Monday Birthdays…

Monday’s and birthdays shouldn’t be combined. OK, this gal is older now and it was a very odd sort of day. Let me splain! Not a sum up, this post is too long! (note: Garfield needs a party hat.)

Was hoping to have a new year with great glucose results. Nope. Woke up super low and it stayed there til quite a while after getting up, when it sky rocketed to a much higher number that used to be a normal for me. So annoying!!! I had taken a shot in my tummy last week that has turned into a lovely purple bruise the size of a thumbprint below my belly button. (Thankfully, purple is one of my favorite colors!!!) When I got into the shower with the low blood sugar, discovered that it was being shared with a spider. Now, showering with a friend is lovely. Showering with a spider is NOT!!!! After the shower, it was time to dress. So, opened up all the packages I’d purchased after Christmas. One of the skirts was an absolutely lovely discontinued piece. It was ordered before in the wrong size and it would not shrink. So ordered it again. That skirt was a 1X, the new one was XL. They were the EXACT same size. Which kind of sort of makes sense, but crushed me. The other skirt was a 14 and fits well and my t-shirts are always worn larger. Needless to say, the 14 was worn and the other put back into the bag to return.

 The cookies made the other day were almost gone, so opted to make blondies. Except was wanting tunes and popped in Meatloaf’s ‘Bat Out of Hell’, which is one of my all-time very favorite albums. (it isn’t listened to often because The Craftsman doesn’t care for it and it is in the bottom of the stack of CDs) Unfortunately, my glucose was still high and getting higher, so dashed to the other side of the house to get some insulin. On my way back to the kitchen, there was a loud crackling noise and it confused me. Was certain the CD was mucked up because that odd sound wasn’t in any of the songs on the album. Then, realized what it was and ran into the kitchen to turn down the burner. The burner holding the pot containing butter, which had melted and was sputtering! Added the rest of the ingredients, after making sure all was ok and it wasn’t right. Thinking some of the butter had spattered away, added a smidge more. One of the reasons this recipe for blondies is a favorite is because it can be mixed and made in a single pan, which means less dishes! Unfortunately, while holding the pan and pouring the batter out, the handle I was gripping cracked! My favorite sauce pan and the handle broke!!!!!! (I’m still annoyed!)

Pretty much spent the rest of the day doing laundry and tidying up the kitchen. Since Little Bear wasn’t going to be home for dinner, planned on making breakfast. Even with not quite a dozen eggs, was pretty sure I could manage a meal with chicken strips and waffles. (another favorite) When the kid got home from work, he brought me a card from Alaska that made me smile. It was a Christmas card!! A college friend got them mailed a bit late, so thought it was perfect it arrived on my birthday. My MN friends sent me the one below. She said she saw it six months ago and bought it for my birthday!! Then, tried to take some birthday selfies to commemorate the day and deleted EVERY SINGLE one of them on accident!! Went back outside and took a couple more.

At this moment, put roast beast in the crock pot for dinner and hoping it is better than Monday’s! (Most of my cooking is done easy and a crock pot is easy!!) The Craftsman called at 523 to tell me he was on his way home. He did not arrive until 635. Little Bear (who did want dinner at home) called at 630 to say he was on his way home. He arrived just before 7. It takes close to 25 min for most drivers to get from town to the house. So very thankful there was an oven to keep the waffles warm and the scrambled eggs were kept on low with the 4 chicken strips found in the freezer. Cooked myself a plain egg and ate it with a waffle and a cup of applesauce about 625. Didn’t know the freezer at Grandma’s had more strips in it, so kept the chicken for the guys. If the roast had been cooked, we could have eaten together no matter how late everyone arrived! Oh well. The guys were fed and enjoyed their meal.

The Craftsman brought me a pot of purple primrose. Love those flowers! It is a bit too early to plant outside, so it is blooming inside. Used to plant them in Tillamook often, but this area is so very different! Actually, the seasons all over Oregon and Ak and even MN are different. What used to be the norm a decade ago, isn’t today. Find that a tad nervousing. Which is why one of the things I’m planning is to plant milkweed to encourage Monarch butterflies to visit and thrive. Will also get Painted Lady eggs. Those are such cheerful fliers!

Ended the day watching most of ‘A Fish Called Wanda’. (The Craftsman has tried to record it when it has been on and finally got all but the first five minutes.)  An absurd, full of crazy sex-capades, and absolutely 80’s movie. Logical end to a bizarre Monday!  

OH, one of my neighbors, who grew up in AK, hung a bag on the door! A bag holding an Alaskan story. Now, just need to read! Haven’t read more than a chapter in the last couple of days. Also, made an angel cake this afternoon-using the cool angel cake holder that is used to cool the cakes that The Craftsman made. (It only looks like a lamp!) Speaking of, dropped in The Craftsman’s lunch box an audio book called ‘Ghost Soldiers’ about WW2. Adore how this month is full of days to celebrate people in all kinds of ways.  

To each of you, LOVE on!!  

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