Favorite things-more or less!

As of Feb 10, 2021, this part of OR doesn’t have any snow. It is expected, but it was first expected on Tuesday and then Wednesday. We will see if it appears on Thursday afternoon late. There were a few flakes on Monday. They were a bit lazy and unaggressive, drifting to and fro singly or in wide apart pairs. They didn’t even look like they were interested in asking anyone else to come to their snow party!!! Silly snowflakes! Since this wasn’t published before Thursday night, will amend this paragraph with an update of SNOW! Granted, it isn’t much and it is super light. Could almost blow it off the porch, but used a broom and wore slippers (no, did NOT slip in the slippers!) and gloves and had on long sleeves. It is starting to blow now and the sidewalk that was easy to brush off has drifted in. You could sure see where the little plants were when the snow was starting to cover up the grass. The daffs stood up quite sprightly in the white. The guys say it is still snowing, am pretty sure the snow is minimal and the wind is what is moving some of it around. Wind here is ridiculous!!! Strong or light, it sucks the moisture out of anything and moves into the oddest places. Little Bear wrapped parts of the rabbit cages to keep the snow out!

Am reading several books right now. Anne MacCaffrey because she is my favorite Feb author and there are two of her series being read at the moment (one in ebook form and one in paper, because the ebook can be read in the dark). Am also reading Barak Obama’s first book of two ‘A Promised Land’. That book is giving me a great deal to think about. Also, will read again my absolute favorite Feb 14 book, ‘The Blue Castle’ by L.M. Montgomery. (Actually, had to put down the Obama book. Had a verbal altercation with the kid and made me realise how stark lines are, even in this household. The promise of a country undivided by culture or color or ideologies is farther away than hoped.) Also started one of my absolute favorite kid books by an author from Minnesota. Maude Hart Lovelace’s Betsy-Tacy stories. Betsy would have loved blogging-not sure if Maude would have! Especially when the format changes and it isn’t noticed til it does! Maude wrote these stories as fictional memories of her childhood. So much fun to read!!!!! Lois Lenski did the illustrations for the children’s books. When Betsy and Tacy and Tib got into High School, Mrs. Lenski didn’t want to illustrate for teens. Vera Neville was suggested and took the characters around the world and back to Deep Valley, MN. .

The Craftsman told me this week that he doesn’t know how to celebrate holidays or occasions. He’s been getting little things every so often because no matter how frustrated this gal is, she truly is thankful for a lot. Anyway, took my life in my hands and said that was a cop out. Anyone can learn to be more of whatever they want and if he wanted to be the kind of person who remembered holidays or birthdays, he could be. It just isn’t something he’s interested in doing. He said he was interested, it just wasn’t easy to do. Just kept quiet and finished my dinner.

 As was planning on meals for the next week (including an anniversary one) also remembered that the 16th is Shrove Tuesday!! Pancake Day!  Am a bit annoyed about Saturday, though. Just learned at Wednesday’s dinner he’ll be gone that day, probably. While we were eating, Little Bear asked his dad if he was still going to be gone on Saturday. His dad said yes, if the weather was ok. Then, The Craftsman proceeded to tell me what he was planning on doing. Thus, Saturday’s dinner will be baked in the oven. Much prefer burgers grilled, but broiling will work just fine. That way, if he’s later than expected, they won’t need cooked on the grill outside. (yes, even in winter, outdoor cooking is a good thing!)

Had a crazy dream this week that haunts me, for some reason. Don’t recall much of it at all, except the end. Was with two other women and was in a full, but empty apartment or room. I was in front of a closet trying to get an ironing board out of it. The ironing board was collapsed horizontal and there was stuff on top and under it. Took quite a bit of work, but got it free and one of the other people in the room walked off with it. I turned from the closet to speak to the third person and looked up and screamed. There was a female figure stuck to a heating vent in the ceiling and when I screamed she fell and shattered at my feet. Well, most of her shattered. I kept screaming, but the woman who had taken the ironing board and the other lady were fairly blasé and commented that she was still pretty, even if she was dried up and broken. I woke up with screams in my throat! Opted to take a shower after that, but forgot to turn it on properly and, boy, was it cold!!! Haven’t had a shower that short since leaving mom and dad’s house up north. Had to get back in bed to get warmed up!

