One thing that drives me crazy is when people open Christmas gifts or birthday presents before the actual day. In this last week of Jan. one card has arrived for me and it is obvious it is a birthday card. My friend put in quotes between my first and last name, ‘Birthday Girl’. I laughed and set it aside to open on Monday. Had also planned on making one of my favorite dinners that night, roast beef. Prime rib would be even better, but that isn’t something easily done. However, a nice roast in the crock pot is a great idea! So, went out and spent almost $50 on a roast and two spritzers and some Valentine cards that need written and mailed and an ice cream treat that was supposed to be less expensive, but the discount was for a different store. (piffle) Sadly, the kid just told me he is going shopping on Monday night and didn’t understand how come my roast beef dinner couldn’t be moved. In retrospect, it can be. Will make it on Tuesday and they can have it before they leave for their study groups. No, will not tell him it is my birthday. It is just another day of doing chores. Wasn’t planning on leaving the house again (except to mail things) til Wednesday anyway. My celebration will be drinking one of the spritzers and opening up a package I ordered from Duluth Trading Co containing a top and two skirts and the Amazon package holding a book. Have had those packages for several weeks already and not reaading that book has been driving me nuts! lol

Wednesday will be picking up stuff to cook for Little Bear’s Thursday birthday. Saw a post by a southern friend for sandwiches called ‘Po’Boys’ (interesting story. Appears ages past, owners of delis decided to feed men who were on strike, calling them poor boys. The sandwiches were large and filling). So, will make buns out of frozen bread rolls and buy large slices of roast beef (not using my roast, will need much more!) and will add fried shrimp. Although, those may need hand cooked. Which is a tad more work than anticipated. They will be surf and turf Po’ Boys without the Cajun spices! Because my personal palate is boring as dust. Will give little bear a bottle of whatever he wants to spice his own up!! He also wants cheese cake for his birthday. Which means I’ll need to make something else since Grandma doesn’t care for cheesecake and she’ll be visiting for his birthday! (will make angel cake for mine, so Little Bear can reenact the stuffing cake in the mouth scene from ‘Ground Hog Day’!)

Will also see about getting him a digital thermometer to hang outside by the rabbits. The poor things are confused. We had super warm days followed by freezing cold with snow and wind that sucked the warm right out of the air and the critters are molting like it is spring. Yet, the winter season is just starting. His 7 babies gained almost 4 pounds in a week and the mom, when he takes a youngster out to look it over, just gives him that look that says, ‘you can keep it’. They like to hop over her or sit on top of her. Reminds me of that awesome Dr. Seuss book ‘Hop on Pop’. Although, this is ‘Hop on Mom’!!!

Speaking of books, have you read anything besides ‘Tom Sawyer’ or ‘Adventures of Huck Finn’ by Mark Twain? Just started ‘Roughing It’ and have been giggling out loud almost every other page. There was a paragraph where the main character described another and said in a long hilarious sentence, ‘she rained the nine parts of speech forty days and forty nights, metaphorically speaking, and buried us under a desolating deluge of trivial gossip that left not a crag or pinnacle of rejoinder projecting above the tossing waste of dislocated grammar and decomposed pronunciation!’ Those last four words had me giggling helplessly while waiting for my eyes to get back to normal in the parking lot of the eye doctor.

Yup, did that. Visited the eye doctor and she dilated my eyes and found that they are practically the same as they were when my glasses were renewed in the fall of ’18. Which is good news, but doesn’t seem to help the headaches. Wonder if they just need adjusting. The glasses, not the eyes! At this time, it appears this old gal is absolutely healthy. With problems walking or moving the right arm or seeing. Perhaps it is really all mostly imagined and just need to realise whatever it is in my brain that is keeping me physically handicapped isn’t as important as it might be.

So, what is your favorite birthday meal and or cake??? (had an angel cake like that last one- what a mess to cut!!)

Fossils 1

One of the most fascinating things in the world is finding fossils, digging the past, and finding old stuff. Much of mom’s house was that way. My sister called last night (insert eye roll) to thank me for texting me the landline house number, because she didn’t know if my Alaska number (the one I’d just texted her on) was any good since I wasn’t there. Then, she proceeded to tell me it was odd “we” had not found a key to a fancy wind up clock she ended up with. It is a clock deep in my memory, but her descriptions sort of made it wiggle to the top of my brain. However, when she told me it had hung in the basement, had to remind her NOTHING had been hung on the basement walls since the ’15 sewage flood when the basement walls were all replaced. Jake’s comment, “Oh.” Have no clue when she got the clock, she wasn’t there to find the odd key she remembered, and if she had, then perhaps things would have gotten completed faster. But, being annoyed with my sister isn’t why this post exists. (for real!)

