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I’m running out of time. This last week has been busy and crazy. I got a call from my doctor on Wednesday and found out that I have something called Strep B. She said it was in my blood. Anyway, I’m allergic to many of the antibiotics, she gave me one called ‘Z pack’. I do feel better, but we’ll see for how long! (I do hope this drug kills what has been making me so worn and icky in so many ways. It probably wasn’t covid like I thought!)

Anyway, I head north on Sunday morning. I’m not packed yet, but I’ve made 3 batches of cookies (about 5 dozen each) and small banana loaves and some cinnamon muffins for the freezer. I got 4 masks made, I asked a friend to make 3 for the guys..if they are able to fly north later in the summer. I am seriously not a geometric sort. I much prefer aiming at a target and not getting into a pother when I miss it by a half inch! (I’d probably not be a very good with missiles...)

Meanwhile, I have to do a few more things around here, but I have much of Saturday to do them. I had toyed with doing more Friday night, but found out The Craftsman ‘made time’ so we can watch a movie. Last night’s movie was interrupted by mowing grass and I’m pretty sure I was doing something, too.

I need to reboot the router up north and then call to get the account turned back on. The company had a covid glitch and deleted all the passwords in March. I can’t update it because the router isn’t working. Natcherally!!! (someone made a covid app and anyone who got the app also got a virus..go figure! Anyway, to make sure it was gone, the company just deleted everything. Overkill??)

So, raindrops on yard flowers to cheer your weekend and I’ll see you on the northern side!!!

The Zeigarnik Effect

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I’d not heard of this before. It’s me. Not always, but often. Especially with Alaska. I need to get the house empty and sold. Having it empty in an out of the way place is like being abandoned. I have so many things I’ve brought back to work on, yet they aren’t grabbing me. It isn’t cuz they aren’t interesting, it is more cuz the first parts need done before I can focus on the latter. (Also cuz I’ve not felt good) The Zeigarnik effect is mentioned in a lot of places, I’ll link only one of them here. It is a rabbit tunnel and I’m already in Wonderland!

Thursday was a crazy day. I have had a hard time concentrating on things, remembering things, and it is NOT because of being home. (As most of you know, I’m always home by myself..except during dinner and a few other times!) Wednesday I’d made an appointment for Thursday afternoon and blithely drove off to the first one in the morning. OK, it wasn’t blithely. I have had headaches the last few days and was so tired and it was super windy and the Escape was difficult to keep on the road and I drove slower than the speed limit cuz I forgot where the 55mph was on my vehicle and went 52. (many people were mad and passed me going at least 65) The first appointment was physical therapy for my sore neck. It hurt worse after getting some electronic shocks and heat. I was given some small movements to practice and told I need to have my neck manually moved 3 times a week. (YIKES!) After discussion with The Craftsman, we realised we cannot afford this for 4 weeks or more. So, after next Tuesday, I’ll put it on hold indefinitely.

Then, I got home at 1130, took a 15 min nap, and left after lunch for the second appointment in the other direction. Except, when I arrived at 130, I was 2 hours late. They squished me in anyway. That was with my endocrinologist. She got me hooked up with a new primary doctor and had blood drawn (that was by appoint only, the appt was for 430) and told me my HA1C was (for me, here in the US) a good 7.2.

When I got back to the house, I had to rush to make dinner since I’d planned on being home earlier. The Craftsman called and I felt bad that I couldn’t chat with him, it was ok, though. Dinner was remarkably good (pork chops cooked in tomato juice and rice).

Then the Type 1 Science Experiment started again.


When I opened up my new insulin pen, it was totally different than the other ones. Today I learned the company makes two kinds of the same thing. Sort of like a 1 liter bottle and a 2 liter bottle of Diet Pepsi. However, the pharmacy said to toss the new pen away (I’d used it) and they’d replace it. THEN, I needed new syringes (I use both syringes and pens) and when The Craftsman brought them home, I had to go online to find out how to use them. They are not anything like the ones I’ve been using! All in all, I’m tired of Diabetes.

