accumulating up to 20 extra points with words like ‘tod’ or ‘tor’ or ‘lich’ or other somewhat obscure pairings. I try them anyway, just in case! Besides games, I have watched a couple of movies and gone to the beach once and watched the ducks now and then and fed the birds. I’ve baked several times and even mowed the yard twice. And I read. So, I really am doing things for myself.

Except, when you sleep for 10 hours or more, there isn’t much time left to get all that needs done completed! (ooooh, that is a confusing sentence!)

I have been sorting papers I set aside last fall. There was a will that cracked me up. I’m not entirely sure how many of these people are still alive, but the poor lawyer was looking in the early 90’s. I kept it because it was so typical of life. Confusing, with ties that twist and bind! As you can see by the partial photo document, there are a lot of names with not much information! Then, on another page, the lawyer says this: “The problem arose because Harry Franklin S name was changed to Harry Franklin E, he was than married at least twice, and it appears he may have adopted some of his step-children.” Later, I learned when he died, one of the persons mentioned sent a letter out for help with funeral costs. (that is the second photo). For me, I recognized some of the names, except the names were not for those people!!! Great Aunt Ginny was an alcoholic kick in the pants. Julie was my 4th dad’s mom and Uncle Harry was my dad’s brother and I thought Harry was his only sibling! It is bad enough naming kids after persons who have died, but to name them after living relations is just confusing!!! Then, I learned, dad, who had his name changed by court order ended up getting it changed again to E a few years after my sister and I were adopted and had our names changed to E. The worst part of adoption is that on the birth certificates, it now shows my dad, Bill, as my birth father in 1965. Except in 1965 my real dad and mom were living in MN and a few years later my sister was born. I also found divorce papers for mom’s previous marriages and in each one the document reads mum had proof for a cause for divorce. Now, I know in 2 of those, the men hit mom. I’ve never found anything anywhere to see exactly why mom left my real dad. I do know he wasn’t good at keeping jobs, his type 1 diabetes was uncontrolled and made him difficult, and I understand that mom never really wanted to marry him anyway (she wanted to marry my second dad and dear Johned him when he was in the military, thus marrying my birth father. Or at least, that was one story I was told by someone else!). I also laughed because in the second divorce, mom got the trailer with furnishings and that dad got a truck and a barometer!

I also, once again, lost my contacts. I was able to get many of them back cuz I hadn’t completely deleted all texts, but some…I’ll just have to wait for them to identify themselves more thoroughly! The golden eye mom has two young left as of Saturday night and today it is blowing and raining. Thankfully, I do like rain! It is also easier for the ducks to hide in plain sight, although they are pretty good at that normally!

Many hands

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. ‘When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty’ and those chips burn (most of that particular thought was from Podman, I added the burning part). When life is rocking and rolling, it is disco time. (wait, is rock and roll disco???) The last days have been a blessing and I will be, and am, thankful.

Jake has been busy with deworming goats. She says it is her daughter’s science task for home school, but says both of their brains are fried with the math of weight to meds ratio. I complain a lot about my sister (as if no one noticed!), I’ve still not seen her and I think I mentioned I got a phone call. So, at least she knows I’m here at the house. (It appears the kid’s microscope isn’t working and Jake wondered if there was one here. The kid also broke her telescope when she dropped it and the ipad when she belly flopped on it on the bed...)

It doesn’t matter much. I’ll manage with people of my own. TnT brought me that burger the other night. Then, the next night Jukebox Kid drove down. He took a van load of things for the boxes and will come down later with tools and vehicle to haul them back to his place. I only pray he’ll use them and not just store them. He said he will, but I shouldn’t care. If he has the money, wants to spend it on jukeboxes, it is his choice! (he did say it was fascinating how little tubes could make things work. This made me laugh, his world has always been numbers and computer chips!) I was pretty tired when he left. It was difficult getting rid of dad’s boxes and music. When Dad died, Mom shoved his stuff to the back of her life and let rodents get into them. It made me so sad. I’m glad someone will care for his things once again.