Little Bear had been shopping and found a candy he wanted to share with me. He’d never heard of it before and when I’d mentioned it was English, but the maker appeared to be Spain and the US, he googled it. The candy was ‘All Sorts’. He really liked them, but in his search, he found an awesome blog that doesn’t look like it has been updated in a few years. A fossil that is hilarious and shares knowledge and opinion. More of these need shared once more, so off we go!

Candy is one of the most popular ways to celebrate holidays, commemorate events, and buy on impulse. One of my all time favorite Christmas songs talks about Christmas Candy. Chocolate seems to help keep the world on an even keel and dozens of degrees of sweetness. (my true favorite is white chocolate, which is the worst kind for health! On Easter, my basket would have a small solid white bunny and it would take a month to whittle the treat away!)

When Little Bear found this blog, it was made to share. I’ll link it and try to add the post on All Sorts. The author and taster appears to NOT like marshmallows. Which can sometimes resemble chewy sawdust. Marshmallow must be fresh to be enjoyed and someday I will make them from scratch. Maybe!!!! A bag here is less than $2 and the ingredients are much more!

Alas, it does not appear the blog is sharable other than via links. So, this is the link for All Sorts. Do check out the blog and enjoy the fun examples of sweet and the great responses of the tasters!!

Most of you know my favorite candy is probably original Kit Kats. My least favorite? Anything with coffee!!!! Although, the very odd marshmallow filled cocoa kisses took quite a while to get used to and they still would not be on my shopping list ( The Craftsman bought them to try!). What is YOUR favorite candy???? Least favorite?

Change the world, one note at a time

Not in the park, nor is it the 4th, but it IS Saturday. And Saturday is a great day to celebrate life and change the world. One tiny moment at a time. (Fun song from Chicago, YouTube, and MTV)

Was in bed this morning when Little Bear came to the door (he chose to work for a neighbor Saturday, so was  up way before his normal time of about 11 am) to tell us the clouds were stunning with the sunshine. After he left, his dad got up, dressed, kissed me good morning, and went off to start his day. Which made me realise that in spite of aches and pains, morning hair (worse than morning breath when one has longer locks and goes to sleep with them wet!!!), and an ample gut, getting up and moving appears to be a better choice than trying to stay in bed and moving!! Also thought about the mussy upstairs area full of scattered paperwork and what not and decided that would be my job today.

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and moms, and so on. Little Bear was right, the sunshine was amazing this morning and made every single dust bunny and smut stand out. Their basic camouflage was gone and good lord was it a mess! Thinking of bunnies made me decide to pop outside and visit the herd while it was nice. They are all so different feeling. Some are super soft, some love the spot between their eyes rubbed, others prefer behind their ears, and Slate is a crack up! She seems stand offish, but grab her long stick (she has a stick she sometimes loses because it fits through the holes in the cage, but it is a favorite to chew on and carry around) and ‘fence’ with her and she loves it! She growls and grabs the stick and pulls and if you rub her with it, she closes her eyes and rubs back. So very odd. Had no idea a rabbit could growl!!!!! They really are a lot like cats. Little Bear even said he understood exactly why the babies are called kits, ‘because they are kitten adorable.’ Yesterday, he commented that their fuzziness factor was increasing. His dad asked if they were becoming pets and Little Bear laughed. The kid said that they should lose their ‘too cuteness’ in a couple more months and become just 9 pound rabbits. The latter, while still kind of cute, are not near as cuddly as a handful of baby bunny. (The babies, during my visit, were piled up in the nest box, so my focus was on the adults.)

Once back in the house, The Craftsman got busy elsewhere (he had been watching me with the rabbits, later he cut up chunks of stick for them to play with-like toy blocks, but round.) and inside dust bunny removal began. There really were quite a few of the critters. Pretty sure they multiply as fast as the real rabbits, too! The craziest thing was finding thick dirt on the rungs of the dining room chairs. Had no idea dust would build up on those, which is probably why they appeared to have a grey overcast to their shine! Even managed to vacuum the funky looking cactus that was acquiring a multitude of cobwebs. Needless to say, when my glucose monitor buzzed at me to tell me it was falling fast, it made sense.

