Sit Com or reality show?

I’m not sure if Monday was a sit com or a reality show. It definitely wasn’t a survivor sort, although, I did survive!! Monday morning, Former Boss did take me to the airport. We got a bit turned around, but it all worked out. He dropped me off and we began to be processed. TSA was doing a training and guess who’s carry on was chosen? I was a bit put out when I asked what they were looking for via the xray and they said they’d tell me when it was found. The photo wasn’t that odd, I identified several things before they found and searched an old pill bottle filled with assorted coins!

Flying out of the first airport was interesting. I wasn’t the only one who had issues with Alaska Air. Even the airport hadn’t been told the flight was changed til hours before! I was pretty impressed with being above the clouds. I loved the fluffy balls beneath us. If I’d been on the other side of the plane, I’d have been able to see the mountains of WA better, but, I enjoyed the flight. Due to Covid, no wine was served, although it was 830 in the morning!

flying out of Seattle

Seattle was not as fun. I barely had time to use the bathroom before my flight. The station I needed to get to was down, so I had to leave the tram area and hoof it to my destination. (A lovely lady helped me out, although I smiled behind my mask when she was giving me directions. I didn’t laugh out loud, because that may have hurt her feelings. She said to turn right at the ‘coach’ store..she was sure I knew coach. I didn’t, but found it anyway!) I met more folks who had travel changed and on the plane the rows of three only had two passengers each. Behind me was a baby crying off and on. When we landed in ANC, I learned it was two infants, not one. (they probably cried in turn, twins probably do that!). Everyone had on masks, except those babies. (the parents said they were visiting for the summer) I was so cold on the flight and wished I’d worn something besides my jean jacket! I’m also glad I brought Luna power bars and more snacks, since it was lunchtime in the air. The cute Skybites snack was tasty, but it was definitely not a meal!

in front of a mural

In ANC, I learned the paperwork I’d printed out was already obsolete. They were now using an app. I was told by a nice girl who typed in my information onto her ipad, the first day the covid testing team ended up with boxes of paper and it was very hard to find one person’s papers in the midst of lots of pages of the same letter. I did get tested, it wasn’t near as horrid as the strep test! However, I didn’t leave yet. It turned out, the connecting flight was full. Putting me on standby for 7 hours. Thankfully, someone missed their flight and I got it. I was one flight from staying at the airport all night. Four of us were on standby that day! The planes are small, holding about 10 people, including the pilot. The girl I sat near was so much fun. I was an excited squealing bundle of Alaskan and she was visiting for 5 weeks. We had the same first name (and spelling) and her middle name was Elizabeth. (Which would have been Strider’s name, if he’d been a girl. Except it would have been spelled with an ‘s’.) The pilot’s job is to fly this trip all day. Or at least, as far as I know, it is all day. He was on his 4th trip when I got to go with him. Isn’t he young looking? The other K took several pictures with her phone, she was surprised cuz he was texting and flying. I reminded her there wasn’t much to run into while airborne. He did take care of a lot of the little things on his own, the staff did some, but he did most of the plane things.

TnT left the rig at the airport, so I got out north as soon as possible. I was glad not to stay in the airport, was thankful to not be on the road (there was a wreck with a person who was hurrying and a family. The dad was killed outright, a little girl died in the arms of a Samaritan, the mom was life flighted, and the 8 year old girl was confused and scared. DRIVE with sense and don’t be stupid!). I got to the house and had to call the State Troopers. When I got inside, I forgot how to turn off the house alarm and when I remembered the darn thing tripped so the police were called and would NOT stop. When I got thru to the company, he laughed, told me how to turn it off, and suggested I call asap. He even gave me the number.

I must admit, I was very glad to get to bed. It took ages before I dropped off, but I slept for HOURS!!! If you fly, what is your favorite part?? I think mine is the getting there.

A comedy in 24 hours?

Ages past there was a book by Ms. Bloomingdale called ‘I should have seen it coming when the rabbit died.’ This was referring to motherhood and all the fun things rolled up in it. If dad was alive, he’d have looked at today, tossed his hands in the air, and said, ‘phhft‘ or ‘Whoop de doo.’

Take this job and shove it- Dad and Gramps.

24 hours ago I ‘scribbled’ a note for WP and dashed off to finish up some things. The Craftsman brought me home a couple of chicken strips cuz I wasn’t hungry and I thought I could eat those (I saved one for lunch!). The kid bought a feeder for Granite, the bunny, and punned that he knew it was specifically for rabbits cuz it had a hopper. I got a text. I’d been texting a few people (I don’t get texts and then all at once, texts!) and figured it was a response or something maybe from Ms. Monster. Nope, it was Alaska Air telling me my flight had been changed. It looked the same, except now it was leaving this area at 830 am. I went online to read more information on it and realised it was changed. From Sunday to MONDAY!!!! I couldn’t get any information from the airlines except it had been changed. (I asked several times with different words and got the same answer!) The worst part is the flight from ANC. I had reservations for Sunday afternoon and can’t contact the company cuz they are closed all weekend!!! Oddly, as discombobulating as it is, it did give me a bit more time. I also now need a way to get to the airport on Monday morning. The Craftsman thinks he may be able to, Little Bear cannot, and we’ll have to see what happens.