Thursday was supposed to be Friday, but after discovering it wasn’t, decided to bake. Made peanut butter cupcakes, cored out the centers, and then filled them again with chocolate frosting. After putting the ‘holes’ back, frosted the tops with more chocolate frosting and put some heart sprinkles on for fun. Used a nifty odd contraption mum bought me ages ago when cupcakes were made often. It is has a sharp edged plastic corer you twist into the baked item. When you feel it is far enough, you remove it and the corer is full of cupcake! You remove the cake with a tiny plunger and break off the top bit to use as a cupcake hole cover when the hole is filled. Would have taken photos, but it was entirely messy. Funniest part? Thought Little Bear was late for lunch because I’d looked at the clock wrong! Was an hour ahead all day. Also made blueberry muffins with chocolate chips and after dinner made peanut butter Valentine m&m’s cookies. Think baking is done for a few days!!! One substitute I often use now is yogurt in place of milk. Makes everything from biscuits to cake so much fluffier!!!

Can’t imagine much more joy than snow and favorite books! Hoping your holiday weekend is as nice as mine is looking to be.


One thing that drives me crazy is when people open Christmas gifts or birthday presents before the actual day. In this last week of Jan. one card has arrived for me and it is obvious it is a birthday card. My friend put in quotes between my first and last name, ‘Birthday Girl’. I laughed and set it aside to open on Monday. Had also planned on making one of my favorite dinners that night, roast beef. Prime rib would be even better, but that isn’t something easily done. However, a nice roast in the crock pot is a great idea! So, went out and spent almost $50 on a roast and two spritzers and some Valentine cards that need written and mailed and an ice cream treat that was supposed to be less expensive, but the discount was for a different store. (piffle) Sadly, the kid just told me he is going shopping on Monday night and didn’t understand how come my roast beef dinner couldn’t be moved. In retrospect, it can be. Will make it on Tuesday and they can have it before they leave for their study groups. No, will not tell him it is my birthday. It is just another day of doing chores. Wasn’t planning on leaving the house again (except to mail things) til Wednesday anyway. My celebration will be drinking one of the spritzers and opening up a package I ordered from Duluth Trading Co containing a top and two skirts and the Amazon package holding a book. Have had those packages for several weeks already and not reaading that book has been driving me nuts! lol

Wednesday will be picking up stuff to cook for Little Bear’s Thursday birthday. Saw a post by a southern friend for sandwiches called ‘Po’Boys’ (interesting story. Appears ages past, owners of delis decided to feed men who were on strike, calling them poor boys. The sandwiches were large and filling). So, will make buns out of frozen bread rolls and buy large slices of roast beef (not using my roast, will need much more!) and will add fried shrimp. Although, those may need hand cooked. Which is a tad more work than anticipated. They will be surf and turf Po’ Boys without the Cajun spices! Because my personal palate is boring as dust. Will give little bear a bottle of whatever he wants to spice his own up!! He also wants cheese cake for his birthday. Which means I’ll need to make something else since Grandma doesn’t care for cheesecake and she’ll be visiting for his birthday! (will make angel cake for mine, so Little Bear can reenact the stuffing cake in the mouth scene from ‘Ground Hog Day’!)

Will also see about getting him a digital thermometer to hang outside by the rabbits. The poor things are confused. We had super warm days followed by freezing cold with snow and wind that sucked the warm right out of the air and the critters are molting like it is spring. Yet, the winter season is just starting. His 7 babies gained almost 4 pounds in a week and the mom, when he takes a youngster out to look it over, just gives him that look that says, ‘you can keep it’. They like to hop over her or sit on top of her. Reminds me of that awesome Dr. Seuss book ‘Hop on Pop’. Although, this is ‘Hop on Mom’!!!

Speaking of books, have you read anything besides ‘Tom Sawyer’ or ‘Adventures of Huck Finn’ by Mark Twain? Just started ‘Roughing It’ and have been giggling out loud almost every other page. There was a paragraph where the main character described another and said in a long hilarious sentence, ‘she rained the nine parts of speech forty days and forty nights, metaphorically speaking, and buried us under a desolating deluge of trivial gossip that left not a crag or pinnacle of rejoinder projecting above the tossing waste of dislocated grammar and decomposed pronunciation!’ Those last four words had me giggling helplessly while waiting for my eyes to get back to normal in the parking lot of the eye doctor.

