Left Behind-long post!

I didn’t realise how I left any readers hanging. I’m sorry. The lady did eventually arrive from the thrift store..mostly. She came and was planning to come back and couldn’t. I had to leave the organ for someone else to take care of for me! I did get rid of the rest of mom’s ashes. (Strider said I should have captioned them, ‘So long, and thanks for all the fish!’ They are the cloud in the middle photo) And then we reached the rest of the weekend.

Since my last post, I’ve returned to the Lower 48 and left my soul behind. I have been constantly busy to tears, absolutely confused, and frustrated. However, there have been a few amusing incidents here and there!

Those last days up north, I spent doing errands and cleaning. I managed to visit one set of friends and completely missed out on another since I didn’t do laundry (the last two times I had, this friend was busy). I packed dirty clothes in plastic bags to bring back! I took an old computer in to be taken apart and destroyed, I purchased a new set of shoes (since I couldn’t get a tattoo or anything that took time, I got Alaskan footwear! These are deck shoes or cuff boots), unloaded a ton of stuff from the shop at the hazardous waste day at the landfill, and saw this moose. Sunday was busy, but I did make sure to do visiting.

My last day out north was horrid. I am so glad I did my Sunday evening visit, but it made Monday both harder and easier. I also finally realized why my sister didn’t help me like the neighbors. My sister ‘wasn’t going to get anything out of it’, so it wasn’t her responsibility to help me do something she’d not have a gain from. I do give her a portion of the cash I make from selling things, but legally, the house is in my name.

At any rate, Monday I was in tears most of the day because I had so much to do, I cleaned the shop and the garage and the upstairs, and was absolutely aching with pain in my body and in my soul. I left the house mostly done, but not done like it should have been. That night I stayed with a friend and cried the whole way into my teddy bear. Until I spied the moose off the side of the road on a certain bend in the road. Then, I was less bawling and more just tears. The lady was a blessed friend who had driven me north last fall. I used her shower and a most amazing bed that was right next to a giant window without curtains overlooking trees and the inlet. Granted, it was pitch black out, but I could hear the wind and the water and see stars above me when I looked up! There was also an interesting piece of décor. I was decidedly startled when I turned off the lights! The lady is fairly religious, so I had no clue why a glowing creepy thing was in the room. Once I turned on the light again, I laughed and had to take photos! I also got a recipe for a cookie she calls ‘Princess cookies’. (cookies based on a recipe from Disneyland) They are quite good!

The next day I was driven to ANC. Driven is right! Get in the rig and go. I could barely move when we finally stopped at the place I was being dropped off at! I spent the day with another friend and we went to jewelry stores. I learned a great deal, didn’t make much cash, but the education was priceless. The lovely watch I asked mom for before she died was worth a great deal more than I was told by the person who wanted to buy it from me for 250-300$. (like a couple of thousand dollars more!) The disturbing necklace and earrings were amazing. The painted puffins are on fossilized walrus teeth about 300 years old!!!

We walked near a manmade lake and saw ducks and folks fishing. Later, I went to stay with an old friend. One I’ve had since my parents moved up the Peninsula. I had eggplant lasagna, bread dipped in vinegar and oil, and did my best to ignore the ridiculous arguments between the POTUS and his running mate. I also stayed in a huge bed I wasn’t sure I could get into adjacent to an interesting bathroom!

The next day we went to the airport and one of the persons boarding had kids and all kinds of animals, including a snake! The poor thing was in one of those plastic shoeboxes. I’m not sure where it went. I didn’t care, I was too upset about leaving Alaska.

I had a great seatmate. He absolutely understood my distress. He said he doesn’t understand how his family doesn’t want to move back, he does and will as soon as he can! I cried and cried and was so glad for a mask. No one could see my face, just the tears caught by the edge of the fabric on the mask, and I was turned to the window.

In Seattle, I discovered one of the dearest young persons ever sitting across from me in the waiting area. To be fair, she’s now an adult, but I’ll never forget the tiny three year old elegantly sitting down in a circle during preschool, swinging her blonde hair around, and insisting she was having a ‘bad hair day’. She texted her mom to say ‘You’ll never guess who is on my flight!’ Her mom texted back, ‘Russell Wilson?’ and the little lady went dark! So funny!! Her mom was very surprised, we’ve not seen each other in years and we live just miles apart! Little Bear picked me up and then we went shopping for meals for the rest of the week. I wasn’t thrilled with leftover pizza again (that was what I’d been eating in AK!). I washed my clothes and made cookies and am pretty much back in the normal ordinary swing of things, hanging out alone for the most part!