No one came home for dinner, so I had half a Luna bar and a fried egg. Little Bear went to McD’s and The Craftsman..I’m not sure where he ate. Today I did put the rest of my wrapped marbles in the fence (OK, I still have 3..mostly cuz the holes in the fence are larger and I need a different idea to make those shine…ohhhhhhh, maybe super glue holding together hanging mirrored bits!) and I picked iris and two of the BIG poppies that are blooming and some of the red whatever they are flowers for the kitchen window. I spoke to a fun lady who just moved from Juneau, AK and texted TnT. I will focus more on The Zeignarnik Effect later..maybe I’ll go and read a bit or make cookies again. Or more than likely, both!!!!!!  Photos by the kid AGES ago:

Eye Rolls and laughing

I visited the clinic yesterday. Town was full of people out and about, the only ones with masks on at the clinic were my provider and her tech and maybe one other. Our county now has 45 cases of Covid, less than 700  have been tested. I am not of the ‘get on with living or get on with dying‘ wagon. I have enough trouble with one chronic illness!!

Anyway, I shared the last two months with the person I spoke to. She first decided to focus on chest pains and then tummy pains and get me meds for being dizzy. She didn’t want to be concerned with the neck pain til she poked it and I dropped into dizzy. So, now she wants and EKG thing for me to wear for a day or so, the meds, and an xray. However, I am not supposed to drive and I need to be careful with walking and so forth. I didn’t go back to town today. I drove home yesterday about ready to toss cookies and in a lot of pain. I didn’t sleep well last night, my eyes are not focusing properly, and the person yesterday said she’d call me back. In my own research, cuz I think this will be up to me, I found different kinds of neuropathy that might cause most of the symptoms I’ve been having. (and why does spell check want to keep changing that to osteopathy??)  Unfortunately, most of the medical helps are drugs that cause sleepies. Which I refuse to take unless it is bedtime! Perhaps I should look into magnesium supplements?

I did find, through a Diabetes educator, a site I am in love with. (follow the link!)  I’d make memes using her t-shirt slogans, but alas…I need to find out just how to do that. I particularly like her MILF: Managing Insulin Levels Fiercely and this one: I’m so alpha, my beta cells have stopped working. So much fun. The creator has a blog and tells a story about her having Covid and how she felt being a person with T1Diabetes helped her.

Moses is feeling better, except for a lot of sneezing. He was outside in the sun and a sweet fluffy youngster came to visit. Moses wasn’t taking visitations and I ended up booting the grumpy feline back inside!! This young one had a harness on last week and today he scampered up one of the locust trees so fast! He ended up higher than any of our own cats have been and managed to jump down from the squirrel feeder! Oh to be that young and energetic! No wonder Moses was grumpy!!!


The starlings have finally emptied out the suet feeder. The woodpeckers were trying to get in, but as you can see from the sharp yellow beaks on the starlings, it is a dangerous game!!! (I could only get the back of one and the front of another in this photo) Now the suet feeder is empty and the starlings are not around, the little birds are back at the seed feeders again. I also had to take a photo of Meepette with her festive flowers. (Little Bear made me Meep and Meepette a few years back, they are roadrunner like metal birds made from farm implements)

Friday is May 1. I need more flowers than the dollar plants in the yard to give away. (I almost fell into them posing here and those things have stickers like nettles!) These are my last tulips, I think there are probably about a half dozen, and the chokecherry is thick with tiny flowers, scent, and a lot of stinging creatures..this one is a wasp.

Still Monday, but at least the laundry is done!

It is Monday and I’m not in Alaska. This last weekend was difficult cuz I was supposed to land in ANC on Saturday afternoon. I was pretty sad. On the other hand, I’m glad to be able to do the laundry while I’m here in OR! I understand the snow is melting fast and I’ll see if I can get a ticket for mid-May. I’m also getting to see the gardens around this house in bloom, so that is a plus, too.

