Spring fun!


Usually Becky nominates one of my blogs, this time it was Will, from ‘A Writer’s Envy’. I am truly humbled. I just dabble in words. Will and Becky and Gary and Mr. Wayne and so many many more I follow really write. I will try to answer the 11 questions posted by Will, but I am not going to nominate 11 people. Nose crinkle. It is just not something I feel comfortable with doing. I will share blogs on my FB wall and in here, but the other is just not easy for me. However, at the moment, I have a task to complete. So, let me dive in and see where they go! 

  1. Who, above all others, inspires you in your writing? I read all the time. My favorite authors change from book to month to season. I’m not sure if Jean Webster’s book ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ inspires me, but it is one of my super top favorite books. Not really a ‘Who’, but there are too many of them! 
  2. Which of your posts is your favorite? Provide a link if you’d like. A favorite post???? This particular blog is my unfiltered FB. I say things here my sister or family won’t see. I can let myself go into the person I enjoy being, not just the public one. I can share how mom is really doing and my frustrations which surround the job I’ve chosen to take on. 
  3. Is your work published? I don’t work. I have cats. (I was told this by a preschooler. I think I agree)  I wrote some poetry in a college  eons back. It was put in a college book. I won ribbons for poems at our county fair in Oregon (those were fun!!!). 
  4. Some academics say rhyming poetry is passé; do you agree? Piffle!!!!!! I will strike at them like Milo breaking the walls of the Soundkeeper’s fortress with a single word. However, I’ll use entire hardbound Dr. Suess classics. I will smite them here or there, I will smite them anywhere! 
  5. Have you taken a creative writing course? A couple here and there and one complete children’s writing course. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. 
  6. How long have you been writing? I have been writing since the day I could hold a pencil in my tiny grasp. But, I ultimately prefer to read. I am a voracious reader. Give me words and I can breathe. 
  7. When stumped for a word or a phrase, what do you do? I am more often stumped with the spelling of said word. Spell check is generally not useful. I then opt to use a different word, recrafting entire sentences to convey the thought. Basically, I have to meander around pronouns and verbs because my spelling sucks. Or, I ask my 23 year old. 
  8. Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what genre? I am a late 70’s early 80’s teen. How  I could study to WHAM!, Tears for Fears, ELO, Jethro Tull, and Fleetwood Mac, I will never know. Today? I tend to prefer quiet. House sounds or nature ones from outside. I think it is the mom in me. Shhhhhhh!!!!!! 
  9. If asked to describe yourself in one sentence, what would you say? HA!!! This was one of Will’s previous posts. I came  up blank. I’m still blank. 
  10. Have you read your work before an audience? When I was in Jr High (7-9th grade, the 9th grade hadn’t moved to the High School yet), I rewrote ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ starring the characters from Dallas. (yeah, I’m that old!!!) I read the poem while it was re-enacted by some friends for a Christmas school program thing. I think Santa might have shot JR, but am not entirely sure. It was a very long time ago. I love reading aloud. I don’t care who writes it! 
  11. Is the universe an accident, a random occurrence, or was it purposely created? I am for creation. I’ve never been able to believe all of everything was an accident or random thing. I can duplicate an accident or random incident. Creation is not as easy. Just ask Dr. Frederick Frankenstein. 

Now it is 230 in the morning in Alaska. I am going to go and check on my mum and then sail off in my wooden shoe for a bit of a nap! 

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