 I was supposed to do laundry Thursday, but am glad I didn’t. Although, I’d have been home by the time I got a call from the Woodcutter. He said he had some free time and would help haul stuff to the dump. For two and a half hours he helped collect, tear apart, and load up stuff scattered around the yard. I was able to get into the old greenhouse (he wants to bring out tools to take it down. It is in terrible shape, but I’ll wait til it is totally empty before removal. It is a filthy cozy tiny space!) and decided to call the friend of mom’s who is learning about planting. She came out and took a lot of things and will bring her spouse and others out tomorrow to take more stuff. (I hope!) So, I collected most of the rocks in the old greenhouse, hauled them down to the lake, and dumped them in! The edge of the lake is marshy mushy gick and I think a few rocks will help it out a bit. Or they will just sink down and never reappear again!!! I didn’t do the ones in the shop. I was too tired. (I did scare the golden eye young. There seem to be two and they are getting very good sized! Maybe we’ll get at least one that will fly away in the fall.) I’m not entirely sure dumping rocks from the inlet (or wherever) in the lake was correct, but I only put in a few shells by accident. I didn’t want to put the rocks in the drive, it will most likely get torn up again when the house is purchased. Eventually. Mom’s shells are in the flower beds. I’m sure those will get torn up, too. At least the shells will help the soil. At least, I assume they will!!! I only kept a couple of rocks and the three ol, from the inlet, glass floats and one of the boxes used for fish eggs when I worked for the Japanese in the egg room. (the box might have been mom’s, she worked in many canneries!)

So, all in all, the last few days have been pretty positive. The craziest thing is the dent is so tiny, it is barely noticeable. The Woodcutter mentioned the worst part of this job is how when you get rid of things, there is always something underneath. I think Podman once said something similar!! (He actually called me this morning. I wasn’t very communicative, I get so tired and have a hard time going to sleep and later waking up!) I keep hoping I’ll get to the bottom soon. Please?

The best part is finding pinks blooming from seeds I tossed out!! (they are pinks cuz the edges look like they’ve been clipped with a pinking shears)

A new week

I’m going to have to contact my phone server people. I am constantly running out of data. I went into the settings and under storage I find there are 3.15 GB of apps running and 1.12 GB in photos and vids. (I have one of the latter, an old couple dancing last fourth of July. It is cute.) I use my phone to text, to take photos, and to make calls. I am constantly deleting and caching in the apps that I don’t use and it doesn’t seem to change for long.

We lost a mallard duckling this weekend. There was a fierce battle of the moms and a little one paid the price. It happens in the human world and in the animal kingdom. I saw a very large mature bald eagle wing up and over the house, I think it was wanted to snag the carcass the next day. Eagles are beautiful scavengers! I also baked cinnamon rolls. When I shared the recipe with Strider, he was surprised. ‘Mom, I always make my cinnamon rolls using the biscuit recipe I got from you.’ That was exactly how I made these. Rolled out a biscuit recipe, adding cinnamon and vanilla extract to the dough, and made a brown sugar paste for inside. Sunday the rain changed to sun, but the sky was odd!!! (the brown trees are beetle killed)

The Craftsman’s birthday was Monday. I was pretty busy, but made muffins again. They aren’t quite as good as the first ones, but not too bad. Celebrated by visiting the beach for the first time with a good friend. (sunset photo was about 1045 pm) She lives in CA now, but as teens we were joined fairly close! I had to laugh. She and her grown family were here cuz her parents are ailing. She and her husband are selling his mom’s house so mom can move in with them, they just put an offer on a house in K Falls in Oregon and will end up with two mortgages for a few years til they move. And I thought I was juggling a mess!!! There were some fun birds out. Gulls strutting on the rocks and an unknown paddler staying just a few feet from shore! Thankfully, we didn’t see any eagle. She spent most of our walk carrying her pocket dog. (Eagles love little critters. They have been known to snag small dogs on leashes like bait on a line!!) I also watched Bohemian Rhapsody again..Live Aid was on July 13.

I have an angle on several places to get rid of things, we’ll see what happens. Wednesday a guy is supposed to visit for the jukeboxes. Jake still hasn’t come out to get her wants. My friend from ANC hasn’t been able to visit this week yet. My uncle’s email doesn’t appear to like mine and he’s not gotten any of the ones I’ve sent about dad’s reel to reels. I did find the ones that appear to be my dad’s Great Aunt Ginny (the one who was a WW2 war correspondent). The day ended with a visit from TnT. He brought me a burger and fries for dinner. Yes, my glucose didn’t like it, but ohhhhhh!! It sure was different from eggs and cheese and veggies.

From Youtube. It fits.