The US is determined to open up in a week or two or less. I hate going on FB. There is so much chatter about how stupid it is to hide from something that will eventually make everyone sick anyway. And besides, a person has a 98% chance of surviving it. Better odds than a normal run of the flu, so let’s just get on with living. I get angry when others claim it is all China’s fault and even though our POTUS claims to have good relations with their leader, it is still a foreign problem. People are tired of the government telling them what to do (note: our government is being rather careful with police response), they want to start doing and being in the sunshine. Others have noticed there are quite a few out and about in the parks. Many of the parking lots are packed with cars. Then, you hear how great it is people are leaving their technology and getting out and enjoying being with family in the outdoors. When folks cite the Spanish Flu and the dangers, responses are mixed and often volatile. The US is much better able to cope with diseases today, most of the known illnesses can be overcome with medicine and good medical care Besides, that particular one was a killer and it is gone and this soon will be also. (no one mentions how the Spanish Flu went underground for a few months and came back stronger than ever)

I know I want to get north and get mom’s sorted. (I was thankful my last power bill had dropped almost a hundred dollars.) I don’t want to do it at the risk of people’s health. Or mine. I felt better earlier today, but now it is close to 8 pm and I’m knackered. I keep thinking this must be from that sciatic nerve that I was diagnosed with in January. I’m not sure if it will make a chest ache, though. I do know that the first thing I’ll be asked is how are my blood sugars and since those aren’t spot on, that is the problem! (Gods, I hate having a chronic ailment)

In more happy news, a pair of Downy woodpeckers have been visiting the suet feeder I put up in February. I’m so excited to see them! Those and the Hairy (they look the exact same, except the Hairy is tons larger) are often up at mum’s. We’ve seen them here, but only on trees or light poles. I liked this first photo, you can see his tongue. (A woodpecker has a super long tongue that coils up in the head, it has a barbed end and they use it to snake out tidbits from the holes they drill.) You probably didn’t need all that information, but if you want more, here is a link to my very favorite birding site! The gold finches are almost completely dressed in their summer feathers, while robins are out nest building. Or I think they are! There was a surprise in the lilac tree the other day. The Craftsman always takes his bowl of cereal upstairs. His desk looks out on the yard and a GIANT lilac that is almost as tall as the house.  While he was eating breakfast the other day, he looked out the window above his desk to discover the neighbor’s Siamese cat almost at eye level! I had no idea those cats could climb such spindly branches and we wondered if it was chasing feathered friends. (or meals)

Gigglesnort!! I titled this laundry in my docs file. I laughed when I tapped the floppy icon (why does it still look like a floppy disk?) and was told ‘word is saving laundry again’.

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First Friday in April

I’m still under the weather, but I was online for a few minutes and felt maybe I could write up some thoughts for ATK.  I was actually online cuz of the bank. I have a bill due in a few days and wanted to see the balance of my account. Once I logged in I was greeted with an odd screen.  A note read that to keep online and mail information, I needed to scroll down and click cancel. But, when I got to the bottom of the page where I was supposed to click cancel, this statement came to mine eye. “Deposit accounts require you to stop receiving statements by mail before you can view their online version.” Since it was odd, I thought I’d call. I hung out on hold for over 30 minutes (they said it would be 10) and then I accidentally hung up the phone when it started to beep to tell me the battery was dying!!! I managed to log off and log back in and almost looked like a different site and was much more familiar! I seriously hope I didn’t muck up anything. It was from an email and looked right, except for the redundant odd information which I cannot find now when I use the same email to ‘log’ on.  I just called back and the phone person is what I am used to and not like the last one. I hope I didn’t tell the call automation anything I should not have. I just can’t remember!! I honestly cannot remember what I did just hours ago, I really need to go back to bed, but now I’m worried!! I did manage to get a portion of the bill paid, it showed the last time I logged into the bank and I tried calling their phishing line (I had to wait 30 min again, I had to do something else). I’ll call back in a bit.

As you can tell, I’m really not myself. I have been making simple meals for the guys, but I am nervous about anything very complicated! Like the fun pasties, I marked mine with a ‘K’. (Did any of you play patty cake with your kids or when you were little?? Before the baker puts it in the oven, you marked it with a ‘B’ for Baby and Me.)  The Craftsman didn’t want to eat the tiny pickle cuz it looked like a slug, so I ate it with my dinner a while back!  Little Bear just ordered take out, thankfully. I don’t need to make their dinner tonight. I’m too tired. It is wearing to make food for others when you don’t want to eat it.  I was going to make them a cake for snacking, but maybe later. I need to get some oomph to fold my laundry. (I sneezed all over two of my always wear shirts and decided to wash my jammies, too.) The best thing I’ve found this last week is the growth in my lasagna gardens!! (I wonder if Garfield would like a lasagna garden flower bed???) Little Bear says the hyacinth are odd plants. When the first appear they look like pine cones on a stick. (That young man doesn’t mince words when sharing his thoughts!!!) Moses was also incredibly interested in a lobster Little Bear purchased. The kid determined it was just a bigger, expensive crawdad. He’s now interested in rivers in the area that might happen to hold crawdads. (He used to catch and eat them on the coast. My boys are of the survivor kind!)

