After the last not so cheerful post, this one is full of thanks. Not because of the US Thanksgiving holiday, but because there really is a ton to be thankful for. Have so many friends from far and further who are held safe in my heart. Ones who are hurting badly, others who are managing grandkids, and more who are juggling living in a world of isolation. You are all thought of and prayed for as I go about my day and night. Bless you,, each and every one.

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Looking at the guys, as lonely as this girl is sometimes, The Craftsman really is very kind and Little Bear is a young man who vacillates between driving me nuts and being wonderful. The Craftsman has been busy putting up lights, he’s still quite a ways from finished, but at least the outside is and will be festive! Inside, well, tall things are difficult for me. One of the oddest ‘new’ health problems is looking up. Leaning my neck back to look up makes me incredibly dizzy!! (Very annoying when taking photos of critters in trees or trying to look at the moon or stars) So, not sure if the garlands will stay in the tote or get hung. (Little Bear did say I should decorate one and put the name Judy on it and see who ‘gets it’. I groaned.) Not even sure if they will even be ‘dug out’ of storage!! The Craftsman is still looking for the winter snowman dishes. Amazing how after a season or two, things are put away and end up in black hole!! Perhaps Kirk or Picard could find them…

One of the best things about being back in the states, besides the working water system, is the lovely kitchen. Some people have told me it is small. Personally, it is the largest private kitchen I’ve ever worked in and it is well used. (which just goes to show that even if the user doesn’t do much at all towards the creation of a space, it can be enjoyed!) In October, The Craftsman purchased me some small pumpkins for decorative purposes. They were a bit large for décor and finally decided to cook the medicine ball sized one down to make pie. After making the crusts and gathering all the ingredients in a bowl, I was ready to mix in the punkin. Except, I was short 5 ounces!!!! I was so disgusted!! I had everything ready to make two pies and didn’t have enough pumpkin because I forgot to measure it prior to mixing. Little Bear told me to just make one and use the second crust for something else, until I explained that the bowl already had enough sugar and spice and everything nice for two. Thankfully, during one of my shopping forays, a large can of pumpkin had been added to my cart. So, it saved the recipe. Although, it was a totally different color, it blended well!! Needless to say, it was a bit worrisome. I coerced Little Bear into tasting a sliver with me before Thanksgiving dinner and we were very impressed!! The Craftsman’s mom took home 3 pieces and The Craftsman had two for dessert the next night. (Little Bear filled all the ‘empty’ spaces of his pie with canned whipped topping. He’s pretty sure a pie shell full of topping is a great dessert!)

My dough for the rolls rose WAY above the pan, both in and out of the machine. (those photos are very odd and blurry) Thankfully, those were super tasty, too. The bird was almost too long for the pan (long legs), but also tasted rather good. The green beans were odd, no photo, but they did not look like anything on the can. (guys prefer canned green beans, nasty, but made sure they filled up on sliced veggies at lunch. Little Bear did say if you didn’t look at them, they did taste right! Most of them were flat, which I’ve seen, but they had not.) Did make an odd dessert from a Keto recipe. My ingredients weren’t Keto, but the bars were not very sweet, so that was a plus. (I’ll add more spices next time). Also found a recipe for pumpkin twists that I may try. I do have the remainder of that can of open punkin to use!!

After dinner, Moses hopped up on my chair and was definitely put out when he didn’t get a plate to himself.

My sensor finally expired on Friday night, but waited til Saturday to replace it. It was nice to roll over and know it wasn’t going to pull off. It was also nice to change clothes without worrying, too. Showering and using my towel properly was absolutely wonderful! Am also looking forward to a Hitchcock movie The Craftsman recorded. (reckon it was a good thing he let the Dish account stay!!). When Little Bear was a toddler, we were loaned a movie that was so much fun, but I couldn’t remember the title, only that it was Hitchcock. There was a marathon on TCM of his work and ‘The Trouble with Harry’ showed up as The Craftsman scrolled through the movies. The little blurb about it made me realise that was the title and the movie!! So, hoping we can watch that one before the weekend is over. I do love those old Hitchcock movies, although was so glad Doris sang more than ‘Que Sera, Sera’ in the one called ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’.  Even if it is still one of my life mottos! Do you have a Hitchcock favorite? Pretty sure ‘Rear Window’ is mine. So darn creepy and realistic and Raymond Burr as the killer is stellar! He plays such a great villain.

NOTE: not impressed with the ads in the blog, I’ve never paid attention before and I’m sorry they are there!

