post on deviation

It appears the layout was NOT the one I saved and published. I will go back and work on this crazy thing….AND when I trashed it, I also lost snowlessknitters comments. I am sorry and I hope I can figure out how to fix it. Oddly, I’ve had this happen on blogspot. I’d get my post looking the way I wanted, the preview may have been ok, and then when it was published, it was like hamsters had typed it!!!! This one, I didn’t look at the preview. The hamsters got in it prior to publication. Stupid.



5 thoughts on “post on deviation

  1. It’s okay…I tried changing my theme a couple of days ago, and not only would the header *not* show my title and tagline, when I reset it to my prior theme, it removed *all* of my widgets and I had to go in to my customizer to put them all back.

    Side note: I’m currently watching a Last Week Tonight bit about wax presidential sculptures and Warren G. Harding. I’ve gotten quite a few laughs so far.

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