Offline and, perhaps now, On!

I had started a note on my ipad, but realized I needed to add pictures. So, I’m going to write a sum up and add the photos later, when I can get online again. I did post a family blog post while at the laundromat, but since I only did one load, I didn’t have time to write for anywhere else. I am not ‘gone’ or too busy for writing (Last week I was too busy!). I’m just not able to use the internet at the moment. Let me ‘splain.

I have MISSED this blogging world!!!!!!

IMG_6640 - Copy

Squirrel who climbed into feeder on window in ’17. 

Mum’s been feeding squirrels since we moved to this house in the later 70’s. I’m not sure when the fuzzy tailed rodents decided to move into the garage attic, but it was at least a decade ago. (Probably) So, the work the guys were going to do got slightly derailed as they cleaned up a spot we had no idea needed that much work. (they took 3 truckloads of destroyed things to the dump!) The attic had become a subdivision. Complete with an empty karaoke box partially filled with nuts, bread, and pine cone bits (party house) and a sign asking for votes for a certain individual to become mayor (squirrel politics?). They even did some dubious house flipping by fully insulating the first floor of an unfinished doll house.

My ancient extensive boxed gerbil habit trail had been put to some use as well (more than likely it was a playground for the younger squirrels). They’d also partially filled an old food saver box (Cache?).  I know they had been eating gourmet. Not only did mom feed them a variety of seeds and nuts (the latter which do not grow locally up here), she had collected pine cones from all over the United States (most of the cones were stashed in the worn out old greenhouse). (I could envision a squirrel potlach with jolly dances mimicking the first snow and the sharing of tasty treats from all across the nation. ‘Mabel, try this one. It is from Colorado.’ And ‘Do brush off the insulation from your whiskers, Sammy. You’d think we were pigs and not rodents!’)It astounds me how humans cannot be around insulation without serious consequences, yet these creatures have lived in the stuff for years and are perfectly fit.

The Craftsman was determined to replace the board they’d chewed exit and entry holes in, but needed to get to the back of the garage. There were years of twining baby trees, mosses, and bushes growing up next to the building. And at least 3 black cables about 100 yards long hidden inside the forest litter. Those cables were for mom’s TV and, later, her internet.  One was clipped during the pruning, thus making us a bit more off the grid than I’d prefer. I had imagined I could live without the internet, I have before. In 2014 when I was here, I drove all over seeking wifi nodes so I didn’t muck up mom’s dial up with trying to do anything too exciting (like log onto FB). But, I wasn’t in charge back then, or incredibly busy cleaning (and looking for the pen I’d put down a second ago), nor did I have almost all the bills sent to me electronically. (I paid my power bill a day late because I knew, for the most part, when it was due, but I always got a notice in my emails and since I can’t check those, I wasn’t positive. Thankfully, the cycle hadn’t twigged me yet and I got in just in time!)  I also realized how seriously annoying it is to be on hold with a company and have the automated voice tell me to go online to access my accounts for faster help.

So, that is what is going on up north. I do have my phone, so can get texts and calls. I hope to have the internet fixed by Wednesday night (if not, I’ll drive to town and post this from the library!) and then I’ll share this from here, as is!  (NOTE: it appears I do have internet for the time being. The cutting cord fried the router, so was sold a new one of those. The modem is also spotty. He’s working on getting me another one. It will be awhile-no one in the state has extras!) The guys are back in Oregon, the place is a bit emptier, they were a tremendous help and I was entirely thankful they were here, and I’m not looking forward to my own return sometime before the cold. (I was glad I sent them out fishing, so they had a bit of a break from the drudgery at the house!) The septic line has a break, hoping to get it fixed soon, I found one of my favorite story books from days gone by (Raggedy Ann and Andy),  and there is a darn eagle looking for a snack of young duckling diving onto the lake as I type. When the kid arrived on the 8th, we had so many babies on the lake. One mom had 11 and she was down to 4 earlier today (June 25). Nature and the neighbor’s dog are both rough on littles around here. I wish I could figure out how to share the kid’s videos. He took some incredible fun fowl footage. Nonetheless, here is a still he took of a bathing loon.



