I am Dandelion-hear me roar!

I just finished an absolutely wonderful story. Amelia 1868 is a ghost story full of searching and betrayal and love and forgiveness. I have had it on my ‘to read’ list for several years and never managed to get to it. I was going to read it on the plane coming back from AK, but was sidetracked by my own longings for a place I didn’t want to leave. I finally started it and had a hard time putting it down. Oddly, there were some bits that didn’t mesh properly (like how the main character had this great dog that every so often vanished in the story line, when it had been rollicking along with the character page after page), but it was ok. The author once in a while uses the same words in subsequent paragraphs (‘While I no longer’ and then a bit later, ‘While I no longer.’), but it wasn’t horrible. I also had to read the last few pages a couple of times to make sure I was reading it properly. The two main characters suddenly became the main character ghosts, as well as themselves, and even if it was odd, it worked! Yet, the one thing that kept coming past me was love and forgiveness. In fact, in the last sentences, the author wrote this, “I’ve learned that forgiveness is the key to letting go and freeing oneself of the burdens of the past.” Which I happen to agree with myself.

good heavens, I feel OLD!

Driving today, I was thinking about the different kinds of love there are. I didn’t focus on the Greek words or even muskrats, but wandered into my own ideas. I wondered if I had been a zombie lover. The kind of person who walks around blindly, roughly grabbing love from any and every one and then tossing more love away like confetti hearts before blithely walking on. I don’t want to be one of those.

I then thought about my favorite yard flower, the true DYF (Damn Yellow Flower). So often our yards are infested with yellow flowers of dandelion like origin, but only a few thousand are actually the wonderful not-weeds-to-me I love. (there is that word again!) I started smiling as I was driving and decided I need to be more like a dandelion! A simple, bright coin of petals (not always wanted, but always there!) nestled and thriving almost anywhere possible. A plant that can be used for medicine or food or picked by little hands and given as a gift. Eventually, these golden buttons on a green waistcoat turn into magical fairy orbs that burst apart with a breath to land and make more! Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to love and be? To spread love with a breath, to be love that glows and gives in so many ways, to be ordinary and magical in different seasons, and to be there when needed.

This morning I was feeling a bit useless again. It is like I came back to Oregon to cook and clean and bake (a totally different kind of cooking!!) and I’m tired. I so wanted to sell the house and use a portion of it for me. It will and it won’t. When I said, a bit jokingly, that I could use the money I’ve been paying house bills in AK with for my meds, The Craftsman agreed and said it would help. The laptop I brought back from AK (mom’s) is being used for ‘important’ things since all the other technology is a bit aged and not compatible with tax or banking programs. I had wanted to use it to type mom’s dozens of journals into. I probably still can, it just will have other things on it. The house needs a new large freezer (Little Bear lost 7 containers of ice cream at one go. He was a bit upset! Photo is of the upstairs freezer one year, before I objected to having no room for venison. He now keeps the frozen sweets at his grandma’s. A few blocks away!) and I’ll probably need to buy that. At least, I am going to pay for the fixing of my watch. Not sure when I’ll get it back, but I can wait. It isn’t exactly a useful watch, but unlike the most wonderful K’ixie thigh highs I purchased before leaving AK, I can wear this most anytime!

I wasn’t chosen for the jury I thought I’d be chosen for. The labs I was supposed to get today will end up being done next week, I can’t just drop in. (the physician was very annoyed, ‘You may have a UTI and you have to wait until next week to pee in a cup???’) No one came home until very late for the very excellent dinner I made (Little Bear insists it needs sent to a lab to find out what proportion of spices I added, since I just added and didn’t measure). They left again to visit Grandma, it is her birthday. (I did suggest things they could get Grandma and I made her a cake. I didn’t want to go up. She’s never really forgiven me for marrying her beloved son. Although, she loves the grandsons!)