Sunshine and Rain

This week has been full of crazy weather. I finally decided to leave isolation (my quarantine was up, but I’d not heard if I should) and go shopping and wash clothes. I think I ate better when I didn’t have more choices!!! That was on Tuesday. Monday was lovely, Tuesday it was ok, Wednesday it rained all day. I love rain!!

These pictures were taken before the rain.

I’d not noticed the ‘heart’ shape in the tree before. It makes me smile when I look down on the lake. The lake has receded a bit since the first week I was home. It has a lot of grass growing in the middle and the ducks seem to be surviving. I’ve not seen any loon, they prefer a clear lake and with the weeds growing up, it isn’t clear. I’m not sad!

We did have a rather crazy loud incident where all the ducks of both breeds banded together when a predator flew in. I’m not sure what the bird was, but as far as I could tell, everyone was accounted for when it flew off. One little golden eye was frazzled as it came up from where the mallards had gone. I think it got mixed up with the bigger ducklings!! That night it rained. A lot.

On Wednesday, I got my blood drawn (doctors don’t care if you aren’t in their area. If they want blood, they find a way to get it!) and got my clothes washed and picked up a covered firepit thing from TnT to burn stuff. OMG! My dad has pay stubs saved from ’77. He also, thankfully, didn’t keep entire packets from investments, but there are a lot. I am removing the SSN’s and tossing the rest away. I was in the midst of a series of numbers when I saw one that looked very familiar. It was mine!! I was quick to destroy those, I am not dead and would be very put out to have that stolen!!

I’m also glad dad’s gone. I’ve never said that before. I was clearing out VHS tapes and found one that made me think dad might have become a fan of our current POTUS or even a conspiracy theorist. It would have been hard to follow dad’s way of thinking. It is hard enough to follow my spouse and the youngest in their politics. Dad..I’m just glad I don’t have to know. Then, I found an aged Richard Simmons tape. He’s so scrawny for being so healthy!!! There were a handful of Bill Cosby tapes, too. Which makes me wonder if anyone wants those….

Thursday was a stunning day. I finished up a sweet cinnamon sort of roll I purchased on Wed. It was cinnamon, strawberry/ rhubarb and absolutely delicious! I am looking forward to trying her blueberry ones. I love the bakery. It is new and the motif matches my shoulder tattoo. (Heart of forget me nots) If I was staying here, I would so ask to be hired. Baking is one of my favorite things to do. In case you wondered!!

It is later in the evening, almost 930 pm. The clouds are starting to roll in and the temps are dropping. I was hoping to see the sunset tonight, I did get to see the mountains briefly today, but there may not be one! Cool looking grey clouds, though. I guess I’m torn between the contemplative squirrel and the stressed out bear!! Perhaps, I’ll just go and sort a bit more!! Although..I did buy ice cream!

(OH! I found out my airport covid test was negative. I had to send two emails and we’ll see if I need tested again!) Yes, ice cream sounds like a good celebration snack!

Selling off SABLE

The dispersal of SABLE. Some of you might recall my first foray into getting rid of mom’s stuff. My sister coined it SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy) and as unflattering at the phrase is, it is beyond accurate. I’ve been in Alaska for about a week and a half and I’m surrounded by SABLE. Methods online of dispersal are varied and seem like a task as treacherous as looking for horocruxes while wearing one. I do have quite a bit I’m tossing out. (below are two of those tossed items. A baby food jar of pond water or something and a sealed shape with something dried in the bottom…)  A friend is doing a garage sale for Hospice and I sent a nice box full off with her. TnT has offered to sell some on Ebay, (which is sweet, but I can’t push off my chores onto him!) and since he has a selling account, that is less annoying that creating one of my own. Another friend has told me to do an Etsy account and that looks logical, except there are quite a few fees on that site (like city, state, and federal taxes to sell one item!) and while they aren’t large, they do eat away at the proceeds eventually.

For instance, Mum purchased a set of music boxes. On Ebay I couldn’t find where any had been sold. On Etsy, a single box in CA sold in May of this year for $43. I want to put together a box of lighthouse things. On Ebay, some of those things have sold alone for what seems to be silly prices (a postcard for $4!). I don’t want to cut myself short and not make any money (flat rate shipping isn’t as cheap as it used to be, either!), but I don’t want to price it so high no one will be interested. Ebay only allows you to sell 10 items, unless you have a store, too. Ten items. That is like a quarter of the bay window shelf! These are only two of the dozens of online places to sell.