Not Fun Friday

Thursday night two odd things happened, the 80’s were embraced, and one dinner became a new favorite. One odd thing was a comment I didn’t know how to interpret. I’d mentioned to The Craftsman an observation I had found in the online notes from my Diabetes doctor. It read something like this, “Obese. Pleasant appearance.” He replied, ‘Maybe this new machine will help that.” Odd?  Yes. The other odd thing that happened, though, was really bad.  I forgot my long acting insulin. My new CGM reminded me, my cell phone alarm reminded me, I took a bit of short acting insulin and blew off the longer one. Later, The Craftsman put in a cheesy movie I had to watch. A few scenes I didn’t watch (it is a very familiar movie), but I was with Michael J. Fox until the end of The Secret of My Success. (I did leave at the very end when the love interest does the funny hand thing in the air with her back to him)  NOTE: Thursday must have been cheesy movie night. Earlier, he was watching ‘Dante’s Peak’ when Little Bear and I stopped in the living room and stayed because neither of us had ever seen it. Good LORD is that movie hilarious!! Little Bear, “How can he kiss the girl with that much energy after being pinned inside a squashed truck for two days with an arm that was broken so badly a bone was sticking out? He should be medivaced and on fluid.” We then decided it was because the character was being played by one of the several James Bonds AND Remington Steele (80’s, I loved Remie!!!) Anyway, it was after 1 am when I remembered my shot.

Friday morning was not exactly sparkly. I had to laugh inside, I knew The Craftsman had a lot to do and reminded him if he wanted intimacy (it was mid-morning and he was falling asleep petting my arm. He is very much a person who responsibly gets his day started as soon as he wakes up), we should get started and he’d be able to leave in a little bit. He complained I was treating ‘making love’ like a job. I smiled as he was getting dressed and said if it had been a job, I’d not get paid!  At any rate, he brought me the fountain soda I’d asked for before he left the second time and I put a stew in the crockpot. When he was home for lunch, I did tell him about my two toys, Bluebird and Twig (not by name). He didn’t seem too upset and asked if they worked. I also wasn’t feeling good and ate a single chicken patty and drank the soda, finished the electrolyte water I’d started, and drank regular tap water.

Except, I am not sure the fountain soda was sugar free. My CGM and my blood glucose monitor were both reading very high and I felt nauseous and ended up sleeping most of the rest of the day until it dropped to a passably decent level. Unfortunately, it started to climb after I had a cup and a half of stew and two 1 inch biscuits. (maybe 1 and a half) Or it could have been the delayed shot.  As I’m typing, everyone is out and about again and it is almost 9 pm. I’m going to check blood and the CGM and maybe read after unloading the dishwasher. (Friday night is so exciting!! Lol)

Oh.  And the favorite dinner? Chicken and waffles. The guys were decidedly dubious about the idea of waffles being eaten with chicken sans ranch dressing, but they tried it and fell in love with it!! Hooray to the restaurant owner in Harlem who first paired the two! Next time I serve it, I’ll make it all from scratch instead of using premade frozen chicken strips. (which really were not strips and had only a few in the package, in spite of how good they were!!) Strider said it was his favorite meal to order at iHop. This is a fun 2 page link about the many origins of this delicious treat.  

A Tech Plan?

Written at 1 in the morning on an incredibly blustery night. You know, during the time between dusk and dawn in the witching hour when thoughts wander and light on solutions that may or may not be logical because wind makes me nervous and I have to have something to do besides fret under blankets!

(The above is one of my favorite scenes from The Princess Bride. YouTube is wonderful about finding bits and pieces to share, the book is also excellent!!)

As I sit here in the darkened living room beginning to cool down from daytime furnace temps, I shiver while I contemplate not having a certain book to finish. In this late hour, I realized I can do what Fezzik and Inigio did. I can go back to the beginning. (So to speak.) Let me sum up and hope I make sense:

I have always wanted technology and managed quite a bit with the family desktop. Then, in 2014, a good friend purchased me my laptop. It was an amazing gift that transported me all over the net. (in spite of the odd screen glitch that has half of it slightly off color and wavy!) Around that time, another friend gave me her old kindle. (I had wanted one of those for quite some time!) In addition to these two incredible tools, I had a trac phone cell phone. It was a flip phone, but I was pretty good at texting via the alphabet keys! I used these devices a lot. Then, Amazon stopped supporting the older Kindles. (I recently learned, the devices can still be used in a roundabout way. You download documents to your computer and then load them to your kindle! Thus, giving lip service to the ‘we still support older models of Kindle’.) I sorely missed being able to get new books to read, yet enjoyed the ones I had.

In December 2016, I gained a more modern cell phone (because the one I had wasn’t working in the area of AK I was in) and then the iPad. They were godsends in so many ways. Yet, at this time in my life, I really only need the cell phone.  As much as I love my hand me down iPad, I don’t exactly need it. I can reluctantly mothball the technology until I can afford to get it fixed. I have mom’s kindle here at the house and can ustilise that for several of the things I did with the iPad. (NOTE: A person can have up to 6 devices linked to a single email for kindle. I won’t need that many and can decommission the oldest one.) I might even be able to load on a few games, in spite of their quirkiness! (not that ridiculous word one..although, I’ve gotten through so many levels on the IPad, perhaps I can fly through them on a kindle!!). The kindle is made for documents and I’ll just not download my naughtier books. At least not all of them!!!! Maybe I’ll keep some of the more innocuous titles and authors. Definitely Aiken. (LOVE that author!!) For the majority of the social media, I will go back to using the laptop. I will not worry about losing the things on the iPad. I will try to see if I have the photos elsewhere and put them in a different method of saving and hope those I can’t are not lost for good. With the documents, I am working with One Note. It appears they don’t like something in my identification. I’ve sent them an email and we’ll see what happens next. I absolutely will miss Facetime and Skype. Although, I’ve not used them in months, I still like that option! Skype on my laptop is dubious. Workable, but not as efficient as it might be. I’m not sure about apps with the Kindle.

