After the last not so cheerful post, this one is full of thanks. Not because of the US Thanksgiving holiday, but because there really is a ton to be thankful for. Have so many friends from far and further who are held safe in my heart. Ones who are hurting badly, others who are managing grandkids, and more who are juggling living in a world of isolation. You are all thought of and prayed for as I go about my day and night. Bless you,, each and every one.

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Looking at the guys, as lonely as this girl is sometimes, The Craftsman really is very kind and Little Bear is a young man who vacillates between driving me nuts and being wonderful. The Craftsman has been busy putting up lights, he’s still quite a ways from finished, but at least the outside is and will be festive! Inside, well, tall things are difficult for me. One of the oddest ‘new’ health problems is looking up. Leaning my neck back to look up makes me incredibly dizzy!! (Very annoying when taking photos of critters in trees or trying to look at the moon or stars) So, not sure if the garlands will stay in the tote or get hung. (Little Bear did say I should decorate one and put the name Judy on it and see who ‘gets it’. I groaned.) Not even sure if they will even be ‘dug out’ of storage!! The Craftsman is still looking for the winter snowman dishes. Amazing how after a season or two, things are put away and end up in black hole!! Perhaps Kirk or Picard could find them…

One of the best things about being back in the states, besides the working water system, is the lovely kitchen. Some people have told me it is small. Personally, it is the largest private kitchen I’ve ever worked in and it is well used. (which just goes to show that even if the user doesn’t do much at all towards the creation of a space, it can be enjoyed!) In October, The Craftsman purchased me some small pumpkins for decorative purposes. They were a bit large for décor and finally decided to cook the medicine ball sized one down to make pie. After making the crusts and gathering all the ingredients in a bowl, I was ready to mix in the punkin. Except, I was short 5 ounces!!!! I was so disgusted!! I had everything ready to make two pies and didn’t have enough pumpkin because I forgot to measure it prior to mixing. Little Bear told me to just make one and use the second crust for something else, until I explained that the bowl already had enough sugar and spice and everything nice for two. Thankfully, during one of my shopping forays, a large can of pumpkin had been added to my cart. So, it saved the recipe. Although, it was a totally different color, it blended well!! Needless to say, it was a bit worrisome. I coerced Little Bear into tasting a sliver with me before Thanksgiving dinner and we were very impressed!! The Craftsman’s mom took home 3 pieces and The Craftsman had two for dessert the next night. (Little Bear filled all the ‘empty’ spaces of his pie with canned whipped topping. He’s pretty sure a pie shell full of topping is a great dessert!)

My dough for the rolls rose WAY above the pan, both in and out of the machine. (those photos are very odd and blurry) Thankfully, those were super tasty, too. The bird was almost too long for the pan (long legs), but also tasted rather good. The green beans were odd, no photo, but they did not look like anything on the can. (guys prefer canned green beans, nasty, but made sure they filled up on sliced veggies at lunch. Little Bear did say if you didn’t look at them, they did taste right! Most of them were flat, which I’ve seen, but they had not.) Did make an odd dessert from a Keto recipe. My ingredients weren’t Keto, but the bars were not very sweet, so that was a plus. (I’ll add more spices next time). Also found a recipe for pumpkin twists that I may try. I do have the remainder of that can of open punkin to use!!

After dinner, Moses hopped up on my chair and was definitely put out when he didn’t get a plate to himself.

My sensor finally expired on Friday night, but waited til Saturday to replace it. It was nice to roll over and know it wasn’t going to pull off. It was also nice to change clothes without worrying, too. Showering and using my towel properly was absolutely wonderful! Am also looking forward to a Hitchcock movie The Craftsman recorded. (reckon it was a good thing he let the Dish account stay!!). When Little Bear was a toddler, we were loaned a movie that was so much fun, but I couldn’t remember the title, only that it was Hitchcock. There was a marathon on TCM of his work and ‘The Trouble with Harry’ showed up as The Craftsman scrolled through the movies. The little blurb about it made me realise that was the title and the movie!! So, hoping we can watch that one before the weekend is over. I do love those old Hitchcock movies, although was so glad Doris sang more than ‘Que Sera, Sera’ in the one called ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’.  Even if it is still one of my life mottos! Do you have a Hitchcock favorite? Pretty sure ‘Rear Window’ is mine. So darn creepy and realistic and Raymond Burr as the killer is stellar! He plays such a great villain.

