Annoying Tech

Well, am not sure about this. After a ton of research, I purchased a chromebook and by golly, it is NOT what I thought it was going to be like. About the best thing, so far, is being able to type easily! (which is one of the main reasons new technology was needed) However, at this time anything in photos will most likely need stored in a storage thingy. (VERY useful word. Not like a ding-a-ling, but handy! NOTE: that reminds me of a favorite song of my dad’s where a ding-a-ling is handy, but I digress…) Apparently google is removing any future storage features for pictures. Finally figured out how to work offline on documents (hopefully!), so that is also a good thing. Nose crinkle. This may not have spell checker and I will need to see if that is only online or is something I can download for free. Reckon a great many words will need fixed once I go back online! (Funny story from college. A friend was using one of those fancy spell checking typewriters and he was furious at how often the thing beeped at him. He knew he was spelling certain words correctly since he had carefully copied them down, but the machine didn’t like them. Finally had to tell him he was typing up a paper for a biology class and most of the words he wanted to use were not in the machine’s ‘vocabulary’.) 

One of the things that makes me so mad about this machine is how it is so different from my old laptop with chromebook tendencies. Differences I didn’t discover until getting it sorted. Oh well, change is a good thing. Or so we are often told!! This one also doesn’t have backlit keys, that feature was on the machine I was looking for that the man in the store insisted wasn’t available and that this one would do all of the same things.(stupid salesperson!! They also sold me a device I’m returning and ordering online. A kind of usb SD contraption.) Did learn the HP Chromebook x360 has several different models and the one I ended up with is NOT what I was looking for. Seriously wanted the other keyboard!  

Used mom’s kindle to find information on how to use this new tech and discovered an article that made me laugh. Basically, the author didn’t like how technology often makes you ‘play in their garden with their toys’. Apple, Kindle, Google, and more do exactly that. You need their apps and their storage and each of those things usually cost. As Little Bear once said, ‘Why would I pay for storage when I can put what I want in a device of my own and use it from there? It is like paying for a mini storage unit downtown that I only need a couple of things from a few boxes.’ Then, I remembered something the kid said about how the US pays for more storage units in a year than they spend at Mc Donald’s and Starbucks combined!!! My Samsung cell phone that doesn’t always work has the storage full because it has a stupid google storage for photos and then the Samsung photos as well. If you delete the ones in the google app, you also end up losing the ones in the other app. Their garden, their toys. Piffle. 

Also have tried finding videos to assist me and the first one I chose was obviously from a person who works for Chromebook. He gave 10 tips on how to use your new Chromebook that basically boiled down to each tip being, ‘it is super simple, just try it and see if it works’ for anything from usb devices to navigation inside the device. He did make sure to reiterate how important it was to have a gmail address. Not sure what term he called it, but he implied the address was like it was a passport to anything you will do or need on a chromebook. So, in light of just trying it, the single usb port does work with my aged mouse and the photos on thumb drives. (the chromebook I’d thought I wanted had more ports, too.

Will close this rant out with the song that used to make my dad laugh. YouTube to the rescue, again. (Chuck Berry has a lot of fun with this song during this ’72 show.)

The Zeigarnik Effect

brown puzzle pieces

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I’d not heard of this before. It’s me. Not always, but often. Especially with Alaska. I need to get the house empty and sold. Having it empty in an out of the way place is like being abandoned. I have so many things I’ve brought back to work on, yet they aren’t grabbing me. It isn’t cuz they aren’t interesting, it is more cuz the first parts need done before I can focus on the latter. (Also cuz I’ve not felt good) The Zeigarnik effect is mentioned in a lot of places, I’ll link only one of them here. It is a rabbit tunnel and I’m already in Wonderland!

Thursday was a crazy day. I have had a hard time concentrating on things, remembering things, and it is NOT because of being home. (As most of you know, I’m always home by myself..except during dinner and a few other times!) Wednesday I’d made an appointment for Thursday afternoon and blithely drove off to the first one in the morning. OK, it wasn’t blithely. I have had headaches the last few days and was so tired and it was super windy and the Escape was difficult to keep on the road and I drove slower than the speed limit cuz I forgot where the 55mph was on my vehicle and went 52. (many people were mad and passed me going at least 65) The first appointment was physical therapy for my sore neck. It hurt worse after getting some electronic shocks and heat. I was given some small movements to practice and told I need to have my neck manually moved 3 times a week. (YIKES!) After discussion with The Craftsman, we realised we cannot afford this for 4 weeks or more. So, after next Tuesday, I’ll put it on hold indefinitely.