So, next post will be all Oregon.

A New W..eeeeek!

The last post I tried to write was too long by more than a page. It was an attempt at trying to condense the previous week. It didn’t work well. I sent a letter to a friend and decided to try to put it in an outline form. That was also several pages. The week before was definitely something from a journal of the absurd. I actually own a volume by that name. It has some crazy stories in it, the week just experienced would rival many of them! I’ve not read emails this last week, I’m behind and running out of time. (good book by Margaret P. Haddix) so, EEEEK!

So, I’ll start with this week and add a few photos now and then. I have next to me a large coffee cup half full of pink bubbly. It isn’t as tasty as I remember, but it will be the last one I drink. There are a great many lasts in these middle days of September. Today, in particular, I signed off on papers to start the sale of the house. I sold the lawn furniture (picnic table and chairs and what not). I also sold the kayak. It about broke my heart, but it was necessary. I visited the bank with a great deal of cash I needed to put in my account. About $450. I’d already taken out the third for my sister and the money for a paving stone in a memorial park. (With winter coming, they won’t set it in place until spring. It doesn’t matter, it is done). I realized, again, just how awful math is as I added and subtracted and finally got the same answer more than once and chose it. (note: saw a GREAT license plate today. Ksirah. I’d love that plate myself, especially if it had a ‘2’ after the word to square sirah. It is still my favorite motto!) I took a bird feeder and shepherd’s hook to a lady who expressed an interest in one. (she was so surprised I saved one out for her!) I also took the expensive urn, smashed it, and tossed it deep into the muck of the inlet. (Little Bear was appalled. He said cleaned, it would make a nice small cookie jar. I cannot imagine it, myself.)

When the guys were here last week, they were crazy busy. On Friday, the Jukebox Kid visited and paid us most of what he owed. Saturday morning, early, my sister texted asking if I’d found a couple of toys. Later, the person watching the animals texted to say the kitties were fine. (my phone works up north. Little Bear’s works some. The Craftsman’s doesn’t work at all) About an hour and a half later, I had a thought, and texted her, ‘How is the bunny?’ She replied, “What bunny?” She thought the rabbit was at Grandma’s and would be ok. She dashed to the house and found an alive, but very hungry rabbit. Jake then discovered the guys were leaving around noon and opted to visit. (they were also given the grand made from the sale of their jukebox) She mentioned to The Craftsman that she was a slacker. He doesn’t see her very often and rarely talks to her, he half jokingly responded, ‘Yes, you are.’ Which is why I think she wants to visit this week sometime to help me. (She is also looking for some things I didn’t sell that she wants) When they left after their short visit on Saturday, the teen daughter asked me as she carted off an armload of stuff, “Auntie Krit, do we need to pay for the stuff we are taking?” I laughed and said no.

I must admit, in the four weeks the guys have been here over the last 6 years, they have gotten more done than any 8 people. I wish I could have given them a day of ‘fun’, but there wasn’t time. Little Bear did drag a boat around with the kayak and a pole and later anchored it on the lake. (Father Goose, maybe. Cary Grant, not at all!!!) One day was super nice and when we walked on the one almost sandy beach, I was barefoot. We did visit the sunset a few different nights. So, there were some good moments in the midst of the ridiculous experiences of the week! Now, it is raining and overcast. I wore light blue and sparkles on Tuesday because I knew it would be a rough kind of day. I’m going to miss this place so much! Especially, the kayak…but EO water is quite a journey from the house I live in. it wasn’t conducive to bringing it back. It is super smoky in EO at the moment, so not looking forward to getting a flight south. I’ll have to do that soon.  I’m now over long again. I’ll post more when I get a chance!

Cha Cha, Ashes, and Gold!

Going backwards from Sunday’s frustrating news and communications to Saturday’s crazy day which culminated in ashes and a bit of a surprise!