I’m getting chilled and my throat is starting to hurt again. Yuck. I don’t think I’m liking this at all. I almost always feel better in the morning than in the afternoon and evening. At least I think I’ve lost a few pounds. I’m not positive, though. I was naked when I weighed myself and I’m never naked in the doctor’s office when I get weighed there! Saltine crackers and dry toast and tea with jelly beans when my glucose drops (The tablets I usually eat taste terrible right now.). I fell yesterday, thankfully the couch caught me. It was sort of odd. I’ve often had dizzy spells when I get blood drawn, but those are slow whirling experiences. This one was FAST and black. Like being inside an invisible tornado. Scary. I also had a glucose that was 37 after midnight. (not sure what the numbers are for non US meters). That was also scary and I wasn’t that dizzy, but with jelly beans and spice drops, I pulled out of it. (I LOVE the orange spice drops.) This is depressing, so something fun again! A squirrel up in the tree that was watching me inside the window.


Virtual hugs to all!


I can’t say anything on FB, I just won’t. There are too many people there! However, I am a tad disgruntled. After sharing the post about the Coronavirus earlier, I am really hoping for common sense to prevail. Germination is apparent from the yard to our human bodies in many places. (photos from free photos on WP)

It turns out an active member in our church was in contact with the person who is now in a local hospital.. she was just taken to the hospital with breathing problems Tuesday night. The pastor of our church took her in after already being in contact with her. Her family was here just a few days ago and are now scattered in different parts of the state. The nearby casino with the infected employee has cancelled everything from movies to gambling to buffets to their extensive hotel. Here in town, luncheons and gatherings have been either cancelled or moved to other times. Yet, the Oregon State Basketball tournament for this division, taking place less than 20 miles from the casino, is still being held.

Stores are being emptied of certain items and we JUST got over the city water issue. I’m not sure if I mentioned that before…Due to the flooding in this area, the town ended up with bacteria in the water supply. The city hall office put notices up everywhere for people to use bottled water or to boil before using. Then, they had to call a much used store to stop selling fountain sodas. As the Craftsman said, ‘There is no law against stupidity.” That lasted more than a week. It ended last Friday, when the city had their banquet to bestow honors on citizens of the year, which was very well attended. The person who was brought in this evening had a huge surprise birthday party for a friend on Feb 23. Dozens of us went.

I imagine the PNW area is going to explode with new growth….and with the advent of spring, coffing with be rampant. Allergies and tiny bugs all enjoying new habitats. I’m still of the mind to stay inside this fenced yard and house walls!


Germs among us

I have friends in areas where the Coronavirus originated. I have followed their stories and felt for their quarantines. (I have laughed a bit about my friends in Shanghai. The cats are loving full time laps, even if the two leggers are getting bored.) I have watched the WHO reports and know it is not as scary as most Americans are making it. It is something to be aware of and not a hoax as our POTUS has inferred. I have followed the CDC information and tried to stay away from internet hype.

However, today, I admit to nervous thoughts. There is a nearby Casino, which was closed indefinitely after an employee was discovered to have this disease. They also attended a sporting event in one of the schools by this house and live in this area. The person is now hospitalized in the next larger town over.

I’m pretty much a recluse, I reckon being a bit of an introvert is a good thing right now! Yet, my family is out and about. Little Bear was going shopping tonight and already people in this part of Oregon are flocking to purchase canned goods and disinfecting items. (is that closing the barn door after the horse leaves? I had my guys laughing a bit at me when I took hand wipes to the casino theatre complex when we saw the last Star Wars movie. And that was for the flu strain that was running amok!)