I don’t like Amazon as much as Apple when it comes to devices (Apple is more close mouthed with its technology, allowing a user to be more private!), but gift horses should not be looked at in the mouth. You never know what you might find!

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Presents are wonderful things and I’ve gotten many I’ve taken care of, while using them thoroughly. I’m truly a fortunate person. (and speaking of gifts, the two I ordered for Little Bear’s birthday have arrived. They aren’t needed til the 4th! I was thinking I’d ask for purple hued duct tape for mine. I do not like mom’s hot pink kindle cover and duct tape might help make it more Kris. I might even use some stickers I’ve got around.) 

So, reading this over in the waning afternoon light before it is time to make dinner once more (what is that with always needing to feed people????), I think this is a doable idea. Especially since Microsoft sent me an email saying I could log into my account, but it is still locked. (I even tried to communicate with a ‘person’ and had to log in only to be blocked cuz of the account being locked!!) I also picked up more books from the library. Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Tales and Tamora Pierce’s Alanna quartet. The other ‘Witcher’ ones are on reserve…Hooray for books!!!

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Catch Up

Ketchup is my son’s favorite condiment. Catch up is what I do when I put things off. So, in a nutshell.

Tuesday we went to see the newest Marvel movie. Honestly? It was only marginally good. In fact, if you miss the first hour for some reason, you won’t miss much of the story. There really wasn’t a plot, it was sketchy in many places, and the main character had about as much personality as a block of tofu. I fidgeted thru much of the first part and both Little Bear and The Craftsman (I was between them) asked if my blood was low! I kept hoping The Craftsman would hold my hand, but that didn’t happen til almost the end of the movie, for about 15 min. Later, I asked if maybe I had upset him (I really am a very bad movie goer.) I was too audible in many spots and I think I laughed way too hard when a few lyrics were sung near the end while the two main persons were doing dishes. (yeah, trying to not spoil anything good.) I think I was also one of the few in the theater who actually knew the song! Anyway, he seemed surprised. I said I liked it when he held my hand. He hugged me and then said, ‘The movie wasn’t bad.’ I felt a bit derailed. I let it go.

When the weekend arrived, I was pretty busy. On Saturday, I made cupcakes for church on Sunday (that was a mess!!! Piping icing needs to be HARD!) Soon after, I went to a wedding shower. This really deserves a post by itself because it was funny. I’ll sum up.

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I went with someone. (If I hadn’t been picked up, I’d probably not gone. I was feeling puny.) I’m glad I went. In spite of FB, I had no idea the bride to be had moved across the state. I also didn’t know her sister had moved to a totally different state with her older sister! Her older sister remembered a gift I’d given her for her wedding. (I was slightly mortified when she told me!) When I was married, many completely lovely and gifts of fru fru were given me.  One was a beautiful lily trivet. I used trivets, but this one had not been put into service yet. So, I decided to regift it. Unfortunately, I forgot something. Yup, under the gift in the box was a card to the newly married couple of my spouse and myself!!!!!! She thought it was funny and never forgot it. (stuff of memories) I gave the younger sister a gift card because I couldn’t make anything (I wasn’t told of this shower til two weeks before and wasn’t sure I wanted to go, even though I did) with short notice and not a single working glue stick and dust over everything in my craft room! Inside the card, I wrote a novel (we both love to read). Unfortunately, I forgot she’d been homeschooled and could not read or write cursive well at all. Her older sister said she’d read it to her later.

That evening, I decorated the cupcakes (see above note) and I think we watched Marvel’s ‘Winter Soldier’. I’ve been told there are no strong female super heroes. Obviously, the reviewers forgot about Black Widow. She is phenomenal. Although, she’s a whore and even mentioning that makes people freak out. Carol Danvers probably hadn’t kissed a man in decades, if ever, and was entirely too invincible. Another strong Marvel female was Peggy. I absolutely loved her and that series and was so darn mad when they terminated it after her character died in a major movie. Just cuz someone is dead doesn’t mean they don’t have a story!!

Sunday morning, my glucose was terrible. I was disgusted. It completely knocked me down for the morning. I managed to get a lot done, but I felt horrible. One of the things I did was put corned beef in the crock pot with basic veggies. Now, some might think this odd, but I’ve never made the stuff. Dad used to like it with the cabbage, I did not. So, this was an experimental meal. (note: it was well received!) After church, I went outside for a bit. It was so pretty and I wanted sunshine. Except, when I sat on my garden bench, all I could see were things that needed done. So, I went back inside, changed my clothes, mentioned to The Craftsman (he was watching TV, covered by cats) that I might need some help, and sailed into the weeding. Eventually, I went back in to get birdseed and said I was going to get a larger container for the debris. I was about done when he arrived outside, followed by cats. I had wanted some sturdy young trees pulled out (they multiplied like weeds while I wasn’t there to keep them under control). He used a very impressive looking set of clippers to remove them. Granted, they are ‘gone’, but their roots are still there. (kinda like my marriage. The obvious stuff is tidy, but underneath…..) Photos are before.