My busy week. Not happening like I’d thought. Which is why I tentatively plan, don’t anticipate things will work out properly, and rarely look forward to things. (I really am a Negative Ninny!!) The Jukebox guy is having serious truck troubles. The people I was going to hire to haul my sister’s things Monday aren’t responding to my texts (I did call and they said they’d decide if it would be easier on Tuesday). My dinner with my friend and her family is changed to a lunch on a totally different day. We may not even meet, since she’s super busy. My sister wants to visit here one of the days my friend suggested. Hopefully, I still have my dentist appointment on Thursday! I was so annoyed, I baked cookies Sunday (the eggless ones) and will make muffins in magical unicorn wrappers. (those turned out to be Kris Rock Cakes..I didn’t hear the timer and kept waiting for it!) A good friend sent me a paper he’d been working on via email. It is 17 pages!!!!!!!! And he wants an opinion. I can’t add tags after WP decides I’m done.. I wonder if I should finish the mostly full bottle of bubbly and fall asleep with last week’s awesome memories. lol 

I miss getting ‘checking on you’ texts from TnT, but I need to manage on my own. (Besides, knowing he has someone nice, is a joy!) And I did get two texts from The Craftsman on Sunday. One was to say the church service in the park was nice. The second was to tell me there were redwing blackbirds in the sunflowers. (I do hope the kid took photos, if he was around.) He even called and I talked for 8 whole minutes before we hung up! (our longest calls this summer have been 37 min..twice. I think I’m fairly boring.)

Saturday, I was outside in the sun for a while. I opened my bottle of bubbly. I cleaned off the dresser my sister wants (it only had Diabetic-y stuff and a couple of other things on it.). I talked to one of my best friends in the world, RLS. (his birthday is Monday-the friend who sent the paper!) I packed up stuff I want for myself, in case my sister or niece wants them. Then, I heard the local stunt plane and dashed outside to watch it twirl and stall. I can tell the pilot has improved a great deal from the first times I watched years ago. I wish I could tell him/her!

I had noticed it might rain on Sunday, so decided to take the ashes on the kitchen counter to the shore. I think they were in mom’s bedroom. I can’t remember! I really wasn’t sure who they belonged to. I was fairly certain we had scattered the rest of dad’s last fall when we did the majority of mom’s. I didn’t know if they were the cat dad liked or a dog mom had taken care of for several years or if they were the man who asked to have his ashes mixed with dad’s because he liked dad. (note: that is just odd. I thought it at the time of initial mixing, too. I’m perfectly ok with same sex relationships in live people. I’m fine with mixing the ashes of relations or pets together. However, it was rather intriguing to learn some guy, only mom knew, wanted to combine ashes with dad!!!) Anyway, as I was dumping them out in the wind and high tide, I heard a metallic noise. I thought it was the little tag that usually accompanies ashes with the date or number or something like that. I stopped pouring and looked down. Nothing, at first, came to my wandering eye. Suddenly, I spied gold. Not the normal fool’s gold found in the rocks of Cook Inlet. I spied an entire RING of bright gold tumbling in the waves and stones. I wasn’t wanting to reenact The Lord of the Rings with the Inlet. Quickly, I jumped to the water’s edge and knelt, hoping to capture the band before it was swept further away. One of those lulls in the wave action came and I was able to snatch the item like a gal reaching for the dangling prize on a merry go round! It seems to be a man’s ring. I couldn’t see what was inside it. I noticed there were words, but they were tiny and worn. I realized the ring, being gold, was probably heavy enough to fall through the ashes. But, whose was it? Definitely not the cat or dog!

At home, I could only see it said 14K. There is something else, but I’ll take it to a jeweler this next week and see if it is a person’s name or initials. Then, if it isn’t dad, maybe the crematorium in town can help me. In fact, I’ll call them first!

Ashes update: The crematorium said they had no record of rings with dad’s ashes. The ring may not be a man’s. And I’ll learn more at the jewelry store!

Meanwhile, there was an awesome sunset!!!

Not fun, Fun.

This last while has been horrible in spots and not so in many others. On Wednesday afternoon, I visited the doctor and he (after poking my face—why do they do that???), determined I had a sinus infection. He did say it could also be strep, but he didn’t want to swab me if he was giving me something for sinus. He also said if it didn’t do the trick, to contact back in 10 days and they’d give me another round. (in retrospect, I wonder if I should have gotten another round after I finished the first ones before I left Oregon?) My internet is super slow and I find it difficult to do much online. (it could be my laptop, too) My glucose has been terrible, probably cuz I’m sick, and I wish I had someone to take care of me. Although, if I was in Oregon, I’d be taking care of me, anyway! (photos from Monday, when I felt ok and the inlet on Sunday)

Monday I spied SSC (Sexy Smart Cookie) at the store and he said he could come out on Saturday to help with trash. My other friend hasn’t contacted me since he took the large haul of garbage out, so I was thankful for SSC (his hair is longer, country gentleman like!). While getting my meds on Wed., I met my friend E in the parking lot and we chatted for AGES! I really miss that woman.

One of the odder things I discovered was a book. I was finally able to check out library books again on Monday. (super thankful, especially since I don’t feel good) I checked out several and one of the Mercedes Lackey novels was a surprise (I wasn’t going to get read that particular series since she still have a couple left to write and I don’t like reading an unfinished set). Anyway, the book cover isn’t one of my favorite bits to read, but I do read them because they have words and they kind of hint what might happen. Except, as you can see, this dust jacket blurb was absolutely wrong! I went to a few sites and found a quote by M. Lackey to explain it:

Because they wrote the cover blurb referencing my pitch synopsis without checking with the actual book prose. They’re stripping all the ones in the warehouse to put on corrective jackets, which means the uncorrected ones are now Collectors’ Items.

While on FB, I shared how I’d love to own this collector’s edition, a friend from college suggested I ‘forget to return the book’ and then pay for it when they asked. (have you EVER heard of anything so horrible to say to a person who considers a library sacred???)

Tuesday, I took photos of a cow moose on the other side of the lake (remember, it is a tiny lake) and later was startled to see her swimming up to her neck to get to my side! It was starting to get darker and I looked out the window and saw a funny looking dog in the water. But, it was really odd looking. Then, I discovered it was the cow. (was she moose paddling since she wasn’t a dog?) She was moving fast and with her speed and the low light on the water, the only photo I got resembles a flat Nessie. I deleted it from my camera chip.

Wednesday had a some cheerful moments (the people in the doctor’s office, texts from TnT and even Digman, and messages from Kel). Juke Box kid also texted. The trailer he is going to use to haul the boxes has wasp nests in it. He was sharing what he was going to do for their removal and I had to laugh. I do hope he doesn’t end up burning it down, that wouldn’t be useful at all!  One of my favorite surprises was the butterfly that landed on me briefly as I stepped outside. Completely thrilled me to have it stop for even a millisecond.

The feeders I fill now and again have bullies. One is a small dark junco and the other is a teen age squirrel. The junco dashes at birds as he sits in the feeder munching away and the squirrel is just munching and deters them by presence! The golden eye are now teens and have tiny wings, but go all over the place by themselves. Rarely does the mom keep them near and I’m glad the lake isn’t larger cuz they’d for sure get lost or eaten or something. Tuesday night, the moose had gone and suddenly three fast little kid fowl skittered up to where the golden eye used to perch. They didn’t stay long, but it was like they wanted to ‘go home’ for a little while!!! Birds are out and about in EO, too.  I had to laugh when The Craftsman called on Wednesday. He said he got buzzed by a barn owl! I was surprised, barn owls are predators only if the prey is the right size and a 6’2” human is NOT barn owl prey. (to be fair, The Craftsman was really surprised, too!) They are cute little birds of prey and a great deal of fun to watch. I wasn’t all that impressed with the books using them as the main characters, though. I love watching them fly, I’m also glad this didn’t happen to The Craftsman! video from Youtube:

A new week

I’m going to have to contact my phone server people. I am constantly running out of data. I went into the settings and under storage I find there are 3.15 GB of apps running and 1.12 GB in photos and vids. (I have one of the latter, an old couple dancing last fourth of July. It is cute.) I use my phone to text, to take photos, and to make calls. I am constantly deleting and caching in the apps that I don’t use and it doesn’t seem to change for long.