Then, I got home at 1130, took a 15 min nap, and left after lunch for the second appointment in the other direction. Except, when I arrived at 130, I was 2 hours late. They squished me in anyway. That was with my endocrinologist. She got me hooked up with a new primary doctor and had blood drawn (that was by appoint only, the appt was for 430) and told me my HA1C was (for me, here in the US) a good 7.2.

When I got back to the house, I had to rush to make dinner since I’d planned on being home earlier. The Craftsman called and I felt bad that I couldn’t chat with him, it was ok, though. Dinner was remarkably good (pork chops cooked in tomato juice and rice).

Then the Type 1 Science Experiment started again.


When I opened up my new insulin pen, it was totally different than the other ones. Today I learned the company makes two kinds of the same thing. Sort of like a 1 liter bottle and a 2 liter bottle of Diet Pepsi. However, the pharmacy said to toss the new pen away (I’d used it) and they’d replace it. THEN, I needed new syringes (I use both syringes and pens) and when The Craftsman brought them home, I had to go online to find out how to use them. They are not anything like the ones I’ve been using! All in all, I’m tired of Diabetes.

No one came home for dinner, so I had half a Luna bar and a fried egg. Little Bear went to McD’s and The Craftsman..I’m not sure where he ate. Today I did put the rest of my wrapped marbles in the fence (OK, I still have 3..mostly cuz the holes in the fence are larger and I need a different idea to make those shine…ohhhhhhh, maybe super glue holding together hanging mirrored bits!) and I picked iris and two of the BIG poppies that are blooming and some of the red whatever they are flowers for the kitchen window. I spoke to a fun lady who just moved from Juneau, AK and texted TnT. I will focus more on The Zeignarnik Effect later..maybe I’ll go and read a bit or make cookies again. Or more than likely, both!!!!!!  Photos by the kid AGES ago:

yuck with flowers

Today I feel yucky. I think it all started last night when I was reading a highly improbable romance set in 1817. The book starts in India and moves to England. I, myself, am still on the ship with the main white character and her best friend, and native to India, handmaiden. The girls are 22 and unmarried because they’ve had so much fun being young and carefree. They are traveling to England because 4 years earlier the main character’s dad died and recently his two brothers were killed and thus the girl has inherited the title and property. The mom of this carefree, playful girl stayed in India and remarried two years after the death of her spouse, who moved his family to India 22 years earlier. He was a British government official. The girls’ clothing is entirely native, they were unable to get clothing made for them in British styles before leaving since no one made it. The two speak both Hindi and English fluently and often are found twirling around together in complete joy. The best friend is with the heiress because she is alone in India, except for a bunch of cousins. At the moment, the heiress has discovered a document stating her mother and stepfather have not only found her a chaperon while she’s getting acclimated to England, but they’ve also betrothed her to the stepfather’s son. I stopped reading to pick up a fun mystery because the girl is furious at being treated like a child and is wondering how to get out of it. I love fiction, I can wrap my head around a lot of crazy things, yet, this seems so unrealistic it annoys me. Little Bear, when I shared it with him, said it was ‘rewriting history one fiction story at a time.’ Strider was annoyed, too. But, he’s a history buff.

Meanwhile, I found a mystery series I missed when I was a kid. Penny Parker mysteries. They were written by the author who wrote Nancy Drew and I’m totally enjoying myself in this world of teens (although, I was annoyed when Penny said she didn’t ever want to be fat, cuz fat girls never had fun and the boy who wanted to play tennis with her was given the brush off cuz he had pimples. This, however, was how women were shaped by literature and later cinema. THAT was a totally fascinating read called: America’s Women: 400 years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines.)

I also managed to get outside and take more yard photos. I accidentally took a video with my new camera, too. (The buttons on the back are teeny and my finger slid onto the record button!) So, without further ado, Kris’ Oregon Yard in mid May. (there isn’t a video since I didn’t realise I had taken it until AFTER I loaded photos on the desktop.)