Photo by Josh Sorenson on

On Saturday, I knew I was going to see a friend from 30 some odd years back before they moved to TN. However, I was going to meet her and she and her spouse were not where they said they’d be. More texting. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Only trick or treaters and delivery people use the doorbell. It was The Craftsman’s old boss!! He was driving through and thought he’d stop for a few minutes cuz his family had just moved to TX (he was in OR getting a vehicle and sorting the house for those last things that needed done for the buyer). He left, I was ready to leave, The Craftsman decided to go with me (he NEVER goes with me when I do things and he’s busy). He said it would take 10 min, the kid said 15, we had 20 til we were supposed to meet them. Then, he rinsed off in the shower and yes, we were late. Thankfully, so were they! We talked outside, but it started to rain and we decided to visit the casino cuz it was open. None of us drink more than soda (or coffee) and we found the only spot open besides the casino and theatres was the bar. We ordered sodas and before we left, wanted to pay. We were shocked and embarrassed to learn sodas were all free. We made sure to tip!!

Well, we got back to the house and ate the very last of the halibut the guys caught a year ago. It wasn’t as good as it could have been, but it was good. Except it took me a very long time to prepare it. I decided to panko crumb small portions and fry it. Talk about a huge mess!! Thankfully, Little Bear is handy in the kitchen, when it is interesting!!

During dinner The Craftsman’s phone rang. It was his old boss who had broken down and was headed back to us in the morning so he could get his rig fixed! (there was some family chatter on asking the former boss to take me to the airport and he could bring the car back to the house. It would be odd, but hilarious.) The house phone rang, it was one of the guys from the church. Sunday will be a service in the church building. No singing since Covid travels best in song, masks for everyone, and people can only be in the sanctuary or bathrooms, which will be thoroughly cleansed after service. No Sunday School.

Photo by Tabitha Mort on

Little Bear is mowing, I need to get the dried sheets on the bed, and tidy the living room for visitors. Thankfully, we had the halibut tonight and Sunday was reserved for a giant butt pork roast I’m going to pop in the crock pot. If there is one thing Former Boss loves it is to eat!! (he’s thin as a stick and is incredible to watch talk and eat. He doesn’t garble a single syllable, even with his Canadian accent!)

We have watched one half of the last Harry Potter movie. I so often prefer books over movies!!! Disney is showing the first, of what may be two, Artemis Fowl movies. There are two camps. Those who read the books, memorized the books, and fell in love with the stories and then those who have not picked up the series and have only been introduced via Disney. Two completely different schools of thought and I’m not looking forward to watching this movie at all. Meanwhile, we’ll have time to watch that last bit of the Potter movie and maybe on Sunday we can watch a silly laughing sort of movie (why on earth did I choose to want to watch HP?? LOL).

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One more sleep til…

Happy almost Thanksgiving from the Pacific Northwest, the Eastern Oregon side. It has been an week full of odd things. Some have been good. I can finally actually walk and move. After a day of busy, I am beyond tired, but am managing quite well. (so far!) At least in the physical realm. Spiritually and in actually getting things done….not as well.

I’ve been absolutely angry at my family. Every year I am here, I start my holiday decorating around Thanksgiving. The holiday dishes are on the table, everything is spick and span, and there are just a few things left to put up. This year? Granted, I haven’t been feeling good, but I decided to try and do a speck of decorating and discovered it was going to be impossible. The Craftsman is not done with lights yet. (he goes all out in the lighting department and takes up the majority of the unfinished addition to empty his several totes of lights) I managed to put up a couple of things, Little Bear helped me when he heard a crash. After a bit, I stopped being angry. It just isn’t worth it. Perhaps it will get done on Saturday after Thanksgiving. (The Craftsman did find some holiday décor from Norway and Sweden that I’d taken from mom’s stash. I’m thankful to have those! I also have a mini nativity and a Russian doll nesting set from mom’s—I made her the nativity). It’s been horrible to clean, too- The funniest thing? Little Bear drives me to frustration and then does amazing helpful things. Two of the photos he’s shared with me:

I want another nativity in the shape of a cross (I collect nativities). I’ve wanted this since spring 2014 and it’s been thought about. I was hoping for help and was told ‘he had some ideas’. It is still not done. Nor is a giant earring holder I had started and The Craftsman took over last spring. He’s been busy with other things. (I think) Yet, in the larger scheme of things, I’m sure they will get done eventually and there are many other things much more important.  Like walking without limping, being able to purchase groceries, water (even if ours here has been doused with a percentage of bleach because a new well was opened), gas heating, inexpensive electricity, cats (usually), and so much more.