We lost a mallard duckling this weekend. There was a fierce battle of the moms and a little one paid the price. It happens in the human world and in the animal kingdom. I saw a very large mature bald eagle wing up and over the house, I think it was wanted to snag the carcass the next day. Eagles are beautiful scavengers! I also baked cinnamon rolls. When I shared the recipe with Strider, he was surprised. ‘Mom, I always make my cinnamon rolls using the biscuit recipe I got from you.’ That was exactly how I made these. Rolled out a biscuit recipe, adding cinnamon and vanilla extract to the dough, and made a brown sugar paste for inside. Sunday the rain changed to sun, but the sky was odd!!! (the brown trees are beetle killed)

The Craftsman’s birthday was Monday. I was pretty busy, but made muffins again. They aren’t quite as good as the first ones, but not too bad. Celebrated by visiting the beach for the first time with a good friend. (sunset photo was about 1045 pm) She lives in CA now, but as teens we were joined fairly close! I had to laugh. She and her grown family were here cuz her parents are ailing. She and her husband are selling his mom’s house so mom can move in with them, they just put an offer on a house in K Falls in Oregon and will end up with two mortgages for a few years til they move. And I thought I was juggling a mess!!! There were some fun birds out. Gulls strutting on the rocks and an unknown paddler staying just a few feet from shore! Thankfully, we didn’t see any eagle. She spent most of our walk carrying her pocket dog. (Eagles love little critters. They have been known to snag small dogs on leashes like bait on a line!!) I also watched Bohemian Rhapsody again..Live Aid was on July 13.

I have an angle on several places to get rid of things, we’ll see what happens. Wednesday a guy is supposed to visit for the jukeboxes. Jake still hasn’t come out to get her wants. My friend from ANC hasn’t been able to visit this week yet. My uncle’s email doesn’t appear to like mine and he’s not gotten any of the ones I’ve sent about dad’s reel to reels. I did find the ones that appear to be my dad’s Great Aunt Ginny (the one who was a WW2 war correspondent). The day ended with a visit from TnT. He brought me a burger and fries for dinner. Yes, my glucose didn’t like it, but ohhhhhh!! It sure was different from eggs and cheese and veggies.

From Youtube. It fits.

Sunshine and Rain

This week has been full of crazy weather. I finally decided to leave isolation (my quarantine was up, but I’d not heard if I should) and go shopping and wash clothes. I think I ate better when I didn’t have more choices!!! That was on Tuesday. Monday was lovely, Tuesday it was ok, Wednesday it rained all day. I love rain!!

These pictures were taken before the rain.

I’d not noticed the ‘heart’ shape in the tree before. It makes me smile when I look down on the lake. The lake has receded a bit since the first week I was home. It has a lot of grass growing in the middle and the ducks seem to be surviving. I’ve not seen any loon, they prefer a clear lake and with the weeds growing up, it isn’t clear. I’m not sad!

We did have a rather crazy loud incident where all the ducks of both breeds banded together when a predator flew in. I’m not sure what the bird was, but as far as I could tell, everyone was accounted for when it flew off. One little golden eye was frazzled as it came up from where the mallards had gone. I think it got mixed up with the bigger ducklings!! That night it rained. A lot.

On Wednesday, I got my blood drawn (doctors don’t care if you aren’t in their area. If they want blood, they find a way to get it!) and got my clothes washed and picked up a covered firepit thing from TnT to burn stuff. OMG! My dad has pay stubs saved from ’77. He also, thankfully, didn’t keep entire packets from investments, but there are a lot. I am removing the SSN’s and tossing the rest away. I was in the midst of a series of numbers when I saw one that looked very familiar. It was mine!! I was quick to destroy those, I am not dead and would be very put out to have that stolen!!

I’m also glad dad’s gone. I’ve never said that before. I was clearing out VHS tapes and found one that made me think dad might have become a fan of our current POTUS or even a conspiracy theorist. It would have been hard to follow dad’s way of thinking. It is hard enough to follow my spouse and the youngest in their politics. Dad..I’m just glad I don’t have to know. Then, I found an aged Richard Simmons tape. He’s so scrawny for being so healthy!!! There were a handful of Bill Cosby tapes, too. Which makes me wonder if anyone wants those….

Thursday was a stunning day. I finished up a sweet cinnamon sort of roll I purchased on Wed. It was cinnamon, strawberry/ rhubarb and absolutely delicious! I am looking forward to trying her blueberry ones. I love the bakery. It is new and the motif matches my shoulder tattoo. (Heart of forget me nots) If I was staying here, I would so ask to be hired. Baking is one of my favorite things to do. In case you wondered!!

It is later in the evening, almost 930 pm. The clouds are starting to roll in and the temps are dropping. I was hoping to see the sunset tonight, I did get to see the mountains briefly today, but there may not be one! Cool looking grey clouds, though. I guess I’m torn between the contemplative squirrel and the stressed out bear!! Perhaps, I’ll just go and sort a bit more!! Although..I did buy ice cream!