From top to bottom: My first iris are blooming, it has been YEARS since I’ve seen iris in bloom; a fun plant I was told is cut and come again, but I can’t find it by that name online; a super pretty petunia purchased in a pot and planted; a giant orange poppy not yet blooming; sweet woodruff herb; and a fun ‘plant’ that showed up. It is really a catnip and a CA poppy, but it looks like it is a single plant. Last of all is a lovely picture of one of my favorite flowers, a fuchsia.  The Craftsman thought it was a bleeding heart, which I would have liked, but not sure where I’d have put it.


I think I’ll go read some more of Penny’s adventures or rest. Today my throat hurts like the dickens! Have a splendid weekend and share the colors you find!

You can’t choose your relatives

I’m annoyed with my sister. But, let me go back in time a bit..I woke up feeling a bit better. I have a sore throat, but not much dizziness. Definite confusion, still, otherwise ok. The bumps on Moses’s back were apparently pus filled goo balls and broke, he’s feeling more himself as well!!! (Trying to keep him off of blankets and away from laps and bedding is a chore!!) I decided to make chocolate chocolate chip cookies today and in the middle my sister calls.

photo of man siting on the ground

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I don’t know where she was calling from, probably work. The pool is closed, but not for employees who are cleaning. Anyway, she called to tell me she sold mom’s new in box seam binding machine. She reminded me she had gotten it last fall before I left to sell on Ebay, but hadn’t done so. Now,  it is something everyone wanted. She sold it for $100 to a friend who will pay her when she gets paid. (which I can only hope happens) Then, she proceeds to tell me she needs to ask the guys in my family how to get the goat taste out of goat hamburger. I reminded her they’d never had anything to do with goat and deer wasn’t quite the same. (I guess since it was not from a store red meat, they were supposed to know what to do) I suggested going online and she said that wasn’t any help, apparently you are supposed to castrate male goats before butchering (the faith they follow doesn’t allow them to castrate anything.) Anyway, she then said wild goats that are killed aren’t castrated first. My imagination went wild with the picture of folks scrambling around in the hills in cammo trying to castrate goats months before culling them from the herds.

While I was trying to continue to make cookies, travel came up. I told her I’d canceled my first ticket, but would most likely be up sometime in May. She postulates that I’d need to go into quarantine and others would have to bring me groceries and meals. I told her the rules for AK travel were in review and I was pretty sure by the end of May, rules for travel and quarantine would be changed. I did say that right now things were slowly opening up and while a week ago you couldn’t travel to ANC if you lived in Wasilla to get groceries, yesterday several restaurants were seating folks tables apart and she did take her teen to homeschooling PE riding lessons.  Jake, “my friend in Cordova has shopped at the ANC Costco all this time.” My response was she’d broken the rules. Jake didn’t like that a stateside person seemed to know rules. Then, she breezily stated, ‘well, we’ll figure something out.” Jake hasn’t gone out to the house but once since I left last fall and why on earth would I have her help me or bring me meals?? She had trouble bringing Mom and I meals or to wash laundry when we were staying 10 miles closer to her house than usual!!! Not to mention, last summer she came out rarely! Sheesh. She ended the conversation with laughter with people in the background and that she had to go.

However, I have an appointment in a little bit (I’ve not driven in several weeks!!) and the sun is shining and the starlings are stealing all the suet from the woodpecker’s snack bar!! (I’ll share my photos when I get back from my appointment)

black and green humming bird perched on wood branch

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The end of the beginning

It is the end of January. The month opened with the promise of a blank 365 days to fill and learn and grow in. We’ve already enjoyed almost 31 days of this new year and not a lot looks much different from previous ones!

Little Bear has determined he wants an ordinary birthday cake this year (two layer chocolate-which made me laugh, I very rarely make a two layer cake!) because many other years had cakes that were labor intensive. (he was right!) He also said a nice gift would be no party (last year we had quite a few visit, in spite of the new snow that fell that day). He has also thought a bit about joining a shooting and fishing club near here, he has actually investigated it online and so his thinking is a bit more proactive than usual! (If he can manage to part with $100 for fees to be around other people, I’m of the mind this is a good idea)

My therapy is going ok. I may not do the twice a week since each visit is $40 and I can take what he’s teaching me out of the germ infested facility (it is a very busy spot with people of every age and health) into my own house. My recent visit was definitely interesting. First, I had to find it. Last time I got turned around inside the center. This time, I got turned around trying to get into the parking lot! To be fair, the sign is visible driving up the hill, unfortunately, I was looking for it from the other direction!


Once inside, I shared more information on my sore arm and leg and the therapist started working on me. He gently pulled my right arm and pressed on the shoulder. He called it shaking loose the rust inside. It felt amazing! In fact, it didn’t hurt as much as usual for almost 40 minutes. I was rather impressed. After the appointment, I thought I’d check my glucose before driving off in the dark (lately, driving in the dark is more difficult for me than it has been previously. It seems to get worse every year. A good reason to NOT live in the land of my soul!!). I was fortunate I checked. It was very low. Thankfully, I had stopped at the store before going to my appointment, where I had purchased those cute little fruits about the size of my breasts (probably not, but they must be close!). The oranges are super easy to peel, another good thing when a glucose is low and one is less than coordinated! (the blog highlighted is an old one of mine-I ditched weebly for WP)

I have an appointment for Friday, but don’t think I’ll make it to that one. I was going to do both therapy visits this week, but while I was low my cell rang. It was the bank. Looking back, I realise I was confused not just cuz my glucose was low. I had just visited the bank. I wanted to set up an appointment for next week. I had told the lady with the sticky note and pen who wrote notes that I was unavailable the rest of that day, but Wednesday would be a good day to call and I gave her times. I gave them the landline number and blithely went off, confident I’d get it sorted the next day. The baker and I ended up getting the appointment for Friday, three and a half hours before my PT appointment. Color me unimpressed! I wish I could visit the Alaska bank.

The worst thing that happened this week could have been a lot worse than it was. As Little Bear and Strider said, ‘Dad gave himself a new project.’ I was talking to Strider on the phone, The Craftsman was in the bathroom getting ready to shower. I heard the water start, a crashing sound, then silence. After a short bit, I told the eldest and he said to check. We both heard an aggravated, clipped response of, “I’m Fine.” Well, after being around mum for so long, fine is not a word I appreciate. Thankfully, he really was ok, but somehow his wet foot on the edge of the tub slipped off and struck the inside of the tub. He’s darn lucky he didn’t hamstring himself or slice something important. Bathrooms are a very dangerous location in a house. Always keep a towel with you—especially if you need covered up! (carrying a towel is from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) I’m incredibly thankful we didn’t have to rescue that 6’2” guy from the floor (so is his youngest!).  (you can see the crack running up and down alongside the yardstick I added for perspective)


Writing of bathrooms and needing to fix them reminds me of some pictures I was sent. My good friend, TnT, just finished tiling a shower area. I wish he was here, isn’t this lovely?

A Tech Plan?

Written at 1 in the morning on an incredibly blustery night. You know, during the time between dusk and dawn in the witching hour when thoughts wander and light on solutions that may or may not be logical because wind makes me nervous and I have to have something to do besides fret under blankets!

(The above is one of my favorite scenes from The Princess Bride. YouTube is wonderful about finding bits and pieces to share, the book is also excellent!!)

As I sit here in the darkened living room beginning to cool down from daytime furnace temps, I shiver while I contemplate not having a certain book to finish. In this late hour, I realized I can do what Fezzik and Inigio did. I can go back to the beginning. (So to speak.) Let me sum up and hope I make sense:

I have always wanted technology and managed quite a bit with the family desktop. Then, in 2014, a good friend purchased me my laptop. It was an amazing gift that transported me all over the net. (in spite of the odd screen glitch that has half of it slightly off color and wavy!) Around that time, another friend gave me her old kindle. (I had wanted one of those for quite some time!) In addition to these two incredible tools, I had a trac phone cell phone. It was a flip phone, but I was pretty good at texting via the alphabet keys! I used these devices a lot. Then, Amazon stopped supporting the older Kindles. (I recently learned, the devices can still be used in a roundabout way. You download documents to your computer and then load them to your kindle! Thus, giving lip service to the ‘we still support older models of Kindle’.) I sorely missed being able to get new books to read, yet enjoyed the ones I had.

In December 2016, I gained a more modern cell phone (because the one I had wasn’t working in the area of AK I was in) and then the iPad. They were godsends in so many ways. Yet, at this time in my life, I really only need the cell phone.  As much as I love my hand me down iPad, I don’t exactly need it. I can reluctantly mothball the technology until I can afford to get it fixed. I have mom’s kindle here at the house and can ustilise that for several of the things I did with the iPad. (NOTE: A person can have up to 6 devices linked to a single email for kindle. I won’t need that many and can decommission the oldest one.) I might even be able to load on a few games, in spite of their quirkiness! (not that ridiculous word one..although, I’ve gotten through so many levels on the IPad, perhaps I can fly through them on a kindle!!). The kindle is made for documents and I’ll just not download my naughtier books. At least not all of them!!!! Maybe I’ll keep some of the more innocuous titles and authors. Definitely Aiken. (LOVE that author!!) For the majority of the social media, I will go back to using the laptop. I will not worry about losing the things on the iPad. I will try to see if I have the photos elsewhere and put them in a different method of saving and hope those I can’t are not lost for good. With the documents, I am working with One Note. It appears they don’t like something in my identification. I’ve sent them an email and we’ll see what happens next. I absolutely will miss Facetime and Skype. Although, I’ve not used them in months, I still like that option! Skype on my laptop is dubious. Workable, but not as efficient as it might be. I’m not sure about apps with the Kindle.

I don’t like Amazon as much as Apple when it comes to devices (Apple is more close mouthed with its technology, allowing a user to be more private!), but gift horses should not be looked at in the mouth. You never know what you might find!

nature animal horses icelandic horses

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Presents are wonderful things and I’ve gotten many I’ve taken care of, while using them thoroughly. I’m truly a fortunate person. (and speaking of gifts, the two I ordered for Little Bear’s birthday have arrived. They aren’t needed til the 4th! I was thinking I’d ask for purple hued duct tape for mine. I do not like mom’s hot pink kindle cover and duct tape might help make it more Kris. I might even use some stickers I’ve got around.) 

So, reading this over in the waning afternoon light before it is time to make dinner once more (what is that with always needing to feed people????), I think this is a doable idea. Especially since Microsoft sent me an email saying I could log into my account, but it is still locked. (I even tried to communicate with a ‘person’ and had to log in only to be blocked cuz of the account being locked!!) I also picked up more books from the library. Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Tales and Tamora Pierce’s Alanna quartet. The other ‘Witcher’ ones are on reserve…Hooray for books!!!

woman lying on area rug reading books

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Techno burbling

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It appears I cannot access this blog via my ipad at the moment. So, I am not ignoring anyone or pretending only my own words are most important. I’ll need to post and comment with a desktop or my laptop til things are sorted again.

The problem is with too many addresses. I have a couple of blogs on WP, two use one email address and this one has a different one. I use the app for the other two blogs and always signed on and off to work with ATKblog. Unfortunately, the choice was taken from me and I”m annoyed. I did contact the ipad app spot, I can’t contact any of the Happiness Engineers for WP, every time I tried to send my queries, the site crashed!!!

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I have explained my dilemma, thusly. I have three skirts I wear. Two are everyday sorts of things, I keep them in a drawer and pull them out as needed. My third skirt needs a hanger, so it is kept in a closet. Unfortunately, I’m now told I need a new wardrobe, since my closet is locked. (yes, I was told to make another account!) It is seriously hampering my fashion sense!!!!!

At any rate, I had a great cat post, but it is all on my ipad! lol My camera has a battery that went dead (did you know there is a DATE battery for point and shoot cameras???? I was completely unimpressed.). So, I don’t have any cat photos on my laptop that are ‘new’. Little Bear is on the desktop where some new photos are (he’s been wrestling with taxes, I think it is a bit funny. He does not!). So, I’ll leave you with a cute one I did NOT take and link you to Garfield Hug’s Miffy Poses.

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Outside Cat Nips

If the pull of the outside world is strong, there is also a pull towards the human. The cat may disappear on its own errands, but sooner or later, it returns once again for a little while, to greet us with its own type of love. ~Lloyd Alexander

Being outside is lovely in spring. The air is mostly warm and there are so many things rushing to put on their festive dress. The daffodils open golden trumpets to announce the season and there is so much to do!!!