Cat on the Prowl Cat Nips

“May you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter when you sleep. ” Erin Hunter

This is the neighbor’s cat. (We are pretty sure it lives next door.) Little Bear woke one night to noise on his bedroom roof and discovered it was this cat. It ran off to the house next door. At any rate, this beautiful Siamese feline is a hunter. Little Bear saw it in the locust tree and proceeded to snap a series of pictures for me. The cat is investigating a squirrel feeder The Craftsman put up. We are not sure if it has actually caught a squirrel, but it is very interested in the idea!!!!! We did see it haul off a wounded starling, which was incredibly brave. Starlings are not docile birds and have formidable beaks. But cats have teeth and four paws full of claws! (the starling did escape under the neighbor’s fenced in porch.) I love Siamese cats, but I’d not adopt another one. They are even more snooty and sweet than most ordinary cats! (music video from Youtube)

What I’ve wondered lately

One of the blogs I follow, Diabetes Stories, shared something a bit ago that surprised me. I thought I was the only one who wondered about ‘wasted’ insulin. As she writes, when persons with Diabetes use a pre filled pen, you need to ‘prime’ the pen prior to the poke. (ooooh, alliteration!!!) EVERY shot. Thus, insulin is not used in the way insurance companies think it should be. I shared this with my family and The Craftsman was visibly upset at my ‘throwing away’ insulin. He soon realised it was necessary, but 50$ for 3 pens is still frustrating when not all of it is used in body. Crazy, but true.

I also wonder why our bodies are so different! Swimsuit duos are sold in a set. Yet my bottom is nowhere near as small as my top! I finally ordered a ‘retro’ suit bottom. (I hate ordering clothes off line. I hope it fits!) I found several bikini type tops in a thrift store. I’ll model if it works out! I was also impressed by purchasing two skirts and two tops for just over 6$. The skirts were marked $3 each and the tops had no price, they were just hanging up neatly. (I didn’t mind, it was just interesting!) I also was going to wear one of the tops and could not find it!!! Since I’m not really supposed to wear such things in town, I need to put them away til I get to Alaska. However, I really really wanted to wear one of them cuz it was so warm out. (I eventually found it deep in one of my drawers!)

The most unusual thing I have thought about lately is body hair. One story (fiction) suggested we don’t need body hair at all. The stuff on our heads is just vanity. (I nose crinkled about that!!) THEN, one of my Alaskan friends posted she had gotten her nose hairs waxed!!!!! When I suggested there might be a reason for those, she responded ‘Halloween?’ I often divest myself of much of my pubic hair, I’ve trimmed the nose hairs and other assorted stray bits that seem to sprout, but holy heck in a hand basket!!! Waxing internal nose hairs seems a bit much. I’ll let you decide and follow the link on your own.

I found a leopard slug in the yard while weeding. Most people cannot stand slugs, but living on the Oregon Coast for almost two decades makes you see their beauty and worth. They are land sharks. I did toss it in the road, but I recall feeding a pair that hung around on our back porch. They make great mostly dry aquarium pets, too. I prefer the leopard ones, which are spotted. The yellow banana and boring black ones are just icky. (although, there was a team-not in our district- stuck with a banana slug mascot.) The boys never wanted me to make the slug coff syrup. A layer of slugs, a layer of sugar, and so on til you had a nice melted goo you added flavoring to. Kids!

A thunderstorm is expected. I love a good thunderstorm! One of the few good things about Eastern Oregon is being able to watch lightening in the hills and overhead. The kid took a super awesome photo of lightening a summer back. Thus, I’m going to attempt to schedule this and log off! Have a great weekend!

Favorite things–From Becky

  1. Song: There are many great tunes out there. I think my very favorite one is the Sesame Street Theme song. I whistle that when I’m happy!
  2. Height – 5′2
  3. Pet peeve – Those people who don’t use blinker lights are probably my pettest peeve!
  4. Pet: Cats, of course!
  5. Favorite classic story : Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster. I think I’ve written about it twice in here!
  6. Favorite color: I someday want to be a fuchsia. Purple, green, and red.
  7. Dream: I did a spot of day dreaming for the first time in ages. Naughty ones.
  8. Thing I want – I’m going to have to agree with Becky on this one! She wants a nap. Chocolate. Food. Cuddle.
  9. Favorite youtuber: I used to watch Gaz once in a while.
  10. Ring size: It used to be tiny, now it is larger.
  11. shoe size: Smaller than everyone else in my family, which is annoying cuz mom has some very cool shoes! I wear wider ones since I’ve gotten older and learned something VERY cool. If I buy a size 6 in kid shoes, they are almost always wider and fit perfectly! They are generally less expensive, too.
  12. favorite bug – A Volkswagon Beetle
  13. Best chapstick: nose crinkle. If it stings, forget it!
  14. Best clothing item I own: I recently purchased a super cute skirt I wore several times a week with tights. I’ll wear it by itself when I am in AK. (I mean, it will have a shirt! Sheesh.)
  15. Creepy or Cute: I often think I’m creepy. I know I used to get the cute label way too much. I think I’m in the in between stage now. Too old and not old enough.
  16. Bedtime: I prefer nights and sleep away the morning if I can.
  17. Secret: Most of my secrets my blogging followers know.
  18. Favorite Movie: ‘My Man, Godfrey‘ is hilarious. I love musicals.
  19. A favorite TV show: I used to be an NCIS and NCIS LA fan. Then, I moved to Alaska for two years.. I watched STNG frequently and faithfully. I always enjoy M*A*S*H.

Now you can sleep because you know more little odd crazy bits about me you might not have been aware of!

Search, Discover, Share.

I spent most of my kids lives in Cub Scouting. The words above are the ‘motto’ for the first grade cubs. I’ve always liked those words. It usually fits my mindset. When I took my own boys for walks, we’d pick up crazy things and wonder about them. Why is there blood inside the robin egg fragment? How can this fat old fuzzy bumble bee fly (it was a dead bee we found)? How come sand is made up of so many zillions of things? It made learning how to cook a science experiment. What puts out fire? (that was more me when I set the oven on fire with candy cane cookies. Little Bear helped put it out.) Anyway, I was reading through blogs this morning and ran across Ellie’s. So many fun questions!!!!

Her duck comments made me realise I’m going to miss ducks this year. I will NOT feed the ones on the lake this spring and summer. Mum always did and I just can’t do it anymore. Too expensive. Besides, I’ve always felt it hazardous. (in the summer, people are encouraged to not feed birds due to the bears in the area. Mum always ignored that..even when the people across the lake lost a goat to a grizzly!) The rodents are also a pain in the butt. As many followers may recall!!! The ducklings are cute, but they really belong on the lake. Besides, the only ones who came up were mallards. They can adapt!!! And feeding the families or not won’t keep them alive after the predators discover the little ones.

I recently read a book my friend in Shanghai sent me. (Amazon is truly amazing!!!) Moses wanted to help rend it..READ it. But, the oddest part was a comment I got from a FB follower. ‘What a terrible book title!’ That friend obviously doesn’t have a intimate relationship with ‘The Princess Bride‘. I read this new book. It was good, but definitely NOT Goldman. Why do people make comments about things they are not familiar with??

I’ve found a new word game to play on my ipad. It isn’t my favorite one, it appears that game was discontinued. (I’m rolling my eyes) I needed a new game because the jewels puzzle game I’d play every day stopped working after the last update. So, I went back to words. I contacted the games app and even though I told them EVERYTHING I had already done, they asked to make sure I’d done it. (I may not be technologically on the map, but I can figure many things out with google. Searching and discovering!) How come something is replaced when it is perfectly useful the way it is? OK, I get some changes are good, but not all of them!

The Craftsman bought some seed to go in a feeder Little Bear purchased. The feeder is made for small seed. So, The Craftsman bought Nyger seed. He thought it was thistle seed. I decided to use it anyway. (I really really need to get a seed bag!) It made a huge mess, I dropped the feeder in the snow (the feeder is hanging so you can barely see it), and even my broken ceramic duck, Ida, is unimpressed! It looks a great deal like pepper and I’m not entirely sure how old the seed is, my hands smelled dusty after I filled the feeder. I wish the guys researched birds and feeders as much as they do other thing! On the other side of the yard, the sunflower seed feeder has also made a mess. Finches are not tidy. Whoever coined the phrase ‘eat like a bird’ must not have watched many of them. They are voracious slobs! (Even Meepette-the metal bird-is irritated by the hull thing!)

Spring really really might be on the way. Today we had a forecast of 100% precipitation. Rain, rain and snow, rain, and at the moment the expected freezing rain isn’t happening yet. 38 degrees! :o) The snowflakes were so heavy they left ripples in the pud muddles!!!!!! I even have a hint of crocus thinking about peeking from the ground-they are hiding in the brown locust leaves! I’m still a fan of snow, but I’d really like to see these beauties bloom before I leave!