Yet, the thing I’m concerned about is my family bringing this home through work (The Craftsman did say there are many cars he works on and wears gloves while inside the vehicle because of the filth) or me getting stuck in the Seattle airport (I had that happen once when the boys were younger. It was horrible!). Then, I could get stuck in AK (not that I’d mind, unless the house was already sold and I’d end up living with my sister….YIKES!).

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I reckon the most important thing to remember right now is to wash hands, stay cheerful, and do what I can to keep my family and myself well. Oh, and to partake in Read an EBook week (March 2-8)!!! I’m not a fan of ebooks, they are so much slower to read than a paper one. However, I have some there I don’t have in paper! I’m also not as keen with hanging out at the library at the moment. (they changed their policy for late books and now there are no fines, so even if the book is due, it really isn’t. Not having a deadline, I just keep them and then feel guilty and then I don’t read them….Odd!) OH! Emagazines are just as cool as books, here is a fun one I subscribe to. InD-tale.

There are a great many of my crocus up and quite a few daffodils, colorful bits of joy! No early iris yet, though. Much as I love winter and hope to see snow when I head north, I’m ready for spring here. I even spied a hummingbird moth (hawk moth or tomato worm moth) the other day!



The end of the beginning

It is the end of January. The month opened with the promise of a blank 365 days to fill and learn and grow in. We’ve already enjoyed almost 31 days of this new year and not a lot looks much different from previous ones!

Little Bear has determined he wants an ordinary birthday cake this year (two layer chocolate-which made me laugh, I very rarely make a two layer cake!) because many other years had cakes that were labor intensive. (he was right!) He also said a nice gift would be no party (last year we had quite a few visit, in spite of the new snow that fell that day). He has also thought a bit about joining a shooting and fishing club near here, he has actually investigated it online and so his thinking is a bit more proactive than usual! (If he can manage to part with $100 for fees to be around other people, I’m of the mind this is a good idea)

My therapy is going ok. I may not do the twice a week since each visit is $40 and I can take what he’s teaching me out of the germ infested facility (it is a very busy spot with people of every age and health) into my own house. My recent visit was definitely interesting. First, I had to find it. Last time I got turned around inside the center. This time, I got turned around trying to get into the parking lot! To be fair, the sign is visible driving up the hill, unfortunately, I was looking for it from the other direction!


Once inside, I shared more information on my sore arm and leg and the therapist started working on me. He gently pulled my right arm and pressed on the shoulder. He called it shaking loose the rust inside. It felt amazing! In fact, it didn’t hurt as much as usual for almost 40 minutes. I was rather impressed. After the appointment, I thought I’d check my glucose before driving off in the dark (lately, driving in the dark is more difficult for me than it has been previously. It seems to get worse every year. A good reason to NOT live in the land of my soul!!). I was fortunate I checked. It was very low. Thankfully, I had stopped at the store before going to my appointment, where I had purchased those cute little fruits about the size of my breasts (probably not, but they must be close!). The oranges are super easy to peel, another good thing when a glucose is low and one is less than coordinated! (the blog highlighted is an old one of mine-I ditched weebly for WP)

I have an appointment for Friday, but don’t think I’ll make it to that one. I was going to do both therapy visits this week, but while I was low my cell rang. It was the bank. Looking back, I realise I was confused not just cuz my glucose was low. I had just visited the bank. I wanted to set up an appointment for next week. I had told the lady with the sticky note and pen who wrote notes that I was unavailable the rest of that day, but Wednesday would be a good day to call and I gave her times. I gave them the landline number and blithely went off, confident I’d get it sorted the next day. The baker and I ended up getting the appointment for Friday, three and a half hours before my PT appointment. Color me unimpressed! I wish I could visit the Alaska bank.