NOTE: not impressed with the ads in the blog, I’ve never paid attention before and I’m sorry they are there!


My tulips are about done. The fun fringed red ones in the container are still in bloom, but I reckon they will fade soon. (I have better pictures on my laptop, but am using the desktop for now) I love the fringed many petaled pink one. It looks so happy!!! (I only found a couple of these) The bent over one made me laugh. I have no idea why it grew straight til the last inch or so. Granted, it is in a place that needs weeded ( much needs weeded, I am still too tired to do much more than a bit now and then.), but I reckon it had a different problem. I didn’t many tulips this year, but I was able to pick quite a few and share them. I love giving away flowers! I think next fall, I will send some of the red ones to my aunt in Minnesota. Except I need to remember when her winter starts!!! Here, we can pop stuff in the ground much later than they can in northern MN.

I have many bouquets inside, too. A few of those have a super tall narcissus flower that smells exquisite!!! I don’t have photos of those-I enjoy bringing flowers inside, they are sunshine when it rains!  The pale purple and white ones were in an abundance. I was VERY glad to see these exquisite gifts in my lasagna beds. Oddly, they don’t open flat like the yellow or orange ones (I don’t know where my white ones are, lots of leaves in the yard..not many flowers). They open a bit and then fade in a tight bunch, not petal by petal.

Moses isn’t well. He has a tender to the touch lump on his back (When Little Bear looked up cats and sores, he laughed. One article suggested if you touch an area of a cat and he is feisty, it could mean he is in pain. Touching Moses’s back has been ‘at your own risk’ for YEARS.). I would take him to the vet, but I haven’t left the house in weeks. He is still eating and drinking and sleeping as normally as usual. He has lost weight, though. He’s also 16 years of grumpy old cat! I think when he was in a spat last week, he was injured and we never caught it. (Because it was on his back) After my appointment this week, I’ll make one for him and see what can be done.


The yard is a cat hangout. Moses used to be the bully cat, but as he’s aged, he’s lost his edge. This super sleek black cat with a single star on his/her chest was watching squirrels in the locust tree. I stayed inside so I’d not scare anyone off!! (the one on the porch railing was captured earlier, the things are everywhere!)

Little Bear took some excellent photos this last week of white crowned sparrows. He has a gift for photography, even if he doesn’t think so!!! The last one is hilarious cuz it is giving ‘That Look’..except birds don’t look straight at a thing!!!

What gifts are in your neighborhood this week?

Moses and the 12 Days of Christmas

This will have a lot of pictures. I probably should have cut it in half, but although I used these on FB, I didn’t think of sharing them here til the 11th day!  So, here is Moses celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas. Enjoy.

On the first day of Christmas, Moses tried to sit in a piece of cardboard packaging from my new air fryer. He was probably practicing for Boxing Day! 2F37F7C2-271E-4842-9CC9-1E7352561BDEThe second day of Christmas, Moses decided to nap on a lap. B852FC0B-8744-432D-A098-81F395FBCE29On the third day of Christmas, I didn’t take pictures. Both of us were annoyed with the chirping from the smoke alarm. Thankfully, someone taller too care of it for us!

The fourth day of Christmas, Moses was outside and not impressed about posing with Christmas lights!DD85B71C-FD03-4B3E-823B-E745076FD500On the eve of fifth day of Christmas, Moses took out the stuffed mouse that wasn’t stirring! CEA602EB-7BB8-4E12-9170-3B7DDF8557F6The sixth day of Christmas, our Moses declared it wasn’t a day for six geese a laying, but a day for one cat a laying on the bed! DE8B5224-F616-4B29-BA60-C7E6CBC82EF5On the seventh day of Christmas, Moses kept an eye out for those swans. Happily, they didn’t show up!E41B3A9D-3119-4965-AE78-347E5621ACCEThe eighth day of Christmas is the new year. Moses wishes one and all blessings, love, and cats to fill those empty 365 days. 19D1D9CA-C535-4F9F-9AC2-FCA4795448EAThe ninth day of Christmas Moses enjoyed some catnip. Ladies dancing have nothing on a cat rocking and rolling on nip! 8BB71EA6-CE8B-4758-9517-7F09507F1367On the tenth day of Christmas, Moses was tired of posts and sharpened his claws on the porch.7A0496BB-FC8C-4EF3-9B01-D7D6BD9AE718 On the eleventh day of Christmas our Moses wanted to put a sock in the whole proceedings. 045AC98C-06C9-420F-8E79-BF0AF3838B48The twelfth day of Christmas, the day of Epiphany, Moses consulted with me..and then the Magi. Almost everything is put away for another year, but the memories of Moses and the 2019 holiday season will live on.

Melting in the North!

This last week our Northern temps have been out of control. I honestly don’t recall being here with the thermometer rising up to 80 or more F. It is nasty icky hot. It is as if I’m in Eastern Oregon, except I have trees and a lake here. Haven’t seen any moose in a while, I did see an eagle fly low over the lake, and there are a few ducks still. I think the moose are keeping to the woods. I did get some shots last weekend of them in the lake—they don’t like being startled, though. We also had a mild quake the other day, 4.7, but I didn’t feel it out here.


Strider’s birthday was on the second (the first photo at  11 pm), I texted him. He’s been a bit busy! Then, today. (I’m rolling my eyes!) I didn’t sleep very well, I’m not entirely sure why. I had been sorting more stuff in the basement and had to stop. I wanted to cry, so that might be why I slept badly. (she has entirely too much stuff. Now, I’m to the older kits and craft materials. 10 years or more. The second photo is a fishing sinkers container that now has sequins!) I finished up a story I was working on. (it is a bit odd, even for me!) But, the day dawned bright and if the red skies in the morning are an ill omen, it didn’t pan out that way today! (I did think I might go out on the lake sometime at 4 am, it was so pretty and still when I got up for some reason) I was going to help with a project that I am entirely on board with. I’ve helped a bit with this, but not to the extent I did today (and I still skipped out before I was done!).


It is called ‘Days for Girls’. It is a mission to put sanitary pads in the hands of girls in places where they can’t get them. These were headed, I think, to Ecuador. Often when a girl has her period, she is not only considered unclean, she can’t go anywhere because she is bleeding. Now, I know there are women today who believe in ‘free bleeding’ and others who use cups or alternative containment sources (I wrote this awhile back), others don’t have any options. This gives them one. (Follow the link for more information.) Anyway, the lovely woman who takes these overseas has had a recurrence of her carcinoma. She was told she couldn’t travel. So, rather than let it worry her, a few of us decided to compile the kits into the bags and give her a bit of help in that area. She will still need to shrink wrap them all and get them ready to be sent off to Las Vegas (I think) where they will be taken further by others on the team.


I didn’t help as much as I wanted because the other reason I was in town was to see my niece in the parade and listen to my BiL play. Except, I could have helped! Pippi was late in the parade, after number 90 and her dad was gigging ALL day, not just the hour I anticipated. I walked all over and wore myself out in the heat trying to find them. I talked to several people and only my sister told me I had a white smut mark on my face from something. (Of course, I don’t know when I got that!) I needed to get more packing tape and finally got back to the house. I was so tired, I changed into almost nothing and fell asleep with my bear!