For cats, it seems sleeping and hanging around in sunshine is their favorite thing. Although, I have discovered some cat antics I could do without!!! Maxwell T. Silverstone does not like a litter box. (Granted, Kila used to ambush him when he was in it and that must have been disconcerting! But, he didn’t like them before. Maybe because he was born in a barn?) At any rate, he prefers to go outside. On grass, in dirt, it doesn’t matter. EWWWW. One of my forays outside left me with a less than favorable feeling toward this aging feline! Weeding and digging in dirt is not fun with pet waste around.

Then, on Tuesday morning, EARLY, I was confronted with another annoying response to warmer weather. It had sprinkled outside, but Moses left the house to wander the neighborhood. He arrived back in with a meowouthful. (Literally!) Whenever he finds prey, he announces it by talking with his mouth full. I tossed that damn, thankfully dead, rodent outside no less than 5 times before finally getting the pet door locked properly. He eventually devoured it in front of the door. He was going to commence his crunching and munchings on the mat in front of the door upstairs. I was happier it was outside the back door on the cement. (Much easier to clean than a rug!) I was so darn glad I was still awake. CATS!

Then, the critters do something sweet and are lovable all over again! Are not Mitten’s whiskers beautiful in this photo??? (She’s outside in the window box that was made for Kila.)

One week and……

One week and I’m about ready to leave mom’s ashes in the back seat til spring. I’m so mad at that woman. But, there is some light out there! Let me ‘splain. (I got this far on Monday and then was distracted and went to bed!)

I knew I needed a shower. I knew it wasn’t all that chilly outside yet, so yup. I boiled a pot of water and got some cooler liquid and proceeded to first melt a plastic container. It was fascinating, but I determined the cooler water was pretty darn important! Then, I got a washcloth and a small towel and pulled the shower curtain of fog around me and scrubbed myself off. It was lovely and I need to figure out how to wash my hair, but alas, Tuesday was a bit more nippy!

After I did that, I opted to call Bank of America. I’m stating their name because I would never ever recommend having them as a company. I had about 30 spare minutes and spent 20 of them on hold waiting for someone to interrupt their repeated messages. ‘Thank you for holding. In order to protect your privacy, please have your account information available.’ ‘At Bank of America your informational security is of the utmost importance. Please have your account information available prior to speaking with our representative for authentication purposes.’ I’ve now been on hold with them for longer than 40 min total, I cannot reach anyone without them hanging up on me for not giving them the right answers to their automated question (‘I need to cancel my mom’s card because she has died’ isn’t an answer they have on their list). Even if I do give them the proper information, they just put me on hold. I am in a new loop of life. It is called ‘Holding Rage.’ Similar to road rage, but less public. I’d just let them go hang, but this card of mom’s has fees like crazy! I finally hung up on these people and thought I’d try later (I have left a message with their FB messenger, I don’t expect it to help, but whatever.).

The lawyer of my first appointment told me to not touch anything in the house (beyond the dog and foodstuffs and the like) until I speak to mom’s tax consultant. I was told to not do a thing to the septic, either. There may be an issue with that section of government. Alas, the lovely lady won’t return from vacation until just after mom’s service. After thorough thought, I think I’ll see how much it will cost to get the septic done and have them do it. It is kind of important no matter where the house ends up! (And I really do not want to climb into the sandy hole on a ladder with a sharp instrument of a kind I’ve only used once to play in sewage myself!) The other things, it doesn’t matter. I did hope to send my niece’s necklace back with her or send some of mom’s lighthouse collection away when people come to her memorial service, but at the rate things are going, few people may attend. No matter. The place and everything else is paid for. (Mom is in the container with dad and I’ll send the first set to Minnesota for my aunt to take care of. I’ll do some here and the rest in Homer or in the Inlet. NOTE: I do admit, I did leave her in the backseat for several hours. If dad hadn’t been with her…….)

The Craftsman and Little Bear didn’t manage to get their deer yet. Little Bear is still up in the woods today, but, as I was told, there is next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They still have not gotten tickets to come up. I’m not thinking anything concerning their visiting and if I can’t get a working septic, I don’t want them here. Off the grid is kind of fun, but as it gets colder, I do prefer modern conveniences. There is a local pool where I can shower, at $6 a shower and I’m seriously going to go in and do that tomorrow morning before my dental appointment! (different thought: I was sad cuz I hadn’t heard from anyone all day and it was almost 930, Oregon time. I called and crossed a call from my husband. Later, I found The Craftsman had been home a while, but showered, ate, and visited his mom. Calling me was next!)