The worst thing that happened this week could have been a lot worse than it was. As Little Bear and Strider said, ‘Dad gave himself a new project.’ I was talking to Strider on the phone, The Craftsman was in the bathroom getting ready to shower. I heard the water start, a crashing sound, then silence. After a short bit, I told the eldest and he said to check. We both heard an aggravated, clipped response of, “I’m Fine.” Well, after being around mum for so long, fine is not a word I appreciate. Thankfully, he really was ok, but somehow his wet foot on the edge of the tub slipped off and struck the inside of the tub. He’s darn lucky he didn’t hamstring himself or slice something important. Bathrooms are a very dangerous location in a house. Always keep a towel with you—especially if you need covered up! (carrying a towel is from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) I’m incredibly thankful we didn’t have to rescue that 6’2” guy from the floor (so is his youngest!).  (you can see the crack running up and down alongside the yardstick I added for perspective)


Writing of bathrooms and needing to fix them reminds me of some pictures I was sent. My good friend, TnT, just finished tiling a shower area. I wish he was here, isn’t this lovely?

Once again-

I’ve started this post a couple of times. Perhaps this one will actually get posted!! The first one managed to get sidelined by glitches in the WP program. (OK< to be fair, it was probably the outdated computer I was using!). I added a photo and lost where I was in the post and then the whole thing vanished once I’d fixed the italics that somehow didn’t transpose from the copy and paste. After several frustrated moments that stretched into many, I logged off! Then, I decided to write and I got sidelined and thought I had but I hadn’t! (It has been one of those weeks!)

I went to a physical therapy place today, I was very thankful I’d left early. I forgot the road was being worked on, had to detour, got back to the one I thought I should be on too early, ended up in the wrong lane, followed the parking lot directions to the location and found myself on the far side of the building! Inside, I handed over the debit card to make the payment and learned their machines were down (a new one should be in by next week). I was asked if I had an alternative (I’ve not carried checks since shopping with mom, I’ve not used them since paying most of her bills off. The Oregon account I’ve not seen the checkbook in at least a year!).  Thankfully, she said they’d just bill the address and let it go. I imagine they’ve had to do that a lot lately!!

photo of person handing card

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The doctor who looked me over didn’t realise there were two offices referring me to PT. He also didn’t know I had MS. (I didn’t fill out a health form, not sure why. I’ve not been in a place for PT in over 10 years, so I don’t know the protocol for such spots.) Anyway, he suggested walking for my sore back (although, when he saw me walk, he wasn’t impressed with my agility!) and shoulder stretches for the painful arm/shoulder (I have a pulley, it just hasn’t been put up anywhere. I’m too short to mount it on the ceiling and The Craftsman needs reminded about jobs I want done..which I won’t do more than twice!). He also said to use heat to relax the muscles. I was thankful this doctor didn’t suggest cold. I am a lover of winter and snow, not one of chilled skin! I visit them twice next week and hope I’ll be moving well enough by then to not visit any longer.

IMG_9287 star-trek-picard-wesley-crusher-wil-wheaton-

Cooked Canadian moose in the crock pot (it wasn’t bad!) for dinner, ordered an audio book for Strider for Valentine’s Day (an absurd one called ‘What If?’,  narrated by Wil Wheaton), and tried to be quiet cuz The Craftsman has a horrid headache. I did notice dozens more little spears of green thrusting through the grasses this morning and it was warm enough to wear capris and a t-shirt (I did take a long rain coat to my appointment, but didn’t need it). Our temps were in the mid-fifties of Fahrenheit. (I just asked Little Bear why the words Fahrenheit and Celsius are capitalized.  He hemmed and hawed about them being last names originally—he could sell a bridge in a desert—and then finally decided it was a science thing!) We did get more rain to wash away more of the moderate snow left over from a while ago, it is supposed to keep raining.

close up photo of jew drop

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I’ve been thinking about something that might be controversial. I am not sure, but I’ll share it anyway! I wonder if the climate/warming change is because of prayer. People pray for it to stop raining or to start raining or to get warmer and those prayers are all over the globe. Very few people pray for snow and long cold winters and storms or winds. So, when God answers, He’s got prayers all over and around the same time, while the real weather is supposed to be happening and perhaps they get mixed up in delivery. (Personally, I miss long, frosty, snowy winters, but not the icy roads!) As Alice said, ‘Curiouser and Curiouser.’