However, I imagine I am not entirely useless. I am a dandelion and I will glow and grow and infest your yard with forgiving bright joy. No matter how often you step on me or mow me or pull me up, I’ll be there!!! ! (NOTE: I’ve probably written this same post once before! Lol

More Absurdity

Two years ago today, mom died. Two years ago today, I was angry. I’m still angry. I was screaming mad the morning of Sept 24. Now, I’m mostly numb and tired.

Started out by hearing from the thrift store woman who was supposed to pick up things last night. Her spouse, who had the truck and was driving with a broken arm, almost hit a moose and hurt the truck. (Thank goodness the spouse was Ok. Moose are not vehicle friendly!) I opted to try and find other places to take the stuff and learned that the local Salvation Army (I did not want to donate there, but am willing to do anything now) also has their truck down. The original lady (I really like her!) will come out on Sunday.  I have no idea what to do with the organ, the holiday stuff I will take to the SA when I can. The Jukebox Kid also texted, he wants some more things and to have his family take me out to dinner when I get north. (I’m not sure I’ll have time!) My plans are a bit of a mess, but whatever.  

I had a great deal of help today and I got a call from my sister. She offered Gigman’s help on Friday to haul stuff to the dump. I HAVE people who can take things to the dump, I need people who can drive all over to donation places!!!! (many are taking stuff, I just need to get it there.) I had just posted on FB that I thought all of mom’s holiday stuff was headed to the dump, so maybe that is where she got the idea I needed help with trash. She isn’t a fan of Easter or Christmas anymore, so it is all trash to her. I, thankfully, had all the holiday boxes marked as such. I thought it might be easier for the people in the stores. It will also be easier for me to find them!! The helpers got the entire basement cleaned out and tidy. I even had some return later to move a file cabinet. (it does need to be sent to the dump, but Gigman can’t do that. It is too heavy!)

So, after everyone left, I decided to run some items I had put in my car to the local rec center. I dropped them off and felt very sad for the two teens in lovely party dresses having photos taken in the cold drizzle. I headed to the post, but heard game pieces sliding around in a box when I started to park. Oops, I forgot to drop off the games and puzzles! So, back to the rec center I went (the poor girls were sitting on a blanket playing a hand game, still in the rain, amidst the fall colors). I opted this time to forgo the post and just go home. Good thing, on my way home I realized I’d forgotten to put a stamp on the letter!!!

Once at the house, I turned off the alarm, went into the living room and noticed the front door was open and the screen door unlocked. I’d forgotten to close and lock them last night! (there isn’t much in the house, most of it is in the garage and the alarm was on out there) I went online to learn my carry on for Alaska Air is too large by three inches. My second bag (a tote) is over 50 pounds and will cost $100, but it won’t fit the pink carry-on bag. It had been mom’s and it is a very nice short stay bag, if I can get it back to OR. The tote also needs secured with duct tape.

Then, my sister called back again. I told her a bit of what I’d been doing and she wanted to know if I wanted her to go with me to drop mom’s ashes off a favorite fishing bridge. No. I told her I didn’t, we had gone to Homer together to spread ashes and I would do this myself. Besides, she had just gotten home and didn’t need to come out again. She said it wasn’t that far and I thought, ‘then why haven’t you come out to help or get things you want???’ She also wanted to make sure I knew Gigman could help me on Friday. I said I didn’t have much trash, but would he be able to get the things she wanted, unless she didn’t want them anymore. She got a bit snippy and said ‘I suppose we can get those now.’ (Seriously?) I then mentioned I would be here because the realtor was coming. (I’d forgotten she didn’t know I was using a realtor)  Jake got more pissy. Because I didn’t ask for her help in choosing one and she hoped the company would ‘do well for me’. I’ve been scream swearing at mom and my sister the last minutes, in between typing. (Someday, I hope I’m finally good enough for someone without having them want to ‘fix’ me or ‘make me better’. ) I’m also waiting for someone who said they were going to be here this evening, it is after 630 pm. I was hoping to get pizza for dinner, but I reckon I’ll be ok with sandwich meat and a tortilla with some flavored water a neighbor brought me.