Yup, did that. Visited the eye doctor and she dilated my eyes and found that they are practically the same as they were when my glasses were renewed in the fall of ’18. Which is good news, but doesn’t seem to help the headaches. Wonder if they just need adjusting. The glasses, not the eyes! At this time, it appears this old gal is absolutely healthy. With problems walking or moving the right arm or seeing. Perhaps it is really all mostly imagined and just need to realise whatever it is in my brain that is keeping me physically handicapped isn’t as important as it might be.

So, what is your favorite birthday meal and or cake??? (had an angel cake like that last one- what a mess to cut!!)

Pease porridge in the pot, 9 days old

The meme reading: ‘You can take back 2021, I’ve had the week trial version and I don’t want it.’ Is funny, and sad. At the crafting of this post, we were 9 days into the new year and it really looks like it is an older pot of porridge!

Anyone who watches the world knew that this New Year would have a lot of bits of last year hanging on. Of course, no one really knew what 45 was going to do (ideas, but nothing concrete) because if there is one thing he is absolutely predictable about, it is that he’s unpredictable. He is a wild card and loves to play it, the joker who shows up and steals the hand, and I’d better stop with card analogies because I’m better with letter games like scrabble or wordscapes (although, NOT on FB. Can’t figure out how to even start to play there, anymore!). We were aware the virus was probably going to kick in again (the Spanish Flu went underground for quite a while before returning stronger). We probably didn’t figure on Tommy Lasorda dying, even as old as he was! We also were surprised by the inflatable Christmas tree costume that most likely helped to spread Covid in a CA hospital. (Good cheer isn’t always, I reckon!)

There have been a few fun things, most of them are also from last year. An expedition in Bolivia went out looking for insects in early Dec and found several exciting new species, including a small viper in the colors of the Bolivian flag. Another reptile, Lenny, is the lizard author of a cute new cookbook called, ‘Chef Lenny: Cooking for Humans.’ And in this house, the bunnies are getting bigger and now look more like tiny rabbits than odd shaped rodents. Their ears are even sticking up, rather than staying plastered to their teeny skulls. Little Bear was annoyed at them today. He cleaned out their nest box (apparently, one is supposed to tidy their nest box at two weeks and refill it with new bedding) and the littles did not like it one bit. Two kept climbing out of the box. I wanted to tell him that when he was little, he didn’t like me cleaning up his room either, but figured he’ll learn. Speaking of babies, several friends have had grand babies born in the last few weeks (Covians? babies born from during the Covid virus). Speaking of fertility, a statue of a female figure was found in an orange grove in Mexico. No one is quite sure who she is, but leanings are towards a probable goddess of fertility or perhaps royalty. I personally LOVE her hairdo! High pig tails off the top of her head and dangling to her shoulders. Aztec Anime?

Was packing up my Christmas books and had to read a few. Love the ‘Muppets 12 Days of Christmas’ and am so very glad we had no chickens in a pine tree. (Or trees attacking!) Was also intrigued by the similarities in these two books. Granted, they are both ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, but the shiny board sort of one from 1968 was illustrated in a different sort of format and the other is an Ideals publication from 1973, with more ordinary drawings. My favorite one is the older book, it has a cool image on the cover of Santa on a roof that moves as you move the book. (It did not photograph well! Lol) It will be nice to put up Christmas décor and get out the snow stuff. We had snow very briefly on Friday night and as I was on the porch cheerily greeting the fluffy flakes, a person walking past, also audibly, seemed less than enthused. An author friend sent me a snowflake ornament with a motto and it absolutely fits!! “I Believe” in snow/winter/sparkles/ and whatever!!! Also found these spears of daffodils who need to stay in the ground, mayhap more soil should get added!!! (Just discussed that with Little Bear and he agreed). Meanwhile, I found a yummy Keto ice treat!!!

How is your 2021 shaping up?

Where am I?

One of my hardest things to do is to write without using the word ‘I’. When writing in a journal, it is well-nigh impossible to erase that tiny little word that stands so tall.  So, it is used. Often this blog is called ‘My Unfiltered Facebook’, so it is also where that word is over used. Will try to see where it can be replaced and where not!

At the moment, Oregon is going into a several week lockdown. Almost everyone is angry because it is infringing on their rights to live the way they see they should. There is no reasons for a police state. If I wat to do what I want, I should.  Americans have never been very good at following rules, which is why (in a small nutshell) we broke away from England in the first place!! The good old USA is also, as our local librarian said, ‘going bonkers’. (she is bringing me Michele Obama’s book ‘Becoming’. Which I will keep from Little Bear’s view as he detests anyone on the ‘other side’) I’m also waiting for a book, ‘Election Meltdown’ by Richard Hasen. That one looks fascinating. It intrigues me to follow our current POTUS. He’s so selfish and narcissist and it is so hard to understand why anyone trusts him. Although, one article suggested it is because he is the quintessential white guy and thus he fulfills the manliness of men. Shudder!!! Give me a man like Bond!!! (almost any of the Bond actors would be nice!)

The last weeks have been difficult. One of my dearest friends from the north unexpectedly died. The one who kept me the last night in my hometown. Who had the cool creepy glow in the dark angel that was shared a blog post or so ago. She gave me a chocolate chip cookie recipe that has been made 3 times since my return to the states. Twice since her death. Tasty little treat legacy.

Sent my sister a treasury check from the post office for her birthday, she’s not responded. In all honesty, there is a good chance she’s not checked her mail. (it is a cluster box about 20 feet from her drive) It was sent before the 4th. The house in AK had another extension filed, but yesterday sent off MORE notarized papers to the title office. By this time next week, it might be a done deal.

It has been educational. The last time a title exchange was made, with me as a participant, it was in an office and involved two of us. Most of my actions were listening and signing when told. So, a lot of this was new to me. Thank goodness for the internet!! (The Craftsman wasn’t exactly sure on many of the questions that came up, either.) One of the oddest things was something called a FedWire Routing Number. Now, on every checking account there is a routing number, had no idea they were the same for each branch AND that there was a different one for something called a wire transfer. If the wrong one was written, they’ll contact me to let me know and more pages will need faxed back and forth!! Once it is a done deal, then the power company and security company and the phone company can be notified. A relator friend reminded me to do that as soon as possible. She told me it is amazing how many people take advantage of a person who hasn’t disconnected utilities yet.

The weather here has definitely dropped into autumn. Not the vibrant dress of late summer (as in the first photo-my friend who died gave me that bra. comfy and cute), but the stark lines of almost winter. The trees have been now stripped by high winds and water is dripping from limbs like ink from too wet calligraphy. There was snow, the neighbor’s down the way had their kids build a snowman. It was about 4 and a half feet tall before it melted into the grassy sward. Perfect outdoor exercise! Building snowpeople is one of my favorite things, unless I’m under the weather. Which has been the case. Between glucose and some kind of cold and tired to bits and achy, staying inside and doing a few household chores is about it. Plus, missing my friend.

It is odd. Losing her is harder than losing mom. Granted, this lady was much nicer than mom. She helped me, commiserated with me, and encouraged me. She would also tell me grieving is important, but then, if she was here right now, she’d laugh and tell me to suck it up, buttercup and live. Ran across this quote on a pancreatic page from FB. “We are not promised tomorrow, so let’s love with all our hearts today.” It needs amended to this, “We are not promised tomorrow, so let’s live and love with all our hearts today.”


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I love to read. I read a lot of different kinds of books, I read them over and over and over, and I generally theme my reading. October is when I read Hal Bodner’s ‘Bite Club’ (a hilarious gay vampire story) and other supernatural or eerie stories. I had forgotten about a gem I’d stashed on one of my shelves and am glad I pulled it out again.

I like this book (Sirens and other Daemon Lovers) not just because it is full of fascinating short stories, or that it was edited by a favorite author, but because of the introduction. Terri spends almost 12 pages preparing the reader for a dip into the world of fantasy and eroticism. She talks about where many stories might have originated and how they evolved over time. She discusses authors and artists who dabbled in fairy where it was safe. Kind of like today where it is quite ok to show orc blood on a screen by the bucket full in a PG13, but not ok at all to show human blood. (Still not sure how Disney got away with that when Edmund was stabbed by the White Witch). Terri is educating her audience and I do hope many of those who purchased this book did read her intro. I always read everything, even the table of contents when there are words!

I think one of the best things about returning to the PNW is my library. The kitchen is in the top two, but I missed my favorite books so much! They are old friends waiting to be picked up and enjoyed once more. Friends who don’t care if my mindset isn’t of theirs. Friends who don’t say they want me to be myself while trying to mold me into their pattern. Friends I can pick up at a moment’s notice who are exactly where I left them. Friends who don’t judge or change. Friends I can escape into other worlds or countries or homes with. No wonder reading has always been so important as I grew! (yes, there are some on my ereader, but not all of my favorites!) I also can’t use my ereader in the bright sunshine, so in the picture above, I have another favorite author in my hands, Patricia Wrede.

Not fun, Fun.

This last while has been horrible in spots and not so in many others. On Wednesday afternoon, I visited the doctor and he (after poking my face—why do they do that???), determined I had a sinus infection. He did say it could also be strep, but he didn’t want to swab me if he was giving me something for sinus. He also said if it didn’t do the trick, to contact back in 10 days and they’d give me another round. (in retrospect, I wonder if I should have gotten another round after I finished the first ones before I left Oregon?) My internet is super slow and I find it difficult to do much online. (it could be my laptop, too) My glucose has been terrible, probably cuz I’m sick, and I wish I had someone to take care of me. Although, if I was in Oregon, I’d be taking care of me, anyway! (photos from Monday, when I felt ok and the inlet on Sunday)

Monday I spied SSC (Sexy Smart Cookie) at the store and he said he could come out on Saturday to help with trash. My other friend hasn’t contacted me since he took the large haul of garbage out, so I was thankful for SSC (his hair is longer, country gentleman like!). While getting my meds on Wed., I met my friend E in the parking lot and we chatted for AGES! I really miss that woman.

One of the odder things I discovered was a book. I was finally able to check out library books again on Monday. (super thankful, especially since I don’t feel good) I checked out several and one of the Mercedes Lackey novels was a surprise (I wasn’t going to get read that particular series since she still have a couple left to write and I don’t like reading an unfinished set). Anyway, the book cover isn’t one of my favorite bits to read, but I do read them because they have words and they kind of hint what might happen. Except, as you can see, this dust jacket blurb was absolutely wrong! I went to a few sites and found a quote by M. Lackey to explain it:

Because they wrote the cover blurb referencing my pitch synopsis without checking with the actual book prose. They’re stripping all the ones in the warehouse to put on corrective jackets, which means the uncorrected ones are now Collectors’ Items.

While on FB, I shared how I’d love to own this collector’s edition, a friend from college suggested I ‘forget to return the book’ and then pay for it when they asked. (have you EVER heard of anything so horrible to say to a person who considers a library sacred???)

Tuesday, I took photos of a cow moose on the other side of the lake (remember, it is a tiny lake) and later was startled to see her swimming up to her neck to get to my side! It was starting to get darker and I looked out the window and saw a funny looking dog in the water. But, it was really odd looking. Then, I discovered it was the cow. (was she moose paddling since she wasn’t a dog?) She was moving fast and with her speed and the low light on the water, the only photo I got resembles a flat Nessie. I deleted it from my camera chip.

Wednesday had a some cheerful moments (the people in the doctor’s office, texts from TnT and even Digman, and messages from Kel). Juke Box kid also texted. The trailer he is going to use to haul the boxes has wasp nests in it. He was sharing what he was going to do for their removal and I had to laugh. I do hope he doesn’t end up burning it down, that wouldn’t be useful at all!  One of my favorite surprises was the butterfly that landed on me briefly as I stepped outside. Completely thrilled me to have it stop for even a millisecond.

The feeders I fill now and again have bullies. One is a small dark junco and the other is a teen age squirrel. The junco dashes at birds as he sits in the feeder munching away and the squirrel is just munching and deters them by presence! The golden eye are now teens and have tiny wings, but go all over the place by themselves. Rarely does the mom keep them near and I’m glad the lake isn’t larger cuz they’d for sure get lost or eaten or something. Tuesday night, the moose had gone and suddenly three fast little kid fowl skittered up to where the golden eye used to perch. They didn’t stay long, but it was like they wanted to ‘go home’ for a little while!!! Birds are out and about in EO, too.  I had to laugh when The Craftsman called on Wednesday. He said he got buzzed by a barn owl! I was surprised, barn owls are predators only if the prey is the right size and a 6’2” human is NOT barn owl prey. (to be fair, The Craftsman was really surprised, too!) They are cute little birds of prey and a great deal of fun to watch. I wasn’t all that impressed with the books using them as the main characters, though. I love watching them fly, I’m also glad this didn’t happen to The Craftsman! video from Youtube:

yuck with flowers

Today I feel yucky. I think it all started last night when I was reading a highly improbable romance set in 1817. The book starts in India and moves to England. I, myself, am still on the ship with the main white character and her best friend, and native to India, handmaiden. The girls are 22 and unmarried because they’ve had so much fun being young and carefree. They are traveling to England because 4 years earlier the main character’s dad died and recently his two brothers were killed and thus the girl has inherited the title and property. The mom of this carefree, playful girl stayed in India and remarried two years after the death of her spouse, who moved his family to India 22 years earlier. He was a British government official. The girls’ clothing is entirely native, they were unable to get clothing made for them in British styles before leaving since no one made it. The two speak both Hindi and English fluently and often are found twirling around together in complete joy. The best friend is with the heiress because she is alone in India, except for a bunch of cousins. At the moment, the heiress has discovered a document stating her mother and stepfather have not only found her a chaperon while she’s getting acclimated to England, but they’ve also betrothed her to the stepfather’s son. I stopped reading to pick up a fun mystery because the girl is furious at being treated like a child and is wondering how to get out of it. I love fiction, I can wrap my head around a lot of crazy things, yet, this seems so unrealistic it annoys me. Little Bear, when I shared it with him, said it was ‘rewriting history one fiction story at a time.’ Strider was annoyed, too. But, he’s a history buff.

Meanwhile, I found a mystery series I missed when I was a kid. Penny Parker mysteries. They were written by the author who wrote Nancy Drew and I’m totally enjoying myself in this world of teens (although, I was annoyed when Penny said she didn’t ever want to be fat, cuz fat girls never had fun and the boy who wanted to play tennis with her was given the brush off cuz he had pimples. This, however, was how women were shaped by literature and later cinema. THAT was a totally fascinating read called: America’s Women: 400 years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines.)

I also managed to get outside and take more yard photos. I accidentally took a video with my new camera, too. (The buttons on the back are teeny and my finger slid onto the record button!) So, without further ado, Kris’ Oregon Yard in mid May. (there isn’t a video since I didn’t realise I had taken it until AFTER I loaded photos on the desktop.)

From top to bottom: My first iris are blooming, it has been YEARS since I’ve seen iris in bloom; a fun plant I was told is cut and come again, but I can’t find it by that name online; a super pretty petunia purchased in a pot and planted; a giant orange poppy not yet blooming; sweet woodruff herb; and a fun ‘plant’ that showed up. It is really a catnip and a CA poppy, but it looks like it is a single plant. Last of all is a lovely picture of one of my favorite flowers, a fuchsia.  The Craftsman thought it was a bleeding heart, which I would have liked, but not sure where I’d have put it.


I think I’ll go read some more of Penny’s adventures or rest. Today my throat hurts like the dickens! Have a splendid weekend and share the colors you find!


It is Good Friday today and I ran across this tune posted on FB more than twice. I figured I should share it here, too. From Youtube, Disturbed-Sound of Silence.

Looking at the numbers, there really isn’t any idea when our world will be opened up again. I laughed at the US POTUS’ thoughts on the end of April and a journalist who said something akin to ‘the virus doesn’t matter what you wish, even if you are the president.’  There is hope all around us, focus on the blessings. Kamal wrote about bread and butter in a post today. I absolutely appreciate it.  Are we going to accept the blessings around us and let them soak into us or just allow them to sit on top of our lives? I think I’ll focus on the warm bread and melting butter blessings. (you really should look at the link to get the whole story!)

Like last night. I was so tired at dinner. Worn out and aching and just plumb tired. My chest and throat were hurting again and I didn’t want to do anything. Dinner was late, The Craftsman was out shopping and everything was ready, but we were waiting. Then, the doorbell rang. It was a friend of mine who had stopped earlier and discussed cookies. She had in her hands a portion scoop (cookie scoop) and she gave it to me. I was humbled and startled and almost cried. Little Bear was very impressed, “It looks just like the one you had, but the gears aren’t stripped and it isn’t broken!” He was right, it was exactly like the one that scooped its last scoop several weeks ago. Blessing!!!!!

Another find on FB today was this gem I’m going to use. And number 4 will be with a book. Oddly, the Easter orders I made almost last are here and the one I made first a while ago is still wandering its way across the country. On the other hand, one of the items here is a companion book to the one I just finished and can’t get at the library!! Hooray!! MORE blessings!



Bits and Bobs

In light of the recent posts I’ve made, I have decided to share pictures of different things that have been done here and there. First, I am showing off a contraption I may use maybe once or twice a year..if at all. Earlier, in February, I shared some pictures of projects The Craftsman was making. This was a wooden piece on a lathe, later cut apart. It is now a holder for an angel food cake. When you bake one of these cakes, it is supposed to be cooled upside down and it is difficult to find a proper sized item to suspend it. So, one was made out of a section of black walnut. (Granted, it isn’t done yet, but it is almost finished!) I liked the shorter one since it fits in the cake pan to store.