‘Teeny Tiny’ and tomorrow

I’ve not wanted to write anything. I’m a tad depressed. Not cuz of the weather, which is boring (no snow, just wind and a smidge of rain and a bit of a chill). Not cuz of the doctors, exactly. I think it is more because I need to get off my lazy duff and take care of myself by myself. KK once told me eons back something I wrote down and keep next to my earring holder so I can see it every day. He said, ‘Always remember, Dear One, that no one will care about your daily and eventual health more than thou.’  I need to care.

This New Year, I’ve read several books and notes and what not with thoughts and theories relating to health and taking control. The universe is telling me to do it, heeding that call is more difficult than it appears. It is crazy. I want to be well and healthy (most humans do), yet to do it goes against the grain (bad pun!) of generations. I was reading in one book where humanity prefers the path of least resistance, they enjoy bad food for the moments of pleasure they gain. Ignoring the overall picture of fat and sloth. Eons past, white flour or refined sugars were considered food for the elite, so to go back to bread that resembles something one could get knocked out by is going backwards. I mentioned to The Craftsman that I would start using whole wheat and make sure there were the proper veggies around. He grimaced and suggested I not get carried away. (Personally, I am not sure I could stop baking. Baking and reading are two of my escapes.)

Yet, food is just a portion (another pun!) of the changes I need to make. Moving is so hard for me. Rhapsody mentioned in a recent blog that you just need to take one step at a time. Such an encouraging blogger! The author of Cauldrons and Cupcakes is another blogger I appreciate for her words of wisdom. (actually, all of the blogs I read encourage. I think I’m one of the whiners…Wine blogs are fascinating!)

I visited a doctor on Friday, last. I hurt so much, I can’t sleep or sit and walking is painful. He referred me to physical therapy. For my arm. Not for walking or my aching knee. When I visited the MS doctor, she was pleased with my tests, but also referred me to therapy. For what she anticipates might be arthritis. I’m thankful to learn the pain and memory lapses and balance issues aren’t from MS or diabetes, I don’t really think it is arthritis. Maybe the therapy can lead somewhere. The neurologist told me I did have lesions in my brain and my spine from MS However, they were all ‘teeny tiny’ and not elongated. (she was cute, probably my age, but not as dilapidated!) They seemed to be stable. I don’t think she had records from my last MRI in 2015, to get those I need to request them again. She was unhappy with the lab I visit. They didn’t send her the results and then they didn’t even get one of the tests she had ordered. (I’ve had trouble with them before. In fact, the last three doctor haven’t gotten the labs they requested! I know I gave the blood. I just wonder what they did with it.  I’m reminded of a physician in AK who had clinics in other states. He was hoarding urine samples and charging Medicare a lot of money for bogus urology tests. I’m sure this is not the case, probably….) I see Dr. Z again in February for nerve testing. I’ve never had that before, it is supposed to be an hour and should be interesting. I may need to find a ride up. The Craftsman has taken two half days to drive me up and back (150 miles round trip) and I shouldn’t keep bugging him. The visits take ages, too.

We have been sleeping apart the last nights. It appears I snore now. He did say it was something he had never noticed before, but it is too disturbing. Since my arm and hips and legs ache and I have trouble sleeping anyway, I hang out elsewhere with Moses, which also helps! He is the breadwinner and it is his insurance and job that handles the medical bills, he needs to rest. I have noticed that I breathe better sitting upright and I can feel my throat close up when I crumple over in sleep. None of the physicians have noted anything off in my lungs and a hot shower as soon as I wake usually helps me get back on track. Mostly.

My left eye is always gummy and both of them are constantly weeping. I absolutely understand not wanting to be around me much. I’m a mess!!! (I wonder if I have another left tooth pulled, might that help my sinuses and eye…everything is connected. Losing one more wouldn’t really matter. Especially, if it made me feel better! One of my dearest friends had a bad tooth that she poured thousands of dollars into-at one point the dentist lost the tip of a drill inside it!- She eventually had it pulled and several health problems vanished!)

All in all, this is a very long silly post on health. Tomorrow we might get winter, which would be lovely. I told The Craftsman I wanted to get some big tumbleweeds and spray paint them white and make a ‘snowman’. He liked the idea, but said he’d not like me to collect weeds in any of the vehicles I regularly drive! I reckon I should wait for actual snow to craft with. It is tidier!


December 2015