Was thinking about putting up more snow and winter décor, but the step ladder is too short to reach certain places. (the human is probably too short, but it makes it less personal to say the step ladder is!) Why on earth do their directions say don’t stand on the topmost step when the top step gets you closer to the place you need to be??? Although, to be fair, the shelf was still out of reach. The Craftsman often tells me he’ll help me if I ask, but asking more than three times is my problem. Except, will ask once more and then the boxes will be put aside til the kid can be asked. It is less stressful for me to ask the almost 27 year old than the guy over 55! Lol

The Craftsman just breezed in almost an hour ago to say he’d be back in a little bit.  The fog is also coming in, so it is a good thing the dust bunnies were cleaned up earlier!!! It is very odd out there, the sun is shining, but the fog is wrapping everything in shrouds of grayish white and there is water dripping on the living room window!!!!!! Not really photo worthy, but definitely interesting. And chilly. Moses wants a lap and is walking around meowing, hoping one might materialize. Silly cat! (he prefers The Craftsman, but will reluctantly take mine if he has no other choices. He’s seriously put out at the moment because my lap is hidden by the desk the laptop is on.) Ah, Little Bear came home and is thawing out shrimp and opening up a can of tuna. Now the meowing is at a different decibel and in a different room.

Oh dear, may not ask anyone for help. The Craftsman got one of the trucks stuck in the mud up at his mon’s place and is frustrated, Little Bear is trying to find reasons why the ground is muddy (the moisture could have come up from below after the deeper soil thawed. Which is fascinating, but doesn’t get the truck unstuck!), and think a couple of coconut chocolate snickerdoodles might be good right now. (made snickerdoodles with a bit of coconut flour. Very tasty and, surprisingly, not hard on my glucose).

Have a splendid day whatever day it is in your area and make that small change to make the world a better place!

Pease porridge in the pot, 9 days old

The meme reading: ‘You can take back 2021, I’ve had the week trial version and I don’t want it.’ Is funny, and sad. At the crafting of this post, we were 9 days into the new year and it really looks like it is an older pot of porridge!

Anyone who watches the world knew that this New Year would have a lot of bits of last year hanging on. Of course, no one really knew what 45 was going to do (ideas, but nothing concrete) because if there is one thing he is absolutely predictable about, it is that he’s unpredictable. He is a wild card and loves to play it, the joker who shows up and steals the hand, and I’d better stop with card analogies because I’m better with letter games like scrabble or wordscapes (although, NOT on FB. Can’t figure out how to even start to play there, anymore!). We were aware the virus was probably going to kick in again (the Spanish Flu went underground for quite a while before returning stronger). We probably didn’t figure on Tommy Lasorda dying, even as old as he was! We also were surprised by the inflatable Christmas tree costume that most likely helped to spread Covid in a CA hospital. (Good cheer isn’t always, I reckon!)

There have been a few fun things, most of them are also from last year. An expedition in Bolivia went out looking for insects in early Dec and found several exciting new species, including a small viper in the colors of the Bolivian flag. Another reptile, Lenny, is the lizard author of a cute new cookbook called, ‘Chef Lenny: Cooking for Humans.’ And in this house, the bunnies are getting bigger and now look more like tiny rabbits than odd shaped rodents. Their ears are even sticking up, rather than staying plastered to their teeny skulls. Little Bear was annoyed at them today. He cleaned out their nest box (apparently, one is supposed to tidy their nest box at two weeks and refill it with new bedding) and the littles did not like it one bit. Two kept climbing out of the box. I wanted to tell him that when he was little, he didn’t like me cleaning up his room either, but figured he’ll learn. Speaking of babies, several friends have had grand babies born in the last few weeks (Covians? babies born from during the Covid virus). Speaking of fertility, a statue of a female figure was found in an orange grove in Mexico. No one is quite sure who she is, but leanings are towards a probable goddess of fertility or perhaps royalty. I personally LOVE her hairdo! High pig tails off the top of her head and dangling to her shoulders. Aztec Anime?

Was packing up my Christmas books and had to read a few. Love the ‘Muppets 12 Days of Christmas’ and am so very glad we had no chickens in a pine tree. (Or trees attacking!) Was also intrigued by the similarities in these two books. Granted, they are both ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, but the shiny board sort of one from 1968 was illustrated in a different sort of format and the other is an Ideals publication from 1973, with more ordinary drawings. My favorite one is the older book, it has a cool image on the cover of Santa on a roof that moves as you move the book. (It did not photograph well! Lol) It will be nice to put up Christmas décor and get out the snow stuff. We had snow very briefly on Friday night and as I was on the porch cheerily greeting the fluffy flakes, a person walking past, also audibly, seemed less than enthused. An author friend sent me a snowflake ornament with a motto and it absolutely fits!! “I Believe” in snow/winter/sparkles/ and whatever!!! Also found these spears of daffodils who need to stay in the ground, mayhap more soil should get added!!! (Just discussed that with Little Bear and he agreed). Meanwhile, I found a yummy Keto ice treat!!!

How is your 2021 shaping up?