The second project made was from recycled wood. It  holds all my hook earrings, not the ones with posts. (those are in a compartmentalized box) The black plastic mesh isn’t as helpful as I thought-it looks good, but it is difficult to see the earrings. I’m not going to change it, although I was told it would be easy. Removing all those earrings would be annoying!

As I mentioned previously, growing things are everywhere! I need to trim this kerria japoinica, it has been left alone for too many years and is literally out of control. It has lovely tiny rose like yellow flowers all over it in later spring. (I’ll be gone by then)


Speaking of out of control, Little Bear was given a tiny cacti while in High School. It has literally grown into something you might find on Loony Tunes!! (The Craftsman planted the odd looking little things at the base)

Along the walk, I’ve planted bulbs. Some are the most adorable daffs, they are known as Tete-a-Tete’s. They are a smaller flower, but some of them are VERY tiny!!! (yes, I once lived in Tillamook, where they make cheese and ice cream!)

I did pick some regular sized daffodils. They were facing the house and annoyed me. I much prefer flowers facing the public!!! The crocus are looking incredible, finally. I might need to pick some because it is supposed to snow and rain this weekend. Which will turn the poor flowers to mush. (I mentioned this elsewhere, but mushing is what is going to happen this next weekend. Go, Iditarod!!!)

Last, but  not least, it was warm enough to read outside. Unfortunately, I forgot that an Ereader isn’t as easy to read in bright sunshine! No matter, I had a hard back book, with me as well. Also, thankfully, there is only one sick person in town. The other two were released after intensive checking. The casino is open again and, hopefully, the cycle won’t continue…hopefully.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my world of cooking, bling, gardens, and books!


Embracing Words

March 2 is the birthday of the doctor who prescribed books to a tiny kindergartner in Homer, AK. Chatting with blogging and facetime folks, many of us who were born in the latter part of the 60’s learned from something new called educational TV. The Public Broadcasting System was reaching out to children and a generation was caught. (I’m going to borrow heavily from YouTube)

Sesame Street taught me my letters (and numbers, but they weren’t as important. Sorry, Count!).

The Electric Company taught me how those letters worked (I am sure they also did numbers, but I can’t remember!).

School House Rock taught quite a few word things (and about the Bill on Capitol Hill). I’ve never forgotten this song!

Mr. Rogers, bless the dear man, taught me kindness and social skills. Then, I met Dr. Seuss when I was 5 going on 6 (or thereabouts). From him, I learned I didn’t need to wait for an adult to read to me. I could do it myself! The Doctor’s birthday is ‘Read Across America Day’ and this next week heralds Read an E-book week. I think the Doctor would smile.


I read a lot. Wordsmiths mean a great deal to me. The characters and stories and thoughts hid me during a tumultuous childhood, they have been my friends throughout my life seasons, and they teach me every time I open up pages to fall into their worlds again.

One of my favorite books (yes, I say this often) is ‘A Touch of Wonder’ by Arthur Gordon. I decided to take it off my headboard this month and was changed once more. It is full of short thought pieces of his life that encourage us to find and recognize wonder. He often writes about his journey as a writer. In one section he shares an encounter he had when he was a kid with an older man who he only knew as ‘the Teacher’. The man was sick, but gave of himself to a grubby boy who liked to fish. He told that kid, “Words..just little black marks on paper. Just sounds in empty air. But think of the power they have! They can make you laugh or cry, love or hate, fight or run away. They can heal or hurt. Rhythm..life is full of it; words should have it. listen to the waves on a quiet night; you’ll pick  up the cadence. Look at the patterns the wind makes in dry sand and you’ll see how syllables in a sentence should fall…But, the magic he taught wasn’t confined to words; he had a way of generating in me an excitement about things I had always taken for granted. He night point to a bank of clouds. ‘Colors are not enough. Look for towers and drawbridges. Look for dragons and griffins and strange and wonderful beasts.’


This is also something I learned from the Doctor. To see something no one else does. It often identifies me as quirky and odd and on the other hand, it gives me a view beyond myself. I often talked to this tall guy on the lake near mom’s. I wave at him from the kayak. I’m always looking to see if he made it through another winter. No one else sees him, it doesn’t matter. He exists in my world and that is enough.