Not Fun Friday

Thursday night two odd things happened, the 80’s were embraced, and one dinner became a new favorite. One odd thing was a comment I didn’t know how to interpret. I’d mentioned to The Craftsman an observation I had found in the online notes from my Diabetes doctor. It read something like this, “Obese. Pleasant appearance.” He replied, ‘Maybe this new machine will help that.” Odd?  Yes. The other odd thing that happened, though, was really bad.  I forgot my long acting insulin. My new CGM reminded me, my cell phone alarm reminded me, I took a bit of short acting insulin and blew off the longer one. Later, The Craftsman put in a cheesy movie I had to watch. A few scenes I didn’t watch (it is a very familiar movie), but I was with Michael J. Fox until the end of The Secret of My Success. (I did leave at the very end when the love interest does the funny hand thing in the air with her back to him)  NOTE: Thursday must have been cheesy movie night. Earlier, he was watching ‘Dante’s Peak’ when Little Bear and I stopped in the living room and stayed because neither of us had ever seen it. Good LORD is that movie hilarious!! Little Bear, “How can he kiss the girl with that much energy after being pinned inside a squashed truck for two days with an arm that was broken so badly a bone was sticking out? He should be medivaced and on fluid.” We then decided it was because the character was being played by one of the several James Bonds AND Remington Steele (80’s, I loved Remie!!!) Anyway, it was after 1 am when I remembered my shot.

Friday morning was not exactly sparkly. I had to laugh inside, I knew The Craftsman had a lot to do and reminded him if he wanted intimacy (it was mid-morning and he was falling asleep petting my arm. He is very much a person who responsibly gets his day started as soon as he wakes up), we should get started and he’d be able to leave in a little bit. He complained I was treating ‘making love’ like a job. I smiled as he was getting dressed and said if it had been a job, I’d not get paid!  At any rate, he brought me the fountain soda I’d asked for before he left the second time and I put a stew in the crockpot. When he was home for lunch, I did tell him about my two toys, Bluebird and Twig (not by name). He didn’t seem too upset and asked if they worked. I also wasn’t feeling good and ate a single chicken patty and drank the soda, finished the electrolyte water I’d started, and drank regular tap water.

Except, I am not sure the fountain soda was sugar free. My CGM and my blood glucose monitor were both reading very high and I felt nauseous and ended up sleeping most of the rest of the day until it dropped to a passably decent level. Unfortunately, it started to climb after I had a cup and a half of stew and two 1 inch biscuits. (maybe 1 and a half) Or it could have been the delayed shot.  As I’m typing, everyone is out and about again and it is almost 9 pm. I’m going to check blood and the CGM and maybe read after unloading the dishwasher. (Friday night is so exciting!! Lol)

Oh.  And the favorite dinner? Chicken and waffles. The guys were decidedly dubious about the idea of waffles being eaten with chicken sans ranch dressing, but they tried it and fell in love with it!! Hooray to the restaurant owner in Harlem who first paired the two! Next time I serve it, I’ll make it all from scratch instead of using premade frozen chicken strips. (which really were not strips and had only a few in the package, in spite of how good they were!!) Strider said it was his favorite meal to order at iHop. This is a fun 2 page link about the many origins of this delicious treat.  


It has been a while since my last post. I’m being irrational again. A person can be told and tell themselves over and over how they need to accept themselves. How they are the persons who can control who they are. That they are the ones who, if they like themselves, can be at peace with themselves. Yet, for me, I believe I need affirmation from outside. Real time. Online is lovely and what I’ve had more than anything else. Yet, I want more. The snips of time and care I get from The Craftsman are nice, I’m thankful for them, it is illogical to want more. I think that is why I have always liked to be in Alaska. I can be as liberal as I want (this place I’m in here in Oregon is incredibly conservative), I have had people who have come out of nowhere to help with things and become friends, I’m allowed to think and accomplish ‘boy’ tasks all by myself, and have had liaisons that were (for the most part) memorable and thoroughly enjoyable. (The latter will be curtailed, and not just cuz of Covid!) The last week has been frustrating, but there have been bright spots.

First, I’ll share the odd Diabetic things. The green insulin pen is what the pharmacy gave me, my physician said it is EXACTLY the same stuff inside and not to throw it out unless I wanted to. (She also said my thyroid was suppressed, whatever on earth that means. Google is little help!) I was also given a script for the funny clip safety syringes. I do not like them, they are harder to use and they generate a LOT of trash. When they are gone, I’m going to ask for the other kind again. I’m also not taking them to AK. I’m pretty sure I have some up there waiting for me!

Sunday, we took the Mercury out plant shopping. I was intrigued by the odd ‘tree’ hanging from the peg that turns the radio on. I’m not entirely sure if these ‘trees’ are used anywhere else, but they seem rather common in the US. Usually they are green and smell of pine. This one was black and called ‘Black Ice’. I expressed puzzlement for a company who would market a fragrance named after a thing that causes fear, if not abject terror. The Craftsman laughed and said the mice didn’t care for it. Which, in an old car, is very important. We purchased several plants for the succulent fountain contraption I had wanted to create (The Craftsman is going to create it, he rather liked the idea and he really likes succulents). Little Bear was completely confused as to why one pot was full of hens and chickens and why weren’t there roosters? I snagged a super unusual to me Aquileia (columbine). I love how this one has star shaped flowers. I planted it near the little sprout I keep finding from the yard next door!