This Wednesday, I did manage to get out and about. I went shopping for last things I forgot (and completely didn’t realize I needed nasty white sugar!). I bought myself flowers (it is a friend’s birthday tomorrow, so I decided they were for both of us. She’s hundreds of miles away and so she won’t mind me keeping them in the window!). I went to a movie all by myself (as usual). For $5 I saw ‘The Holy Grail’ on a big screen and completely loved it. (the guys are at the movies tonight. The Ford vs Ferrari one. I could not watch that. I get vertigo with Wii golf! Cars racing on hills is a bad idea.) I stayed home to bake a pie.

baked chef cook dough

Photo by Malidate Van on

I’m rolling my eyes. I panicked because I noted I didn’t have the sugar AFTER I got everything measured and ready to mix. (I used brown, we’ll see how it goes) I made a whole lot of extra crust for decorations on the pie, too. I checked it and they looked almost done. The next time I checked, not more than two minutes later, they were overdone and on the extreme dark side of brown. So annoying! I did get most of the downstairs vacuumed and the dishes done, regular activities, but still they are done.  I’m going to post this also. Because I am on the desktop and Little Bear uses this to watch videos. (he’s been watching animal ones lately. Hilarious!)

For those in the US, may your plates be empty and your tummies full. For those in other places, have a splendid rest of the week!!!! (and be careful with those deals on Amazon!)

The Electric Company


What a crazy run of days. Until Wednesday it was a series of Mondays that started on Sunday! I had the yard dug up again, but the problem still isn’t fixed. Digman thinks it is, I’m fairly sure it isn’t. He dug down, cut open the pipe, cleaned it out, sealed it back up, and filled in the holes. And also knocked the power line over the house. I thought it was an earthquake! The house shook! (he asked if I had power and when I said yes, he said it was ok. A couple of friendly souls suggested I call the power company, and I did.) So, I give you the couple of hours with two Power Rangers, or maybe Chip and Dale, or better yet, Ground Man and Sky Man. There was also another character I’ll call Odd Man, for obvious reasons!  I told this story in text to TnT, so I’ll go back and read the texts to see if I’ve forgotten anything!

When I was a kid, I watched this GREAT TV show called ‘The Electric Company‘. These guys were about as much fun. Plus, they were in my yard and cute. Win/win.

I was in the process of waiting for the electric company when someone drove in the drive. I thought it was my friend from Anchorage who said she’d visit. Nope. It was Odd Man. (I thought this guy was in his 70’ appears he’s not even in his mid 60s! He says he is handicapped, wears flip flops cuz his feet are swollen-they are- and knows almost everything.) I wasn’t sure what he wanted, I first met him during the estate sale. He is a neighbor, so to speak, and was asking me if I had sent him a friend request on FB. He said he didn’t accept requests unless he was sure the person was a real request. He knew my avatar and he knew my name (that isn’t a surprise, but I had NO memory of his! I’ve had some odd fb issues since trying to sell stuff on fb, so problems didn’t surprise me either!). I hadn’t and figured he’d be on his way, but he came inside and STAYED. I explained what had happened and he decided to wait with me. (I am still rolling my eyes!!) We chatted a bit and finally the electric company arrived.

These two men were wonderful and absolutely hilarious. (Perhaps working in hazardous situations means silly?) I got outside as Sky Man was getting into the basket.


Ground Man looked up at the lines above and said, ‘That doesn’t look good.’

Sky Man responded, “I don’t think she wants to hear that!”

He went up into the air and Ground Man shouted that he did NOT want to open the breaker box if it was hot. He wasn’t sure what had happened and was nervous about checking. Sky Man shouted back down that the third foot looked like it was secure (whatever THAT means). So, Ground Man gets out this funny yellow pole from the back of their rig. (Odd Man had pulled a yard chair from his car and was sitting down while I was taking pictures.) While he was doing this, I told him a bit of what had happened. I named no names and said my excavation worker snagged the line. He stopped mid pulling of his extension rod, looked right at me, and said ‘Digman?’ It appears Ground Man is familiar with Digman. I laughed.

Anyway, Ground Man tells us that this pole is new, each emergency rig gets called out frequently and has an extension pole. But, the one that was in this particular rig had a sticky section and drove them nuts. They finally told their yard crew guy to get them a new one or they’d break this one on purpose. They got a new one for this run. The pole is rather clever. It is used to unhook the power thingy so it is safe. Much faster, easier, and safer than climbing poles. Unless you have a guy like Sky Man on the other end of the lines. Ground Man extends the pole and attempts to hook it on whatever he was trying to hook. Sky Man starts tugging on the lines he’s holding on the house. This jerks the entire power pole back and forth. Ground Man starts yelling and the rest of us are laughing. (Odd Man suggests this is better than Laurel and Hardy) Eventually, the power pole stills and the crucial piece is unhooked. Ground Man now heads for the breaker box. He’s pretty worried. The loop in the wires was large and that might mean something in the breaker box was loosened or worse. Sky Man thinks it looks ok from his end, Ground Man wants to make sure. Sky Man moves his basket to wrap the wires, you can see in the photo where one was nicked. Ground Man is relieved to discover everything is ok.