I had on a tank top, but since just a tank top makes him feel uncomfortable, I added a bra (I really hate those things!) and a short sleeved button up I removed when I was alone. He, himself, did not stick around the yard long. He went up to his mom’s to do some chores. He was also going to put gas in my car (I was grumpy. I had driven it on Friday and found it was almost empty. All weekend I’d been told he’d do it, but I’ll do it myself on Monday morning.) when he got back, but it was time for dinner. I got most of the stuff tidied up after that and went back outside. Except, I discovered my pond had melted more and at least one of the catfish had died. I could NOT sit and watch the sky knowing that white belly was viewable off to my left! So, I came inside, updated my laptop, and wrote out this bit.

PHEW!!!!!! Now, I am going to order some things off of Amazon. A book and maybe a skirt for me and a movie for him. Because he can’t seem to do it and I want to see it. (a Marvel one not on the shelf yet) I’ll leave you with this thought.

Not movies-

My kid sister, Jake, invited me to post a picture from a favorite movie for 10 days. I don’t think I have 10 favorite movies!!! (thankfully, she didn’t ask for 10 favorite books, I’d have to go with authors and genres!) I have several I like, but honestly, the only movies I’ve seen more than 3 times are probably a couple of holiday ones and a few others. So, I decided I’d go with favorite songs from movies. Thanks to YouTube, I can do this easily! I’ll share the first five with you.

This first movie tune is by far my favorite. It can always cheer me up when I’m blue. I’m pretty sure I saw a premier of this movie when I was in college, but I’m not entirely sure! I was in a giant auditorium with a friend. There were dancers on the stage and then we watched the movie.

This next movie was great fun, so many quotable bits! (I think my favorite part, now, is seeing Chris O’Donnell as a teen with long hair!) But, this song. Oh my, the harmonies and sound. Perfection!

This song is another song I take to heart. (I also loved the movie and have watched it several times. Mostly because when the boys were small, they enjoyed musicals. I’ll never forget Strider as a toddler playing with playdo on the table singing, ‘It takes a woman…’) This song sort of embodies good things to do to make one feel better. And it works!!! (NOTE: It is hard to decide what is better in this movie. The music or the amazing costumes!)

Another quotable movie, this one has a beautiful song people often forget about. This movie I watched over and over. Because it was one of Strider’s favorites. (When he was tiny, he used to ask for the movie with ‘the black man’.) I recall driving a car load of teen boys, they spent most of the drive quoting this movie. The novel is also a plus, but Cary’s book (‘As You Wish‘) is one I highly recommend. Fast, fun, fascinating.

My fifth favorite movie song was difficult. I grew up with Muppets from the first episode of Sesame Street. I fell in love with Kermit early on. I adored the original Muppet Show on TV. So, I chose a movie song that shares as many Muppets as possible. (AND a musician from another great musical, ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show–his dad was a Methodist Chaplain in the Royal Navy!!!!)

So, five favorite NOT movies. I hope they perk up your weekend. Do you have any movie songs you love???

Catching Up


As many of you liked the post last Friday, you know I had a birthday. I made a roast in the crock pot and I frequently put it on high for an hour and turn it to low..this time, I forgot to turn it back to low. It was on high for several hours. (I‘m lucky it wasn’t more dry!) The gravy I made to go with it sputtered and I burned my finger (It wasn’t bad, I sat with it on ice through dinner and by the next day it was back to normal.). The bread I made was almost a disaster. About one hour left to go and Little Bear and I smelled smoke. I quickly removed the barely done loaf and found it must have been flour in the bottom of the contraption. I put the loaf back, but the damage was done. The darn thing fell a bit flat. (I just rolled my eyes at myself!) We ended the evening watching ‘The Greatest Showman‘. I’ve always wanted to see this and finally got the chance. Barnum had an amazing life and it astounds me what he is most remembered for didn’t even happen til he was in his 60’s!!!! (I also had purchased popcorn and somehow bought individual bags. Which wasn’t all bad. We each got our own!)

Saturday night we went out for dinner. Little Bear wanted to go to a certain Chinese Buffet that I can’t stand, but it was what he wanted. (Buffets often seem so dirty) We got home and watched ‘Groundhog’s Day‘. (I absolutely LOVE that movie.) Sunday, was church and football. I stayed in the kitchen during the afternoon and read and cooked. (My oven element could not be replaced quickly, so we had to order one to pick up on Tuesday! I was nervous, but soldiered on with the cooking. I did note the top element works better..) We had all sorts of finger foods for dinner.

Monday was Little Bear’s 25th birthday. It snowed (I always want snow for my birthday!!), I made a mess (that will be a forthcoming post), discovered a carrot Groot, and we had a bit of a party including the jukebox.

I’ve wanted to go outside, but Tuesday morning I was a bit worn out and no one really wanted to take me driving that evening.  I’m finally getting better, yet there are days when I feel every second of my 54 years. (I need to follow the advice of the above quote!) I love this month of February. It is full of amazing wonderful things, especially those of us who happen to rejoice in being an Aquarius!