(OH! I found out my airport covid test was negative. I had to send two emails and we’ll see if I need tested again!) Yes, ice cream sounds like a good celebration snack!

Happy Birthday to my Baby!

Ok, he’s not my baby. He’s 31 now..can I really be old enough to have a kid that age?? LOL I wrote up a post for my family blog and can’t remember the darn password. So, I share some of it here!

I often celebrate people with long distance celebrations. So, I made muffins today. I was kind of nervous. I don’t have certain ingredients, but I discovered you don’t actually need them!! I only used a smidge of baking soda cuz when I made biscuits last, I had to toss them away cuz they were too salty (I used a half a tsp). I also split the egg (yolk from white) and beat the white part and added it last. I used less sugar than the recipe called for and added chocolate and applesauce. I was very impressed! I also added lots of seasonings and a smidge of brown sugar to the white. (I hope that stays small. I get so mad when I shrink a photo and it ends up HUGE on the blog) I tried a small one to see how it was and then ate another one cuz it was so good!

I also had a problem with my cell phone and couldn’t get or send images. Strider said he found this while out at work in VA. As you can see, it was pretty badly injured. I was excited, though. I’ve never seen one of these in real life. Well, I still haven’t, but having my son find one is still closer than just seeing them in books or online! It is the largest moth in North America, a Cecropia moth and I’ve read about them in The Girl of The Limberlost. The caterpillars would probably stress me out, though. I’m not fond of lots of legs on tiny creatures!

Now I’ll add some forest observations. I hope you enjoy them!

Distantly, I hear sounds of man. The thrum of machines, maybe a chainsaw or an ATV, airplanes droning overheard, and wind chimes sounding out in varied silver tones. Man, however, is overpowered here by the delightful orchestra of nature. Woodwinds, made up of birds, trill and chirp alarms and boundaries as they flit from tree to ground and back. I have always loved the repetitive call of the chickadee. ‘Chicka dee dee dee!’ Staccato bass notes from a woodpecker pounding on a tree catch my ear and I try to find out where it is. I’m pretty sure it is a hairy woodpecker, it is very loud! So is the high pitched piccolo yelling of the squirrel! If I could only understand what is inside the cadence of that voice (or probably not!). Insects buzz as they dive around me, I’m most annoyed by the upper registers of the mosquito whine (That is often accompanied by the human sound of my hand slapping where it was or is!) and the irritating ‘zzz’s’ of horse flies. I can hear quiet liquid notes of splashing from different waterfowl in the lake and the adorable ‘ploop’ as the golden eye babies practice diving. Over, or perhaps, under everything, you can hear the breeze as it rushes along through the different foliage, spreading gossip in a building crescendo before leaving for a few more measures. A beautiful birthday song for my son-

Sad to glad

I love how little moments of joy can pop up in the less than happy times. I was convinced there were no babies left on the lake. The mom ducks have been fighting like crazy and I was certain it was cuz their maternal tasks had been cut short. Hours later, I see the golden eye has her three and one mallard looks to have a couple gold chips floating near, as well. I watched them last night and those golden eye ducklings are so darn cheerful! I’m incredibly thankful they have survived another day.  I even braved the mosquitoes to go out and try to photograph the sunset in the lake. (I’m not impressed with my new camera. I really really want another chip to go in my older one. I did find the directions for the new one, so I’ll see if I can figure it out.) The sunset at midnight, in the camera, was completely white, very little pink or amethyst in it anywhere. I’m hoping it is a setting I can’t find on my own. I also don’t like how this new camera isn’t able to get as close as I’d like. With certain creatures in nature, you really don’t want to get too near physically or socially!!!

I’ve mentioned the mosquitoes, I will probably continue to mention them. I was rather surprised when I opened up the kindle in the morning and found a squashed skeeter inside. It is definitely stuck to the cover. I’ve killed several inside with mum’s handy dandy bug zapper. I’m so glad the batteries still work, I went online to try and figure out how to open the racquet zapper, it was useless. When I was outside at midnight, they were landing everywhere. I was impressed the view finder on the camera didn’t show the shadows of them as they were zipping past!