During the day, I had some lovely visits with different professional people. Mom’s obituary got sorted (I still think it needs tweaked, but after an early-for me-morning phone call, opted to let it stand.) and her service is now organized (mostly). It will be on the 13th because we need to have time for people to travel in, if they so desire. Jake’s eldest will be coming up for the weekend. I was able to meet with TnT and received encouraging messages via email and text. (Podman shared that Monday was National Hair Day. I had mind down, but today it is up, since it needs a wash!) I also used the Oregon account to get a few groceries, so I have some things in the fridge now. (one item didn’t get put in my bag, but I will go and get it on Wednesday.) I did get Tillamook ice cream and ate way too much. I know remember why my family prefers it! There was a moose right outside the house eating rose hips last night. I noticed there are only a couple of the fruits left, so this particular gal will be free from colds for a while! (I was able to get a photo of a moose that hangs around one of the churches out here, I reckon she was eating hips, too!)


I lost the number I was given to call for a dig and I have decided to not cancel mom’s main phone or her internet til I am actually out of the house. The internet is sort of important in this day and age.  I also need to check on mom’s bank account. It appears money was deposited and I need to not spend it. Mostly cuz she’s gone and will most likely be removed. All in all, I am back to hanging with Doris. What will be, will be. Besides, it is difficult to manage my own flamingos when the course is fraught with stray balls and wickets! (this thought was in a previous post.)

I’m having a great deal of trouble walking in mom’s shoes. No wonder she left them on the front porch.


Instant Everything

Yup, all my fears were for naught. I’m going with instant everything. (do you know how many things in existence that are instant??? Least favorite, potatoes. Mashed potatoes need to made from real tubers. But, I digress!)

Thursday was awful, in many ways. (I’m still looking at it with dismay!) After I changed mum, I took her to the eye doctor. She was being all busy and slamming things around, she even put in her new teeth. I am pretty sure she would not have gone anywhere if the choice would have been hers. (Ignoring doctor visits is not a choice for her.) Once there, she was feeling quite well again. Although, her fitting started to leak. He prescribed new glasses. (she better live a lot longer, she’s getting lots of new things to help her with day to day life!) However, mum wasn’t too thrilled with the choices, nor was I. Glasses styles are now veering towards the cat eye or 70’s look again. I think that is silly. If I like a pair of glasses, I should be able to get the ones I want. Not ones that are in style! So, she did not get any yet. In a few weeks, the office will have new choices and she’ll go back in and look those over. After that, mum went shopping.

I waited in the car for almost an hour and she finally came out in a snit. Without any bags. It appears she wasn’t able to write a check and her credit card was denied. I couldn’t get much out of her, but went in and got her purchases. (They had been put aside because mom said her daughter would be in to get them.) Almost 70 dollars and most of it was just stuff. Lights for her garden and a sewing pattern for doll clothes and other junk she does not need. She was so mad, I get this, I’d have been mad, too! She hates depending on me to do things for her.

Anyway, the nurse arrived before mum finished lunch and I was able to chat with her about my fears. The gal is new and moved up to AK to fill in for 13 weeks from somewhere in the south. She said she had gone hiking and loved it. We reminded her to be very careful and take a firearm. Bears in spring have been known to kill. She was surprised at our insistence and said we were scaring her. Good! She did say, after she got in her car to leave, she saw a momma bear and two cubs in the road.

I talked to her about mum’s tummy. In pancreatic cancer (and in other illnesses) a health issue called Ascites can develop. This is a buildup of fluid in the abdomen from somewhere. Anyway, the nurse looked her over and said, for now, she looks good. She did say, that could change in a week. The hardness is there, but don’t worry and keep an eye on it. (My FIL had that happen a couple of times and needed ‘drained’. It was horrible. I do not want to have mum go thru that!) So, I was incredibly relieved to find out my worries were just that, a bunch of mountains made of mole hills. As if I need to add more troubles to a world who hands them out on a regular basis!

What do you do when you worry? I was so thankful after the nurse visited, I went out and got ice cream and read a book!


Friday morning, I woke mum again at 430 am. And needed to change another fitting. This time, I went straight back to sleep! (I was really very tired from yesterday.)