A love of carbs

From a note on my notifications, it seems I’ve had this blog for about 4 years. Which means it was around the time I realised I needed to stay with mom indefinitely. How much life has changed since then! Trite, but so true. Thannk you for being a part of my long journey with mom and staying with me as my world has gotten odder!

This is a post of carbs. Things I’ve cooked in Feb of this year. :o) Starting with the Po’Boys made for Little Bear’s birthday. The rolls were a mess (as mentioned in a previous post!), but the actual meal was well received. OK, the first one is my odd attempt to use pre frozen rolls to make hoagie buns. I should have shaped them before the point in the photo as they fell FLAT! The second is the chocolate frosting made for cupcakes not for the kid’s birthday. Those were peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate inside and then frosted with more chocolate. The last picture is the actual sandwich. It is supposed to have mayo on both halves with one side also having shredded beef, gravy, and battered shrimp. Little Bear opted to add cheese, both shredded and not. The other side has the mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. He added onion. The mayo is so the gravy won’t soak into the bread on the one side.

Also made yummy blackberry muffins. They turned out fairly well, but no one liked them except the one who needs to be careful with carbs! So glad they were ‘healthier!’ When I made these, also made an applesauce muffin with some red hots applesauce a friend gave us. Red hots, in case you don’t know, are tiny dots of cinnamon candy and they melt in the heat of a pocket or a car or a pan of cooking apples! Those muffins went over very well.

Below are The Craftsman’s and Little Bear’s very favorite roll now. They take a bit of time to make, are super high in carbs, and have a good deal of protein as well. They use Greek yogurt and cheese. A lot of cheese! The dough is supposed to be separated into two lots. Sent the photo to a friend who said I should have bused them! I did knead them…….

This next to last item is not for humans. Although, we could probably eat them! They were for the rabbits and came out tons better than the ones made previously. Only bad part was how long they take. They bake for about 30 min and sit in the oven for 3-4 hours while it cools. The other bad part, was my silicone baking pan (even after two washes) smells like alfalfa!!! The rabbits, however, love them. Used to make dog treats, too. The dogs adored those things!!! But, for each critter, those are treats and not food. The bunny bites have banana in them. This time I used baby food. Making pureed bananas is easy, but it is best to use good ones and The Craftsman eats those. (I am allergic as is Little Bear) and when they get ‘gucky’, those become bread.

The cookies were an experiment. Wanted to make heart cookies from drop cookie dough. The directions seemed easier than the result. They do have a heart shape, but even after spreading the back with chocolate candy, they were very crunchy. Not at all like the normal recipe. Had to laugh when Little Bear asked if they all needed to be hearts. He knew it was Feb, but couldn’t I make round ones? Anyway, you drop the dough on the pan, squish it with a glass bottom dusted in sugar, cut out a triangle on one side, pinch the bottom into a V and bake them. This was a molasses cookie, betting short bread or something less spready might work better.

There you have a month of baking. Next month is March. Dr. Seuss’s birthday and St Pat’s Day and mom’s birthday. We’ll see what pops up on the cookie sheet next!

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    • Agreed. Tonight most of my own meal was more veggies and meat, except for the quarter cup of yukon gold taters and the quarter of a slice of bread! And the 2/3 cup of dessert ice cream treat.

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