Honestly, my neighbors are better friends than my sister.

Speaking of friends, when I took mom out, I stopped to drop off the title to the car. A friend will handle the money part of the selling for me, so I don’t need to sell it for pennies. I also didn’t drop all of mom. It was super dark and I was a tad nervous being so far up above the water!  I’ll do the rest in daylight, when I can see where I’m spreading her! (I lightened up the photo a LOT)

Up for Sale?

After the crazy crematory ashes and ring episode from the last post, I thought I’d share something even odder.

I have in front of me papers to fill out to start to put mum’s house on the market. No, it isn’t very close empty yet. No, the Jukebox Kid did’t arrive yet. No, my sister’s stuff is still here (I did wrap some with plastic..I’ll share those photos later!). But, I do have papers. On FB, I found a silly share of houses realtors found. I’m so glad this one is just host to a screwy septic!

At least you can keep track of how the vacuum has run.
From Green to Pink and from bed to bath…and beyond?
You may have never been promised a rose garden..but can you find the loo?
Next, we have an upholstered bath. Or does it descend like an elevator?
And last, the Toilet Man. Perfect for training young children to never ever pee where they are supposed to.

I cannot even imagine some of the reasons for these. Once again, I’m glad for a simple, ordinary, if very old dwelling like the one I’m in!

Silly Poem

I didn’t write this. I found it in a box of mom’s stuff. It made me laugh and since this week might be just as crazy as the last, it fit!!! I hope you get a giggle, too. (The format was skewed, but I fixed it. The poetry is bad, not even prose. It is still giggleworthy.)

The Outhouse Poem (unknown)

The service station trade was slow The owner sat around, With sharpened knife and cedar stick Piled shavings on the ground

No modern facilities had they, The log across the rill Led to a shack, marked His and Hers, That sat against the hill.

Where is the ladies restroom, sir?” The owner leaning back, Said not a word, but whittled on, And nodded toward the shack.

With quickened step she entered there, But only stayed a minute, Until she screamed, just like a snake Or spider might be in it.

With startled look and beet red face, She bounded through the door, And headed quickly for the car, Just like three gals before.

She missed the foot log, jumped the stream, The owner gave a shout, As her silk stockings, down at her knees, Caught on a sassafras sprout.

She tripped and fell-got up, and then, In obvious disgust, Ran to the car, stepped on the gas, And faded in the dust.

Of course, we all desired to know, What made the gals all do The things they did, and then we found The whittling owner knew.

A speaking system he’d devised To make the thing complete. He’d tied a speaker on the wall, Beneath the toilet seat.

He’d wait until the gals got set, And then the devilish tyke, Would stop his whittling long enough, To speak into the mike.

And as she sat, a voice below, Struck terror, fright, and fear, “Will you please use the other hole, We’re painting under here!”

‘P’ is everywhere!

I hope this post doesn’t get lost inside the last post I shared 16 hours ago. Perhaps it will be plucked from the pair and bestow at least one giggle. One can only hope! (it is also a tad long…)

I’ve mentioned this character before. He was one of my favorite super heroes from the 70’s. Letterman from The Electric Company. He’d be proud of how often I found the letter ‘P’ on Saturday.

Mum has always been a collector. Often her collections could be categorized. Fabric, yarn, lighthouses, books, and so on. Sometimes, however, they defy description. I do have to point out, the final ‘P’s is not hers, but mine. It amused me, so, I’ll write it up while I’m perfecting my pancakes.