“Stuff” that Happened

Little Bear suggested the title. It is apt. (he also told me to use the italics) He also told me we need to watch the movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ before watching the new ‘Mary Poppins’. (he said the former movie was like ‘Ground Hog Day’ meets ‘War of the Worlds’….yikes!) I did get to finally watch ‘The Last Jedi’ and was terribly amused. Full of cute aliens, but why in the Federation did those two kids (Rose and Fin) wander off on a jaunt across the galaxy in the middle of a desperate situation with no escape likely? Yes, I know why, but it was highly improbable even for a space fantasy!!!! (And ‘Star Wars’ is NOT science fiction and never has been.) I honestly didn’t realise who Poe was til the movie was almost over. His character definitely deteriorated after the first episode he was in. Little Bear remarked the only person who was left alive from the original cast at the end of this episode, had actually died. (YIKES!)  At least the movie was entertaining.


Maxwell is appearing to feel better. I’ve been pretty concerned, he isn’t interested in the wet food he used to devour or inhale. Today he’s finally curled up in a mostly hairless ball sleeping. Since he was trimmed, he has been sitting up sleeping. Like he’s afraid to relax. Poor baby. I keep thinking I need to go shopping in a thrift store for a preemie button up sweater for him. (he’d be so mortified! Named after spies and buttoned into a preemie sweater!! Perhaps I could find one in gray.) One of my FB friends sent me an Etsy link for a cat sweater made of angora. (is it proper to make a sweater for a feline from goat fur???)

The Craftsman’s boss decided I needed an Escape. (The Ford, not a vacation.) So the transaction was completed and we brought it home on Friday. It is blue with a sunroof and is about the same year as one I owned ages past. It has leather seats and many bells and whistles. (I have never actually chosen my own vehicle. I usually am asked to look over something appropriate and it is purchased. I did choose and buy a 10 speed when I was in college. It was later stolen!)  After my dad died, I was called in Alaska and Little Bear (he was pretty young) gleefully told me that dad got me a ‘new’ car. He wasn’t supposed to let the cat out of the bag, but alas. Small boys are not good secret holders and cats like bags as long as they are open. That was my white Ford Escort I’ve been driving ever since. When I got back from Alaska after those couple of weeks, my new to me Ford was detailed inside and out and perfect. This ‘new’ car hasn’t been detailed, but is fairly clean. I was hoping to drive it on Saturday, but forgot The Craftsman doesn’t like anyone else to drive when he’s in the car. (We were doing errands) Little Bear drove it home from the shop and it is now sitting in a row of Fords in the parking area of our house. I will make sure I get out with it next week.


OMGracious!!!! I just had Little Bear count all the Fords we own. It is almost the 12 Days of Christmas in cars! The odd ones: a 72 Hiboy (whatever that is!), the F600 flatbed, the 45 Burma Jeep, my dad’s 56 Mercury, and Grandma’s Taurus. The regular vehicles are 5 Escorts (2 are part rigs), 2 Broncos, 2 Explorers (one is for parts), 2 F250’s, 1 purple Ranger (it is soooo cute!), and then the 2002 Blue Escape. That is a LOT of Fords…..

I also got The Craftsman to look at beds on Saturday for a bit. I was hurting a great deal, so I didn’t do more than hold his jacket and hat as he reclined. (I was honestly afraid if I was down, I’d not be able to get up!) The one he likes the best is a little under 2 grand. He and Little Bear think the sale of my escort will cover a portion of that. (I’m entirely skeptical he’ll actually sell something.) I did learn, however, that mattresses are political. The company that sells the one he’s interested in is one of the bigger brands. Those brands do not go ‘on sale’ unless the manufacturer determines it. Apparently, a while back, mattress stores would have price wars to outsell each other and the manufacturer would lose out. Finally, this manufacturer put down (oooo, pun!) a blanket ruling and said it was their way or not at all. So, as prospective customers, we’ll wait til it is put on sale and keep an eye on the store signs!

I’ve been doing a spot of baking this last week. Two batches of snickerdoodles cuz the oatmeal chocolate chip butterscotch chip ones were about gone and brownies for a church luncheon. Brownies with a mint ‘frosting’ layer with chocolate melted on top. I might add sprinkles for fluff (I was annoyed I haven’t any holiday sprinkles when mum’s cupboard is FULL of them!!). We have lost a large limb off one of the locust trees in a wind storm and The Craftsman put up MORE Christmas lights, so in spite of the un Christmas like weather, it is looking bright and cheery out there.

black and white black and white christmas decoration

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Rock on!


I knew Saturday would be busy. I had purchased a ticket to go and see Rocky Horror Picture Show again at midnight. So, most of that day I rested and sorted more of mom’s jewelry and what not. I am looking for something I cannot find and opted to move some plastic drawers to get into a some not used much. Oh My God!!!!! (smiling note: those three words sound best in a sexy Canadian accent.)  Below is the photo of what was in the open drawer and still in the drawer. I did find a lot of fun and odd items. Among them were a super cool gold sequin bag that expands and shrinks (I remember it from when I was little, it fascinated me), a bunch of teeth imprints, some lovely crystal baubles, gloves, belts, scarves, and nylons. I managed to get most of it back in the drawer, the rest I moved elsewhere.


When I decided to create my wardrobe for the movie, I was glad I’d gone into that drawer. I needed a black wide belt and she happened to have one in there! I also had found a black bra I liked. These were added to my Rocky wear and below are a few steps of the costume from start to finish. I did wear my sparkly leggings and my cut up t-shirt from last year and the crystal bat in my cleavage, but everything else was different. (I did miss having the help I had last year. I texted friends who suggested things for me. This year, I had one friend who helped me by saying it looked good.)

I enjoyed putting on my makeup and doing my hair in a bathroom instead of the back parking lot at the grocery store in the front seat of a car. Although, I think glitter spray in the parking lot wasn’t as messy as on the bathroom floor, my walls, the cat……(yeah, she got in my way when I was using it!) I discovered, too, that the fake eyelashes were not compatible with my new glasses. They were brushing against the lenses!!! (this photo is from when I got home, pardon the vintage 70’s lamp in the background-) I had put my hair in a twisty high pony tail, so it was a bit of an updo! (not that it came out in photos!)


It was just as much fun to sit with people I knew, as it was to sit with the total strangers from last year. The audience this year was a bit smaller and only a few of us actually attempted to Time Warp. I managed to step on one of my friend’s feet just getting in and out of the row, I was glad I wasn’t near her as I was ‘dancing’!!! (and the row was a wide one to accommodate tall persons) There were a great many added in comments, I almost think this audience was more intellectual. If one can use that word for movie goers dressed in slut wear screaming profanities and blatant sexual phrases at the tops of their lungs. The winner of the door prize this year was a lovely VERY tall man in a full beard in drag. He was wearing a short maid costume, heels, and fishnet hose with a terrific shoulder length curly wig.

After, I needed to get something with sugar in it (my glucose was dropping, in spite of the high carb protein snack I’d had a bit earlier) and no one batted an eye when I went into the store or when I put gas in mom’s car at 2 am. I also had a snapped up jean jacket on, so all you could see was the hair, skirt, boots, and leggings. Thus, I looked mildly presentable!


When I got back to the house, it was nice to shower. (My septic will allow me to shower and use basic water, remember, just nothing else!) I did miss the shower I used at my friends’ last year. THAT one has great temps and pressure (things that weren’t changed much after the water heater was mended the other day.).  I really needed to wash my hair, I think I used a bit too much hairspray and glitter!!

At any rate, it was good experience and probably my last ‘fun’ time up north.  I’ve crowded in quite a few since mum died. I do know, I would like to see this live in a different city with a different cast. I also need to learn those call out lines better! I missed quite a few.

Liquid Sunshine


Today is the 3rd Saturday in the month of June, the day for one of the major festivities in this area. It is called ‘Fun in the Midnight Sun’ or something like that. However, Friday began with a stunning fiery sunrise which vanished into rain. (That proverb actually works, ‘red sky in morning, sailors take warning.’) It rained a lot on Friday and into Saturday. My sister (her husband was performing music for the gig) said it didn’t rain during the day, but you could see your breath when you exhaled. Mom wondered why I hadn’t gone and my sister wondered if I’d been there. No. I had better things to do. Like fold laundry! Besides, I didn’t want to talk to people about mom.

Friday was sobering. I finally was able to be seen by a dentist. It was disconcerting to be seated comfortably in a chair with people behind you and hear something like this: ‘Oh, that doesn’t look good.’ I was given an antibiotic and a regime for keeping the pain at bay without me being drugged and told to come back on late Tuesday afternoon. This dentist doesn’t like to remove teeth, but he might if he could with this one. However, since he can’t, he will do his best to fix it with a root canal. (it appears the root is twisted and near the sinus)  However, on the good side, this is something I’ve never experienced before and, thus, it will be interesting. Also, the doctor is someone who graduated a couple of years after me. That class of his was phenomenal. Usually people graduate from small towns in AK and a few end up in shining careers. Most of this class went the brilliant route. (there must have been something in the water when these kids were conceived!) Many of them still look like they did when they were in High School, too. I got to attend part of a class reunion for this class a few years back and the college professor from Stanford (I think) wore his letterman jacket and it fit like a perfect glove! Anyway, it may be silly, but I feel confident having my mouth in his hands. (Although, if he was in that Sophomore English class I took my senior year, I hope he doesn’t remember some of the odd things I did with words I knew how to spell and not say!)

Earlier on Friday I visited SSC and got a shower. Yeah, mom’s sewer backed up again this week. I had washed several loads of clothes and mom decided to take a shower and it was close. So, I called a company and they came out on Friday to look at it. I was told it looked ok, but to probably call the septic guys soon. Because, as he said, NOTHING with mom’s septic system makes sense! Mom was annoyed she still needs to empty her waste into a bag and not the toilet. With no colon or pancreas or gall bladder or spleen or whatever else is missing in there, she is supposed to take enzymes when she eats. She takes those most of the time with meals, but with everything she ingests. And she snacks a lot. (one of her Saturday glucoses was over 500. But, she’s doing fine and I don’t need to help manage her. I had heard her up and about at 8 this morning, so didn’t check on her. It seems she fed the dog and forgot to eat breakfast and she appears to have written down she took her shots twice, but she said it was only once.) Anyway, I needed a shower and went elsewhere to get one. It was so lovely!

Thursday was pretty laid back. I had been super busy on Wednesday and was tired. (I bet my tooth has something to do with that. And the stress and… LOL!) Mom wasn’t doing very well due to the procedure on Wednesday, and we sort of muddled along. So, Wednesday.

Mom had a morning appointment. I never make her appointments in the morning, she’s too tired. She had made this one herself. She did really well with the procedure to have her pain pump refilled with the stronger concentrate. I was frustrated. I know mom is the patient and she deserves to be not ignored. Yet, when I ask questions, I prefer to be looked at when answered. Mom has no freaking idea what is going on in her body and if I didn’t write notes, she’d think up anything. (I’m still frustrated about that.) I can’t stop asking questions! There are so many things I need to know. Unfortunately, this one I didn’t find out why. When mom’s pump was refilled, we were told she couldn’t use the bolus part for 31 hours and 50 minutes. She did tell mom (me) how to use the oral meds until the pump was ready for use again with the remote. It was a very rough 31 hours. Especially since I wasn’t allowed to help her. We left with a script for Ritalin and I was going to call my septic friends. I opted to wait til I got home for the call and dropped off the script, which wouldn’t be ready til Monday. (I understand this drug helps make grownups less groggy, while it calms kids. I know I was given it for MS and stopped taking it cuz it made me sick to my tummy. I’d rather be tired instead of ready to toss my cookies at the drop of a hat! We’ll see what it does to mom.)

Anyway, I got home, got ready to make the call, and discovered I didn’t have my phone. I had left it at the clinic! (I called, it was there.) I knew I needed to go back in the afternoon to get my insulin, so I just added more than 20 miles to my trip and picked up my phone. (note: I did get four bottles this time. I will also be a lot more careful with how I administer the drug and my carb counting). On the way back in, I stopped at the post and picked up a package for me. Inside were these amazing awesome cool terrific bands.

I’ve written about thigh wear and chafing before. It is a frustrating girl problem. (I bet guys get thigh wear, they just don’t talk about it!) I remembered reading a blog where the author had ended up with bleeding thighs from chafing and I know how uncomfortable it is for myself. I also know many powders are cacogenic and oils need reapplied often. I saw these bands advertised (the knock off ones are much cheaper, I’m curious to see how different they are. I may get a pair because I want to wear them under my jeans, too.) and bought some. They are wonderful! (did I say that???) I would purchase them a size smaller next time, I’m still not sure if I wear them too high for using the bathroom (I feel like they are in the way and need pushed down), and I absolutely adore them otherwise! Wearing them under jeans will save on thigh wear, I wore them once under shorts and the lace got blue pills on them. I was not impressed. So, I’ll get another pair for that. They felt a bit uncomfortable for about 30 minutes when I put them on under my skirt, then I started walking and fell in love! Absolutely wonderful invention!

I picked up the phone and then decided to go and see ‘Solo’ by myself. It was an incredibly good backstory to the saga of Han. I did a lot of laughing. (not as much as at Deadpool)  It wasn’t fast paced, just a darn good story that made a great deal of sense. I’m so glad I saw it on the big screen, it was totally worth the 5$ I spent for a Wednesday showing. ($10, cuz I bought popcorn which I never ever do) I left there, got my meds, and came home to a very pain ridden mom. We see the pain doctor once more on Monday. We won’t see her again til July. It should be a bizarre ride!

I’ve posted these all over the place, hoping people don’t get tired of seeing these two cool rides! (NOT like the one I’ll be on the next couple of weeks!) The 1966 Land Cruiser belonged to The Craftsman’s dad. The 1956 Mercury Custom was my dad’s. Our dad’s are missed so much. I wish mine was here today- I often do.

The Stuff of Life


In one of the best books ever written (if you like science fiction!), ‘Alas, Babylon’, the main characters who live in Florida need to survive a nuclear attack. They have to do most everything old school (Ok, that is sort of ambiguous. The book was written in the late 60s/early 70s when old school meant pioneer like. Today ‘old school’ is probably using dial up internet and a flip phone!). At any rate, I’ve had a couple of experiences which remind me of that book. I’ll start with the oldest and one I am most proud of.

I needed to purchase gas and put it in a gas can. I know, this seems sort of silly, but I’ve never done this before! Shoot, before I came back home in 2016, I had not put gas in my car from a gas station pump (dad had a giant tank in the yard and we filled the cars from there when I was in school and Oregon, at that time, didn’t let the customer pump their own gas.). I had to ask someone for help and advice. TnT came to the rescue, gave me tips on what to do with the stuff left in the can from years past and empowered me to know I wasn’t an idiot for asking and wouldn’t need to ask for physical assistance at the station. I also was very thankful I didn’t fill the container full. (I had forgotten how heavy 5 gallons was!) In ‘Alas, Babylon’ gas containers were a needed norm and I would have been a useful citizen.

