It is hard to tell, but this is Easter!

In one of the most erotic books of the Bible, Song of Songs, there is a verse. SoS 2:12 ‘The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds has come..’ Those words shout to me spring! Even in Alaska, you can see spring is on the way. This photo is a camp robber (grey jay) in a tree with out of focus pussy willow blooms! They blooms are up high, can’t wait for the lower ones to form. Yesterday, I saw an American 3 toed woodpecker, today there were juncos, camp robbers, and more grosbeaks to join the others at the feeders. One wood pecker (probably a Downy, as it was smallish) hammered the heck out of a hollow tree and you could hear the answering knocks from birds in different areas Not sure what they were up to, but it was very loud!!!!! Mum has a lone hyacinth getting ready to bloom (mine in Oregon are done) and some tulips are showing next to the house. The other tulips are still under several inches of snow, but spring is slowly arriving!!! 


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