Ages ago, I read a book to a group of preschoolers. It was called, ‘If you give a pig a pancake’. Fun story by Laura ..(She also wrote, ‘If you give a moose a muffin). I read it to the kids on ‘P’ Day (in lower grades we’d often have a day to practice the use of certain letters and numbers). Many of the kids grew up on farms with cows, but they’d have loved this crazy keychain I found in mom’s lighthouse stash. I’m not sure why this little guy was hidden in the darkness behind the towering lighthouses, but he was still smiling. I have no idea where the pink piggy came from, he obviously was happy among the dust bunnies. I carefully pulled him out of his spot on the shelf and thought he was cute. He is. Oddly, there was a brownish greyish dusty blob off his butt. I gingerly picked away the fluff and discovered it was soft!!! Then, it dawned upon my unbelieving brain, the pig’s blob was supposed to be poo! I almost dropped him when I realized just what he had been doing for decades in the dirt.  I dusted the plastic of the pig and noted his huge smile, then I accidently squeezed the pint sized porcine pocket pet and he pooped more! The most disturbing part of the poop and the pig, is that when you release the tummy, the excrement exuded returns from whence it came!!

This second ‘P’ is also a ‘T’, but it baffled me for years and then when I discovered more, I was even more confused. Mum brought back from Minnesota, a piano. It isn’t a good piano, but it has been in the family for generations. (Probably why my sister wants it. I’m not sure where she’ll put it, but that is her call, not mine.) Anyway, the top, like most level surfaces in this house, has become a catch all. As I cleaned it off, I moved a glass gazebo sort of thing with a tiny priestess inside. All around it were angels (another of mom’s collections) and things depicting Norway and photos and whatnot. I realized the gazebo thing didn’t have a door, you lifted the top off. Like a cover on a dish. Yet, the robed priestress holding a manuscript within made no sense. I picked the resin ecclesiastical portrayer of the faith from where she’d been standing, pontificating to nothing since 2014 or earlier and placed her on the piano lid (she was probably glad to get out of there!). Gently I dusted off the container and when I turned the bottom over I read the thing was a terrarium! Why on earth would you put a priestess in a terrarium?? An empty terrarium? Is she attempting to recreate Genesis one? Lord knows there was enough dust outside the container. Is she actually a replication of a reincarnation of Dr. Who only with a terrarium instead of a booth? Maybe my sister put the priestress inside, she probably gave her the pig, too. Jake has an obscure sense of humor (remembering to when she bit off all the tops on the candy corn and put it back in the dish. Mum was convinced the candy corn was a different variety. Not triangular and the white was missing.). In retrospect, the tiny lady may have been from when mom portrayed a nun in ‘Sound of Music’, but that still doesn’t explain why she was in a terrarium!

This last ‘P’, as I mentioned, was really something of mine. I was looking in the empty cupboards and fridge (they aren’t exactly empty, only mostly empty. The fridge has some cheese and condiments. The freezer has a package of frozen veggies, aged burritos that I’d not eat if unless you paid me well, and a diet pepsi in a plastic bag.) Surprised, I removed the crystalized pop and placed it outside to thaw. I’m a fan of slushy beverages. Dairy Queen used to have this drink called a Mr. Misty, basically a slushy, and if you added vanilla ice cream to it, it was perfect. My youngest likes a frozen watermelon drink I’ve made on occasion and I now like a slushy diet cola. I’ve also wanted some bubbles since my return north and was pretty excited to find this treat. After a few hours, I noted it starting to melt and brought it inside. I had been cautious because frozen pop can distend bottles and make a mess if left unsupervised. After a bit longer, my impatience was at its limit. The bottle was mostly full of ice, yet there was a smidge of thawed Pepsi and my tongue was craving the flavor. It took a bit of force to crack open the lid that immediately exploded across the kitchen! Quickly, I sealed it back up and started to laugh as I surveyed the places the carbonated potion had landed. On me, on the counter, on the cupboards, and the walls. I managed to get it tidied and opted to perform the opening outside. Once again, Pompeii was recreated in fizz and foam in the palms of my hands. As you can see, I lost quite a bit of the Pepsi and now it is flatter than the pancakes I made and consumed for my brunch.

Perhaps, as I empty the bell cabinet, I’ll find other letters to share! Although, I do love the letter ‘P’!!

Sit Com or reality show?