Something super fun happened even later. I was sharing this experience with SSC and he told me about working out on the oil rigs in Cook Inlet. I really need to not just sit amazed when I’m told these stories. I should make notes! If you remember that movie with John Wayne called ‘Hellfighters’, it apparently was fairly realistic. Fires can start with the drop of a match.

IMG_7385 (2)

(UGH! This did not happen in the book. Mom just ordered over 200$ worth of clothes from a favorite catalog. I think it would have been less stressful for me to let her to shop at Walmart. And she must be feeling a lot better. I laughed, though. She mentioned something about getting rid of too many things. She HAS tons of clothes in her room in small sizes and she hasn’t worn them. Probably cuz she can’t find them.)

One of the most impactful scenes, in the aforementioned book, concerned a woman with Diabetes. In the book, her insulin over heated and she died. The other characters considered her a causality of the war, because once the medicine was gone, so was she. This was brought home to me today and I was angry and sad.

Being a person with Diabetes is horrible. (I don’t like the word ‘Diabetic’. I am not my disease, it is a part of me, but it does not define me…I might have written about that somewhere in here once before!) Diabetes is so different in each person, it wreaks havoc in teeth and nerves and pretty much most every other body part. It has a lot of numbers involved and I do not like those! I was struck by a comment Gary made in a previous post. He mentioned glucose levels were marked higher in the US, so even from country to country, Diabetes is different. (note: I understand how the United States likes being different. I get how The US enjoys not following the path of everyone else, but really! Numbers are a language the whole world gets, clocks are, for the most part, the same in China as in Nevada. So, why cannot the United States get on board and do measurements the same way as everyone else? Granted, math sucks, but it is really more logical to mark things the same.) Diabetes changes from doctor visit to doctor visit. Methods of managing this disease change in months (I follow a couple of Diabetes blogs and the information and stress is in equal measure in many spots.). Insurances make things difficult in a big way.

And this is what I ran into on Tuesday. I used to get 4 bottles of Humalog insulin every two months. Now, I get 3 to last 88 days. Lately, I’ve been taking more insulin than prescribed. I am supposed to take one unit of insulin for 5 carbs and sliding scale for the blood sugar. So, if my glucose is 154 and I am going to eat 48 carbs for dinner, I divide and subtract and I think the amount of insulin I need works out to be: 11.  (I don’t like math. I first subtract 130 from 154 because the 130 is my target glucose. That number is 24 and I divide that by 20. So, about 1 unit of insulin. I then take the carbs and divide by 5, which is about 10. So, I take 11 units of insulin. EXCEPT, I’m pretty sure things have changed since that plan in 2015!) I also take an extra shot at 4 am or just before bed, if my glucose is over 130. If not, it tends to get higher in just a couple of hours. At any rate, I am units from running out of Humalog insulin. The pharmacy doesn’t have any in stock and needs to order it. It will be in by Wednesday afternoon.

Once, I was the program director for a Cub Scout Day Camp MILES from home and I had forgotten my insulin. I was really careful and didn’t eat much that day and it was ok. I was younger and it was only a few hours. I almost always am aware of when I need to get insulin and I’m not sure why this one isn’t on auto refill. I may look into that on the morrow! In fact, the lovely pharmacist lady was also surprised I was on the edge of running out. And oddly, this is a medicine you cannot purchase without a script. Mom’s almost run out, but I haven’t. I think I’ve been too involved in mom to pay close attention to what I am doing. (Silly Kris!)

I had to laugh about another cool thing that happened on Monday. I had looked at the calendar and realized I had 6 days of nothing to do with mom. (Ok, that wasn’t worded right. I had 6 days where I didn’t need to take mom anywhere!) I looked into plane tickets and for over 800$, I could fly to Oregon for 6 days and return in time for mom’s surgery. I didn’t buy the ticket, I figured I’d give the plan 24 hours to percolate. While talking to SSC, I remembered mom DID have an appointment coming up in those days. The pre-op for her carpal tunnel surgery. I really really want to be there when the doctor looks her over. (his assistant was the one who planned for mom’s surgery) Plus, I am not sure how she’s going to react to this week’s change in the saturation of the meds in her pain pump. So, what was cool? I had a tentative plan, but needed confirmation as to if it was a good idea or not. I got the answer and besides, I really didn’t want to spend that kind of cash in one fell swoop and make extensive plans for mom’s ‘care’ while I was gone.

I also opened up a bill from the awesome place in the big city. And that pump contraption? It was 16 grand, not counting the surgery! My mum is a walking money pit. Ok, she’s not a pit, exactly. She is alive and does feel moderately better because of the surgery last spring for her left hand, the removal of the rest of her teeth, the making of new teeth, her new glasses, and this next surgery is supposed to help, as well. Not to mention the PET and CAT scans she’s had and the money spent every other week for fittings and bags for that ileostomy. She is a very fortunate woman to have the cash to do what is needed and/or wanted.

Money, insulin, clothing, travel, needs and desires. These are all the stuff of life. And so are glowing ducklings, which are less in number today thanks to the eagles and loon!