TnT visited and fixed both the light and water heater. I’m glad he did, if I had tried to do the heater on my own, it may have taken a while! My favorite comment was when he got the cover back on (the temperature thing was underneath a cover and some insulation stuff), he read the cover and it said something about disconnecting everything before fiddling (my words) with the insides. TnT, “They don’t really mean that.” I laughed out loud and remembered back to some of my favorite Mythbuster shows featuring water heaters gone bad. I was, however, glad to have a shower and to wash my hair. Eons back, I read an article about how good it was for your hair to not wash it and how long it took for it to get to where it was nice. It always seemed a dubious undertaking to me. Mine was getting decidedly oily. Ewww. TnT also enjoyed the cookies (his helper wasn’t with him). I’m going to like making them for Little Bear to try.

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea. I decided that black and green teas are not ones I prefer at all. No matter how fancy they are! I much prefer basic fruit and herb teas. Tea is a soothing beverage when you look at the mess around you and want to cry. When you wake up and realise you feel sore and icky, in spite of how good you felt the last few days.  I need to get online and see if some more of this debris can sell. Except, I need to wait for my isolation period to be over. I’ve thrown away many things I thought I’d not. There is just too much and I honestly do not need it and it isn’t worth anything to anyone else, or my sister. I have taken photos of some of the odder things for a post!!

I’m also hungry! Gary at Yummy Lummy made pizza and as much as tea is comfort, so is pizza!! Actually, I’ve not had any meat protein since Monday and I think my body is confused!! (I kind of wish I had packed some packets or tins of chicken or fish!)

This summer is absolutely not what I’d envisioned. However, I will make my moments count and enjoy them. Like lost babies showing up when you don’t expect them.  

Northern World

I’m glad to be home. I do miss things like working septics and the wonderful kitchen in the Oregon house, but by and far, this really is where I belong. I will cherish the moments I have here with every beat of my heart. And the not so nice moments, well, those I will remember and shake my head over and eventually see the lessons in them.

There are a few ducks in the lake. Since mom isn’t here to feed them, most of the adult mallards have moved to less stressful shores. (the neighbor’s insist the labs can do what they want on their lake and chasing and killing duckling is a favorite pastime for the younger lab.) There are other predators, too. It seems there is a raven nest quite close and raven (one of my favorite birds) are fond of nabbing anything they can find to eat or feed their young. I read they will even grab heron nestlings (which seems more like a dare kind of thing- heron have very long beaks!). When the mosquitoes are less aggressive, I’m going to see if I can find the nest. I’ve only glimpsed a very awkward cow moose and, once, heard her as she galloped across the drive Friday morning at 830.

We’ve had a lot of rain. In fact, I think it has rained every single day since I arrived on Monday. Thankfully, the showers on Thursday were light and happened after I finally got to do a spot of yard work. As you can tell, I didn’t manicure it. I love having wild around me, with borders! I miss that in the Lower 48. I tried to leave a few of the forget-me-nots, most of them were in the middle of places needing mown. Photos are a good way to keep them around longer!

I was reading one of the blogs I follow and realized how icky I was feeling from not having a shower since Monday morning. I’d wash outside, except the skeeters are really intense this year. All the rain may have brought up the water level on the lake, however, it has also brought out insects that bite! I like being clean, I’m not filthy yet, but still! (as you can tell from the photo, I was a bit worn after the yardwork!) So, I thought back, recalled the scene from ‘Witness’ where the young Amish mom is taking a sponge bath and thought, ‘I did that before, I can do it again!’ (sponge bathe inside, not be an semi-innocent for a voyeuristic Harrison Ford!)

I also have been frustrated with the lack of ingredients in the house. Being isolated, cleaning, looking for things I knew I had here and finally find, and reading in between, all make me want to cook. Thankfully, I discovered an eggless (eggs and milk were two things I didn’t pack in my suitcase to bring north!) cookie recipe. It needed tweaked, but I think it turned out ok. I’ll let TnT and his helper try them when they stop by today. They are going to turn on the water heater again and change the light that went out in the store room (it needs a ladder, which is scary. The Craftsman said it might be less terrifying for me if I can’t see how far I am off the ground, but that seems dubious!).

Since being back, I’ve slept a lot. I do feel a ton better than I did last week. Still tired, though. Not sure if it is the meds or a more comfortable bed or finally getting here to finish or being in the absolute peace of this place (I hate living in town, all the curtains are closed cuz the huge windows overlook streets and other people’s busy yards. You can hear everything anyone is doing and I do not like it!!). Or, it could be all of those reasons!!