I’m not sure if Monday was a sit com or a reality show. It definitely wasn’t a survivor sort, although, I did survive!! Monday morning, Former Boss did take me to the airport. We got a bit turned around, but it all worked out. He dropped me off and we began to be processed. TSA was doing a training and guess who’s carry on was chosen? I was a bit put out when I asked what they were looking for via the xray and they said they’d tell me when it was found. The photo wasn’t that odd, I identified several things before they found and searched an old pill bottle filled with assorted coins!

Flying out of the first airport was interesting. I wasn’t the only one who had issues with Alaska Air. Even the airport hadn’t been told the flight was changed til hours before! I was pretty impressed with being above the clouds. I loved the fluffy balls beneath us. If I’d been on the other side of the plane, I’d have been able to see the mountains of WA better, but, I enjoyed the flight. Due to Covid, no wine was served, although it was 830 in the morning!

flying out of Seattle

Seattle was not as fun. I barely had time to use the bathroom before my flight. The station I needed to get to was down, so I had to leave the tram area and hoof it to my destination. (A lovely lady helped me out, although I smiled behind my mask when she was giving me directions. I didn’t laugh out loud, because that may have hurt her feelings. She said to turn right at the ‘coach’ store..she was sure I knew coach. I didn’t, but found it anyway!) I met more folks who had travel changed and on the plane the rows of three only had two passengers each. Behind me was a baby crying off and on. When we landed in ANC, I learned it was two infants, not one. (they probably cried in turn, twins probably do that!). Everyone had on masks, except those babies. (the parents said they were visiting for the summer) I was so cold on the flight and wished I’d worn something besides my jean jacket! I’m also glad I brought Luna power bars and more snacks, since it was lunchtime in the air. The cute Skybites snack was tasty, but it was definitely not a meal!

in front of a mural

In ANC, I learned the paperwork I’d printed out was already obsolete. They were now using an app. I was told by a nice girl who typed in my information onto her ipad, the first day the covid testing team ended up with boxes of paper and it was very hard to find one person’s papers in the midst of lots of pages of the same letter. I did get tested, it wasn’t near as horrid as the strep test! However, I didn’t leave yet. It turned out, the connecting flight was full. Putting me on standby for 7 hours. Thankfully, someone missed their flight and I got it. I was one flight from staying at the airport all night. Four of us were on standby that day! The planes are small, holding about 10 people, including the pilot. The girl I sat near was so much fun. I was an excited squealing bundle of Alaskan and she was visiting for 5 weeks. We had the same first name (and spelling) and her middle name was Elizabeth. (Which would have been Strider’s name, if he’d been a girl. Except it would have been spelled with an ‘s’.) The pilot’s job is to fly this trip all day. Or at least, as far as I know, it is all day. He was on his 4th trip when I got to go with him. Isn’t he young looking? The other K took several pictures with her phone, she was surprised cuz he was texting and flying. I reminded her there wasn’t much to run into while airborne. He did take care of a lot of the little things on his own, the staff did some, but he did most of the plane things.

TnT left the rig at the airport, so I got out north as soon as possible. I was glad not to stay in the airport, was thankful to not be on the road (there was a wreck with a person who was hurrying and a family. The dad was killed outright, a little girl died in the arms of a Samaritan, the mom was life flighted, and the 8 year old girl was confused and scared. DRIVE with sense and don’t be stupid!). I got to the house and had to call the State Troopers. When I got inside, I forgot how to turn off the house alarm and when I remembered the darn thing tripped so the police were called and would NOT stop. When I got thru to the company, he laughed, told me how to turn it off, and suggested I call asap. He even gave me the number.

I must admit, I was very glad to get to bed. It took ages before I dropped off, but I slept for HOURS!!! If you fly, what is your favorite part?? I think mine is the getting there.

short note

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

I’m running out of time. This last week has been busy and crazy. I got a call from my doctor on Wednesday and found out that I have something called Strep B. She said it was in my blood. Anyway, I’m allergic to many of the antibiotics, she gave me one called ‘Z pack’. I do feel better, but we’ll see for how long! (I do hope this drug kills what has been making me so worn and icky in so many ways. It probably wasn’t covid like I thought!)