I did decide I’d wear my green St Paddy earrings this week. Since they were in Oregon and I was in Alaska, I’d not worn them in a few years. They still fit!!!

I think I’ll close there. Many thoughts have been stirred by different blogs I’ve read today. But, the most important thing I think I’ve gotten from them today is to enjoy what you have in front of you and be thankful. Now, I better go unload the dishes. (Hooray for a working water system where I can wash them! I even washed me today! Little Bear objected a bit to the thieves oil coconut oil mixture I used on me, it smelled up the house! I laughed.)

Eyes and Teeth

Nose crinkle..Using the WordPress library photos on the old editor usually doesn’t scream out the photographer’s name. (on my creation screen, the picture is half enveloped by words! Ah, well. They are great pictures!)

As I started to say when I began posting here. Eyes and teeth were a huge part of February. (Some of this might be repeating, so be it!) Because of dry eye, it was decided to put plugs in my eyes. The odd plugs in my tear ducts were supposed to allow the ‘tearing’ to abate, it hasn’t. Tiny plugs were put into the bottom ducts (I can still cry, if I want) and after my eyes adjusted, they’d not water so constantly. I was to call the doctor after a couple of weeks, but I’ll call next week. If it has not changed in a month, I’ll know something really isn’t right. I’m pretty sure the tiny plugs are still there. I can see little white spots where the duct is normally. Oh well, maybe there is another thing that can be done. My eyes do feel best when I’m in the shower!!! Perhaps I need to move to a rain forest?

Photo by Serena Koi on

I had a tooth taken out in early February. It has healed and now more choices need made. The good part is the root canal tooth is still ok and the apparent infection is gone. The bad part is a gap in my smile, so I don’t like smiling now. It was awful having a tooth removed. (I didn’t look at it after it was pulled, I kind of wish I had!) From what the dentist said, it was cracked up and down…vertical? And those cracks don’t show up on xrays. When it was taken out, I could hear it break! 😳😳Yup, this was definitely worse than a root canal! (I’m still shuddering!) However, the next step is to decide on implant or bridge. Actually, the implant is the best choice. Except it will probably take up to a year or longer for all of the steps. All in all, I much prefer the more expensive dentist in Alaska. I like this office, but it was odd. I felt like a patient and not really a person.

This is also very funny. Before I went to my appointment, I made sure all those nasty stray hair bits were removed off my face (Such an annoying thing to happen to grown ups!!). I almost turned around twice because of the ice on my windscreen. I arrived safely and after my teeth were tidy, they took photos with a camera. (they used the xrays from my Alaskan dentist) I had to hold my lips back with metal hook things (it didn’t hurt) and when I saw the giant photos on the screen in front of me, I was horrified!!! I absolutely need complete waxing!!!!

Photo by mali maeder on

Life is full of interesting things. These are more distressing than fascinating, so I’ll share a couple of still winter in March pictures!

Name Games

Mawwidge is what bwings us togever…’ loosely quoted from ‘The Princess Bride‘. It brings families and often names under one roof. The wedding above was interesting. Strider was marrying his ‘soul mate’ (GOD, I hate that phrase!) and it was an obscure marriage. It was in the church he’d grown up in, because it was ‘free’. She had numerous friends on her side (one a man, she wanted–I think–to stir the strictly conservative guest list from his side), it was on Halloween, she almost called it the day of (because it wasn’t going to be how she wanted it. She wanted to just run off. I told her she could..just show up for the reception many of us had spent hours on! She rolled her eyes and went with it). Anyway, the oddest part of this wedding wasn’t the invitations (bottles of sand with a note inside. Expensive buggers!) or the real goldfish table decor. It was the closing. Even the minister (a sweet, gay love of a man who was good friends with our whole family–much to her surprise.), was a bit stymied. The church didn’t have a center aisle, so no one walked together. She wanted to keep her name, so at the end, they were announced ‘Strider’ and ‘Sprite’…not Mr. and Mrs. (Later The Prince–he’d been in many plays and was a prince in at least one– said, ‘Kris, I’m not sure how secure this knot is…..‘) Thankfully, she kept her name as the marriage lasted less than two years and it made it tons easier for her to stay herself. (NOTE: this is my point of view!!!)

I have a friend who has 3 daughters. All of them have the same middle name and one, when she was married, kept her maiden name. Her spouse changed his to hers! The Craftsman’s dad was an identical twin. Their names were also pretty similar. G. Rodney and J. Roderick (the letters were just letters…much to the chagrin of the Coast Guard in WW2) married at different times in their lives to women named Dorothy. They lived within 40 miles of each other. (talk about crazy confusing!!!!)

Names can be slightly ridiculous. One of my teacher friends in CA shudders at the start of the new year. He’s convinced he’s seen every way there is to use a ‘Y’ in a name! My niece’s have made up names and obscure middle ones. Many of us have read of celebrity names that are a bit bizarre. Or of those parents who choose difficult names like ‘Adolf Hitler’. One of the kids I went to college with had a longer name because (I think) he was allowed to choose it as a kid and added to what he originally wanted after he grew a bit. (Christopher Robin) Another friend was born near Christmas. So, since her last name was Day..yup. Mary Christmas Day. (we called her Chris)

I’m sure I could go on, but I won’t! A moniker is really only needed to organize us. (OK, that and a social security number!) If you want to change it, you can. If you want to keep it, you can. Thankfully, what we are called isn’t as important as who we are. You can be a blessing as anyone!

Trapped Cat Nips


Think you have nine lives, do you? I saved you once…. don’t make me save you again.” Erin Hunter

The other night Mittens discovered the cat door. She’d gone through it once before, but that was when an extension cord was threaded thru it to help power something outside for a few hours. Since it was ‘open’, she naturally went through it. This time, however, it was just closed normally. We had no idea where she was. A norther furry feline lost somewhere. We looked everywhere inside and called her. Eventually, she was found outside, ready to run back through the open two legger door. She was chilled and unimpressed, it seemed, with her foray into the yard. So, without telling anyone, Little Bear locked the door to where Moses or Maxwell could come in, but they’d need to use human assistance to get out.

Late in the night, The Craftsman couldn’t sleep. As he went out into the kitchen for a drink of water, he saw a shadow streak from the food dish near the sink. Then, he heard a thump and then a frantic climbing of the walls sound with accompanying mews. He went downstairs to the basement doorway area with a flashlight and found, huddled in a corner near the door, a neighbor cat! He quickly opened the door and the stressed feline shot outside into the cold darkness. Trapped no more and quite possibly no longer planning on stopping in for a midnight snack of ‘free’ kibble at the big house inside the fence!!

Needless to say, I was very glad a human was awake and incredibly glad Moses and Maxwell slept through the entire visit.


Dream Chasm

In the last days I have gotten to facetime a fellow blogger (JOY!), baked and discovered a single ingredient changes the outcome (I’ll share that later), fallen on icy steps (my back hurts so much this Monday), and remembered another dream.


The fall was horrible. I woke up on Sunday feeling not so great, but by the time I got dressed, I was much better. I admit, I was wearing a very cute blue and white striped short skirt and oversized white sweater with blue and white paper beads from Ethiopia and earrings from Alaska (white ivory dangles with forget me nots painted on), so that helped me feel great. I had gotten on a pair of nylons (I think I lost a few calories in that exercise!) and had on new blue comfy Sketchers. I had thought about dressier shoes, but figured I’d better not risk it. (Thank God, I wore the comfy ones!!!) I confidently strode out onto the porch, then off the doormat onto the deck, and slipped like a take in a Laurel and Hardy film. Except it wasn’t that funny. I was crumpled on the steps, managed to finally gingerly get up, balanced my way back to the door, and discovered I’d ripped open a knuckle. I then determined I was NOT going to go to church, I’d wait for the kid to wake up for Sunday School. Most of Sunday I felt ok, but this is late on Monday and I feel like I’ve been dragged behind a Zamboni! (OK, not quite that bad, but I do hurt!) Thankfully, I can sit up straight in a favorite old kitchen chair and it only aches most of the time.