Soon they were both standing on my freshly dug up drive. Ground Man kept reminding me to call the power company and tell them this wasn’t my fault. Then, Odd Man piped up. I was a little bit irritated anyway. At first, the two linemen thought we were together cuz we both came from the house. I soon sorted THAT thought, but Ground Man kept looking at Odd Man when he spoke. (It is a good thing Ground Man was cute and entertaining!). Odd Man did ask some questions I’d not have even imagined to ask. Yet, if it had been any other male in my circle of friends, it wouldn’t have bothered me so much. One of the questions he asked was if the seals on the pipe holding the power lines had been compromised. Ground Man laughed and said Digman should check that out and since his tractor was still here, I could keep it as collateral. Sky Man took pity on me and shared that the seals and shingles looked secure. (since it is raining, this is a good thing) Once more Ground Man told me to call and Sky Man reiterated it. Sky Man also smoothed out the divots in the soft sand of my excavated drive and told me to call if it got messy again. I just laughed, hugged them, kissed them on their cheeks, and waved them away. Odd Man finally left so I could call since it was getting close to 5 pm. (I was so glad.) Before he left he wrote down his name and number, in case I needed someplace to stay!!! (I said thank you, but knew that wasn’t ever going to happen in a million years!)

When I called, it turned out the operator was waiting for me to do so. It appears Ground Man had called him to give him a heads up I was going to call! He was glad I was prompt. I still have a tractor in the yard, I think Digman might be mad at me for calling the power company who charged him for their visit when my power was working just fine (He left before the linemen arrived!), and my drive appears to be stable at the moment! I’m not putting the rocks and plants back, I think it is going to need completely dug up again next summer.


The Long Goodbye–a long post

The Long Goodbye is a ‘neo-noir‘ movie and is EXACTLY  what I’ve been doing since May 2014. I didn’t know it then, but those weeks were the opening scenes. Mom was the main character, I was a strong supporting actress and changed the most. My neighbor said this is what I’ve been doing, saying goodbye for a while. She is right.

I came to Alaska that spring because of a comment a friend made. I’d mentioned I rarely came home since dad died and he asked me why. I could not answer! Completely dumbfounded, I made my first foray north since February 2006. I didn’t stay very long that summer. Mum seemed to have most of her oars in the water, usually! We did a few excursions and I wish I’d pushed her to do more. I do remember the septic was being horrible and was dug up and replaced by something like a crib. The next year I arrived after Memorial Day and stayed til October. That was the year of the sewer flood. When the kid reversed the flow, pumping 22 hundred gallons of raw sewage INTO mum’s basement instead of sucking it out of the holding area. That was truly a memorable summer. (Shudder!) My whole family came north to help sort and work for a week. They took back so much stuff, including several jukeboxes and the Mercury (which is going to a car show this first full weekend in September.). I ended up leaving in October. It took that long to get mom’s stuff from the containers in the yard back into the house. I think that was the summer she finally changed her will to have me be the executor (I had no idea what that would mean, but I am so glad it was my job and not Gigman’s-my BiL!).

I didn’t go north in 2016 til mid-July. I waited til The Craftsman’s birthday was over and then flew home. Mum had started chemo that May and wasn’t doing quite as well as she thought she might. (in all her years of colon cancer and breast cancer, she’d never gone through chemotherapy. She had radiation for those, but not chemotherapy). We also had a brand spanking new septic system. That summer was ridiculous hard. I finally was able to get her to sign papers for me to become her Power of Attorney, they were dated wrong, but gods…the darn things had been sitting waiting for her signature for MONTHS! I knew mom was sick, she kept having delusions of what she wanted instead of what she could have. (She did that til the day she died.) Doctors seemed to ignore her and my frustrations. Everyone insisted mom was ‘fine’. (I HATE that word)

I left for Oregon in mid-October again. I flew back home November 3, 2016. I stayed with mom in the hospital for weeks. This was when we realized the POA papers were wrong. This is when I got a tiny inkling that my goodbye was going to be full of responsibility. I have to admit, I am thankful mom hung on as long as she did. I grew up a great deal, but I also got tons done that may not have been as easy if she’d not been alive.

This is also when my blogging worlds came to my rescue. My followers (I had no idea I’d get any, I was so stressed and upset and tied up in things I didn’t understand. I just wrote!) became friends, some of you very good friends. My live friendships touched on me now and then, you sustained me. For more than two years you have encouraged and lifted me up in every facet of my new normal. A normal I’d no idea was even possible. Each day I was certain mom was going to go, each day brought experiences that showed me how ridiculous mom’s life had been before I stepped in, and each day mom resented her loss of complete independence.