I keep finding things mom bought and never used. I need a duffle, this one is purple, and so, I’m going to see if it will work for what I need it for. Mum joined Curves, bought bag, shoes, and went to a couple of meetings before giving it up. At least it was less expensive than her golf lessons, clubs, and assorted accessories!  Seriously, please please please, help your parents purge before you need to do it for them and do try to keep your own debris to a minimum. So often today, I look at things and imagine using them elsewhere. Then, I decide it isn’t worth it. I’ve enough junk to haul south to sort later!!

One of the coolest things I’ve found this year, I’ll have to take back in a photo. I’ve never noticed him before, perhaps he just showed up in the last few months. From where I sit next to the window in the dining room, he’s visible just by lifting my eyes. I call him Sage. Can you see him? I’ve not gone out in the kayak to find my other tree friend, it is a great deal of work to haul the craft up and down the bank. I think Sage moved in to keep an eye on me since I can’t visit the other. I do love trees in all their stages!

This is another bit of wisdom I found today. From Cauldrons and Cupcakes. “Don’t put off living–we must make every moment count, even if they are not the moments we had envisioned for ourselves.” I think this will be a theme for me for this summer.

Running Away 2 (to, too, or just two?)

At the Sea Life Center, I wandered all over the place and completely enjoyed myself. (On my last visit, Pippi was rather young and got a bit bored in a short time. I wanted to just bask in birds and fishes and the ocean dwellers!)

I think my favorite place was next to the aquarium where the birds were on top and fishes were on the bottom. It was soothing to sit there in a dim relative calm watching fish float along, knowing that up above was daylight and busy water fowl. I did feel sorry for the super long wolf eel. (she’s in the second photo, flash is bad for the critters)  She’s gravid, but since there isn’t a male, her eggs are infertile. Being pregnant and not fitting into her den and it is for naught. I didn’t ask how she got pregnant, I was too surprised and then the center employee left. Before she spoke to me about the eel, she told me about a young horned puffin who is a year old. You can sure tell how much these animals are loved. The woman acted like a doting aunt as she shared stories about the young bird with me, videotaping the little busybody diving and swimming to the glass as if to say hello!

I spent time with sea lions and the biggest male was roaring, so apt where they got their name. The littler seal are so pretty, they do look human. It is easy to see how they can become a selkie.  The Center had only two sea otter. (It seems otter are too mischievous to keep). The pair at the center are on their way to Denmark eventually, I believe. They were hard to take photos of because they are in a pen outside and I was inside behind glass. Sea otters are more common than land or river otter, so facilities in the rest of the US don’t have sea otter, making room for land ones that might show up. (I think I’d like to stay at the Nauti Otter hotel next time I visit-unrelated to the center, and probably also quirky!!) Another creature hard to contain is the octopus. Octopi are sneaky and can crawl out of their water habitat and into others to eat the residents inside, then return back to their own home without anyone the wiser!!! Thank goodness for security cameras!  This is Ophelia. She’s made up of ocean debris. I love her, but it makes me so mad the things she’s made up of that are used almost every day.


All in all, I had a beautiful time. I’m very glad I did this. It was worth every penny.

That night I stayed at a bigger, slightly more expensive, place. The room was on the second floor with enclosed stairs, it was quiet, it was spacious, it had great internet and outlets, and its shower head was nose crinkling. BUT, it was so nice to be in a tub with warm water that wasn’t going to flood anything. I only wish I had taken a bath!!! I was so sore and tired, it was good I waited til the next day to leave. Eating in the lounge that night was also very cool. It seems they support Turning Heads Kennels cuz pictures of the teams and logo were on one wall! (oddly, it appears their logo was’t loaded onto my laptop!!) The jukebox left a lot to be desired (a neon rectangle that looked entirely too high tech!). I also had excellent fries again (Fish and chips the night before was stellar, the chips this day were just as yummy!)


In the morning, after waiting for any ice on the roads to melt (it was very chilly!), I was on my way. I met some friends from CA when I got back and they helped move a couple of boxes. Later, my sister interrogated me cuz I’d been too quiet on FB and seemed depressed (insert eye roll!). And she wondered why I wanted to run away!!??!!

I probably should have saved the money. (It is crazy how a couple of hundred dollars seems like a fortune!) I’m glad I didn’t, though. I’ll find the pennies to get things ready for me to leave. It will work.