My dream was on Saturday morning. I hope it doesn’t take up too much post, it was fascinating in a way and I recalled quite a bit of it. Reading comments from my other dream..they make sense. Trapped and taking care of things and wanting release of some kind. I’m going to write down those response and the ones to this one and see what I can make of them. I’d think about a journal, but well, I’m doing that! Lol

This dream was full of youth as well. Except these were all young adults. Although we were outside in a camping situation, this one was more of a science study station. It was a change of a season, possibly winter? Many of us were leaving the station, I was one of those. We were on a beach shore and needed to take a small boat to a larger vessel that would ferry us to our final destination. The small craft could only carry one passenger. (No, I hadn’t been watching an ocean documentary!)

The man in the small boat reminded me of a nice tall thin man from the Oregon Coast. He had a dry sense of humor and was a good friend. He arrived in a canoe and said we had to cross a chasm. I remember asking if there were life jackets aboard. He replied, ‘No’, but that was a good idea. He went off to look for some. But, the next thing I knew, I was alone in the canoe with all my gear, traveling across grey stormy water with no life jacket!! Oddly, I did make sure my camera was nearby because as terrified as I was, I might have a chance to get some good pictures.

blue and white ocean

Photo by Thach Tran on


When I got to the chasm, it wasn’t what I had imagined. I had figured it would be a deep darkness of wave with foaming water walls with my craft climbing the side like something from Deadliest Catch (Alaskan TV series about crabbing). Instead, the chasm was a deep abyss of nothing and I was almost on a ledge of water on the side. I remember scarcely breathing, huddled against the metal side of the canoe as it slowly traveled along the ledge, like a moving sidewalk of water. Across the chasm, there were waves and it seemed like glass was holding the water out of the darkness. Yet, I noticed a humpback whale swimming in the grayish wall. I carefully inched my camera out and snapped photos as I gripped the side of the canoe. I could hear music in the water. There was greenish white light, but it was magic in the midst of my terror of being trapped or lost or whatever it was.

I reached a dock of sorts. Wet steps leading somewhere up. It wasn’t where I was supposed to be, but it wasn’t in a canoe in water! I crawled out of my boat, secured it, and climbed the ancient looking stair. They went into what seemed to be an abandoned cabin resembling a ship. I called out and opened doors leading into closets. (one of them had a sign on the door marked similar to something from the Wonka chocolate factory!) I opened one that went into a cheery, masculine library and a voice behind me asked what I was doing. It was a grizzled sea captain sort and I told him I was a bit lost and my name. He then seemed to know exactly who I was. He said I’d missed a turn, he’d call for me to be picked up, and would I like a cup of tea. I stared out of the windows and saw where I had started and the larger boat waiting beyond the island I was now on. Bewildered, I woke up still hearing whale song off in the distance. I never did get the tea!

The very oddest part of this dream was The Craftsman. For some reason we actually got to talk to each other after I woke up. Earlier in the week, I had worn a pink and black tank top to bed and he mentioned I had on a nice shirt. Encouraged, I decided to try and talk- if there was a chance. It was like pulling teeth. Why can I talk to others and not him??? (NOTE: I find out about the tooth on Tuesday morning.) In the short discussion, it turned out he felt inadequate because he doesn’t stay as erect as he once did. (Now, I have no idea where he got that idea. Size and what not have never been important to me. Turn me on with your touch or words and I melt like butter in summer sunshine. What is between the legs isn’t near as important as what is between the ears! It is interesting, but not as important!) Then, he said about sex ‘I always want it, but I don’t like to do it.’ Startled, I asked for clarification and found he thought I always wanted sex and he didn’t feel up to it and was letting me down and wanted it because I did.

man and woman wearing black shirts sitting on bed

Photo by Zun Zun on

So, I finally learned some things. I also know he’s done a bit of self-pleasuring of his own. The unopened box of condoms from ages past has two left and there is a tube of astrolube on his side of the headboard. I also know I need to be less interested in intimacy that ends up an actual penetration of any sort and be more content with petting. When I was in Alaska, I did experience more..hands on?.. intimacy. Perhaps that is the distant whale song I hear?

Baking On the Range

I made these simple peanut butter bars today. Little Bear gave them a good review, but we both agreed the recipe itself was lacking something. It took me several read throughs before I caught it. I had to tell the kid what was missing. Can you find it? Thankfully, I’ve been cooking for awhile, so I was able to make them properly. But, I did laugh. Note: mine didn’t use peanut butter chips, I put in what I thought would be too many chocolate ones. But, that’s note the omission in the recipe. 😂😂 I also used my mixer machine. Fun, fun, fun!