On September 3 of 2018, (photo in jacket is August of ’18) I brought mom home from the hospital. Again. I know she went back on the 8th, but for some strange reason I have little in the way of photographs or even notes during the month of September 2018 about mom. I’ve looked in all my blogs, my photographs, my journal entries….I didn’t look at any of the emails and texts I sent and haven’t deleted yet!! It appears she was only home for 5 days. That was the week she burned up her microwave and I had to buy a new one she absolutely hated, partly cuz she had not chosen it! (I admit, I’m not fond of it either. It cooks too hot!!!)

After her death, I had to plan her memorial service, Jake was too busy to help much. That was when the septic went out again and it needed dug up. That was when I discovered what a freaking money pit this house was. I’m so thankful I had gotten it paid off and that she died after the taxes were due on it! I’m also glad she put it in my name, I’d hate to try to juggle repairs and bills with someone else. I started going through her things then..

Which leads me to this year. I put some of mom’s ashes in the lake on Saturday. The last of the ashes I have here will go on the Homer Spit in a few weeks. My sister wants to shoot her from a potato cannon. I just want to spread her. It will be a very fast trip up and back. Jake can’t take much time off for that since she took her entire week off to help me with getting mum’s sale ready and doing the sale (not exactly true. She was here on Tuesday afternoon for 2 hours, Wednesday about 3 hours, Thursday about 3 hours, Friday she was here from 830-3, and on Saturday about 2 hours. I guess it was a lot. She had to take care of her family, animals, and had a spouse date on Thursday night at a super fancy place, as well!)

Anyway, it has been a long goodbye. I’m the not so bouncy core in ball of tired wrapped up in thankful with a dinged up coating of WTF? (that coating is purple by the way) This was a long post—but it does sum up 5 plus years of a past leading into an uncertain present. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. I’ve no idea how to pay for this house over the winter, but not rushing to get it ready to leave by mid-October was a restful decision. I’m so damn tired of making decisions, not being able to eat our cuz I’m tired of rice cakes and eggs, not being able to do errands cuz it is too expensive to go anywhere, and being surrounded by clutter that does NOT seem to vanish!!!


I am making progress of a sort. Donating is looking better and better, although I sincerely need the money. I think I have enough to do exactly what needs done, for now, so why want more? As Mary Poppins said, ‘Enough is as good as a feast.’ Even if I’d love more jam with my bread/rice cakes and tea. (Laughing, same actress, different nanny!) I’m more than thankful for the hope and encouragement of all of you and knowledge that somewhere there will be an end to this particular journey. Someday….


Photo from a few weeks back. taken  by a friend who boat fishes for a living-

Sleep Yoga Cat Nips

Moses in the Classic rounded pike. A familiar feline resting position.
Moses in the Slide with Inclination Not to Hear. Position must cover at least one ear.
Moses displaying Paw Palm at rest. Cats excel at paw palms.
Maxwell Hiding in Plain Sight. The feline must hold this position for at least two hours.
Moses Tail Curling. This can be beautiful when done while awake.
Maxwell in the Tail curling with Extended Pike and Inclination Not to Hear. Difficultly is a 9 and depends on the flexibility of the cat.

Above is the rare Button on the Just Pulled From Dryer King Size Sheet Pouf. As you can see, both Moses and Maxwell enjoyed this particular position.

Last in this display of patterns, is Maxwell. Once more he is Hiding in Plain Sight, but he’s added Close to Completely Covered. Mittens excels in the Completely Covered. Often, she’s just a lump in Little Bear’s blankets.

It’s fascinating how flexible a feline is and their resting positions often defy physics. The longevity of the positions held is also crazy!

Meds and Mail

addiction aid bottle capsule

Photo by Pixabay on

I’ve never been afraid of medical drugs. I need them to stay alive. I’ve been wary of them, I understand they are necessary, and I use them when I have to. This week it was found I had an infection in the tooth I’d had the root canal in last summer. I was given a script for an antibiotic. I took my first dose on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day I slept a great deal and took more of the pretty turquoise caplets. By the end of the day, I noticed I had a sore throat with swelling and difficulty in swallowing. I figured I’d picked up some kind of bug in the few minutes I’d been out on New Year Day’s Eve. I was incredibly tired, but I had an infection. I think it was Wednesday I read over the drug information and decided not to take any more medication unless the doctor said it was ok. By Thursday morning, after more than 12 hours of no meds, I could almost swallow again. I reached the dentist’s office and they said not to take the rest. I agreed. So, now we are letting the infection take its course and we’ll see what happens next. I do have an appointment with a fancier dental person (one called an endodontist). I’ve already put several thousand into this darn tooth and I’m not sure what to do next. Do I have it pulled or pour in more money??? Ugh!!!!

