Friday night and I’m in front of a keyboard!

I’ll be jiggered, I’m able to type while being offline! Not sure why or how, but will not look gift horses in the mouth! Tomorrow the caterpillars are supposed to start their change into butterflies (OK, just noticed something. Being offline won’t fix spelling or underline words that may or may not be accurate. Such as jiggered or caterpillers. Yup, as soon as I got online, many words were marked!). They also need temps between 68 and 78 F, but this week has been in the lower 60’s. With house temps in the middle. (The house is not very warm, except in later summer. Nice because it is a cooler home downstairs and not nice because when outside is 80 F, upstairs is an oven and downstairs is finally almost nice. I prefer 70F for a house temp!) And the very last caterpillar is hanging in the j shape, so soon it will make a sleeping bag and emerge in a few days as a butterfly. I made a mistake and mentioned to Little Bear that the caterpillars might emerge this weekend. He laughed and said that would be a neat trick to NOT change. Although, in retrospect, many of us do that. We hide in a place that looks safe and emerge as the same person that hid. Thankfully, more of us go into a safe hiding place where we can think and grow into something even more lovely than we already are. One of the lovely changes this spring is my purple shamrock. Was convinced it was dead, a few leaves showed up, and now look at it! 

Speaking of Little Bear, he’s not well. The right side of his abdomen aches and at first the doctor thought it might be appendix. After looking at him and poking around, it was decided he needed an ultrasound on his gall bladder. Well, that looked fine, but it seems there are spots of fat on his liver. So, we will try to change his diet a bit for the next two weeks and see if that helps his pain. It is horrid being a mom and seeing he hurts and knowing, at this point, there is nothing that can be done unless he does it for himself. I said we’d try to change his diet, but it will be his choice. I usually serve good foods, but he loads them up with condiments and has two platefuls. His ice cream servings are crazy! Anyway, we are thankful it isn’t anything that may need operated on. Had to laugh at him, though. The doctor told him if the pain gets worse to visit the ER and they will do a CT scan. He looked at the bill for the ultrasound and said there was no way he was going to visit an Emergency Room (or as it is called in the Hospital where mum was, Emergency Department or ED) because that bill would be ridiculous. He’s right on the cost, though. He hasn’t been to work for two days and I drove him to his blood draw today. The lab department gave him a kit to use for stool and urine. He was even less impressed with that. I wasn’t when he said the stool sample could be frozen and the urine kept in the fridge!!!!! YIKES!!! 

And as for yikes. Opted to wear my pretty red bra today and good Lord is it uncomfortable!! I must have gained acres of weight since I purchased it in fall of ‘19!!! I now know why tank tops are preferable. I’m also a tad nervous about removing it since my continuous glucose sensor is on the back of my arm and it was a pain getting the straps over it to put the thing on. Crazy?? Yes. 

And I’ll leave you this weekend with a crazy bit of fun, I give you ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Next Tuesday is a day set aside to celebrate this fun author and his works. I’ve already gotten a pot of purple petunias in a blue bowl (not going to drop them, though!!) and would serve pizza for dinner that night, but we had pizza last Tuesday! Follow the link and see what is going on for folks who keep their towels handy and know the answer to the secret of the universe. (Four.) Please enjoy this great tune from the movie intro and YouTube: “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”

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