20190704_152415 (2)

I’ve been entirely unmotivated on this hot fourth. I remembered the guys had the day off and so I called. (more eye rolling with a bit of thinning of lips in a frustrated grimace.) Maxwell T Silverstone is in really bad shape. He pees everywhere, he has a lump under his jaw, an eye is bulging, and the vet said it would cost 95$ to put this 4 pound cat to sleep. They had discussed what to do. The Craftsman said he couldn’t do it the ‘farmer’s way’, Little Bear said he could. I got mad. I do not want my baby to shoot one of our oldest family members! I wanted to discuss this and The Craftsman didn’t really want to. He said he shouldn’t have told me cuz he knew I’d get upset. Which made me MORE upset! (If I can’t be told little hard things, what about things that are bigger?) I realized I’m not there, I can’t do anything. However, I did suggest looking in the cupboard for pet pain meds. (I know I had some, I’m not sure if I tossed them in a fit of downsizing, though!) I was told Max was hungry, he just can’t eat and he is a mess. So, I do hope they try an alternative sending him to sleep with the medication way of giving him rest. Little Bear is one of those odd people. Compassionate and practical. (The last death he was a part of as a fireman was harder on me! He and our neighbor were trying to resuscitate a guy and finally were told to stop. When I asked him about it, he said, those things just happen. He does show more emotion when it is drunks causing wrecks and death.)

The rest of this week and end, I am moving more stuff upstairs and more sorting. As we compiled the kits, I realized how much easier it is to organize something prior to doing it. I think that moving things here will help me be able to have a better idea of what mom actually had and how to get rid of it. Meanwhile, here is a young bull moose!


Cat in a Hammock Cat Nips

A cat knows how to be comfortable, how to get the people around it to serve it. In a tranquil domestic situation, the cat is a veritable manipulative genius. It seeks the soft, it seeks the warm, it prefers the quiet and it loves to be full. It displays, when it gets its own way in these matters, a degree of contentment we would all like to emulate.”  Roger Caras

Moses wasn’t impressed with the empty hammock. He did better a few days later when I was in it. I was reading, so he sat on my chest so I couldn’t see my book. (typical cat!) Mittens gets out now and then, usually in an escape mode. Little Bear does haul her from her window box and will cuddle her outside til Mittens decides she’s done. Maxwell, however, is a connoisseur of comfort in his ripe old age of 16. (hmmm, I thought he and Moses were older..We picked up Moses in 2004 and Maxwell a bit earlier) At any rate, Maxwell T. Silverstone was absolutely fine with being perched on top of Little Bear for as long as possible!

Sunshine and cats. Perfect summer afternoon.

Cat on the Prowl Cat Nips

“May you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter when you sleep. ” Erin Hunter

This is the neighbor’s cat. (We are pretty sure it lives next door.) Little Bear woke one night to noise on his bedroom roof and discovered it was this cat. It ran off to the house next door. At any rate, this beautiful Siamese feline is a hunter. Little Bear saw it in the locust tree and proceeded to snap a series of pictures for me. The cat is investigating a squirrel feeder The Craftsman put up. We are not sure if it has actually caught a squirrel, but it is very interested in the idea!!!!! We did see it haul off a wounded starling, which was incredibly brave. Starlings are not docile birds and have formidable beaks. But cats have teeth and four paws full of claws! (the starling did escape under the neighbor’s fenced in porch.) I love Siamese cats, but I’d not adopt another one. They are even more snooty and sweet than most ordinary cats! (music video from Youtube)

Sleep Yoga Cat Nips

Moses in the Classic rounded pike. A familiar feline resting position.
Moses in the Slide with Inclination Not to Hear. Position must cover at least one ear.
Moses displaying Paw Palm at rest. Cats excel at paw palms.
Maxwell Hiding in Plain Sight. The feline must hold this position for at least two hours.
Moses Tail Curling. This can be beautiful when done while awake.
Maxwell in the Tail curling with Extended Pike and Inclination Not to Hear. Difficultly is a 9 and depends on the flexibility of the cat.