Then, on Wednesday, I got mail. TONS of the stuff. I have three email addresses. Two I check often. One of those two is attached to this WP account. I hadn’t done much of anything online on Tuesday, so I figured there would be a few things needing checked. I was right, sort of.  There were 253 messages dating back to December 18! (Where on earth were they all that time? Is cyberspace so full around this time of year they couldn’t deliver them???) So, if someone sent me an electronic missive during that period, please excuse my lateness in responding. I also go a packet of forwarded snail mail. I had arranged the mail for mom’s Alaskan address to be sent to me here in Oregon. Every day I’d get one or two things. Well, I got a phone call last week from the post office lady in Alaska. It turned out that one of the workers wasn’t sorting and separating mom’s mail, she was sorting and stuffing it in her box, anyway. (The boxes for snowbirds-people who aren’t in AK over the winter–have a bit of paper over the opening so nothing is placed in the box.) The lady was apologetic and said she was mailing me an envelope. It arrived and was STUFFED. It also held bills, which explained a phone call I got that morning for mom. I hadn’t paid for her last ambulance runs and the company called to talk to her. Everyone has my number, but it was a bit disconcerting to get a call for someone needing to talk to mom. When I explained, the company waived the final bills. I almost cried, it was so kind!

2019 is starting off on an odd note! I also did a couple of those silly FB predictions. (Insert eye rolls!) It appears my word for this next year is Joy (I think that was the word I was given) because I’ll shed a lot of tears this next year, but all the hard work and sacrifices of last year will pay off in ways I can’t imagine. (I don’t know, I have a pretty good imagination…) In another one, it turns out this next year I will have change, a new love, my lucky day will be May 15 (National Chocolate Chip Day), my song for the year will be ‘It’s My Life‘ by Bon Jovi (I’ll take it...), and my quote for the year is ‘To be rich is not what you have in your account, but what you have in your heart.’ (which made me think I’m going to lose everything I’ve put in the Alaskan house and more, but since I don’t have much to start with, it won’t matter to lose what I could have had! lol)

It is a bit more selfish than what I learned from taking care of mom (to live every day and enjoy life while you can), but it is a GREAT dancing tune! Thank you YouTube!


My sister is annoying, frustrating, and cracks me up.

As you can see, digging has commenced and will continue for quite some time. At this juncture in the hole, it appears the septic tank is not sitting on the ground evenly. The hole is more than 8 feet deep and, well, pretty damn long and wide. (There is an old church tune with the topic of deep and wide and a fountain, but I’m not feeling very churchy at the moment!)

Today was actually not that bad. TnT came out and rearranged a section of the basement, making it incredibly organized. (we also put up the kayak. The lake has only one tiny section clear of ice and I can’t get to that area.)  One of mom’s friends popped by to see what was going on. Later, Jewel arrived and asked The Excavator some queries that were ones I should have asked if I’d known to ask them. (he even asked me if she was my sister! I wish!!!!!)

I had sent out several photos of what was going on.(I didn’t realise til I saw them on the laptop how bad most of them were!!!!) Jake responded by text hours later that living off the grid sounded better and better. Then she talked about how there are many seasonal homes which do that. She explained how in Costa Rica ‘human waste is in big clear plastic containers trapping gas. The gas is then piped into buildings for cooking.’ She also texted about ‘batteries that are charged with urine.’ ‘you can run gray water straight into a leach field-no septic required. The humanure produced can go on non-produce plants. The problem is getting the manure to heat properly to kill bad bugs.’  I then suggested tossing used toilet tissue in the trash instead of flushing. Her response to mine? THAT’S NASTY! I laughed so hard, I almost couldn’t type to text her I needed to take my insulin.


Anyway, I’m pretty resigned about this entire process I’m watching from the edge of the hole. July 2016 was when the septic was put in. It should not need leveled, there should not be broken pipes 8 or more feet down, and my portion of mom’s annuity is literally going down the drain! As a wise man said to me earlier. ‘Ownership is a different place of responsibility.’ GT

Anyway, I’m going to bed. I’ll get up after a bit, the northerns are supposed to be active tonight. I might be able to watch them from the living room instead of on the bench next to the house. Mom used to leave on lights so I’d have to find spots outside to sky gaze where they wouldn’t shine in my eyes. I’d rather sit in a comfy chair inside. It is COLD out there!!


A week or less in review!

Tuesday had a lovely afternoon and Wednesday, I got a great deal done. Mom has a lot of things I want to move out several places if someone stays here. Besides, it is nicer to sit in a house with less debris. (Granted, it is just moved to the shed or the garage, but it isn’t stacked against the piano or elsewhere!) I had my niece visit for a bit on Wednesday. Pippi ‘helped’ me move some rocks out of the way of construction (She used her feet to move single larger stones because it helped her ankles get stronger and her shoes were used to getting dirty. She frowned at the suggestion of gloves, which I understood. Thankfully, I used my two hands and got most of the rocks moved fairly quickly).