The iris are all in bloom. The purple ones are about done, the yellow ones are looking scraggy, the gorgeous reddish ones are delightful, and there is (oddly) only a single white stalk. It has been years since I was here for iris season and it really has been lovely to see. Even if the beds are full of grass and need serious upkeep.

My poppies are also looking beautiful. The white one I asked The Craftsman to purchase isn’t actually white. It is called Royal Wedding and is pale pink!!! (I was hoping it was white like Princess Di’s dress. All billowy white and frothy.) I hope I get to see it bloom. I do love how flowers grow here. I also like this huge rosebush. The rain hasn’t been friendly to it, but just wow!

On Thursday night, I stayed up with Moses. Everyone else got up fairly fast when thunder rolled and lightening flashed right overhead! I was so worried for the robin in the lilac. She has babies and her flower hedge is gone, leaving icky branches with sparse leaves. Moses also dashed outside when I first opened the door. He stayed out for ages and finally returned from a different direction all wet. I am betting the thunder was scary. (Kind of like those darn fireworks). The neighbor’s dogs were barking and barking, the settled down when the skies let up…but not for long! I think the storm lasted about 5 hours and the power flickered three times, once turning on the printer!! The guys went back to bed before I did again. It was fun to watch, even if I was concerned.

Temps are starting to soar. I’m so not a person who likes 80 degrees F by noon! We’ve even had humidity. Something not a part of this area! I definitely need to get back north!

The Zeigarnik Effect

brown puzzle pieces

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I’d not heard of this before. It’s me. Not always, but often. Especially with Alaska. I need to get the house empty and sold. Having it empty in an out of the way place is like being abandoned. I have so many things I’ve brought back to work on, yet they aren’t grabbing me. It isn’t cuz they aren’t interesting, it is more cuz the first parts need done before I can focus on the latter. (Also cuz I’ve not felt good) The Zeigarnik effect is mentioned in a lot of places, I’ll link only one of them here. It is a rabbit tunnel and I’m already in Wonderland!

Thursday was a crazy day. I have had a hard time concentrating on things, remembering things, and it is NOT because of being home. (As most of you know, I’m always home by myself..except during dinner and a few other times!) Wednesday I’d made an appointment for Thursday afternoon and blithely drove off to the first one in the morning. OK, it wasn’t blithely. I have had headaches the last few days and was so tired and it was super windy and the Escape was difficult to keep on the road and I drove slower than the speed limit cuz I forgot where the 55mph was on my vehicle and went 52. (many people were mad and passed me going at least 65) The first appointment was physical therapy for my sore neck. It hurt worse after getting some electronic shocks and heat. I was given some small movements to practice and told I need to have my neck manually moved 3 times a week. (YIKES!) After discussion with The Craftsman, we realised we cannot afford this for 4 weeks or more. So, after next Tuesday, I’ll put it on hold indefinitely.

Then, I got home at 1130, took a 15 min nap, and left after lunch for the second appointment in the other direction. Except, when I arrived at 130, I was 2 hours late. They squished me in anyway. That was with my endocrinologist. She got me hooked up with a new primary doctor and had blood drawn (that was by appoint only, the appt was for 430) and told me my HA1C was (for me, here in the US) a good 7.2.

When I got back to the house, I had to rush to make dinner since I’d planned on being home earlier. The Craftsman called and I felt bad that I couldn’t chat with him, it was ok, though. Dinner was remarkably good (pork chops cooked in tomato juice and rice).

Then the Type 1 Science Experiment started again.


When I opened up my new insulin pen, it was totally different than the other ones. Today I learned the company makes two kinds of the same thing. Sort of like a 1 liter bottle and a 2 liter bottle of Diet Pepsi. However, the pharmacy said to toss the new pen away (I’d used it) and they’d replace it. THEN, I needed new syringes (I use both syringes and pens) and when The Craftsman brought them home, I had to go online to find out how to use them. They are not anything like the ones I’ve been using! All in all, I’m tired of Diabetes.

No one came home for dinner, so I had half a Luna bar and a fried egg. Little Bear went to McD’s and The Craftsman..I’m not sure where he ate. Today I did put the rest of my wrapped marbles in the fence (OK, I still have 3..mostly cuz the holes in the fence are larger and I need a different idea to make those shine…ohhhhhhh, maybe super glue holding together hanging mirrored bits!) and I picked iris and two of the BIG poppies that are blooming and some of the red whatever they are flowers for the kitchen window. I spoke to a fun lady who just moved from Juneau, AK and texted TnT. I will focus more on The Zeignarnik Effect later..maybe I’ll go and read a bit or make cookies again. Or more than likely, both!!!!!!  Photos by the kid AGES ago: