Up for Sale?

After the crazy crematory ashes and ring episode from the last post, I thought I’d share something even odder.

I have in front of me papers to fill out to start to put mum’s house on the market. No, it isn’t very close empty yet. No, the Jukebox Kid did’t arrive yet. No, my sister’s stuff is still here (I did wrap some with plastic..I’ll share those photos later!). But, I do have papers. On FB, I found a silly share of houses realtors found. I’m so glad this one is just host to a screwy septic!

At least you can keep track of how the vacuum has run.
From Green to Pink and from bed to bath…and beyond?
You may have never been promised a rose garden..but can you find the loo?
Next, we have an upholstered bath. Or does it descend like an elevator?
And last, the Toilet Man. Perfect for training young children to never ever pee where they are supposed to.

I cannot even imagine some of the reasons for these. Once again, I’m glad for a simple, ordinary, if very old dwelling like the one I’m in!

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