Favorite things-more or less!

As of Feb 10, 2021, this part of OR doesn’t have any snow. It is expected, but it was first expected on Tuesday and then Wednesday. We will see if it appears on Thursday afternoon late. There were a few flakes on Monday. They were a bit lazy and unaggressive, drifting to and fro singly or in wide apart pairs. They didn’t even look like they were interested in asking anyone else to come to their snow party!!! Silly snowflakes! Since this wasn’t published before Thursday night, will amend this paragraph with an update of SNOW! Granted, it isn’t much and it is super light. Could almost blow it off the porch, but used a broom and wore slippers (no, did NOT slip in the slippers!) and gloves and had on long sleeves. It is starting to blow now and the sidewalk that was easy to brush off has drifted in. You could sure see where the little plants were when the snow was starting to cover up the grass. The daffs stood up quite sprightly in the white. The guys say it is still snowing, am pretty sure the snow is minimal and the wind is what is moving some of it around. Wind here is ridiculous!!! Strong or light, it sucks the moisture out of anything and moves into the oddest places. Little Bear wrapped parts of the rabbit cages to keep the snow out!

Am reading several books right now. Anne MacCaffrey because she is my favorite Feb author and there are two of her series being read at the moment (one in ebook form and one in paper, because the ebook can be read in the dark). Am also reading Barak Obama’s first book of two ‘A Promised Land’. That book is giving me a great deal to think about. Also, will read again my absolute favorite Feb 14 book, ‘The Blue Castle’ by L.M. Montgomery. (Actually, had to put down the Obama book. Had a verbal altercation with the kid and made me realise how stark lines are, even in this household. The promise of a country undivided by culture or color or ideologies is farther away than hoped.) Also started one of my absolute favorite kid books by an author from Minnesota. Maude Hart Lovelace’s Betsy-Tacy stories. Betsy would have loved blogging-not sure if Maude would have! Especially when the format changes and it isn’t noticed til it does! Maude wrote these stories as fictional memories of her childhood. So much fun to read!!!!! Lois Lenski did the illustrations for the children’s books. When Betsy and Tacy and Tib got into High School, Mrs. Lenski didn’t want to illustrate for teens. Vera Neville was suggested and took the characters around the world and back to Deep Valley, MN. .

The Craftsman told me this week that he doesn’t know how to celebrate holidays or occasions. He’s been getting little things every so often because no matter how frustrated this gal is, she truly is thankful for a lot. Anyway, took my life in my hands and said that was a cop out. Anyone can learn to be more of whatever they want and if he wanted to be the kind of person who remembered holidays or birthdays, he could be. It just isn’t something he’s interested in doing. He said he was interested, it just wasn’t easy to do. Just kept quiet and finished my dinner.

 As was planning on meals for the next week (including an anniversary one) also remembered that the 16th is Shrove Tuesday!! Pancake Day!  Am a bit annoyed about Saturday, though. Just learned at Wednesday’s dinner he’ll be gone that day, probably. While we were eating, Little Bear asked his dad if he was still going to be gone on Saturday. His dad said yes, if the weather was ok. Then, The Craftsman proceeded to tell me what he was planning on doing. Thus, Saturday’s dinner will be baked in the oven. Much prefer burgers grilled, but broiling will work just fine. That way, if he’s later than expected, they won’t need cooked on the grill outside. (yes, even in winter, outdoor cooking is a good thing!)

Had a crazy dream this week that haunts me, for some reason. Don’t recall much of it at all, except the end. Was with two other women and was in a full, but empty apartment or room. I was in front of a closet trying to get an ironing board out of it. The ironing board was collapsed horizontal and there was stuff on top and under it. Took quite a bit of work, but got it free and one of the other people in the room walked off with it. I turned from the closet to speak to the third person and looked up and screamed. There was a female figure stuck to a heating vent in the ceiling and when I screamed she fell and shattered at my feet. Well, most of her shattered. I kept screaming, but the woman who had taken the ironing board and the other lady were fairly blasé and commented that she was still pretty, even if she was dried up and broken. I woke up with screams in my throat! Opted to take a shower after that, but forgot to turn it on properly and, boy, was it cold!!! Haven’t had a shower that short since leaving mom and dad’s house up north. Had to get back in bed to get warmed up!

Thursday was supposed to be Friday, but after discovering it wasn’t, decided to bake. Made peanut butter cupcakes, cored out the centers, and then filled them again with chocolate frosting. After putting the ‘holes’ back, frosted the tops with more chocolate frosting and put some heart sprinkles on for fun. Used a nifty odd contraption mum bought me ages ago when cupcakes were made often. It is has a sharp edged plastic corer you twist into the baked item. When you feel it is far enough, you remove it and the corer is full of cupcake! You remove the cake with a tiny plunger and break off the top bit to use as a cupcake hole cover when the hole is filled. Would have taken photos, but it was entirely messy. Funniest part? Thought Little Bear was late for lunch because I’d looked at the clock wrong! Was an hour ahead all day. Also made blueberry muffins with chocolate chips and after dinner made peanut butter Valentine m&m’s cookies. Think baking is done for a few days!!! One substitute I often use now is yogurt in place of milk. Makes everything from biscuits to cake so much fluffier!!!

Can’t imagine much more joy than snow and favorite books! Hoping your holiday weekend is as nice as mine is looking to be.

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