That was the day I got the water heater mended. It was funny, we don’t have a hardware store out in this area anymore and Pippin had to dash back into town to get some parts he didn’t think he’d need and did. After he left, I got a text saying my niece was walking toward me. I was slightly confused, Jake had said she’d bring her daughter for the afternoon. Soon, my sister texted to tell me my niece was walking to mom’s and she kept texting as she drove to ask if she was there yet!!!!! (it is about a half mile, maybe, from the main road to the house) It appears Jake was late for work. (insert eye roll!)

I picked the kid up (I needed to go to the post), got us a lunch we shared and she also wanted a shake (I got her a small one) as well as delicious tooth rottening confection called a cup of cake (layers of mint frosting with chocolate cake and lots of mini chocolate chips. I tasted it and it was very good.). Jake was annoyed I didn’t ask her what to feed her daughter, but I figured the girl is almost 14, she should make her own choices. I had her sort some more jewelry for me (mom has a LOT of baubles!) and we did a few other things before we were done. I opted to use her help to get some recycling dropped off and then I took her to the pool where her mom works. Her mom was so glad I brought her in, Jake really didn’t want to drive all the way to our mom’s house after work. (it is less than 10 min)

Thursday, I met the guy who said he’d do the septic and did a great many town errands. I also met with TnT briefly, inadvertently also meeting a very lovely woman and a gorgeous wandering cat that wasn’t hers. (you will meet that cat in my next Cat Nips post) I am getting a great deal done here and there, but it is much easier to do things when motivated with or by someone else.

Friday I thought my septic was going to get dug up, it was absolutely beautiful out! I dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans and ended up in capri pants and a tank top. I didn’t go out on the lake cuz I was expecting the dig to start. But, I misunderstood. That happens to me a great deal. I don’t listen very well.  No matter, I got so much done!! It would have been lovely to have stronger arms and backs and organizational skills in the garage, but it worked out. It was so nice that day, I even took my top down and let the girls out for a bit while I had a bite to eat outside.


I also fed the birds and one of the squirrels. He carted off almost an entire pack of dried out burger buns! I didn’t break them up, just zinged the rounds up onto the garage roof. He was too fast for photos, though. I might get some seed for them for the winter. I’m not going to be here, but if someone is, they might want to put some seed out! I laughed at this large plant growing by the shop door. I was told, emphatically, that packaged bird seed was guaranteed not to grow.

I also had a spot of trouble with some spray roofing stuff. Literally. (I know, but I had to see if I could use it!) There was a spray can of black mending stuff in the shop and mom’s old aged greenhouse has some tremendous leaks in it. I didn’t think I could actually fix the roof, the whole thing might fall over if everything was removed from inside! However, when my aunt and cousin were here, they filled it with all sorts of things and I noticed many of those things were filled with water from the recent rains. I managed to turn myself into Lady Mac Beth again. But, I also got those damn spots out with the stuff I used to get the adhesive off of mom! (I’m so freaking thankful I didn’t get any of that guck in my hair!!!!!) I also think I sort of fixed things for a little bit. I know I can’t keep all of the weather out, but even a smidge of it not getting on the tools will help. (I also got the snow shovels out from where they are stored all summer and moved them to easier to get to locations!)

Mom’s room is closer to mine than hers now. I’ve been moving her stuff out, putting pictures I like up on the walls, and cleaning. I love sleeping in a real bed (I even picked up her down comforter and the duvet from the cleaners. I felt bad cuz it took me a couple of weeks, but felt better when I was told they have some things waiting for months!). I love looking out the windows and don’t close the curtains, I like to see the moon and clouds and I discovered I wake up better upstairs. Downstairs, it is very dark. The window in my room is super small and there is so much debris, it blocks most of the light. I also love the down comforter. I have one in Oregon and it is upstairs on the extra twin bed. (I like it, the cats like it, but no one else does!) Mom’s was ridiculous and isn’t as thick as mine. Let me explain.  A duvet (doo-vay) is a very thin, fabric baggie for a down blanket, usually closing on one side with buttons. Inside the duvet are supposed to be ribbons to tie the blanket that goes inside to the sides of the duvet, keeping things in place. (that was a confusing sentence. Sorry)  Supposed to be. Mom’s blanket has loops, but the inside of the duvet has a seam. (I bet she bought them on sale from some shopping catalog!) No wonder the damn thing used to slide all over the place til she anchored it in place with stuff. So, I found a tapestry needle and some yarn and made a few ‘ribbons’ of my own! It appears to be working. I also add a small down blanket mum used as a lap blanket, I do love sleeping warm and cozy! Oddly, Mittens hasn’t quite decided to sleep with me on mom’s bed yet. She will sleep on the basement bed with me, though. Crazy cat!!!

A Little Bit Crazy!

IMG_8000 (2)

What an incredible couple of days. Or however many it has been since my last post. Mom’s internet was down. I think the problem is where the cable was nicked awhile back with a chainsaw, mended, and left alone under the layers of leaf and plant litter. (But, I can’t be sure and I’m the only one who uses the internet and since mom’s TV isn’t being bothered, it is what it is!) I took this photo just before it commenced raining for several days— it was the night I watched meteors.