I can also just take it all to a thrift store in dozens of loads. I have already, I can do it again. Actually, I’ll probably still do that with a majority of the SABLE. (Ordinary dishes, linen, and the like abound in this dwelling!)  Little Bear thinks hauling it to the states to sell from there isn’t going to be worth it and he’s probably correct. Unfortunately, I hate giving things away when I have to pay for things. I have quite a bit there already and more sealed up in boxes in my bedroom here. I keep thinking I am done finding things to sell from Oregon or that I’d like and find others. So freaking frustrating! One good thing, the young man who was interested in Dad’s jukebox stuff last summer before the fire stopped all travel, is still interested and is hoping to be down in a week or so. That also won’t be worth what dad paid for it, but at least the young man wants it. (not sure if I posted here how one guy, who knew dad and worked with jukeboxes of all kinds, said to ‘throw it all away’)

As I mentioned, I do find so much that does need thrown away. Lovely framed artwork that has faded horribly, lighthouses with spoiled batteries inside (although, those are probably not ruined, just the battery part. Unless I can clean it?), and broken collectibles. I actually have that problem, saving broken unicorns. I used to collect those creatures (that seems wrong, to collect unicorns!) and the ceramic ones almost always lost their horns due to being knocked off shelves by cats. Because I was always going to glue them back together someday!! I’ve also had to feed my annoying tendencies to clean and sort. Like this mess. Now, I have a pair of earrings and two necklaces..although, I’m not sure why anyone needs a mood cross!

I look across the lake as I ponder my dilemma and some very dead spruce trees loom in my eye. They have been killed by bugs, yet tower above all the other trees. Stark and greyish brown, they look terrible by daylight. Yet, at night, when the sun is setting behind them, you only see them as silhouette sentinels on the horizon. I’ll have to see if I can photograph them. They are a reminder that you can look at things from a different perspective and still see good in the face of decay. It is ugly beautiful. Exactly like this task in front of me.

Happy Birthday to my Baby!

Ok, he’s not my baby. He’s 31 now..can I really be old enough to have a kid that age?? LOL I wrote up a post for my family blog and can’t remember the darn password. So, I share some of it here!

I often celebrate people with long distance celebrations. So, I made muffins today. I was kind of nervous. I don’t have certain ingredients, but I discovered you don’t actually need them!! I only used a smidge of baking soda cuz when I made biscuits last, I had to toss them away cuz they were too salty (I used a half a tsp). I also split the egg (yolk from white) and beat the white part and added it last. I used less sugar than the recipe called for and added chocolate and applesauce. I was very impressed! I also added lots of seasonings and a smidge of brown sugar to the white. (I hope that stays small. I get so mad when I shrink a photo and it ends up HUGE on the blog) I tried a small one to see how it was and then ate another one cuz it was so good!

I also had a problem with my cell phone and couldn’t get or send images. Strider said he found this while out at work in VA. As you can see, it was pretty badly injured. I was excited, though. I’ve never seen one of these in real life. Well, I still haven’t, but having my son find one is still closer than just seeing them in books or online! It is the largest moth in North America, a Cecropia moth and I’ve read about them in The Girl of The Limberlost. The caterpillars would probably stress me out, though. I’m not fond of lots of legs on tiny creatures!

Now I’ll add some forest observations. I hope you enjoy them!

Distantly, I hear sounds of man. The thrum of machines, maybe a chainsaw or an ATV, airplanes droning overheard, and wind chimes sounding out in varied silver tones. Man, however, is overpowered here by the delightful orchestra of nature. Woodwinds, made up of birds, trill and chirp alarms and boundaries as they flit from tree to ground and back. I have always loved the repetitive call of the chickadee. ‘Chicka dee dee dee!’ Staccato bass notes from a woodpecker pounding on a tree catch my ear and I try to find out where it is. I’m pretty sure it is a hairy woodpecker, it is very loud! So is the high pitched piccolo yelling of the squirrel! If I could only understand what is inside the cadence of that voice (or probably not!). Insects buzz as they dive around me, I’m most annoyed by the upper registers of the mosquito whine (That is often accompanied by the human sound of my hand slapping where it was or is!) and the irritating ‘zzz’s’ of horse flies. I can hear quiet liquid notes of splashing from different waterfowl in the lake and the adorable ‘ploop’ as the golden eye babies practice diving. Over, or perhaps, under everything, you can hear the breeze as it rushes along through the different foliage, spreading gossip in a building crescendo before leaving for a few more measures. A beautiful birthday song for my son-