Running Away Part 1

I’m a bit sad at the moment. I was wrong and I’m cold. (I didn’t realise I had an estimate of where the problem was for Digman. I told him the wrong spot. He was close, but not exactly. I’m also saving pennies by not turning up the heat, I spent too much last week!) So, since I’m sad, I am going to share a smidge of my running away in a few posts. It was an absolutely splendid incredibly expensive time!

Wednesday, I decided I needed away. I didn’t want to go where I knew anyone (I did know one person, TnT.  Great fun and  tons better than many!). So, I started out that morning. It was a meandering trip north!!! I had to make an appointment for mom’s car (The Craftsman told me I should check the oil, which told this non mechanic nothing. I sent a picture and he said he was pretty sure I’d be ok, but to make an appointment for it). That is for next week. I then went to a bakery that is closing and spent almost 100$ on presents and a couple items of baked goods. It is called The Moose is Loose and sells only baked goods and moose merchandise. It will be a much missed spot in the area. After that I stopped to get a bra fitting. I’ve never ever done this, I’ve always wanted to, and so I did! (It was also expensive!) I’ll write up a post for that stop by itself. I learned a great deal!

While I drove, I stopped where and when I wanted to. It is pretty late in the year, so there isn’t much out there. I did see a flock of swans. It was a lovely day and I was entirely enjoying myself. However, I discovered I was taking too long and got to Seward much later than I’d anticipated. So, I resigned myself to staying two nights. (I wasn’t planning on it, but I had sort of thought I might!)


I hadn’t planned staying anywhere. I really should have. The first night I was in a quirky place with a bathroom that left a lot to be desired. Even at 5’2”, I had trouble sitting properly on the toilet! The internet was good, but when I plugged in my iPad, the outlet sparked!! The shower was lovely, however. I very much liked that!

The next day I visited two local dogsledding spots. The first was for the Seavy team. I didn’t get to see any of them, I did hear the dogs. As you can see, you need to go online to make reservations. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough money, but tentatively thought about trying to get in the next morning. I had been texting a friend and she told me about another team nearby. These guys I had wanted to meet, but never imagined I would. I drove in their lot and Sarah was outside with a bunch of puppies! She let me in the pen free of charge and was a dear. When you see Iditarod mushers and their teams online, you don’t really actually see how nice a person is. As I was leaving, her partner, Travis, showed up. TWO of them in one stop!!! I was in Iditaheaven!!!! I met several wannabe sled dogs and a couple of adults. I should have taken more photos, but I was in a bit of a …I cannot even say what I was!!! Excited is too understated. (I’m still excited just typing about it!!)

Before I left, Sarah had suggested I stop at little place in town for lunch and said to definitely have the cake. I ate in my car, but since I my next stop was near the shop, I did get cake. Strawberry cheesecake that took my two days to eat!! (8$) After that, I went to my main destination. The Sea Life Center. Which will encompass the next post!!!


Go, Dogs, Go!

It is obvious my apathy is taking a toll. Joy in things I used to do is waning. I don’t want to go outside. I don’t want to do many things I have found ‘fun’. For instance, every single year, in March, my books are Redwall and the first weeks are dedicated to the Iditarod in Alaska. In Oregon, with functional internet, I am online almost 24 hours the first week of the race. I lurk on FB and on the Iditarod website following and commenting and watching from the start to the Red Lantern as the final musher crosses the line in Nome days later.

This year there are more people out there voicing their opinion and people rising up to put this race down. It frustrates me when attacks are made on teams (the humans are just as much members as the dogs) that are click bait. I get angry needing to use one of the premiere sites to follow this race when many of the committee members of this race are part of those irritating voices. One of the top mushers in the world, Dallas Seavey, is racing in Norway this year in the FL1200.  As I watched a clip of the start for this race (it was like watching a dog party!), I had to laugh and smile. He is a beloved musher and he knows how important it is to be a part of the team and not the ‘boss’. (he almost always runs beside the dogs in tennis shoes!!!)  My favorite part of the video feed was the announcer yelling, ‘Go, Dallas, Go!’

This year, even without Dallas, the 46th race to Nome is exciting. Nic Petit is in the lead at the moment. Dallas’ dad, is hot on his trail. I am seriously hoping for a woman to win, it has been a while. Jessie is in the top 10 and Aliy is right behind. Once again, the musher knows the dogs are the main part of the team. Aliy has said hers are not showing the spark they often do, probably because of the weather. It has been warmer than usual and there are storms. Dogs are smart and to run with them, the musher needs to rely on the dogs as much as the dogs rely on the musher. One of my favorite mushers had to scratch (drop from the race) early on because she was sick. Dee Dee is a hero. She is a cancer survivor and pink is her signature color. The twins of Seeing Double sled dog racing are running with pink this year as well, to support their mom’s battle..

Mushing is not just a sport, it is a community full of people and dogs who care about each other. A few years back, Dallas won and all he could say was ‘Where are Aliy and Jeff?” They had been in front of him and one was lost on the ice. Concern for each other is a priority. Nic gave Dallas an important records book last year that had been dropped. When a musher lost her GPS tracker one year, someone made a FB page for the tracker and created one of the most whimsical memories of the race.  Granted, there are a few apples in the community who can ruin the barrel. Most of us who follow, just ignore those. Usually, as I follow, I know what is going on and pay attention to others who do. This year, it has been frustrating. Mum really doesn’t know much more than what she hears on the news and thinks she does. Click bait stuff. I was tired of trying to explain to her who was who and where they might be and what they were doing from the few things I have seen. I finally decided to go online tonight and actually pay attention to the race for a little while. I’m sharing some of Toni’s photos from the ceremonial start on the 4th out of Anchorage. I would love to go to this someday. (making it to Nome for the finish would be beyond amazing) But, will continue to watch from the background with millions of other fans across the world.

(Dee Dee and her team are in the first set, Aliy and hers in this second)