Anyway, I head north on Sunday morning. I’m not packed yet, but I’ve made 3 batches of cookies (about 5 dozen each) and small banana loaves and some cinnamon muffins for the freezer. I got 4 masks made, I asked a friend to make 3 for the guys..if they are able to fly north later in the summer. I am seriously not a geometric sort. I much prefer aiming at a target and not getting into a pother when I miss it by a half inch! (I’d probably not be a very good with missiles...)

Meanwhile, I have to do a few more things around here, but I have much of Saturday to do them. I had toyed with doing more Friday night, but found out The Craftsman ‘made time’ so we can watch a movie. Last night’s movie was interrupted by mowing grass and I’m pretty sure I was doing something, too.

I need to reboot the router up north and then call to get the account turned back on. The company had a covid glitch and deleted all the passwords in March. I can’t update it because the router isn’t working. Natcherally!!! (someone made a covid app and anyone who got the app also got a virus..go figure! Anyway, to make sure it was gone, the company just deleted everything. Overkill??)

So, raindrops on yard flowers to cheer your weekend and I’ll see you on the northern side!!!

May the Fourth Glitter

I am not a huge fan of glitter. I like it, but it gets everywhere!!! I have worn it, it is a lot of fun and now if I wear it, I’ll remember Carrie Fisher. Apparently, Carrie Fisher liked to decorate her fans with glitter. She wore it as well. (I‘ll copy and paste a quote from an article I’ll also link.)

Another user responded to that Tumblr post with a story Fisher told in one of her books, of how “her therapist … always knew she was having an ‘off’ time in her head depending on how much glitter she’d show up wearing to appointments. It was her way of making the world sparkle and shine even when it felt dark. It made her feel better. Evidently, she wanted to share that with others.” 

My Monday wasn’t glittery, but it was busy. I worked myself into several episodes of low glucoses. Not cool, but I got a lot done. I washed and dried and folded laundry. Several loads. Hung some outside, stripped, washed and remade the bed with clean linen. Weeded a lot of garden spaces (Japanese Lanterns go EVERYWHERE!) and took out grasses. (I’m not fond of a grass that is like wire) Finished my trellis and made dinner. I was so tired after, I needed to sit with a tiny hot pack under my right breast cuz that muscle ached!! Then, I stripped and washed me. I needed it. Didn’t shrink, but it felt good!

I only hope I can get the lawn mowed tomorrow. Little Bear showed me how to use the mower and The Craftsman did most of the yard, just not the part I was weeding in. (darn lanterns were in the grasses and he’d mow over them!)

Hoping you had a splendid fun Monday!!

May Day 2020

What a year! So far, here in this part of EO, there have been floods, bad water from flooding, Covid, Little Bear found a black widow spider ‘ready to pop’, and now we have a new insect landing. Asian Murder Wasps that can reach 2 inches in length with stingers of a quarter inch. They prey on honey bees, ripping their heads off to pulp thoraxes for a delicious carry out. They can sting multiple times and aren’t afraid of humans. Washington State U is getting the word to people so the insects can be removed safely. (Now, I really don’t want to go outside!!!)

My May Day was pretty low key. I’d forgotten The Craftsman wouldn’t be home. We did get to watch an older movie later that night, ‘Willow’. Fun fantasy starring one of my favorite Little Person Actor (Warwick Davis) and a favorite taller actor (Val Kilmer).

