Running Away Part 1

I’m a bit sad at the moment. I was wrong and I’m cold. (I didn’t realise I had an estimate of where the problem was for Digman. I told him the wrong spot. He was close, but not exactly. I’m also saving pennies by not turning up the heat, I spent too much last week!) So, since I’m sad, I am going to share a smidge of my running away in a few posts. It was an absolutely splendid incredibly expensive time!

Wednesday, I decided I needed away. I didn’t want to go where I knew anyone (I did know one person, TnT.  Great fun and  tons better than many!). So, I started out that morning. It was a meandering trip north!!! I had to make an appointment for mom’s car (The Craftsman told me I should check the oil, which told this non mechanic nothing. I sent a picture and he said he was pretty sure I’d be ok, but to make an appointment for it). That is for next week. I then went to a bakery that is closing and spent almost 100$ on presents and a couple items of baked goods. It is called The Moose is Loose and sells only baked goods and moose merchandise. It will be a much missed spot in the area. After that I stopped to get a bra fitting. I’ve never ever done this, I’ve always wanted to, and so I did! (It was also expensive!) I’ll write up a post for that stop by itself. I learned a great deal!

While I drove, I stopped where and when I wanted to. It is pretty late in the year, so there isn’t much out there. I did see a flock of swans. It was a lovely day and I was entirely enjoying myself. However, I discovered I was taking too long and got to Seward much later than I’d anticipated. So, I resigned myself to staying two nights. (I wasn’t planning on it, but I had sort of thought I might!)


I hadn’t planned staying anywhere. I really should have. The first night I was in a quirky place with a bathroom that left a lot to be desired. Even at 5’2”, I had trouble sitting properly on the toilet! The internet was good, but when I plugged in my iPad, the outlet sparked!! The shower was lovely, however. I very much liked that!

The next day I visited two local dogsledding spots. The first was for the Seavy team. I didn’t get to see any of them, I did hear the dogs. As you can see, you need to go online to make reservations. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough money, but tentatively thought about trying to get in the next morning. I had been texting a friend and she told me about another team nearby. These guys I had wanted to meet, but never imagined I would. I drove in their lot and Sarah was outside with a bunch of puppies! She let me in the pen free of charge and was a dear. When you see Iditarod mushers and their teams online, you don’t really actually see how nice a person is. As I was leaving, her partner, Travis, showed up. TWO of them in one stop!!! I was in Iditaheaven!!!! I met several wannabe sled dogs and a couple of adults. I should have taken more photos, but I was in a bit of a …I cannot even say what I was!!! Excited is too understated. (I’m still excited just typing about it!!)

Before I left, Sarah had suggested I stop at little place in town for lunch and said to definitely have the cake. I ate in my car, but since I my next stop was near the shop, I did get cake. Strawberry cheesecake that took my two days to eat!! (8$) After that, I went to my main destination. The Sea Life Center. Which will encompass the next post!!!


Cat in a Hammock Cat Nips

A cat knows how to be comfortable, how to get the people around it to serve it. In a tranquil domestic situation, the cat is a veritable manipulative genius. It seeks the soft, it seeks the warm, it prefers the quiet and it loves to be full. It displays, when it gets its own way in these matters, a degree of contentment we would all like to emulate.”  Roger Caras

Moses wasn’t impressed with the empty hammock. He did better a few days later when I was in it. I was reading, so he sat on my chest so I couldn’t see my book. (typical cat!) Mittens gets out now and then, usually in an escape mode. Little Bear does haul her from her window box and will cuddle her outside til Mittens decides she’s done. Maxwell, however, is a connoisseur of comfort in his ripe old age of 16. (hmmm, I thought he and Moses were older..We picked up Moses in 2004 and Maxwell a bit earlier) At any rate, Maxwell T. Silverstone was absolutely fine with being perched on top of Little Bear for as long as possible!

Sunshine and cats. Perfect summer afternoon.

Sleep Yoga Cat Nips

Moses in the Classic rounded pike. A familiar feline resting position.
Moses in the Slide with Inclination Not to Hear. Position must cover at least one ear.
Moses displaying Paw Palm at rest. Cats excel at paw palms.
Maxwell Hiding in Plain Sight. The feline must hold this position for at least two hours.
Moses Tail Curling. This can be beautiful when done while awake.
Maxwell in the Tail curling with Extended Pike and Inclination Not to Hear. Difficultly is a 9 and depends on the flexibility of the cat.

Above is the rare Button on the Just Pulled From Dryer King Size Sheet Pouf. As you can see, both Moses and Maxwell enjoyed this particular position.

Last in this display of patterns, is Maxwell. Once more he is Hiding in Plain Sight, but he’s added Close to Completely Covered. Mittens excels in the Completely Covered. Often, she’s just a lump in Little Bear’s blankets.

It’s fascinating how flexible a feline is and their resting positions often defy physics. The longevity of the positions held is also crazy!