Above is the rare Button on the Just Pulled From Dryer King Size Sheet Pouf. As you can see, both Moses and Maxwell enjoyed this particular position.

Last in this display of patterns, is Maxwell. Once more he is Hiding in Plain Sight, but he’s added Close to Completely Covered. Mittens excels in the Completely Covered. Often, she’s just a lump in Little Bear’s blankets.

It’s fascinating how flexible a feline is and their resting positions often defy physics. The longevity of the positions held is also crazy!

Techno burbling

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It appears I cannot access this blog via my ipad at the moment. So, I am not ignoring anyone or pretending only my own words are most important. I’ll need to post and comment with a desktop or my laptop til things are sorted again.

The problem is with too many addresses. I have a couple of blogs on WP, two use one email address and this one has a different one. I use the app for the other two blogs and always signed on and off to work with ATKblog. Unfortunately, the choice was taken from me and I”m annoyed. I did contact the ipad app spot, I can’t contact any of the Happiness Engineers for WP, every time I tried to send my queries, the site crashed!!!

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I have explained my dilemma, thusly. I have three skirts I wear. Two are everyday sorts of things, I keep them in a drawer and pull them out as needed. My third skirt needs a hanger, so it is kept in a closet. Unfortunately, I’m now told I need a new wardrobe, since my closet is locked. (yes, I was told to make another account!) It is seriously hampering my fashion sense!!!!!

At any rate, I had a great cat post, but it is all on my ipad! lol My camera has a battery that went dead (did you know there is a DATE battery for point and shoot cameras???? I was completely unimpressed.). So, I don’t have any cat photos on my laptop that are ‘new’. Little Bear is on the desktop where some new photos are (he’s been wrestling with taxes, I think it is a bit funny. He does not!). So, I’ll leave you with a cute one I did NOT take and link you to Garfield Hug’s Miffy Poses.

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Outside Cat Nips

If the pull of the outside world is strong, there is also a pull towards the human. The cat may disappear on its own errands, but sooner or later, it returns once again for a little while, to greet us with its own type of love. ~Lloyd Alexander

Being outside is lovely in spring. The air is mostly warm and there are so many things rushing to put on their festive dress. The daffodils open golden trumpets to announce the season and there is so much to do!!!

For cats, it seems sleeping and hanging around in sunshine is their favorite thing. Although, I have discovered some cat antics I could do without!!! Maxwell T. Silverstone does not like a litter box. (Granted, Kila used to ambush him when he was in it and that must have been disconcerting! But, he didn’t like them before. Maybe because he was born in a barn?) At any rate, he prefers to go outside. On grass, in dirt, it doesn’t matter. EWWWW. One of my forays outside left me with a less than favorable feeling toward this aging feline! Weeding and digging in dirt is not fun with pet waste around.

Then, on Tuesday morning, EARLY, I was confronted with another annoying response to warmer weather. It had sprinkled outside, but Moses left the house to wander the neighborhood. He arrived back in with a meowouthful. (Literally!) Whenever he finds prey, he announces it by talking with his mouth full. I tossed that damn, thankfully dead, rodent outside no less than 5 times before finally getting the pet door locked properly. He eventually devoured it in front of the door. He was going to commence his crunching and munchings on the mat in front of the door upstairs. I was happier it was outside the back door on the cement. (Much easier to clean than a rug!) I was so darn glad I was still awake. CATS!

Then, the critters do something sweet and are lovable all over again! Are not Mitten’s whiskers beautiful in this photo??? (She’s outside in the window box that was made for Kila.)

Springtime Cat Nips

Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day.” W. Earl Hall

On the last day of winter Moses was moving from sun spot to sun spot. He has a favorite flowerpot he snoozed in for a little while, then he moved to my garden bench, under the bench, on the ground next to the flower pot, in my yard rocking chair, and under a tree. I finally caught up with him slumbering among the dead Japanese lanterns at the edge of the dry creek in my garden. The first day of spring, it was cloudy and chill. (Of course!) I went shopping and the cats slept inside!