Today is Feb 19, 2021, the snow is melting, and we have rain. Granted, it will take a bit to get the snow completely gone, but it at least there won’t be flooding. The ground wasn’t frozen before the snow fell and with this rain, it is slowly soaking into the what and pea fields. And the creeks and rivers! Best part is this area has finally gotten a ‘normal’ amount of snowfall for a winter. Last time we had snow like this it was more than a decade or two ago. Many (including myself) have posted snow pictures, so thought about sharing some of my favorite ones. It has been years since the snow was right for making things out of snow, so this year my imagination opted to create 3 snow people and 1 peep. Little Bear, in a fit of making also made a rabbit. (It was funny, while outside, realised how often my boys and Little Bear helped me play in the snow and missed it. Then, the kid came home from work and started in!!) Below are Mrs. Whatsit (Wrinkle in Time character, EXCELLANT read, not so great movie), and a snow lady and a snow man. The next day it was obvious melting had started and they weren’t looking as nice!! They are followed by two different views of the snow rabbit and the peep. Was asked why it was blue. Laughed and realised, not everyone is a peep connoisseur. They come in yellow, blue, purple, pink pastels for Easter and white and orange for Halloween. Peeps can also be chicks or bunnies or ghosts. There are probably some for Christmas, too! Today, my peep is faded and looks rather worse for wear. When the kid mentioned this to me, told him that sugar and marshmallow don’t hold up well in water. :o)

The birds have been veracious. When someone says a person is eating like a bird, they obviously haven’t had a feeder!!!! Learned that birds have to be a certain wait to fly and as they eat, they excrete. Which is why when you see a ‘fat’ bird sitting around, they are most unhealthy!! The squirrels have been hilarious. For several days the snow was fluffy and the rodents would leap onto railings, knowing there was a railing there, but it was covered in snow and poof! They’d fall into the soft snow and have to swim out. They are also burying seeds in the snow, which seems rather silly. But, well, squirrels! The one who knocked the lid off the feeder and didn’t realise it was even more laughable. Working like crazy for a few seeds, when he could have gone inside the feeder and had all he wanted. Although, not sure The Craftsman would have wanted to ’empty’ a squirrel from a feeder!

Really hope this post doesn’t end up too laden with photos to even peruse! Was going to add some kitchen creations, but will wait. Not all those photos are loaded on the laptop, anyway. Thus, more outside!!! Down the street, in the yard, and bulls during the short Valentine’s Day drive I was taken on. Stubborn, huge creatures. The only spots on their pelts that was snow free was on their foreheads. One would push the other for several feet, stop, then the other would push. Guess they were trying to keep warm!

As mentioned above, it is melting and the drips of rain and water is tons less stressful than hearing several feet of snow and ice slide off the roof. Most of the stuff on this one is gone. All around the neighborhood, though, there are heavy looking white festoons poised on roof edges. Probably waiting til someone is walking next to a house where they can become victims of snow fall. It may be funny in movies, but it is actually kinda dangerous. Like the sledding scene witnessed the other day. A 4 wheeler drove past pulling about 4 kids on a plastic sled. The next time it was seen, all the kids were on the motorized vehicle with the driver, shrieking away. On the sled was an adult. Who was rolled off as they rounded a corner on a street full of parked cars. The driver didn’t hear or notice for a bit. The tumbled adult was fortunate. Reminds me of a recent Tundra comic featuring three dogs, one wearing a plastic cone on his head. An older dog remarks, “It’s all fun and games til someone ends up in a cone.”

Thankful for heat and water and electricity and a gentle winter. Cannot even imagine what others states in the US are facing.

Sharing a you tube video on Peep Dioramas. So much fun a person can have with marshmallow!!

8 thoughts on “Outside

    • Nuts or squirrels?? :o) Am sad by how many people are not familiar with Mrs. Whatsit. Absolutely LOVED the book Wrinkle in Time. Movie, not so much… Am glad you enjoyed the post!


  1. Love, love, love this post! I love all the snow photos…especially cause the snow isn’t where I am. lol. Your creations are fabulous and the blue peep is awesome. The bunny…very cool. Loved the buffalo photo! Okay…I loved them all. The video is great and I have to share it with my peep crazy friends. β™₯

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    • Those bulls were probably Black Angus or Aberdeen Angus. The ‘girls’ were fairly far away in a different field. While in AK, lived near an Alternative school for a few months and the teens made snow creations and used food coloring. Festive fun!!!

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