Weather and Relevancy

This last couple of weeks has been beyond bizarre for the weather. We had chilly days with spots of torrential downpours and then ‘hotter than hollerin’ hell’ days (quote from a book about the Tillamook Burn and the hot summer before the fire), which brought our temps up to 100 F, followed by serious wind and now they have fallen back to the lower 60s. 

Little Bear had to move his rabbits to the basement at his grandma’s. The mister and fans weren’t doing enough for the furry four leggers. They went from yard bunnies to cave ones for several days. The guys went to a car show this last weekend when it was blowing. EO has a lot of dust and the car show was right next to a rodeo grounds that was being prepped. The Mercury still looked fairly nice, but the aged Toyota Land Cruiser with the Husqvarna in the bed was perfect! Old, rusty, well used rigs are always popular and the duo caused a lot of excitement. 

The poor garden is absolutely confused. Especially the cucumbers. One plant drowned and rotted away and the other one started to thrive, then the edges crisped, and one of the main stems broke almost completely away because of the wind. (I wonder if I could have taped it together, except bugs love hiding inside stuff like that…) The peas look fairly nice, the beans started to pop out of the ground (they also prefer heat), and the poppies danced away faster than Murdock dodging BA in an A-Team episode. (ok, that dates me, but I adored that silly show!!!) There are two colors in the yard. A pinkish white that just budded for the first time this summer and orange. The orange ones are in a spot that is too shaded, but they seem to do ok. (there is talk of trimming the trees back a bit in that area. Talk….) The pinkish white poppies burned to almost a crepe paper consistency in the heat. I managed to save a couple for a vase, but I must have done something wrong with the procedure..although, the orange one looks splendid. Poppies should be cut in the cool of the day, popped into a container of cool water and left in a cool area for several hours. Then, you cut the stems again and sear them with flame and then dunk them in just boiled water. I used to only do one of the heat sealing things, but the flowers never seemed to last very long. So, now I follow all the steps and things look like they work. (I shared orange flowers in my previous post) The pinkish white ones fell apart not even 36 hours later. Although, I did fall in love with the poppy ballerinas. Carefully dying in center stage (of the window), petals falling one by one from a delicate frock, and leaving this lone dancer to say goodbye in a swan song of beauty. 

The house next door is being sold to a couple with a pair of littles. Ages 2 and 4 or is it 3 and 5?? Anyway, the owner and I were talking through the fence (she JUST noticed I’d put marbles in the holes in the fence!) about being irrelevant. She’s a year from retiring as a science teacher, her kids are both in a different state, she is finally getting her mom’s house sold (Tex died about two years before mom), and she’s feeling displaced. (she was teaching college classes online, not sure if she’s still doing that. She had issues with one online course she had to take before she could teach. The college insisted she couldn’t enroll until she sent them her vaccination records!! She sent them, but she was disgusted because it took her a while to find them.) I absolutely get where she’s coming from. It is so hard to not be needed anymore except as a cook, dishwasher, and house keeper. Even the garden is not entirely mine to manage. (Although,The Craftsman IS the son of a farmer and grew up in a farming community and knows a lot more than this Alaskan.) I miss being alone on a lake or in a place where being alone is the norm. Being alone in a busy town when living with a kid and a spouse seems backwards. I did so much in AK and here, I can only do what is expected. I know what happens if I try to do more. It gets redone ‘properly’ or I start something hoping it will galvanise someone into doing more and it stagnates (such as digging up the bulbs along the sidewalk so the walk and porch can be replaced. I dug up a section and found out they are now going to wait a while before doing the walk). They are going to get the freezer I researched and got the numbers for The Craftsman to call, so he could purchase one. They tried last week, but he forgot to let them know he was going to be there at 530 and they had closed early.  

Piffle and nose crinkle. Reckon this gal just needs to remember to be content where she is and be thankful for the small things in the world. Like chocolate chips or poppy seeds that become plants with beautiful flowers or spoons to eat ice cream with! And roses. This plant is AMAZING this summer!!!! (won’t bring any of these little blooms inside, though. Aphids are also small things, ones I’m not thankful for!)

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    • Thank you, JoAnn. The spouse made me the trellis eons back when I insisted the plant didn’t need dug up, just support. It needs mending, but covered with rose, no one notices!

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