Pease porridge in the pot, 9 days old

The meme reading: ‘You can take back 2021, I’ve had the week trial version and I don’t want it.’ Is funny, and sad. At the crafting of this post, we were 9 days into the new year and it really looks like it is an older pot of porridge!

Anyone who watches the world knew that this New Year would have a lot of bits of last year hanging on. Of course, no one really knew what 45 was going to do (ideas, but nothing concrete) because if there is one thing he is absolutely predictable about, it is that he’s unpredictable. He is a wild card and loves to play it, the joker who shows up and steals the hand, and I’d better stop with card analogies because I’m better with letter games like scrabble or wordscapes (although, NOT on FB. Can’t figure out how to even start to play there, anymore!). We were aware the virus was probably going to kick in again (the Spanish Flu went underground for quite a while before returning stronger). We probably didn’t figure on Tommy Lasorda dying, even as old as he was! We also were surprised by the inflatable Christmas tree costume that most likely helped to spread Covid in a CA hospital. (Good cheer isn’t always, I reckon!)

There have been a few fun things, most of them are also from last year. An expedition in Bolivia went out looking for insects in early Dec and found several exciting new species, including a small viper in the colors of the Bolivian flag. Another reptile, Lenny, is the lizard author of a cute new cookbook called, ‘Chef Lenny: Cooking for Humans.’ And in this house, the bunnies are getting bigger and now look more like tiny rabbits than odd shaped rodents. Their ears are even sticking up, rather than staying plastered to their teeny skulls. Little Bear was annoyed at them today. He cleaned out their nest box (apparently, one is supposed to tidy their nest box at two weeks and refill it with new bedding) and the littles did not like it one bit. Two kept climbing out of the box. I wanted to tell him that when he was little, he didn’t like me cleaning up his room either, but figured he’ll learn. Speaking of babies, several friends have had grand babies born in the last few weeks (Covians? babies born from during the Covid virus). Speaking of fertility, a statue of a female figure was found in an orange grove in Mexico. No one is quite sure who she is, but leanings are towards a probable goddess of fertility or perhaps royalty. I personally LOVE her hairdo! High pig tails off the top of her head and dangling to her shoulders. Aztec Anime?

Was packing up my Christmas books and had to read a few. Love the ‘Muppets 12 Days of Christmas’ and am so very glad we had no chickens in a pine tree. (Or trees attacking!) Was also intrigued by the similarities in these two books. Granted, they are both ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, but the shiny board sort of one from 1968 was illustrated in a different sort of format and the other is an Ideals publication from 1973, with more ordinary drawings. My favorite one is the older book, it has a cool image on the cover of Santa on a roof that moves as you move the book. (It did not photograph well! Lol) It will be nice to put up Christmas décor and get out the snow stuff. We had snow very briefly on Friday night and as I was on the porch cheerily greeting the fluffy flakes, a person walking past, also audibly, seemed less than enthused. An author friend sent me a snowflake ornament with a motto and it absolutely fits!! “I Believe” in snow/winter/sparkles/ and whatever!!! Also found these spears of daffodils who need to stay in the ground, mayhap more soil should get added!!! (Just discussed that with Little Bear and he agreed). Meanwhile, I found a yummy Keto ice treat!!!

How is your 2021 shaping up?

One thought on “Pease porridge in the pot, 9 days old

  1. have to agree about 2021… I’m mostly sitting at home, meeting no-one 😂 so nothing is really happening here. 2 walks a day, cleaning-cooking, reading-writing… two last days we had a lot of snow, so lots of work with that near the house. The world is going mad. Covid too… well, I think we should be thankful for every day, because it seems we are living in some grotesque world where everything is possible

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