Saturday was ridiculous. It was pretty nice out, so I decided to put up a trellis for sweet peas and nasturtiums. Eons ago, in Tillamook, I asked for a shower curtain to be cut in half and holes put in the sides to make a nonrusting support for a trellis. I still have those, but over the years I’ve used different middles for the actual trellis. This year, I decided I’d try bird nettings. (I detest that stuff, but it is a good way to hang things. Like climbing plants) It was incredibly frustrating. I was outside hammering the posts carefully (I didn’t want to ruin the hollow rods) into the soil and as I muttered my way back to the house for another idea, The Craftsman spoke to me from where he was sitting in a garden swing. (I had no idea he was around, he just came down to get something he needed for a job up at his mom’s.) He asked if I needed a larger hammer. I said no and eventually he left again. I opted to use zip ties to secure the netting to the rod, in the past I’ve used string, but most string is limp and very hard to thread through holes in a hollow inch wide rod. I used several ties before I realized I hadn’t cut the fabric carefully enough. It was almost as long as I needed, not as long. A difference of about 3 inches in one section of the netting. I was doing this during a dry thunderstorm, it didn’t stay dry long! About the time I realized I needed to do something else, the sky opened up! Little Bear came home from his grandma’s (the metal roofed shop was super loud from being hit with giant rain drops!) and found me a tool I thought was a funny sort of clippy pliers. Apparently, it is really called a side cutter. (the first photo is rain a ways off, the second is a dust storm that also showed up~)

After the rain stopped, I took the cutter thing outside and removed all the ties and turned the fabric around. Although, now it was WAY too long in a different direction, so I cut it… Eventually, I was starting to lose my sense of ‘I can do this’. My glucose was dropping, I needed to finish, I needed to make dinner, and I was so tired. I also needed to find a way to keep the fabric from blowing around at the bottom of the trellis, the top was pulling the sides together (The Craftsman today reminded me he’d put in a pole other times) and I found some plastic thingys that worked. I’d have preferred clothes pegs without metal springs, but I cannot find those. At any rate, I let it alone in the wind and the rain. (you can barely see the netting in the photo!)


Weather has a tendency to move garden projects, so I thought I’d wait to work more on it on Sunday. Sunday arrived and I hurt. My back was aching with pains shooting into my legs from my ample booty. I wanted to cry!! My neck hurt and my glucose was higher than I wanted. I did wander back outside and realized as much as I liked that lovely almost invisible black netting, it was a bad idea. Birds could get caught in it while they fed from any flowers that might grow on it. So, rather than take it down, I found a bright gold Christmas garland of beads. I started to string it back and forth accordion fashion and decided it was very good. It still needs secured, but I do like it.

At the moment, it is 5 pm and I need to make dinner again (easy, biscuits and burger stew). For some reason the guys like to be fed. They are out and about I’m not sure where, the garden at grandma’s isn’t planted, Little Bear’s rabbit tractor isn’t finished, and that storm yesterday knocked the temps down almost 10 degree! Last week, mum’s Obi crossed the rainbow bridge. It is another tie to mom that is gone. He was incredibly annoying, but he was so well loved by the gal who adopted him and by mom and one of my favorite older ladies also died from cancer complications. Now, she’s with her beloved, too. In the midst of sorrow, there is so much joy. I am eternally grateful for those golden moments surrounding us with laughter, learning, and love.

Whale carcasses and lessons from them on Earth Day 2020

The Oregon Coast is notorious for having things wash up on beaches. Recently, a 40 foot gray whale ended up on a normally busy section. This week, that whale was buried. (I was a bit surprised, anything buried on the shore, eventually comes back to light.) Disposing of whale carcasses on the coast has always been a chore. In November 1970, a 45 foot sperm whale body was gotten rid of in a most unusual way. I’ll share the original news video and links here, blessing Youtube! (You can’t see I’m wiping tears from my eys due to laughter!!)

This next video is from 25 years later. (this year, is the 50th anniversary, but we’ll wait til November to see what happens then!) The photos are clearer and several folks were interviewed.

The absolute BEST part of this particular incident is how it has grown, changed a bit, and gone global. In early April, the  Council of Doncaster – a town in Yorkshire, UK, used this crazy completely bizarre explosion to help explain Covid 19. It is well worth the read-

So, there you have it. Lessons from the dead. Happy Earth Day to you all! And a recipe from an Alaskan cookbook, just for fun!!