Springtime Cat Nips

Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day.” W. Earl Hall

On the last day of winter Moses was moving from sun spot to sun spot. He has a favorite flowerpot he snoozed in for a little while, then he moved to my garden bench, under the bench, on the ground next to the flower pot, in my yard rocking chair, and under a tree. I finally caught up with him slumbering among the dead Japanese lanterns at the edge of the dry creek in my garden. The first day of spring, it was cloudy and chill. (Of course!) I went shopping and the cats slept inside!

We had sun, really!


We had sunshine last week. I was in the basement for most  of the days, trying to make sure mum wasn’t being bothered by knowing her child was around. However, when it was time to mow, I did the job. I knew the neighbors were gone and mum was feeling sort of puny. She was planning on going to bed early. I knew that wouldn’t happen, but I also knew she’d not pay attention to the lake if she was resting on the couch. So, I took the chance given and went out on the lake in one of my men’s button up shirts and a pair of shorts. I absolutely MUST get a pair of string bikini bottoms if I am going to do this many more times. Trying to skin out of a tight pair of shorts in a kayak is not an easy task!!!

It was lovely paddling around on the still water. I ‘parked’ the kayak on the far edge of the lake, knowing I’d float lightly hither and  yon. It didn’t matter. I had my book, the ducks were ignoring me (for the most part), and it was delicious being bare out on the water. Until it got closer to 1015 pm. This photo was from quarter til and it was starting to get chilly, but not too bad. Then, the sun sank into the trees and I decided to finish the last two chapters of my book inside!!! It was a lovely interlude while I had it!

Following the Sunset

IMG_6697.JPG Following the sunset only gets you wet feet.

True. I kept my eye on that path of light and the waves receded and then, they didn’t. I wish I could have dropped everything and waded out and then started to swim. However, that would have been silly. Not to mention frighteningly cold and suicidal. So, I sat on the gravel and cried. I cried for wanting someone to just hold me. For being tired of doing chores because she’ll do them if I don’t, and then I’ll feel guilty. For being mad at myself for taking mum by the shoulders and trying to talk to her about her food choices. For knowing I can’t do a damn thing to keep her from making her own choices. For knowing that all the people who love her do not realise how hard she is to live with in real life. For wishing I could reach the end of the sunset and rest.

People suggest and tell me things I should do. I attempt to do them and they work for a short time or not at all. I so wanted to run away tonight. The beach was as far as I got. The sunset was so alluring and elusive and melted away into the mountains. And I had to come back to the house where my responsibility lies.

And where I have dry socks.

A Natural Experience


I was looking for this story and finally found it in an old blog I had not deleted yet. It is from July 2015. I copied it and edited it lightly. So glad 😁 it was still live! Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did kayaking!

This is a photo from this summer on an Alaskan lake. I was wearing shorts and a tank top and it was HOT outside. It was not from tonight’s experience.

It has been a long week.  I had wanted to go to the beach today and walk, but once I got home, I just stayed put. The weather had been really warm and the outside temp, at 1045 pm, still read 60 degrees F. I was alone at the house and realised I could do something I’d never done before, something from  my someday list. So, I stripped to almost nothing, slipped into a flannel shirt that almost covered my panties, grabbed my life jacket, and popped down to the lake.

The lake was as still as bathwater, but much colder. The surface had a fuzzy sheen as it was covered in fluff from black cottonwood. You could see the different kinds of trees and the remnants of the sunset reflecting on the dark water. The entire scene projected peace. Our lake is in the shape of a key. Our house is on one side of the long part and we now have neighbors on the other side. I glided up to the handle part of the key and paddled to the side where no one would see me.

I then shrugged off my life jacket and stuffed it down by my feet; toed off my water shoes; delicately squiggled my way out of my panties (NOT easy in a kayak), leaving them by my shoes; and pushed my flannel shirt behind me to lean back on. I was as free as a 60’s chick at Woodstock!

The tranquil setting was perfect. I dipped the paddle into the cotton dotted lake and when I felt the air move, I stopped. The kayak drifted lightly with the momentum of the breeze. Not far, it was just enough to rustle the leaves in the trees and disturb my hair a bit.  It felt lovely on my skin. I could feel all the cares of the week fall away. The lake water dripping on my body was cool, but not unpleasant. I felt completely one with the world around me. I could hear mum’s dog barking in the house, people talking at the neighbor’s, and yet those noises of humanity didn’t matter. I relished the sounds of the birds calling, the branches moving in conversation with their leaves, and the splash of the ducks as they wove patterns on the glassy surface of their home.  I stayed on the lake for quite a while. Not quite until dark, but am sure it was after midnight when I beached the kayak on the shore (after getting ‘dressed’ again!). It was an idyllic evening etched in my memory for life.

The only thing that would have made this better was if it had been raining. Although, Alaskan rain is rarely warm.