Mom’s been feeling great until Tuesday. Of course, I was gone quite a bit of that day. She went out to vote and didn’t dress up like she usually does to leave the house. She did put in her teeth. Many people saw her and were surprised. I did learn of something I had forgotten about. Whey powder. I used to use that in cooking all the time, it adds protein and doesn’t really have a taste. I am going to get some and have mum try adding it to her yogurt and ice cream and mashed taters. (I might do the same thing!) If she bulks back up, her stats continue to remain good, and she gets accepted into the Senior Center. Maybe I can leave! (I’m going to ask to add her to the waiting list again. Everyone tells me how well she’s doing. Perhaps I need to believe it.)

She did manage to burn oatmeal in the microwave this week. I was impressed, I had no idea you could burn instant oatmeal. (I shouldn’t have been surprised. I had a boyfriend who burned chocolate chips!). She also made dinner the other night, and I didn’t like it. I ate it, but it wasn’t very good. She cooked steak. It was cooked properly, but she put some crazy ass marinade stuff on it she had around. I don’t know how long it was in the cupboard, but it was nasty! (granted, I don’t like sauces or coverings. I’m a plain Jane eater! So, that might have been the problem.) Mom didn’t eat hers, it was too hard for her. I am glad she cooked it, so I didn’t need to made guilty.

I did go and drop off the car for new brakes. I was sort of annoyed. I had a friend ined up to do it, but told him it would be in the later afternoon as I had an appointment at 2. He said he’d do it, since he wanted to go out north anyway. But, he didn’t want things to be too complicated. I said I’d text when I was done. At 210 he texted me to ask if I was ready. I told him I was at the appointment and about 220, he said he was going to leave to do his errand. I’m glad he did, it would have been a bit of a hassle for him to take me. I needed to go partially out north and back to town. It would have made it an extra trip for him. I just asked someone else. Thankfully, she was able to come to my rescue!

He was also creeped out by my appointment. I went to the mortuary and got mom’s cremation partially paid for. It was really a good idea. I feel better and they told me exactly what to do if she dies outside of a hospital. Who to call and gave me the number and it was so restful to know this is what they do and I don’t need to! They were also glad to get the information on her pain pump. They really don’t like those sorts of surprises. I haven’t told mom I did it, but that is ok. She is pretty sure she’s going to be around for many more years. I was also glad that if mom does go to the states (what Alaskans call the rest of the US), the money here can be transferred.

I also stopped by the house I have elfed at. It is lovely, organised, and tidy.  Truly a lady is much better at housekeeping than an elf. I tiptoed inside, picked up my things, and quietly left. (Ok, I did peek around a bit. Not much, but you can definitely tell a woman’s touch has made a beautiful mark.) The place looked too empty, though. I hope my friend gets well fast and back to his nest with his lady bird!

Anatomy Of A Knee Injury Knee Injuries Anatomical Chart The Physio Shop

On the health front, The Craftsman does not need knee surgery. His knee was swollen and after tests, they determined it was ok. Except for fluid. They gave him a shot inside the knee (he said I wouldn’t have liked the needle they used) and he feels a lot better and somehow the fluid is gone. Unfortunately, he forgot to ask why it happened and how to stop it from happening again. His mom, however, will need knee surgery and she has taken care of everything all by herself. Which totally blew us away. We had to coerce her to take Grandpa (we called him that, he was not a young man) to the doctor after serious injuries. (there was one night we went to the house because an ambulance EMT suggested we should. Grandpa was on the floor, leaning on the woodstove with blood all around him and bandaged up. They were watching TV.) So, it was nice to know she’d planned on the surgery and her rehabilitation later would be about 3 weeks in a nursing rehab facility. (I am wondering if knowing how my mum is has been helping her realise how NOT to act!) This means, I can stay here with mom til something happens so I can leave. Vague much?? (TnT’s sore knee is starting to finally get better, too. Knees are important!!!)

I also went shopping today. I purchased some bleach spray cleaner stuff and the darn thing leaked! I was so glad the bag it was in didn’t have a hole in it. I’d have been seriously put out if the rental ended up with bleach stains on the seats! I used it in my bath and the house now smells like a swimming pool. Much nicer than sewer! But, I’d rather have the swimming pool. I’ve discovered that I’ve lost weight. However, it is all from my face and chest and has settled into my belly and hips and butt. While shopping I bought a pair of capris in what I thought was my size and when I tried them on, there was a definite camel toe. Not cool, Kris, Not cool! I haven’t weighed myself, I hope I’m at least 170. But, I’m not betting on it. Fasting for 12 hours needs to be paired with not eating anything but glucose tablets and glucerna and protein. I’m not really hungry anyway.


I did get the best bit of mail I’ve gotten in ages this week. But, you’ll have to wait til next Wednesday to find out about it! SE Isaac is the cat’s meow. And that is my only hint!